(1937-10-09) WWN: David's Time - Chatting with Gilbert Sullivan
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Summary: David Thomas Smith Jr. and Gilbert Sullivan discuss the hot button issues.
Date: IC Date
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade
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After the patriotic fanfare, a familiar Southern-tinged voice cuts through into your speakers.

David: "Hello, hello, hello, ladies and gentle wizards. It's that time of the day once more. That's right, time for me, David Thomas Smith to go around dishing out a little bit of knowledge for all of you who wish to be in the know. In the studio today, I've got a very special guest. Ladies and gentleman, Mister Gilbert Sullivan, star of the stage and renowned author has decided to grace us all with his presence. Y'know, they say you have to read five books to become an expert on a particular field. Well, the good man with us today has written five on Muggle Studies, so what does that make him? I'll pass it on to you now, Mister Sullivan. Go ahead and introduce yourself. Lean into the mic there a bit."

Gilbert: "Thank you for inviting me to your show today Mr. Smith and I must say, that was quite the introduction although I am not sure I would call myself a star of the stage. So what did you have in store for me and your esteemed audience today?"

David: "It's absolutely no problem. I do get lonely in the booth sometimes. I'm kidding of course and I'm happy to have you. I was wondering if we might talk a little about what's on everybody's mind. Now, I saw you at the Repealment Rally about a week or so ago, correct? What are your thoughts on what was said?"

Gilbert: "Hmmm. That is actually a really good question. I will try not to sound like the pompous academic that I really am but I guess the first thing we would need to look at is the lessons that history teaches us. Especially the Inquisition and, more recently, the Salem Witch Trials back in our prior colonies. If history has taught us anything it is that Muggles are highly intolerant of those that are different from them and extremely fearful of anything they can not explain. And the fact that their numbers are much bigger than they were any time in the past and that their technology makes them as powerful (and I use that word in a very broad sense) as we are in many ways makes the proposition of Repealment all the more dangerous. I am not saying we should dismiss it out of hand but, like I said during the rally, there are many questions of approach and politics that must be fully answered before the intelligent witch or wizard can decide which side of this issue to fall on."

David: "Mmm, I'm gonna have to disagree with you on the whole Muggle thing. As everyone surely knows by now, I'm Muggle-born and quite proud of it. I do agree that at some points in history they've shown themselves to be less than acceptant to new idea and the like, but I really don't think that applies to all of them. Really it's just the bad apples with any sort of power that are the problem instead of Muggle culture as a whole. Now, back to the topic at hand. Which points do you think you'd like to see expounded upon in regards to the way they intend to handle the process?"

Gilbert: "I do agree with you that looked at as individuals or in small groups Muggles are definitely not all bad. Actually, some of the are exemplary models of morality and decency. But when you are studying a culture you have to look at generalities not at the exceptions to the rules. At best Muggles as a general society are not necessarily violent but definitely mistrustful and certainly skittish when faced with the unkown. But to answer your question, there are a few aspect that I would like to see made clear before any real talk happens about repealing the Statute of Secrecy. Chief among them: What problems do we foresee our revealing ourselves causing? How will it impact Muggle politics and society? How will it impact Wizarding politics and society? How are we hoping to address said problems? In detail, what steps are going to be taken to gradually introduce our existence to Muggles? What kind of laws and regulations will be instituted to protect us from those Muggles that might decide we are a threat? And what laws and regulations will be put in place to make sure that those of us from the Wizarding world treat Muggles as equals and not as servants or slaves?"

David: "Mmmhmm, I suppose you do have a point there. And all of those are very good questions. I wish I had the answer to all of them, but alas I do not. This is evident by the fact that I'm sitting around in a recording booth letting someone else do all the talking. *chuckle* Now, Mister Sullvan, on to the next and final topic: How do you think that Cassius Malfoy will answer these questions? He's the one doing all the talking, but I don't think he's actually answered any questions."

Gilbert: "*chuckle* We'll that is a question I am definitely not suited to answer. I have been touring Spain and France as part of a theater company over the last year or so and I will admit to being out of touch with Wizarding politics here in Great Britain in everything but the broadest of senses. I just met Mr. Malfoy after his speech at the rally but my personal opinion is that he was not ready to truly answer those questions that night. He did mention that pamphlets and other printed source with answers to those questions should be coming out in the near future but I have yet to see any of them. My impression that night was very similar to Albus Dumbledore's in that Mr. Malfoy was speaking of someone else's ideals, adopted by himself, without really being fully prepared. I did volunteer to be part of any public forum or debate that might be staged and I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that I am willing and will make myself readily available for such an event."

David: "Alright, fair enough. Well, I think that's all the time that we have for today. I'm hoping that I can get you back on the program soon enough, though. I'm sure it was a good experience for the good people out there to have a chance to listen to something other than me drone on for a time. Well, ladies and gentleman, that's it. Time to get back to some music. Neither Mister Sullivan or I want to set the world on fire. Here's to hoping that neither do you."

I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire by The Ink Spots

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