(1937-10-11) A Day in the Life
Details for A Day in the Life
Summary: In and out of the Apothecary
Date: 11 October 1937
Location: MacDiarmarda Apothecary Loft
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MacDiarmarda Apothecary Loft (#2058R) Diagon Alley
Thu Oct 11, 1937 ((Thu Oct 11 14:28:01 2012)) (B,2 SE - U)

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and fair.

An empty apartment. Several packing boxes are stacked here and there. The neighborhood is a rather comfortable working class area and the residence reflects that to every nook and corner. Bare floors and walls are freshly scrubbed and painted. The stringent scent of cleaning products and fresh paint is strong and ever lingering. This apartment is comprised of several rooms. Every apartment is slightly different in its lay out. But there are always of course the necessary rooms and at least one indoor bathroom. A small hall that acts as a foyer just inside the front door is lined with racks and storage space for outside wear and poor weather accessories. Every apartment comes with a living room area that's most usually adjoined to a dining nook which is attached to a kitchen. Within the kitchen there are several appliances such as gas stove, sink, and refrigerator. More often than not the floors are all hardwood, waxed and polished in all shades from pale pine to dark oak.


The sign on the door declares the shop to be 'OPEN', and as it is a cool, fair and sunny day, there are actually customers in the shop. Browsers, mostly.. looking for ingredients that perhaps may not be readily available elsewhere, or those herbs that customers are too lazy to cultivate and process themselves. (Which Niamh doesn't mind!)
The proprietress is behind the counter, a large tome open and turned towards the front where old script lies. She's got a cup of tea in both hands, warming them, and she seems to be checking something as her gaze moves from the book to a wall on the far side, back to the book.. and back to the wall. "We should have it, aye.. though the last mention of it seems t'be 1886 from inventory." She smiles, the expression a familiar one to those who know her, "It may be a bit stronger now."

Elijah steps in through the door, looking a little bit worse for wear as he walks to the counter. It's obvious that there's something not quite right about the look in his eyes. There's a certain struggle going on, as if he's trying to hold back a great, fierce ocean with just his hands. He steps up to the counter and says, "I need more, Niamh."

The moment the door opens, Niamh lifts her gaze towards it as if she can feel a disturbance in the force, as it were. The smile doesn't fade, but there's a concern that comes in to take over the gleam in her eyes. Keeping her tones at a cheerful level, she does at least lower her voice, "How's that working for ye, Elijah? Did it do right by ye?" He obviously took it in the proper measure as it's been a bit since he's been in for the first batch.

Even while she's asking, however, Niamh's on the move, and with a reaching of her hands to give his a quick squeeze, she's off to gather her ingredients.

Elijah sighs and says, "It's been working well. I need to remember to procure the next batch before the current one runs out, though. My mind feels…scattered again." It's obvious that the last potion is working its way out of his system at the moment. "It helps a lot."

Twisting about for a moment to face him, there's a look of relief that comes across her face. "Good.. I am glad it's helpin' ye. Because this draught is jus' for ye.. an' no other." A special blend. Niamh begins to pick out the ingredients once again and lays them on the work table. Glancing into a box, she scowls, her brows creasing. "I'll need t'go out to gather more of one before long. I've got more than enough for the next few, but I'm not willin' t'take the risks." Not with him!

Herbs, essences, and solutions before her, Niamh begins to work her magic, so to speak.. and as she grinds with her mortar and pestle, she takes up conversation. "I hope things're quiet for ye. E'en with all the excitement about."

Elijah nods to Niamh, "Aye, I appreciate what you're doing for me." He runs his hand back through his hair and cast his eyes off to the side as he says, "I keep having dreams about my ex, though. Is that something to do with the potion? Does it bring up repressed memories?"

"I'll tell ye what I'll do.. an' it's just for ye. I'll be givin' this recipe t'my brother Keenan.. he's a healer at Mungos, an' is a wiz at potions. He likes t'think he's better'n I, but.." Niamh laughs and gives a one-shouldered shrug. "But, point is.." grind*grind "..there'll be another that's trustworthy 'nuf that'll help ye."

Once the herb is properly ground into the powder, she pulls a stopper on a small phial and adds the drops via a dropper one drip at a time.. and mixing it as it goes.

Niamh's eyes rise to hear the side-effect and she nods her head slowly. "It's a memory.. well, what it's supposed t'do is t'clear your mind, so I suppose it has a lot t'do with memory. Was somethin' about her botherin' ye? A problem? A question?"

<FS3> Niamh rolls Potions: Good Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Niamh=potions Vs Elijah=mind
< Niamh: Great Success Elijah: Success
< Net Result: Niamh wins - Solid Victory

Elijah shakes his head at Niamh and says, "No, it's nothing important. Just someone from my past that's resurfacing in the back of my mind. I thought I'd forgotten her, but apparently she's back in there." He looks up and begins to watch Niamh work.

"Well, best advice?" Nia finishes the mixtures and steps aside to grab the needed phials in order to add the suspension liquid. Pulling a graduated flask from below, she fills the small glass bottles with a measured amount in each.. Eli will be good for a week, at the least. Then, it's the scooping from the mortar into each bottle.. and each is stoppered with a small cork and shaken briefly. "Think about it.. okay? There's somethin' there perhaps that ye may not have realized.. or seen. Now, with this t'clear yer mind, it's givin' ye the chance t'look back on it."

There's a whistling of an Irish Air that accompanies the bell as the shop door opens. Coming around from his outside door, Keenan enters the store. This time he's not wearing his Healer robes of green, but a warm cloak of brown and his sturdiest leather boots. "Niamh, lass, when'll ye give up on this 'better' thing an' realize it's just a difference o'approach than who's better, aye?" He gives her a grin as he makes his way around the back of the counter and drops a kiss on the top of her head. Elijah receives a nod. "Hullo, Lovegood is it? Met along with Lindy at the Tasseo. Good tae see ye…" There's a thump as a pack slides from his shoulder to the ground, and he turns to rummage a little among the supplies. "Niamh, I'm takin' a few days from Mungos. Gotta take a trip tae North America. Might be a good idea for ye ta brush up on yer North American herbs an' such."

Elijah nods to Niamh and smiles gratefully, saying a soft, "Thank you." The bell catches his attention and he spins on a dime, looking Keenan up and down, "Ah, yes, Mister Keenan. Likewise, sir." He gives him a polite nod and turns back to Niamh, gathering up the potions.

With stoppers all in, Niamh carriers them back, just in time to see Keenan coming into the shop. "There ye are.. an' I'll be ready for yer next visit.. an.. there he is!" Her smile warms even more for her brother as he approaches. At the kiss, she grins and nods at the Inspector. "Remind me, Keen, tha' ye need t'know this recipe for Elijah. That way, if he finds himself in Mungos, ye will know wha' he's got in 'im." Beat. "He's Gideon's partner." Just in case her brother wanted to know any connections due to her not taking payment for the items.

The phials are set into a small bag and handed over, the smile ever present, and warm for the Inspector. "Remember, good night's sleep is a must wi' these."

It's back to her brother then, Niamh goes, and her brows rise. "America? Why would ye be goin' there? An'.. am I goin' too, then?" If she has to brush up on her herbs, either he wants detailed instructions or.. she's going. "When are we leavin'?"

Keenan shakes his head. "Ye're stayin' here, lass. I need someone tae look after Eddie 'n' Sloan while I'm gone. They'll run themselves tae death if ye don't keep after 'em. Just had a case at Mungo's the other night, new poison made in America. I'll have tae stock up on some remedies from over there in case there's a repeat."

He looks to the potions that Niamh hands over, and then to Elijah and nods. The next bit of information causes him to give the man a more interested grin. "Are ye, now. An' does yer partner get ye intae any trouble?" There's a wink from Keenan, just to tease his sister, and then he hoists the pack to the counter to put some empty phials in it. <re>

Elijah hears the bit about the poison and his ears perk up, his eyes turning to Keenan, "A new poison, you say? What kind of poison? What does it do?" He peers intently at the man and awaits a response. He waves off the question about getting into trouble, as the mention of the new poison has quite thoroughly piqued his interest.

Niamh looks as if she's going to give argument, and her mouth opens to do just that. "Y'know they won't hear me unless I'm standin' a'fore them on a table an yellin'.. or plyin' them with food, as neither of 'em actually eat worth a damn." Concern fills her expression now, and pulling away from her counter, she walks towards the worktable and pulls out a couple of well stocked wooden boxes. Opening them, she begins to pull out herbs from both.. and into a third container. Keenan would know that these are the 'mixers' for the suspension liquid- just add water. And she packs a small travel mortar and pestle. Busy now, she's packing all those 'necessities' for her brother; containers for every possibility- from the basic her to the most aggressive small magical creature. "Did ye get any information off the poison? What does it do? How fast?" Hints, as her brother would well know. Seems she echoes the Inspector.

At the questions levelled at Elijah, Niamh makes a face. "I think they're both capable enough t'find their own troubles. Jus' like ye are, Keen.." It's said with a great deal of affection, however. "Underneath, Keen.. one o'gran's books."

Reaching into his pack, Keenan pulls out a book. "Ye mean this one?" he asks with a grin, before he puts it back. "Used her help comin' up with my 'shopping list'." At all her questions about the case, he looks at her, then shifts his gaze thoughtfully back towards the storeroom behind the counter. Raising his eyebrows, he turns to the suddenly alert man, and then to her.

"It kills a man, lass. Straight out, nae thing else special about it." He gives Elijah a shrug as if to say 'that's it, pretty straightforward'. "As fer Lindy an' Sloan, tell them I won't mirror them if they don't eat. It's already drivin' him straight up the wall that I'm not taking him with me. He needs tae watch after Lindy, though. With this Hopewell threatenin' destruction an' her brother denoucin' him, she could be in more danger'n me."

Elijah rubs at his chin as his eyes dance over Keenan's features. He stops for a moment and says, "Fascinating. I must be on my way. Many things to be done. I shan't dally." He scoops up the bag and holds it tightly, giving a bow to each of them before slipping out of the door like a bolt of lightning.

Of course there are many ways a potion can affect a man, ending in death. Could be suffocation, could be heart.. could be a number of things! Niamh's attention, however, falls upon Eli again, and she gives him a warm smile. "Aye.. many things. Ye be careful, an' keep Gideon safe too, a'right?" Seems she's the keeper of more than a few people now?

Once he's out the door, now Niamh gives voice to her thoughts. "Heart? Lungs? Unconsciousness? Immediate? 'Kills a man' is nothin' t'work with for me an' ye know it." She nods at the book, glad in the fact he's got it. "So I watch after Sloan who is watchin' after Lindy." She exhales in a sigh that seems perfectly suited for her brother. "Get me what ye can. An' one day, I'll make the trip back when it's quieter.. aye? As it is, I have t'head to Wales for some of Eli's things."

Keenan rakes a hand through his hair, "honestly, not entirely sure," he replies, his voice lowered, glancing towards the windows to make sure the coast is clear before continueing. "It was Sloan, an' Lindy thought I needed tae sleep so she took him to Mungo's. All they did was slow it, an' by the time I found Sloan passed out in a back alley he was nae on dyin'. The poor lad wasnae even rememberin' what symptons he had, all he could say was it was on a blade, an' that's how it got in his bloodstream." He starts taking the things she's collecting and carefully adding them to his pack. "Make sure he takes another blood thickener while I'm gone. An' if gets hit again, give him a potion to slow his circulation, keep it from gettin' tae his heart an' lungs, an' mirror me right away, aye? I'll tell Lindy the same 'fore I go. I told him nae ta get scratched again before I return, but ye know how he is."

Niamh presses her lips together in the telling, her eyes giving her thoughts away as they open wider. Her mouth opens, and she nods at the instructions. "Oh aye.. I will.. an' please tell him he's t'come to me.. okay? He won't, an' we both know he won't." Her tones are a plead. "If need be, I can put him in a sleep.. slow it down, an' aye. I'll mirror the second I have him down.." She wrings her hands now, her voice lowering. "Should I tell Adamantus that such a thing is happenin'?"

Keenan shakes his head emphatically. "If Sloan isnae filin' an official report on it, then nae. It doesnae go beyond the four of us. He thinks it was a special attempt on him… as may be. We'll see. But I intend tae be prepared should it happen again. An' with all that's startin' tae stir up, we should be lookin' tae keep on top o' things. If dark wizards're goin'tae start importin' their poisons…" he shakes his head.

It's day, and the shop has pretty much emptied out, and Nia's got the distillery going, dripping purple liquid into the graduated beaker.. but at the moment, she's behind the counter with Keenan. He's got a pack, well, packed, and there are various phials and containers on the countertop, ready to be packed away. The brother and sister are talking in hushed tones, even though there's no one about. It's habit, mostly..

"Keen.. Adamantus isn't one t'go by the book all the time neither.. an' if it's an attack on him proper rather than in Auror capacity, it still needs mentioning." Niamh sounds in earnest. "I'll hold off," there's her concession, "but we'd be fools to ignore what we've got at hand." Taking a deep breath, her lips press into a line again, "Ye make sure they're to come to me. Both of 'em. If I need, I'll move in wit' both of 'em.. just to keep 'em right."

Work called, sadly, even if Eddie felt half miserable most of the day. It's been one of those weeks. As soon as she could get out of the office, she did, still in her gray Auror's robes overtop on of her more neutral tan suits with long sleeves to help protect against the late fall/impending winter's chill. She pushes the door open, sticking her head inside curiously, tired and worried gray eyes stretching across the interior. "Niamh? Oh… Keen… I… I thought you'd be gone… is everything alright?" Apparently, she came to visit the woman and was NOT expecting male intrusions.

Keenan sighs. "Niamh, I know ye trust him completely, but I don' know the lad enough, yet. An' I'm goin' tae follow Sloan's lead when it's his life. I'll just tell Lindy an' make sure she knows. An' if either of ye have problems with 'imself, ye let me know." He looks up as Eddie enters, and puts the last of the supplies in the pack. Good thing for wizard backpacks, they can carry a heck of a lot without weighing a ton. "Nae, Lindy, just finishin' packin'. I'm glad ye're here, though. Saves me a trip." He nods to a potion on the counter. "Make sure Sloan takes this blood potion, an' if he gets hits again by this mystery poison, ye bring him straight here fer Niamh t'give him a potion tae slow his circulation, an' put him under of need, be. An' ye mirror me straight away." He looks her up and down. "An' both of ye get some sleep an' eat."

Nia's attention is firmly on her brother, and her mouth forms that line of 'I don't like this'. "Ye know what a stubborn ass he is, Keen. Sloan, I mean.. an' he's not above playin' the martyr if he thinks it'll keep his own safe." Just like them all. "But at one point, ye know he needs help." She chuffs a breath, her piece said, and when the door opens again, and Lindy's head appears, her smile warms and she waves, "C'mon in, Lindy." As if her friend needs the invitation?

Quick stock is taken of the potion now laid out upon the table, and she lifts it, peering into the bottle. "Aye.." and she sets it back down carefully. "Ye hear that? An' if it doesn't happen, I'll come out lookin' for ye both.. an' ye won't like the side o'me when I find ye."

"I slept, I'm fine." And, actually, that does not appear to be a lie. At least the sleeping part. They both know Eddie well enough to tell when she's lying to them, and that isn't the moment. Her gray eyes turn towards the potion on the counter, scooping it up almost immediately and looking the thing over before she gives a curt little nod. "I'll get it back to him with his dinner tonight, I promise. And… fuck, he better not get hit by this again. It… surely it was just… random cruelty, right?" There's the lie. Eddie knows well and true something like this was a targeted attack. Maybe that's what brings the sick look to her eyes. She's still worried to her very core. She then looks back towards Niamh and smiles a bit more. "We're fine. But…if…if something happens, I'll bring him straight here. I promise."

"Niamh, the less people know, the better. Sloan's weak, right now, an' that's the real reason he's nae comin' with me. Not for Lindy's sake, I said that fer the benefit of yer lad's partner. An' ye're one tae be talking about stubborn, lass," he adds with a grin. He doesn't bother to call Eddie out on the act of random cruelty, it doesn't need to be said. He nods to the Auror, then he drops a last, good bye kiss on the top of Niamh's head. Coming around from behind the counter, he gives Eddie a hug, and a kiss to her cheek, murmuring to her before he gives her a squeeze, and heads out the door.

Niamh's eyes narrow and her arms rise to cross against her chest. Her brows rise, "I don' like being left outta this, Edwarlinda Malfoy. An' don't say it's because you're protectin' me. I'm in as much as the rest o'ye.. an' I just have the disadvantage of not knowin' why they'll be comin' after me. Ye look like shite, an' ye need help. If it in't me you're askin', who is it?" Other than Keen, anyway. "I don' believe ye for a plug instant that you'll bring 'im here, because it weren't done before. You'll get the 'I don' wanna put her in danger' thing, an' once again, I'm left wonderin'."

A breath is chuffed again, and Niamh takes her brother's arm, and gives him a kiss. "Ye be careful, an' mirror if ye have any questions about any of the stuff ye find."

A warm kiss is returned to Keenan and a squeeze to his arm. "Love you. Be safe. Stay in touch. Watch your back, please. We'll be worried until you get home." Eddie lets him go then, permitting brother and sister to say their proper good byes before she watches him head out the door. She then looks back up to Niamh with a small sigh, dragging one hand across her face. She's wearing her make up charms, so she doesn't entirely look like shit, but she's defintiely just a bit ashen beneath the surface. "It…it wasn't that I didn't want to bring him here, but Keenan was sleeping… Sleep he desperately needed, and I honestly didn't know it was poison, Niamh. I knew he'd been stabbed, that was it. So I thought Mungo's would be the place. They could seal a wound just find, there was no need to wake you up. If…if it happens again, I'll bring him here. I promise. I trust you all more." She insists to the woman, hand against her heart, words earnest.

Secrets still! Damn her brother! Niamh scowls; she knows that it's probably instructions on how to deal with her, or he'd have said something out loud. "It was, Lindy.. an' I know a little somethin' about healin'. I might not be a healer like my brother, but I do know enough an' probably would have recognized a poison." Thus getting Sloan help earlier. "But, what's done is done.. an' ye know I'm not happy about it."

She looks to the door where her brother's gone, her jaw setting. "An' if he's set ye up as Sloan's keeper, then I'm only left behind because he wants to leave me behind." Once again, she's relegated to 'little sister'. Niamh fixes her friend with a gaze, "I should go back wit' ye to where you and he are, so I can keep an eye on him."

"It's just my house, Niamh. I'm not hiding him away anywhere, really. So, unless you've decided to move back to your place full time, you're there already. You're always welcome to come stay with me, you know that. And… Keenan's just leaving you aside because he's scared and worried. That poison nearly put Sloan down… What if any of us had been hit with it? We don't have half of Sloan's constitution, you know?" Eddie admits with some sick worry behind her voice. She's been thinking this through too long and hard. "But… I know where to go for help. You'll not be left out if… if it happens again. We need your help. Your potions. We…we're just scared, is all. It's been a long week." A sigh of slight exhaustion, but just general stress escapes Eddie's lips as she begins moving towards one of the potion shelves, lazily searching for something.

"He's scared an' worried. It ne'er bothered him before when he's taken on his clients. One wrong move t'one of those an' it's no'only him, but it's me too. Tha's why I know about what he does. So I can be ready.. an' I won't be surprised. But now, all this is takin' me by surprise, an' still ye are tryin' t'keep me in the dark when knowin' all would help me a lot t'know where to look.. and how." Niamh shakes her head, and she begins to pace, though she doesn't take her eyes off her friend. It's her own frustration showing, and she simply can't help it. "I'm here, too.. 'cause of Adamantus.." He's been spending time upstairs in the loft. "As for if the poison hit one o'us? At least I'd know what it was immediately an' have answer for it." Maybe. "I just wish I knew what the symptoms are so I can track it back. I don't know how Keen knows it's from America.."

She smiles tightly, and exhales, shaking her head. "I'm no'mad, Lindy. I love ye both, more'n ye could imagine. An' I hate feelin' like .. ye are tryin' to protect me when all you're doin' is puttin' me more in danger because I'm ignorant o' the perils."

"Yes, maybe we'd have an answer, but chances are if it had hit one of us? We'd be dead, Niamh. Dead before any answer hit. Before we even dreamt what hit us. So… this… this is just something we have to be so careful about, and I truly didn't realize how bad it was until well after everything. If I had known? God… hell… I… I don't know what I would have done. Wake both of you up straight away. But I didn't know, and it's all passed now, and he'll be fine. We'll all be damned fine, alright!" Eddie insists, almost snapping, not mad herself but tired and desperate. It's making her more than a little cranky. She then takes another breath and sighs, steadying herself against one of the cases and pushing a hand back through her slightly uncharacteristically messy blonde hair. "…We'll tell you in the future. It'll be fine. You know as much as any of us do now, alright?" Gray eyes level with Niamh, letting the woman see her straight out earnesty. Another sigh comes a heartbeat later, "Now… do you have a potion to calm stomachs? The stress of his all is driving me ill."

Nia doesn't believe that she knows everything, as she won't ask what Keen told her.. but there's that bit of mollification, and the muscles in her shoulders loosen their grip with her back. Still, "There's too much happenin'," she agrees, and finally comes out from behind her counter. Coming up beside her friend, she steps forward and reaches out for a brown bottle. "Here.." and carrying it back, she pulls out a smaller phial. A grin, her attempt at levity, creases her face.. she's trying! "Grape flavoured or cherry?" That'll be the determining factor as to which suspension she uses for the concentrate. "This'll last a good 24 hours.. an' ye can eat curry if ye had a full-on ulcer with this stuff."

Eddie's nose wrinkles in vague nausea at just the thought of grape flavour. "…it…has to be flavoured? Ah… Cherry, I guess. Well, if nothing else, all this misery will be wonderful for my figure!" She admits with a weak little laugh as she follows the woman over to grab the potion which was the whole reason she actually knocked this afternoon in the first place. "…I've got a repealment dinner with my brother and a few others tonight. It would not due to be sick on any of their shoes. Everything is perfect with that crowd, you know?"

"Cherry it is." If she didn't put the flavour in, well.. it's not that appetizing. Niamh could actually add more ginger, but.. eh.. ginger beer? "Bah.. your figure is perfect. Always has been." Finishing the potion, she stoppers it and gives it a shake before handing it over. "Do ye really have t'go to the repealment dinner, Lindy? It's not gatherin' the best of supporters. Maybe it should lie a bit?"

"What do you mean it's not gathering the best of supporters? My brother is one of the biggest proponents of the movement. It's… it's things that MUST happen. For us and for the muggles. Seriously, Niamh… it's going to happen one day sooner or later. Isn't better that we do it gently, controlled? For good reasons?" The younger woman knows Eddie well and it's clear in Eddie's eyes that she utterly believes in the movement. She thinks repealment is the best for the world. "And you can't listen to Dumbeldore or any of those other detractors. They're putting a lot of nasty words in my brother's mouth that he never said. Listen to the things we're actually saying, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. So… Long story? Yes, I need to go. And yes, I believe in this."

"Does he look for equal footin' with the Muggles? Treat 'em as equals?" Niamh's brows rise. "Is it just so tha' we don't have to hide what we are an' that's that?" She leans on her elbows, her chin resting in her palms. "Mum an' da' get on well as equals.. an' lots other couples do as well. I'd say that's.. gently an' controlled, aye?" To marry into the population, which, of course, would give Cass a conniption!

It's late afternoon in Niamh's shop and the two women are standing near to the mixing counter, having a seemingly relaxed conversation though there is a bit of tension up Eddie's back. The blonde woman is still in her gray Aurors robes, apparently having just come from work. She has one hand resting against her hip and a bit of fire behind her eyes as she speaks, "Equals as… much as they can be, without magic? At least to help support them, get them out of this miserable war that they are brewing for themselves again. We're certainly not talking about making them… Servants or subjugating them, which some of our detractors seem to think. This is about creating an open and honest society, so marriages like your parents can happy easier!" Eddie insists, her full heart behind the words. She then reaches into the pocket of her robes and draws out her silver cigarette case. This is a smoking kind of conversation.

Carmichael pokes his head into the shop followed by the rest of his body as he steps in through the door. Anybody who's ever met or seen the renowned chef before would have no idea who the heck he is now, as his appearance has changed so drastically that he almost looks normal. The Scot takes a moment to have a look around the shop, as he has something in mind that he needs, but shan't interrupt the conversation that is going on.

"Aye, but when he says that we're livin' in fear..?" Niamh shakes her head, "I'm no'livin' in fear of bein' found out. That plays t'emotions, an' it shouldn't be an emotional issue.. but one o'logic." She's no stranger to politics; her da was arrested by the English for the last Uprising, and regardless of where alliegances laid, they now lie in a certain spot. Bring violence into the equation, or subjugation? There's no question the Irish O'Sheas will push back, and hard. "They're quite happy, mum wi'her gardening.. though da's a bit grumpy 'bout Sloan. I won't-"

The door opens again, and Nia drops everything in order to peek her head out from the conversation. "Afternoon.. how c'n I help ye?"

Well, possibly it's best that the girls' conversation is interrupted by actual business. Eddie gives Niamh a half helpless, mostly understanding smile even if her eyes say she has so much more to address. She turns her body and presents a warm, welcoming smile to the younger woman's customer, tilting her head in greeting as she leans her hip against the counter. "I'll take that potion, Niamh… You really are the best in all of England, you know." Eddie winks at her. Might as well help drum up some business too!

Carmichael looks over at the woman as he's addressed and flashes her a warm smile, approaching the counter, "I was wondering if there might be some sort of concoction that would allow for a fire that doesn't give off heat. I'm looking for a finishing touch to a recipe." He tilts his head at Edwarlinda and questions in that deep, Scottish brogue, "Edwarlinda, wasn't it?"

"An' it'll serve ye well," Niamh responds easily, happily.. a look given in acknowledgment of that other look.

Taking a deep breath, Niamh turns to face the chef, and her head quirks, her brows rise. "A fire that doesn't give off heat.. an' won't consume what's under, I trust?" So, it has to be, basically, a longer-acting flash powder. Her mouth curves a bit sideways as she considers and before she begins to form a response, she's out and about, checking her shelves, up onto the ladders, pushing it along the floor from the half-way. "Any specific colour ye'd like?"

Eddie quickly digs into her bag, pulling out a sickle and change for payment for her potion, "If I need any more, Miss Niamh, I know where to come." She tucks the flavoured vial down into her breast pocket for safe keeping, the stuff apparently rather important to her right now. She then blinks back to the man that she doesn't immediately recognize, head tilting a bit. "Yes… Though most friends call me Eddie…and I do need to be on my way. But Niamh there is a genius when it comes to potions. She'll get you whatever you need." A slightly nervous smile is given to him, as she's not totally accustomed to unfamiliar people knowing her name, but maybe the write ups in the paper are working? She winks over to Niamh and then heads for the door.

Carmichael smirks and shrugs at Niamh, saying, "The…och, the normal color, I guess." He chuckles softly and rests his hands on his hips, looking over to Eddie as she leaves, giving her a polite smile and a nod. He doesn't bother reintroducing himself as she seems like she's in quite a hurry to be on her way.

"Aye.. come back any time.." Niamh calls over her shoulder and nods as the coins are placed onto the counter. "I promise I'll have more o'that ready for ye next time."

It's day, though quickly turning to early evening. The sign on the door outside says 'OPEN', and Niamh's been getting a fairly steady trickle of customers in all day. Currently, she's on the library ladder, half way up, and pushing herself along to a specific shelf. "'Normal colour'? No' somthin' that'll give ye a counterpoint to, say, puddin'? Blue? Green? Red? All's without heat, aye.. yellow can be so drab?" Still, she pulls a couple small shelf boxes down and descends the ladder, bringing them to the worktable. "Think I might have somethin' I can send ye out with. It'll take me a few, aight?"

Gideon comes down from the loft, steps landing heavily on the stairs. He is lacking his usual longcoat and suit, presently favouring workman's trousers and a flannel shirt. "Niamh, you're out of…Carmichael." That's about the last thing he expected to see, it seems.

Carmichael ponders as he leans on the counter and rubs his chin. "Hrmmm, it's going to be essentially a Baked Alaska that never stops burning. I think blue might be the way way to go with the color scheme." He stands up straight as he hears his name. He hardly expected anyone to recognize him with his new look. He looks over at Gideon and his eyes move back to Niamh in a sort of 'Ooooooooh' way. "Well, ello there, Inspector. Day off, then?"

Niamh can hear the door upstairs open and close, the footfalls upon the steps. Her eyes turn in that direction, a smile.. a genuine smile coming to her face, albeit a tired one. Sight for sore eyes.

Returning her attention to her customer, she nods slowly, "Aye.. blue it is then." Breaking out the items she's got, they're already in powder form, thankfully. She has to get the other bits.. the copper(I) chloride (non-toxic! Really!) to mix in.. very carefully.

When Gideon actually appears, her brows rise, waiting for the final words. "Bread? I've got some risin' in the oven." Her crusty bread's been hit up a lot in the last couple of days! Loaves have gone missing!

Gideon recovers quickly from the surprise of seeing Carmichael (without his handlebars, no less). "Aye, something like that. No, Niamh. You're out of milk. No bother, I'll fetch some in a bit." He peers at Carmichael again, "What on Earth did you do to your face, man? I thought that thing would nae ever come off."

Carmichael smiles as he nods in appreciation to Niamh, but his attention soon turns to Gideon. Carm chuckles and says, "I decided to get rid of it. I'm making a few changes, y'know?" He is eyes continue to flit between the two of them and that wolfish grin appears on his face, though it's lacking something as the mustache is no longer there.

"Ah.. right.." Niamh nods at the lack of milk, and gets back to the task of working on the potion. The fact Gideon's there brings the stress from her shoulders, and she tries hard not to simply go to him just to touch him.. at the very least. But, there are customers.. and when she looks up again at Carmichael, she catches the look.. and has to turn away, looking down at her work, blushing furiously now at the (accurate) silent insuation. She'll let the men talk, and it seems they do know each other.

Mixing everything carefully, she adds just enough liquid to turn it to a thick, syrupy mixture. Then, it's into a spray bottle, not unlike a perfume bottle.

Gideon gives Carmichael a mild look of warning. "Change is good," he muses. "Been making a few of my own. How's business, then?" Small talk, but it's been awhile since he's seen the man. Might as well catch up.

Carmichael leans against his arm on the counter and offers his other hand to Gideon for a shake, "Oh, things are looking good, actually. I've decided to bring some people in to help run the place. Working by myself was getting a little rough." His eyes look back to Niamh as she works and he smiles.

Screwing the diffuser top back on, Niamh looks at her work, and taking a deep breath, looks back at the men. She's till a little pink around the edges, but for the most part, she's good. Good enough, anyway! At a moment of silence between the pair, she sets it down upon the counter, moving around Gideon. She puts a hand upon his upper arm as if to say 'pardon' to go around, but.. it's simply for that contact. Brief though it may be. "One, two puffs o'this should be fine. Won't harm the food any, an' ye got your blue flame."

<FS3> Niamh rolls Potions: Success.

Gideon lifts his brow in surprise, shaking the man's hand. "You're hiring? As I live and breathe. You are changing. You're nae letting anyone cook, are you? I may have a heart attack if you say yes."

Carmichael chuckles softly at Gideon and says, "Well, it depends. I'd be fine with it as long as they go through a rigorous training under my tutelage. Other than that, no." He looks over to Niamh and picks the spray bottle up with a smile and says, "Thank you so much. What do I owe you, lass?"

"What's your restaurant, if I might ask?" Niamh's behind the counter, and in answer to the question, "4 sickles for ye." Taking a bag from underneath, she sets the purchase within. "If ye need any other colours, let me know? I'll see if I can have some ready for ye." Looking between the man now, she has to ask, "While I understan' that ye both are Scots.. is that how ye know each other?"

Gideon leans on the counter, glancing to Niamh. "It's actually his restaurant we know one another through. It's the only place to get real Scottish fare around here." He gives Carmichael a nod.

Carmichael fishes the money out of his pocket and picks through a few coins before setting the right amount down on the counter. He looks up at Niamh and says, "Farin Braw, it's…" He points in a direction and says, "Over there somewhere." He chuckles softly and looks between the two of them, saying, "Well, I spose I should be going."

"Aye, really?" Niamh looks between the men again, her head canting. "I'd like t'try that one day.." A smile quirks on her lips, "Would ye allow Irish in t'partake?" Farin Braw.. she'll remember it. And she wants to see how different 'real Scottish fare' is from Irish.
The coins are pulled in and put into the antique cash register with a *cling*. "And thank ye."

Gideon clicks his tongue against his teeth, eyeballing Carmichael for a long moment. "Aye," he starts cautiously. "I'll take you sometime. I'm sure Robert will be prepared for a pleasant evening." He arches an eyebrow inquisitively at Carmichael.

Carmichael moves the flamey potion bottle about in between his hands and flashes a smile to Niamh, "Oh, of course you can. We'd love to have you." He pats Gideon on the back and says, "I've even got a special table kept oven for the Inspector here at all times. He's partly the reason why I stayed in business thusfar." To Gideon's raises brow, Carmichael raises one of his own, asking, "What?"

Now, Niamh's getting the feeling that two Scots in a room can be rather explosive, and straightening, her own brows rise. "Okay.." she begins slowly, the smile coming.. and it's got some humour within. "I'd like that.. thank ye, Adamantus." Here, she gets the opportunity to kiss his cheek before straightening again, her eyes gleaming as she looks to Carmichael. "Oh, is he?" Well, he is a Scot, and it's Scottish food.. makes some sense? "I don't know when we'd be, but thank ye.."

Gideon's expression betrays a moment of worry at Carmichael's friendly demeanor. Who is this man, and what has he done with Robert Carmichael? But the kiss from Niamh softens and distracts him. "Aye, we'll make it soon." For now, he leaves it at that.

Carmichael gives them both a nod and says, "You two have a good one." He smiles broadly as the steps out of the door to head back to work, though Gideon probably assumes he's off to do something nefarious like tie a girl to some train tracks.

"Have a good day, sir." Niamh got 'Robert', but hardly something to call the man she'd just met!
Her brows seem to be on the rise as she takes the ingredients of the previous potion and climbs back up to put them away in their respective spots on the wall after Carmichael departs. "Okay.. now who was tha' really?" There's a laugh in her tones, but there's that knowing that lies beneath. "Owns the Farin Braw.."

Gideon nods to Carmichael, watching him go, presumably off to do something nefarious like tie a girl to some train tracks. "Robert Carmichael, chef, owner of Farin Braw, and the meanest git this side of Hadrian's Wall. He's acting…strange." Gideon rubs his beard (scratch, scratch), then shakes his head. "Maybe he found himself a bird. That can do strange things to a man." He gives Niamh a playful smirk.

"Did he have a beard before?" Niamh's tones dance in their lilt, and as she descends, she nods and laughs. "They can do strange things to a man.." Everything's been put away, and now, she crosses the short distance and puts a hand on his arm while the other takes his hand. "I do need t'tell ye a few things.. an' it's just 'to know' an' no'to act upon, aye?" She wants to make it plain.

"There's a new poison in town, an' there is the belief it's from America. One point, I may have t'take the trip out there. I do know I need to go to Wales for a bit.. an' that's for Inspector Lovegood's potions." She shakes her head and strokes his arm with the hand that lies upon it. "Not yet.. but in a week or so."

Gideon's classic scowl forms at the mention of poison. "He had a moustache. But what's this? What poison? How do you know of this, and what makes you think it's from America?" The rest of her information is a bit of a barrage, but he'll deal with this bit first.

"It was a poison identified at St. Mungo's." That should be good enough, and Niamh isn't lying. Sloan's poison WAS identified at Mungos! "It'll kill a man, an' that's all I know. I don't know how, I don't know how long it takes." Which really seems to bother her. "An' I'm good.. I used to make hybrids at Hogwart's.. was my specialty. Herb mixin'. Botany." She exhales, "I suppose it used herbs from America."

Gideon's scowls turns to more a of concerned frown. "So, who is the Hit Wizard investigating it, then?"

It takes a long moment before she exhales and shakes her head, "None, tha' I'm aware of." She smiles a little weakly, "I'm just a potions mistress." But, she'll be damned if she doesn't find out what Mungos knows about the poison! "I just wanted ye to know that it's out an' on the street.. an' that ye need to take great care. For whatever reason, someone's playin' deadly games."

Gideon's scowl returns. "If Mungo's discovered this, they should have reported it to the M.L.E. From whom did you hear of it?" The Inspector has the scent of a case now, and he's on the prowl!

Niamh looks at Gideon and presses her lips together in a thin line. "I don't know why Mungos didn't report it." She shrugs, not wanting to go any further in depth. It's not that she doesn't want to tell him, it's just.. Keenan! "A counter is bein' worked on, even as we speak.."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gideon=Awareness Vs Niamh=Deception
< Gideon: Success Niamh: Failure
< Net Result: Gideon wins - Marginal Victory

Gideon sighs softly. Something isn't right. He can smell it. "Niamh…you're not answering my question." He tries to keep his voice gentle — not that of an interrogator. "Who told you about this?"

Niamh exhales in a sigh and casts her gaze up at his eyes. Don't make me.. please? Must I say it out loud? She bites at the inside of her bottom lip before she straightens her back, a decision made. "Keen. He was workin' at Mungos.. he's a healer there. The poison was identified, an' he mentioned it to me." Beat. "I know he needs my help. But Adamantus.. I don't know why it wasn't reported. I'm sure Keen wasn'the attending."

Gideon steps close to her, pulling her into his arms. "Why dinnae you just say so?" This is the second time she's mentioned something a little off about Keenan. For now, it is filed away to be addressed later. "I'll look into it at the office. Meanwhile," he says with a pleading gaze of his own, "Perhaps you should let Keenan know that it must be reported. Soon."

"He's leaving for America. I asked t'go wit' him, but he's doin' it himself, an' he told me to take care of Sloan an' Lindy while he's gone." Thus the comment about going to America at a later date for herbs. "He's going for counter herbs." Niamh falls into his arms easily and willingly, allowing herself to relax there. "I don't like what's happening, Adamantus. Things like that.. I know they've got a signature on 'em.. for the most part. An' I'm licensed.. but I don't like potions an' poisons being tossed about."

Gideon sighs with frustration, and lowers his voice. "Niamh…I cannae just overlook this. The M.L.E. has to be informed, and if your brother has somehow been negligent in reporting this, he will be held accountable. Please tell me he has nae left yet."

Niamh straightens her back, her gaze moving to his face, searching his eyes. "He's gone for the hospital. It's the hospital's responsibility t'pass on such things. I don't even think he was the attending healer, Adamantus. He .. just knows about it an' has decided to do something about it. Why should he be held accountable f'something he's no'done? Or tha' he's doin' so no one else dies?"

"I said if he has been negligent." Gideon lowers head head for a moment, pondering how to proceed. "Look…if it's nothing, then fine. I apologize and we move on. But my instincts are telling me something is nae right. You've hinted before that your brother can help…avoid unnecessary paperwork. I dinnae pry. But poison on the streets is major, and I'm trying to tell you that if this is going to lead to trouble for him, you need to tell him so."

"An' I'm tellin' ye, Adamantus, that there's somethin' no'right.. because I know ye t'be a good man an' one to follow what's right. No'what's on papers. If it's nothin', then we all can breathe easier. An' we know poison on the street without antidote is no'good. It's why we're doin' somethin' that maybe Mungo's can't do. But all' right.. on the up an' up. We're no'the problem. We're tryin' t'be the solution." Niamh leans into him, her head nodding at the rest of the words. It's been a long day, and it's not yet over. "He knows I trust ye."

Gideon wraps her into his embrace, the weight of his arms heavy on her back. "I dinnae understand why this is something Mungo's cannae do. Or the Hit Wizards. I'm sorry…I hope that opening an investigation into this will nae cause trouble for you or your brother. But I must."

It's easy to fall into him and simply will away anything outside his arms. Niamh shifts her head up and lifts herself on her toes to kiss the underside of his jaw. "Can ye wait on it and simply.. ask around perhaps? Give me some time?" She wiggles her arms free in order to wrap them around his middle, holding him. "Quietly an' unofficially?"

Gideon grimaces, torn between the Hit Wizard and the lover. "If this were just a case of some stolen sleeping draughts, maybe. But people could die. If they do, and I dinnae do everything in my power to stop it, that blood is on my hands. I'm sorry…I took an oath to protect the people." His eyes beg her forgiveness. "Just…warn him. I can make him a consultant on the case. But I cannae sit on this. Nae something this serious."

"We're doin' the same thing, Adamantus. Tha's why he's in America, doin' what others can't. We don't want this either, me.. potions an' him, healer. An' now ye.. Inspector. Detective.. a man who can get to the bottom of anything, come hell an' high water." Her lips press in a line again, and she lowers herself off her toes. "I will when I can," comes softly. Damn it. Lover and family. And at times, they seem to be on opposite sides of the world.. with the same objective.

Gideon nods, worry still playing in his eyes. He dips his head to kiss her lips, a silent reassurance that everything will be alright…he hopes. "I should go. I hope to find a report from St. Mungo's when I get to the office. If not, I'll need to pay them a visit."

Niamh kisses his lips, her need for him passed through as she returns the embrace. At the break, she lifts a hand to caress his cheek. The trick is to care for him more than the desire to throttle the stubbornness? Oh, how she hopes it's the same in the other direction. "I hope ye find something.. I do. But," and here she moves to let him pass now. "We do need milk?"

Gideon nods, reluctantly moving away to fetch his coat upstairs. "We do…I'll pick up some. Though…I dinnae ken when I'll be back tonight." He gives her an apologetic frown before turning to the stairs.

"Aye.. an' I'll leave the light on.. and the kettle on." Niamh exhales and rolls her head forward as Gideon turns to head for the stairs to gather his coat. Turning now, she takes a deep breath and begins to gather ingredients for a blood thickening agent, her feet moving as if she's walking through treacle. "Ye sure can pick 'em t'fall for, Niamh Keelin O'Shea.. can't ye? A good man.. too good for the likes o' ye."

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