(1937-10-10) NMitH 1937: Week 1 - Josie vs Chris
Details for NMitH 1937: Week 1 - Josie vs Chris
Summary: Josie and Chris have their duel, and the loser leaves happier than the winner, and definitely happier than the MC.
Date: October 10th, 1937
Location: Great Hall
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The doors of the Great Hall open right before Minister O'Reilly walks out to let in a tall, dour man in crisp black robes stretched over a truly marvelously round stomach,"O'Reilly, hope it all went well." He says as the two men cross then moves up to the dueling stage,"Very well. My name is Minister Rags and I have been forced to find some time to run a duel for you. My time is precious so if… " He stops he to consult a scroll that he pulls out of his pocket, "Mr. Weaver and Miss Davies will promptly step iup and show me their wands?"

Christmas adjusts his tie, and takes out his 15 " English Oak wand. He walks over to Minister Rags and nods his head to the man in respect. He extends his wand for him to take the hilt of his wand for him to examine as he sees fit looking over to Josie, "Good Luck today Josie." He extends his free hand to the young girl to show his sincerity in his words and shake her hand if she takes it.

Mabel nods, commenting to Eamon and the firsties gathered around, saying quietly. "Actually, that's why it's all right, Eamon. I suspect he thought he'd be taking his chances against better duellers. If he doesn't think he's safe to duel with novices, then that's the right thing for him to have done." Josie gets a pat on the shoulder as Christmas and she are called. "All right, then, Davies, here's your turn. Just remember what you learned."

Josie starts to look disappointed, but brightens immediately as the new ministry official arrives. She steps up quickly, holding up her wand for inspection. Then she looks to Christmas and shakes the offered hand with a bright smile, "Thanks. And good luck too." She doesn't seem nervous in the slightest about facing a more skilled opponent, just excited.

Gabriel crosses his arms over his chest and puts on a grumpy face,"Hmph. Maeve could have taken him. But I guess if he thought he might hurt her its somewhat alright." Then he turns his attention to the very fat Minister on the stage and shouts,"Go Josie! Show him what-for!"

"Hey MacCaille, I need to practice my Silencing Charm, care to volunteer?" Est says, with a laugh.

Unlike O'Reily Minister Rags simply takes both wands, examening one first then the other in minute detail. Then he takes Christmas' wand swipes it through the air and says,"Fumos!" sending a thick grey cloud flying from the tip before burning it out of the air with a firm "Incendio!" cast from his off hand with Josie's wand, which emits a thick gout of flame. "These will do." Handing the wands back he adds,"To you positions. Salute and do /not/ begin until my signal."

Eamon gives Est a nice wide grin and banters, "Care to help me get a jump on silent spell casting, Prince?"

Christmas takes his wand, and bows to the Minister. He begins to walk to his position and takes a deep breath. Chris brings his wand up in front of his nose and then sets it down at his side and waits for the signal. He looks a little nervous but that could be due to lack of sleep.

Josie smiles and nods, stepping to the position and then salutes, immitating what Christmas just did, then she adds a bow, perhaps not sure which to do, before taking the stance she was taught.

Bannon has arrived in the nick of time to watch Josie's first duel. He stands a good distance away, watching the proceedings with a broad smile.

Magister Rags waves his wand which emits a shower of golden sparks the firmly says,"Begin!" and get sout of the way, even if the size of his stomach makes it so that he's still dangerously close to the middle of the strip, at least part of him.

The boy is quick and steps forward at the signal and says in a loud commanding voice, "Petrificus Totalus" and the spell flies towards the young girl. Christmas does not want to draw this out or harm her with the more difficult spells.

Josie may be very much an amateur at dueling, but she can be quick. Swinging her wand in a parrying motion, she says, "Protego!" Just in time, the shield is there in front of her to absorb the spell. She grins then, cheerfully.

Bannon throws a fist in the air, murmering a quiet "Yes" before he looks around surreptitiously.

Maeve grins. "That's th' way t' start, Josie. Ye can do it!" She grins, the tension off for the moment as she watches her friend's duel, and puts her mind off of any possible second round parings.

Gabriel tosses Eamon and Est some worried looks at the start talking about silencing charms and sinks a little lower in his chairs but that still doesn't stop him from a loud,"Yesss!" in reaction to Josie's initial success.

Mabel hahas, triumphantly, clapping quietly at Josie's first-round showing.

Camilla sneaks in but is also at a rush. She looks around and hurries over to Bannon whispering, "Did I miss anything? Is she alright?" She then cranes her neck to watch up on the dueling platform. "You can do it Josie!" She cheers as she takes a hold of Bannon's bicep in a squeezing nervous grip.

Bannon leans over, giving Camilla a quick peck on the cheek and whispering, "She countered petrificus totalus with a protego.

Gareth is again peering over the top of his book, though his look isn't quite as anticipatory as it was before. Still, his brows arch when Josie counters the first hex with such ease, clearly impressed by the Firstie.

Josie shifts into the offensive almost immediately at her initial success, taking a slight step forward as she points her wand and says, "Expelliarmus!" And, having gotten her wand movement wrong, nothing happens.

Christmas takes a step back and prepares Protego and sees nothing comes at him and says to Josie, "Good try there Josie. A little more flick in your wrist next time might help."

Minister Rags directs a scathing look at Josie,"Ms. Davies, if I must spend my time here running a duel for students please at least make it an entertaining time. Focus on your casting if you will. Now, continue please."

Camilla has a mixture of quick expression, wince cause Josie's spell didn't work, then pride in Christmas, "That's a good sport." She says to Bannon smiling at the boy but then suddenly she looks like she's about to go Momma Dragon all over Minister Rags for his comment to Josie. In fact Bannon has less than three seconds to stop her from hexing the M.C.s uppity butt! This children is why Parents aren't generally allowed to witness teaching events.

Bannon nods his head with a hmm, "Indeed. The purpose of this duel has already been served. Let's see how long she can hang on…" He raises an eyebrow, chiding, "Camilla, wands down. This is a sanctioned duel." He pauses for a moment and then adds, "I'll have words with later. This duel is not for his entertainment."

When the Minister speaks, Chris frowns softly but looks back at Josie and steps forward extending his arm out in a straight lind, his wand aimed for the young girl's mouth and yells, "Silenco!" His wand flashes as the spell is released! At the same exact time Josie smiles at the tip and says, "Thanks." She bites her lip at the MC's words, but then nods and raises her wand again. This time she casts the spell she's had the most recent practice with, "Flipendo!" Having been cast at different heights the spell effects cross by each other at the middle of strip and then impact their intended targets. Christmas stumbles back a few steps before being forced to a knee to avoid falling. Meanwhile, there seems to be no aparent effect on Josie.

Minister Rags, having heard the spells called out immediately turn to JOsie and asks,"Ms. Davies, are you able to continue?" And he waits expectantly to see if Christmas' spell had the exprected effect.

Josie grins as her spell hits, quite cheerful until she tries to answer the MC. She opens her mouth and nothing comes out. She blinks and tries to say something else, then, shoulders slumping just a little, she shakes her head to the MC.

Christmas does in deed fall to one knee, his hand going to his lower abs as he lets out a haggard breath, the apples of his cheeks begin to flush with the impact of the spell. He says through his gasp of air, "Nice hit Josie." Chris begins to stand slowly as he brings his wand to the front of his face in salute to Josie in respect to the girl for her excellent performance.

Camilla is staying but looking at Bannon all wide-eyed, 'Gonna kill me an M.C.' still. "Did you hear what he said to our Girl? You best talk with him, or I'll see his pathetic little cubicle at the office is filled with fanged puffskeins." Are there such a thing? Only the RCMC Agent Grey knows. "You best go tell him right now, cause if he talks to her like that one more time, I'm going to put him in a dragon hide suit, that's inside out if you read me." But she keeps watching the Duel as well and slumps along with Josie. She claps loudly and cheers, "Way to go Josie! You did great!"

Minister Rags raises his arm on Christmas' side and says,"Mr. Weaver is the winner with a well executed Silencio. Congratulations Mister Weaver." Without another word he steps down from the stage and makes his way to the hall doors, robes sweeping behind him.

Mabel pauses as there's question whether Christmas' spell has taken, then bursts into some applause, "Oh, good show!" Quite a showing for the young girl.

Maeve claps as well, although it's evident that she's disappointed that her friend didn't win the duel. She gets up, and goes over to hug Josie. "Ye did wonderfully. Next time ye'll get him…"

Christmas waves his wand at Josie and he says the counter spell to release the spell on her voice. He smiles softly and slides his wand back into his sleeve once again. He takes a deep breath while arcing his back to stretch his ab muscles.

Bannon shakes his head, "I'm going to talk to him now. He didn't even clear the spell!" He walks forward, his wand in his hand as he points it towards Josie, "Finite Incantatum!" The silencing spell is cleared, but his wand waves one more time. This time quite quietly.

Gabriel jumps up right along with Maeve and heads towards Josie, clapping for all he's worth,"That was /really/ good Josie. Great job."

Gareth's pale brown eyes follow the minister's portly form as he sweep-waddles from the room, then return to the stage to appraise the two duelers. Unlike many of the others in the room, he doesn't leap forward to offer congratulations or condolences.

Josie smiles and salutes Christmas in return, and once she has her voice back she says, "That was amazing." She then blinks as she hears a voice among the clapping, looking around, and then waves to Bannon and Camilla with a grin. She starts to head over that way, but she pauses as her friends approach, hugging Maeve back, "Thanks! Maybe. That was really fun, though!" She grins to Gabriel's words too and says, again, "Thanks!"

A soft smile escapes the 5th year's mouth at the girl's success. He might have won but she seems to be the happier of the two. He stuffs his hands back into his pockets and begins to walk towards the door. Let her have her moment…

Camilla gives Bannon a proud, 'You go get him!' smile and keeps half an eye on what Bannon does and then moves quickly to go scoop Josie up in a tight hug. Forgetting the usual decorum she attempts as to not embarrass Josie in front of her friends. "That was amazing!" She miles to Christmas, "You were an amazing sport. Thank you. I'm glad she was fighting you." Then after congratulations are given she smirks down at Josie and juts her chin towards the M.C. "Watch Our Bannon." She whispers to her ward.

Mabel stands by, smiling, offering Christmas a hand-shake as he makes his way out. She's restraining beaming at the firsties. "Well-played, Weaver," she says. "I think we've got some young talent on our hands."

Halfway down the aisle Minister Rags lets out a loud yelp as flames and smoke suddenly surround him. Desperately he waves his wand at the hems of his robes, which are now merrily on fire and calls out,"Aguamentos! Aguamentat! Aguamenti, aguamenti, AGUAMENTI!" In his desperation to put out the fire he miscasts them overcompensates, causing a stream of water to spout out of the tip of his wand with enough strength to pull him off balance and set him flat on his back, sputering and wobbling, for all the world looking like a sodden, beached whale.

When he is spoken too, Chris turns to look towards Camilla and nods rubbing his stomach, "She is scrappy. I think she has a chance against some of those nastier duelers. I look forward to dueling her again in the future." When Mabel shakes his hand he smiles, "That we do Mabel. Go and celebrate with her. I have to get some air. She knocked me good in the stomach. Gonna stretch my legs." He gives Mabel a wave and continues towards the door and exits out into the Entry Hall.

Gareth finally closes his book, taking several long, deep breaths, as if trying to screw up his courage for…something. He pushes himself to his feet, then tries to speak in a nice, clear voice…which instead comes out as a half-mumbled squeak: "Expelliarmus is a tricky spell to master." Whether or not anyone heard him is debatable, because at that very moment, the minister is flailing about with fire and water, and as attention turns that direction, Gareth sinks back into his seat, withdrawing like a turtle into its shell.

Bannon nods to Camilla, turning again and calling out, "Problem, Minister?" He trots towards the minister, wand in hand. As he arrives, Bannon tsks and shakes his head, "This centainly won't do. Let's get you dried off, shall we?" Bannon points his wand towards the minister, a look of intense concentration on his face as all the water that the minister had sprayed around and upon himself coelesces into a large ball directly above him. Bannon carefully controlls the ball of water, a good eight or nine gallons of it in fact, but then seems to slip. The ball of water lands directly upon the minister's head, much to Bannons disappointment, "Oh, that certainly didn't work, did it?" He hmms, then ahhs, "Right, then. VENTUS!" Bidden from his wand, a huge gout of air begins to blow from the tip of his wand, far too powerful to simply be a method of drying one off.

Josie blinks, but grins, not at all embarassed by the hug and returning it. "That last spell sure worked good, didn't even know I was hit. Maybe next year I'll do better, if they do this again." She glances up to Gareth and grins, "Yeah, I gotta practice it way more." She looks towards the MC then and blinks, then bursts into giggles as she watches.

Gabriel stops in the middle of congratulating Josie to stare google-eyed at the Minister before busting out into gales of laughter, which he tries to control by slapping both his hands over his mouth to little real effect.

Maeve's attention is drawn by the sounds of Mucho Pomposo's struggles, first with the flame, then with Bannon's charm. She tries, but can't keep from laughing.

The wind from Bannon's wand is strong enough to take the fat minister and set him rolling. The man rolls well enough that he makes it all the way to the outside hallway at which point the wind blows the doors shut with a definitive "BANG!" but not before Minister Rags is heard yelling,"Dippet will hear about thiiiiis." in that weird sounding voice one gets when speaking into a Muggle fan.

Mabel looks over that way, both eyebrows shooting up rather high, as she purses her lips, fairly snuffles to try and contain some laughter, and covers her mouth, getting out, "Another demonstration, then," she comments. "My, my." Glances to the firsties.

Bannon follows Regs all the way to the door, going on about how he's going to get the minister dry and 'back to his presentable self again'. When the doors slam shut, the wind eminating from Bannon's wand ceases. He turns around, seeing the state of the people within the Great Hall. He allows himself a small smile as he tucks his wand back into his pocket, "Well then… What an arse."

First one hand, then the other clap over Gareth's mouth. If only he had another hand to prop a book up in front of himself as a shield, but as it is, he's left with only two hands, both doing their best to hold back his laughter.

Camilla just watches the altercation with a look that is rather innocent and like she's very worried for the state the poor minister is in. But her arms go around Josie's shoulders and she gives the girl a little hug. Then it's a little clear by the way she looks at Bannon that if she weren't sure before…she's certain now. Very much about as head over heels as the Minister is right now…more literally.

Gabriel slumps into a chair, eyes twinkling merrily as he takes deep breath to control himself. Once he can speak again he says,"I wish I could do that. I almost yelled at him when he was so mean to Josie but then I thought that might just make it worse for her."

Josie grins up to Bannon and then can't help but giggle again at his last words, nodding. "He was kinda mean." She looks back to Gabriel and grins, "You were? Thanks. But bet you'd've been in lots of trouble."

Gareth finally gets himself under control again, taking several long, deep breaths, as he begins fussing with his books, arranging papers and digging out a quill and bottle of ink from his bag. Finally, he drags out a massive tome bound in black leather, opens the front cover, and carefully tears off a corner of the first, blank page. Adjusting his glasses, he leans far over the table to begin slowly scribbling upon the small scrap.

Bannon walks back through the Great Hall towards Josie, giving a polite nod to Gabriel, then shooting a quick wink towards Camilla. He drops to a knee in front of Josie, taking her by both shoulders, "I want you to remember something, and remember it well. You are my ward. You do not duel or dance or anything for anyone's entertainment. By the time Hogwarts is through with you, you will be four times the wizard that sad sack of humanity will be." He gives her a firm, but not particularly violent, shake, "Do you understand me, Josephine Davies?"

Camilla smirks over to Gabriel, "No, no, you just let the adults handle it. He obviously didn't realize who he was talkin down to. Nobody talks like that to anyone in my presence, let alone to Miss Grey-Bates-Davies." The names of the girls Guardian's tagged on to her own name lightly, but with great meaning as well. "You're preaching to the choir Bannon. She already knows that. Don't ya darling?" She winks down at Josie. "So, I think that everyone should maybe go visit the club room and enjoy what they might find there. And we stick in the mud grown ups will leave you alone to have a fun party." It's why she was late…she lost track of time while setting up quite the party for the kids after this duel was done. Cake with a pair of candy wands on top that have constant harmless sparklers affects coming out of their tips. With two vats of hot cocoa one a special hot cocoa that makes random animal sounds after it's drunk - a favorite of Josie's.

Josie looks up to Bannon, and after his words the slight slouch to her shoulders after she lost is gone, she stands a bit straighter and nods seriously, "I understand." She glances up to Camilla then and smiles some again, nodding quickly.

Mabel is still smiling when she takes a perch by Eamon, "Well, that *did* go quite well, didn't it? Apparently Ward made quite a showing as well, by his own report. I hadn't heard about it till it was done."

Gareth sits up again, his back stiff, as he methodically stoppers the ink bottle, places it inside a small wooden box, which in turn is thrust into his schoolbag, along with the quill. He takes several more deep breaths, then pushes himself to his feet, small scrap of papers clutched in his right hand. He turns toward the Goblet and stares at it for a long, long moment, before his feet begin carrying him slowly in that direction, his face draining of color with every shuffling step. By the time he gets within reach of the flaming cup, his whole body is quaking, and his shaking hand sloooooowly raises, hovering over the fire. "J-just do it!" he commands between clenched teeth, and a moment later, his iron grip loosens just enough for the bit of paper to fall free. Whoosh! It vanishes into the Goblet of Fire, and Gareth stumbles back two or three steps, then freezes in place, gaping.

Bannon glances up towards Camilla, nodding his head slightly, then retaking his feet. He then smiles to Josie, "You did wonderfully, Miss Davies. Give it a few more years and a silencing charm will never be a hinderance to you again. Just takes time and practice." He then adds, "Go over to the Club Room and enjoy your snacks. I should make it to Professor Dippet's office before the Minister does. He'll be going to change his robes first, of course, but sadly even that leaves me very little time."

Gabriel doesn't know the young man putting his name into the Goblet of Fire but he did notice the effort it took him so he decides congratulations are deserved so he interrupts his conversation at the Gryffindor table, where he's been recounting his duel with Ria, with very little exagerations to boot, to clap loudly for him/

Mabel glances up about in time to see Gareth's rather brave entry, certainly that deserves a roung of clapping, at least now that it's done.

Camilla leans over to whisper into Bannon's ear before he dashes off to try to minimize the damage Rags will inevitably try to dredge up.

Bannon nods his head to Camilla, "Yes, by apparition." He then turns, walking towards the door with a determined gait. He removes his wand, whipping it to the side and blowing the heavy doors of the Great Hall open to ease his passage.

The sound of hands clapping pulls Gareth's mind back to the present, and he slowly turns to see just who is being applauded. When he realizes it's himself, his eyes bug wide, the color rushing back to his cheeks, and he ducks his head just a bit as he shuffles back toward his books. With a small, sheepish grin, he gives a little wave of one hand, then tries to hide himself behind the short wall of tomes he'd erected earlier. He was so sure the MC's dramatic exit would be enough distraction that no one would notice little ol' Gareth sneaking up to the infamous Goblet of Fire.

Josie waves to Bannon as he leaves, smiling, "Bye." She too joins the clapping, though rather late, for Gareth. She looks to the others then and says, "Sounds like there's some fun in the club room, wanna come?"

Gabriel hops out of his chair with a grin and a nod,"Definitely!"

Gareth is busy rearranging his books, shifting them from one stack to another without any particular rhyme or reason. At Josie's question, his eyes blink widely again. "Hmmm? C-club room? Oh. Ah. I suppose I … could? If it wouldn't be a bother." His gaze darts around to the others gathered around the young Gryffindor to see if anyone violently protests his inclusion.

Mabel claps her hands together once, and says, "I do think this calls for a little celebrating. Very well-done, everyone," she says to the firsties, "You've done splendidly at short notice. Shall we, then?"

Josie looks up to Gareth and grins, "Sure you can come! What's your name? I'm Josie," she adds, as she starts to walk for the door out.

"Carrow," Gareth says, keeping his voice low in a vain attempt to hide his thick accent. "Er, Gareth Carrow. You've a wicked Protego, but Expelliarmus can be a tricky spell for a first year to master." He sets about gathering up his books, shoving as many as possible into his overloaded schoolbag, then settling the rest in his arms.

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