(1937-10-10) Animagus Aspirations
Details for Animagus Aspirations
Summary: Lucian and Ria discover one another's desires to become Animagi, which also leads to a difficult admission on Lucian's part. Fighting and snogging ensue.
Date: 10 October, 1937
Location: Grounds, Hogwarts
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Though a break in the afternoon rain permitted Lucian and Ria a stroll about the grounds, a returning drizzle has caused them to seek shelter under a tree on the grassy knolls. "I'm sure it'll pass soon. The sky isn't that cloudy." Being less exposed out here, he has been trying to link his hand with hers…rather a point of contention lately.

Ahh rain. It's certainly not Ria's favorite weather, but for some reason she seems less irritated by it at this very moment. Instead she resigns to a simple gingery scrunch of her freckles nose as she peers out over the ground, with the loose hairs that aren't tied up clinging damp to her cheeks. "I'm never trusting you to predict the weather again. I knew she should have stayed inside," she turns to glance sidelong at him with a smirk. But seeing as they're alone by themselves, she's not so disinclined to hold his hand. "What was all this about extra credit, though?"

Lucian smirks mischievously, tugging her close. "Who says I didn't predict the weather?" He sneaks a kiss to her forehead as she asks her question. "Ah, yes. Sorry, I meant to talk to you about that sooner. Seems like we haven't been able to be alone since before the Dueling assembly." He leans up against the tree, relaxing a bit. "So, do you know Professor Fawley at all? She sometimes substitutes for Kettleburn when he gets hurt."

Ria snickers as she leans into the kiss, wrapping an arm around his waist resting her weight against him. Perhaps its for warmth or perhaps she just likes having him close. But she shakes her head and says, "No, I've never seen her before. Never took Care of Magical Creatures. I'd rather leave the animal handling to…other folks."

Lucian chuckles, "Someday I'm going to get you on a hippogriff. It's not like broom-riding. It's incredible." He sounds wistful whenever he talks about riding the majestic beasts. "Anyhow, Camilla — Professor Fawley — she's an Animagus. She can transform into a fox."

Ria evidently shivers at the idea, though she'll play it off as if she's just cold. "A hippogriff? I don't know Luc…you're right that they're not like brooms…they're unpredictable and have their own wills…," she frowns with a bit of worry. Though she's not trying to shut down the idea entirely. Especially since he's getting that glow in his eyes. There's a slight jealous twitch when he calls her 'Camilla' but the next bit of information makes her forget it entirely. "She can what now?" Ria stands up straight to look at Lucian in surprise. "She's an animagus? But how did she learn? She's so young."

Lucian shrugs, but gets an excited smile at her sudden interest. "You don't have to be old to learn to do it. It just takes dedication…which I've got in spades. I want her to teach me. I'm top class when it comes to transfiguration, and…I don't know, I've always felt like there's something like that inside me. An animal trying to get out. That probably sounds stupid." He shrugs again. "I'd rather learn from her than Dumbledore. She knows beasts just as well as Kettleburn, if not better, and she's the real thing. As far as I know, Dumbledore isn't an Animagus."

Ria's eyes widen, she can't believe her ears. It's like someone knew she needed news like this. "It's not stupid at all. It's a grand opportunity," she insists and puts her hands on his shoulder. "Is she really willing to teach you? Do you really think she'll do it?" There is an hungry look in her eyes and the way she asks these question almost seem ravenous. "Will she take another…do you think?" This last question is asked just a tad more meekly than the others.

Lucian's brow lifts curiously at Ria's sudden keen interest. His lips part with muted satisfaction as the picture comes into focus. "You want to learn, too?" Every part of him exudes adoration as he wraps his arms around her. "We could learn it together. I haven't talked to her yet, but I'll bet she'd teach you. Especially if I vouch for you."

"Of course I want to learn!" Ria nods vigorously and says as if she's slightly surprised he didn't suspect her of wanting to, to begin with. "I've been researching on it for months now. Looking at every book in the library, trying every potion out there to help me along. But it's tough. It's really tough." She's flushed with frustration when she says it, indicating just how hard she's been working on it. But she presses her lips together thinking over something for a second. "Wait Luc…if she teaches us…do you think she'll make us register…?"

Lucian gets a conspiratorial smirk. "Probably. You don't want to register?" He tilts his head, lifting a hand to stroke her cheek. "Why do you want to do this? I'd have thought you would want everyone to know how powerful you had become."

Ria gives him an equally snaky half-smile in return, nuzzling his hand on her face. "Lucian, when will you learn that those who openly display their talent aren't necessarily the most powerful. There's advantages to stealth and being discreet as well. It's good sometimes to keep yourself at bay until the most opportune moment," she says in a cunning way, leaning forward to rest her chin on his shoulder and look up at him.

Lucian chuckles softly, "You're telling me this? How many duels have I won because I let my opponent get flashy while I waited? Remember what I said at the assembly? Patience. I know this, Ria. But this thing? Being an Animagus? The Ministry is pretty strict about it. But just because they know doesn't mean everyone else has to know."

The corner of Ria's mouth crinkles again in a half frown. "Am I supposed to give a fat cow about the ministry? A lot of their departments are so inefficient. That Banshee vigilante's out practically doing the work for the MLE, and the officials are doing little to nothing about the Wizarding Secrecy Statute despite Mr. Malfoy's rally and all the support that showed up to stand behind its repealment. Meanwhile, muggles are free to start up stupid wars that will only lead to trouble for the rest of the world while magical folk like you and I sit in hiding, twiddle our wands around and hope to ride it out." My is Ria opinionated! The only contradiction is in the lazy way she says it, head perched upon Lucian's shoulder while she leans with her arms around him lazily. Like a cat in the afternoon. The rainy afternoon. "I'm just saying that I don't feel I owe the government any unnecessarily information of my capabilities. And I don't like leaving paper trails. I'm a secretive person, Lucian. You know this."

"I'm just saying that if you're found out, you're in serious trouble. This is way worse than having your Prefect badges suspended, and all it takes is one person seeing you transform." Lucian rubs her back affectionately, giving the top of her head a kiss. "I'm not saying you shouldn't do it. Believe me, I get why you want to. I want us to do this together. But one misstep, and it blows up in our faces." He goes silent for half a moment, as a few puzzle pieces fall into place. "That's what Leander saw, isn't it? Those books and potions you're talking about. He knows you're studying this?"

"No one has seen me do it, because I can't. Yet. And even when I do learn it, no one will have to know that I can." Ria keeps her eyes closed as she continues on in her languid position, relishing the back rub. "And if I misstep I would make it so that you had nothing to do with it. I would have no clue in your animagus capabilities. I'll ensure that my mistakes result in my own consequences." She shrugs and lets them sit in silence, enjoying the rain a bit. But her eyes open again suddenly when Lucian draws appropriate conclusions. She remains in her spot, hesitating to answer at first. "Leander's mouth is sealed shut, so long as I keep my end of the deal." Another pause and she blinks once over his shoulder. "Is yours?" she asks quietly in his ear.

Lucian shakes his head, "I'm not worried about you getting me into trouble. I trust you. I just don't want you getting into trouble unnecessarily." He pinches his lips, eyes narrowing in concern. "Of course my lips are sealed. You even have to ask that? Since when can you not trust me?" He recoils his head, a little offended. But more than that, he peers anxiously at her, sensing something amiss. After years of being best friends, little about either of them gets past the other. "What is it? You're doing that distant thing you do."

Ria raises a hand to affectionately ruffle his golden hair before straightening it out again. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm just really used to having my guard up and being certain of things, especially after all this mess. For a while, I didn't know who to trust." She purses her lips in slight annoyance though. Clearly she doesn't do that distant thing enough if he can tell she's doing it. "No, it's nothing. It's just this whole vow thing. I remember thinking at first that you hard a part in all of it. That you gave Leander the idea or perhaps gave him a reason to make sure Ripley and I stayed away from each other." She shrugs and shakes her head, "It was a silly passing thought that resurfaced, that's all. I know you wouldn't do that. You've always been respectful of me, and I know you'd never meddle unnecessarily." She tiptoes and plants her lips warmly on Lucian's cheek, while cupping his other one.

Crap. It was bound to come to this. Lucian loosens his embrace on her, leaning back to look her in the eyes. "I didn't meddle unnecessarily. But…I did meddle." Predicting anger, he holds up a hand in a let-me-finish gesture. "This was right after Leander broke your arm, and all I saw was Ripley pawing all over you. He was trying to sweep in while you were in a vulnerable state, and…I could let him do that."

Ria blinks at first at his introductory statement, a brow quirking in confusion. "What do-" she starts to ask until he stops her to explain further. But even his words don't do much to calm her down. She purses her lips and takes deep inhale and then exhales. "Who cares if he was pawing all over me? Vulnerable state? Lucian what am I, a child?" she scowls. "Do I need to be protected from someone trying to make advances toward me? What business was if of yours whatever Ripley did?"

Lucian doesn't rise to anger. Not this time. He knows he deserves at least one good lashing over this. "We've always looked out for each other, Ria. And I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds. But I was just building up the gumption to finally ask you out, and suddenly Fox decides he's going to move in. Then his brother hurt you and…I couldn't just stand by."

Ria uncoils her arms around him, letting them fall to her sides, her hands squeezing into fists. She's so mad, she can't even fathom what she's hearing. "Lucian, you definitely did overstep your boundaries!" she scoffs and takes a step back. "You…you couldn't trust me to fend for myself. So how the heck can I trust you then to let me do things for myself? I really convinced myself that you were a bigger than that. That you knew to step back and have some faith in me. But I was wrong. I was so wrong." Her cheeks are flushed with anger, and her hand goes to her forehead immediately in a truly disappointed fashion.

Now Lucian rises to anger. "Have some faith in you? I did have faith in you — and how was that rewarded?" His brow goes up with the question, but he answers for her. "I asked you out, and then you ran off to snog Ripley the Rat! I forgave you for that. The least you could do is cut me some slack for making a mistake out of love for you!"

Ria glowers and retorts. "Oh yes because love justifies that. Love justifies all," she rolls her eyes and returns to her scowl. "I only did that because I was put into a corner. A corner that you helping chase me into," she moves her hand forward to poke a finger roughly into his chest. "And had you not schemed with Leander, who is a more foul vermin that his brother, it would have never happened. I would have continued on alone, which apparently seems to be a much better situation for me because I thought I could trust one of my best friends." She flustered now, and those wide green eyes tear just a bit, which she wipes at with the back of her hand. Her fingers push away the rain damped strands of hair out of her face too. "But apparently I can't. And I made such a mess of things." She sniffles angrily.

Lucian puffs up, returning her glower. "How dare you blame me for kissing Ripley. You made that choice, not me. Believe it or not, Leander was trying to keep you two apart with or without me. I didn't chase you. Bloody hell, Ria. I made an idiot out of myself with those cheap chocolates just to try and make you happy. I'm trying to make you the queen of the Hallowe'en ball. I was your Bonder for that vow and I never even asked what you were trying to hide. I'm trying to help you learn to become an Animagus. Yeah, I'm doing it all out of love. I love you. Get used to it. So sorry that one thing I did wasn't to your liking."

Ria's jaw simply stiffens and she turns up her chin proudly while glares at his silently. Alright, so she doesn't have anything to reply back with. So what, she can grumble all and protest all she wants. And she's quite the stubborn snake. "Fine then…then don't be an idiot anymore," she throws her hands up, too proud to admit that he did to a bunch of other things that was fairly nice. And she begins to turn on her heel to try and trudge through the mud and rain back to the castle.

"Ria, wait," Lucian reaches out to take her by the arm before she can stalk off, pulling her back under the shelter of the tree. "I'm sorry. I was an idiot. We were both idiots." Yeah, he's not going to let her entirely off the hook. "But we can move past it now. No more secrets. Not between us." He isn't above brandishing his baby-blue eyes at her, and tries to catch her gaze, his face lingering close to hers.

And just before she can stalk off too far, Ria feels a tug on her arm and she's snapped back to where she was just standing. She's huffing so hard from the sudden movement and her anger that it takes her a moment to slow down her breathing and actually calm herself while she hears him out. "Okay…no more secrets," she agrees with a final sigh looking up into his eyes. And she can't help it, Ria pulls his face in close with both her hands and kisses him with some aggression. As if this is how she chooses to take out her frustration rather than punching him in the face.

Lucian is juuuust fine with that. His arms curl around her, pulling her a bit roughly into him as they kiss. He likes her feisty like this! His hands roam over her back…but he manages to restrain himself from roaming too far and pushing his luck.

Ria lets out a muffle 'unf' into his lips upon being pulled in closer, and she too keeps a tight grip on the nape of his neck, while the other arm it snaked around. Breaking the kiss for some air, she breaths heavily and frowns at him, "Good grief you wear me out." And that's it! Fight's over! What were they talking about before. Animagi?

Lucian grins, "You say that a lot. I'm starting to think you like it." A few more small kisses, and he'll bring up the subject that their fight derailed. "So…we both want to be Animagi. I suppose…maybe I can learn from Camilla, and then come teach you what I've learned? If you're really sure about keeping it a secret, that is."

Ria groans and smirks into those last few pecks. "I neither confirm nor deny that. I only say it because it's true." She says with a curt nod. But pondering over his offer she licks her lips and says, "I'd like that arrangement only if it's not too much of a risk to you. I'm not afraid of trouble but too much at once is no good. I'm just trying to lay low for now. But the second there's something we should worry over, we cut it out, okay?" The worry is apparent on her face.

Lucian sighs, nodding. "I just don't want you to resent me when I continue my training if you have to stop. I want this to be something we can do together." He can't keep his hands from her face. Those soft cheeks are just irresistible.

Ria smiles warmly and shakes her head. "I won't," she says, enjoying him keeping her face warm. "I'll just take what you teach me and continue on myself or in other ways if I have to." But a smirk creeps up back into her face and she gives him a peck on the cheek afterward adding will all certainty to her face, "Just don't be upset when I beat you to it." Is that a challenge, Mr. Proudmore?

Lucian barks a laugh. "Beat me to it? You're asking for it." He gives her ribs a little tickle. "Look…I'll teach you. Even if we have to take a break from it, there's no reason we can't come back to it later. Just let me know if you change your mind about learning with Camilla." He looks out toward the school, and the increasingly muddy ground. "Come on. I'm taking you back to the castle, mud-free. Don't argue." With that, he dips to scoop her into his arms, presumably to carry her over the dirty, dirty ground.

Ria eeks at the tickle and nods, "Alright. I'll definitely consider it. Trust me." She definitely wants to learn. And when she opens her mouth to protest, she closes it the second he instructs her not to argue. But she does let a little bit of a gasp when she's swooped up. Now for an entirely different reason from before, she's flushed an absolutely bright hue of red. "Okay…," she meeps out, curling against Luc's chest and lets herself get carried back to the castle.

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