(1937-10-10) Dibs, Dibs and Double Dibs on Sloan
Details for Dibs, Dibs and Double Dibs on Sloan
Summary: Hope that when you are passed out in an alley with a serious medical ailment that these two don't come to your 'rescue'.
Date: 1937-10-10
Location: Diagon Alley
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Having walked out the door after Eddie came mere syllables from calling him a filthy mudblood Sloan had left Tasseo. Cutting down the alley next to the cafe, he'd made it halfway down the alleyway before the lack of oxygen had made him pass out. Ending up face down in the debris of the alley in black dress slacks, a white dress shirt and a dress vest.

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Slow Mary

Searching through the debris for some sort of food leftovers, Slow Mary jumps as there's a sudden 'plomf' nearby. Coming forward timidly, she sees the swank bloke and starts to walk away, but she pauses. She scooches down to pull an almost whole steak that had been thrown out gently from under his forehead, ready to jump if he moves.

Sloan for his part doesn't move. laying face down still. 3 legged Jim on the other hand does dive out of his dustbin wielding his copper wash stick shouting about food thieves in his alley as he chases Slow Mary around in circles.

Slow Mary gives a yelp, and then a holler, and picks up an old, battered tray to defend herself with. "I saw it first!" she hollers back. She may be timid with swanky folk, but when there's food at stake (heh heh), she's a vicious little shrew. Since there is now competition, she decides to throw caution to the wind and just shove the bloke over to pick up the prize and run.

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Three Legged Jim

Raising his copper wash stick, 3 legged Jim Shouts Defend yourself Mad-aaaargh!" Landing on his back, sprawled across the inert inverted and unintelligible form of Sloan, he shouts. "Bad form Mary! S'cheating that is! Pushing in an honorable Food fight!" Stopping for a moment he looks down, pokes Sloan between the shoulder blades. licks his finger, sticks it in Sloan's ear and swishes it around for a moment before he shouts. "Eah! There's a Dead bloke in here! MARY! there be a dead bloke in me Alley!"

"Whaddaya want me ta do about, ya stupid squib?" Mary yells back. "It's yer Alley!" she reminds him. Now that she's far enough away, she starts tearing at the steak she found, gobbling it before Jim can come after her again. "Roll it over to the side under them bins," she suggests with her mouthful.

Frowning as he stands up, 3 legs, as his firends call him, considers for a moment, looks closer and grunts. ""Ey! it's tha' Sloan Guy! Ye know the one what lets us stay in his shack when it's really cold?" Looking around, he quickly shouts "DIBS DIBS DOUBLE DIBS NO TURNOVERS OR ERASEYS!" Nodding as the law of possession is apparently sorted out in his mind, he nods and Looks down at Sloan. "Thanks mate. Sorry about you bein' dead and all." With that he taps Sloan on the head with his copper stick, then frowns as The Auror groans and attempts to turn over. "Ye gods! Shamblin' undead!"

Stuffing the rest of her food in her mouth, Mary ambles over cautiously. She gives another poke at Sloan.

As Mary pokes him Sloan groans again, curling up slightly. 3 Legs jumps back shouting. "Jesus, Mary! Ye don't poke th' Shamblin' dead! you run like a soddin' Bastard after stealin' his boots!" Looking at the boots, then his own, he sighs. "Nevermind. should be leavin mine for the soddin' bastard." Getting a somewhat philosophical look to his features he adds. "still though. Dibs stands. What with the Shamblin' dead not havin' rights or need of accomodation."

Mary backhands at Jim. "He ain't dead, ya bum face! He's just passed out. Go get that ginger friend o'his. Ya know, lives at the potions shop." She sniffs. "Ya can have dibs on 'im if he dies 'for ya get back. He ain't got nothin' no ways. Probably borried tha swanky clothes."

Eyes Mary for a moment, Jim pokes her with the copper stick and grunts. "Ye best not just be sayin' that so's you can be runnin' down to his place and gettin' all the good stuff." With that he turns and runs out of the alley. 10-ish minutes, after a direct run, minus 2 or 3 stops at promising trash bins and a shared smoke with Duckfoot Turnbull. 3 legged jim is Banging on the front door of the Apothecary shop.

Mary snorts. "I ain't goin' nowhere near his place. Like ta get hacked fer whatever I find." She watches him go, then smiles to herself as she goes back to rooting around for more food, no longer having to fight for it.

The banging on the Apothecary Door soon has the window on the third floor flying up, and a ginger haired man leaning out, wand at the ready. "What is it? Ye see we're closed, aye?"

Looking up at the Window for a moment, 3 legs sticks his pinky in his ear for a moment. Twisting it around before inspecting whatever he drags out under his fingernail. After a moment he looks up at Keenan again and seems confused for a moment before he calls out . "Evenin' gov! got a knut to spare?"

"Jesus, Mary an' Joseph," Keenan swears, not at all softly. "Ye wake me up by poundin' on my door like all the devils o'hell tae ask fer a knut? Next time, ye don't bang my door down unless someone's dyin', ken?" He pulls his head back in, but watches to see if the man is going to leave.

Nodding slihtly as a finger explores a nostril, 3 Legged Jim scratches the back of his head before he calls out. "Make ye a Deal. Give me a Knut an' I'll tell ye where that Sloan Feller's reanimatin' as a Shamblin dead Zombie Type! Oh! Make it 2 Knuts!"

Keenan is just about to close his window when the man speaks again. Narrowing his eyes, Keenan inspects him. "One knut now, and two knuts when I see Sloan," he offers. He then shuts the window as it's a done deal, and hardly two minutes later he's coming out the side door that leads up to his flat. He's still fastening the robe he pulled on quickly, and inside out, which makes it more of a bother. He waves his wand at the road in a shooing motion. "Lead the way."

Holding his hand out for the knut, Jim doesn't move until the money has been deposited in his hand. spiriting it away, he nods and leads Keenan down the road. where it took 10 minutes or so to get TO the apothecary, it only takes about 3 to get back. Pointing to the pale still form of Sloan, Jim holds his hand out once more. "He's the one that looks dead, but doesn't look dead and gnawed on by rats. That's Mary."

Sitting cross legged near Sloan, Mary suddenly looks up, wary, as the two men return. She hugs the hunk of bread, pickle and some torn lettuce leaves along with the carcass of the fish she was picking at to her chest. "Mine, found 'em fair an' square," she tells defensively, her eyes darting to Keenan. "Ya can't have it either."

Two more knuts are deposited in Jim's outstretched hand before the healer goes to the aurors side. "Ye go ahead an' feast. I've already eaten," he assures her, hoping he doesn't get brained as goes down on one knee, wand out to take a look at the man. "Aye, Sloan, ye daft bastard, what ye got wrong this time?" he asks, althought the insult lacks any real heat.

Eyes still closed Sloan just grunts again before Jim speaks up. "Th' Shamblin' dead are like them whatchacallits….CAMELS! yeah. seen them things. ye give them commands but you gotta use a stick to tell them when to do what you told them to. Like this "Oi! Sloan. what's wrong with you this time you daft bastard. answer!" and with that he whacks him with the copper stick causing Sloan to grunt and growl very softly. "I…am going to make him eat that stick."

"Oi!" Keenan shouts out when the stick swings towards Sloan, but since he was trying to diagnose the inert man, he's too slow to actually get a hand on it. Raising his wand, his eyes blaze Irish Green Ire at Jim. "If ye touch Sloan again, ye'll be wishin' he made ye eat that stick, as it'll be nothin' tae what I'll do tae ye." Waiting another moment to be sure the threat has sunk in, the healer reaches down, and with surprising strength gets an arm under Sloan's shoulders and starts hoisting him to his feet. "Come on, lad. On yer feet, we're going to my place. Don't make me carry ye, I know how much ye hate that."

3 Legged jim Backs up hands raised in the air in that time Honored 'Don't Shoot!' method before he replies. "Honestly! try to help some people and this is the thanks you get! I go to ALL the trouble of bringin' ye over here. Take time outta my busy day to help you diagnose him. I even got him to talk for you and you get mad at me!" Looking at Mary, he holds his crooked arm out to his side. "Come Mary. Let us find a better class of company!"

Sloan drags himself to his feet with Keenan's help leaning heavily on him for a moment, he grunts. "Someone caught we wit' a slicked spike th' other night, aye? near bled out." That explained why he was as pale as his Biothaille namesake, and his lips were blue.

Sniffing at the hoity toity Healer's ingratitude, Mary actually offers one of the rolls she found and stuffed in her pocket. With her little stash of food still tucked against her chest, she takes his arm. "I hope ya at least got money from his High an' Mighty," she grumbles.

Ignoring the dressing down he's receiving from the homeless man, Keenan takes most of Sloan's weight. "Jesus, Sloan. Why didn'ye… that was all the blood at Lindy's place in the mornin' when I woke up? Ye daft…" he bites down his expletive. "Why didn'ye wake me up? I was upstairs…" there's another string of invective under his breath as he starts down the alley. "Soditall. I'm apping ye tae my place." There's a sharp crack, and the two disappear.

Mary looks back over her shoulder. "Soddin' show-offs," she mutters.

Smiling and patting Mary's Arm, Jim Nods. "Yup. even got ye a Knut fer yer troubles MAry." pressing one into her hand, the old beggar winks at her as they stroll down the street.

The apparating was almost too mch for Sloan. What blood there was in his face draining away as his insides momentarily feel like his outsides and vice versa, he grunts. "Ye were drunk. Had…things tae do lad. I'll be fine, jes' takes so soddin long fra these potions tae fill me back up, aye?"

"Bollocks. I'd no had near as much tae drink as I wanted. Lindy was gettin' all mothery with wantin' me tae 'get some sleep'," his voice slips into a bit of mimicry. He sighs as the secret door opens and he ushers Sloan inside and onto one of the beds. "I went up tae bed tae escape her much as anything else." Once his friend is situated, he goes over to the cupboard and opens. "S'what was on the pike? Two of ye figure that much out, at least? If ye've been taken blood thickening potions, ye shouldn't be fallin' over unless the poison is slowin' them down."

Groaning as he sprawls on the bed, Sloan shakes his head. "She took me t'Mungo's. parrently ye were more convincin about being drunk than ye knew. she was worried ye'd still be pissin' fumes, Aye? They give me an arseload o antivenom potions, but they din' know wha' they're dealin' wit'"

Keenan snorts. "She's seen me put away more'n a night. She wasn't worried I'd be pissin' fumes. She wasnae goin' tae wake me because she was wantin' me tae get some rest. Wakin' me would'ave defeated that purpose." He goes through the vials, then comes back over. "Tell me anythin' ye can about the poison. Did ye see anythin' on the blade? What were yer symptoms. Too bad Clover wasnae in. I know her well, an' she knows her stuff."

Shaking his head, Sloan grunts. "Nae. they sent a pro after me, aye? got me wi' a palm spike under the left arm. Got me from behind. if I hadnae heard him at the last second, he'd have skewered me pump." Pausing for a moment, he lays his head on the bed once mroe. whatever he was going to say next, he lets it go.

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