(1937-10-11) A New Carmichael
Details for A New Carmichael
Summary: Audrey runs into Carmichael's doppelganger…or could this be the real Robert Carmichael?
Date: 11 October, 1937
Location: Diagon Alley

Somebody that looks an awful lot like Robert MacDougal…but not entirely steps out of Café Tasseo, offering the owner a wave, saying, "Ye don't worry about it. Just remember not to add to much coriander next time." He offers a polite nod and closes the door behind him, pulling his jacket tightly around him, as the chill has begun to set in for the day.

Audrey, it so happens, is just on her way to Café Tasseo for a quick brunch. Today she is clad in unusually subtle colors, but still dressed to kill. At first, she strides right past the MacDougalish fellow, heels clicking on the pavestones. Then she stops, turns, and gazes at him, lowering her sunglasses. "It…can't be."

Carmichael rubs at his upper lip as the cold begins to tickle the tender skin that's left after having a broom there for so long. He peers back over his shoulder as he hears the clicking of the heels come to an abrupt stop. Those silver eyes of his level with hers and there's a sort of guilty nod given to her, "Mornin', Audreh."

Audrey eyes him suspiciously, taking the glasses off completely. "Mr. MacDougal. So it is you. Forgive me if I interrupted you on your way to skin some kittens."

Carmichael gives his a grin that's mixed in with humility, "Oh nae. I've been doing that all day. Figured I'd take a break and come help the good folks at the Cafe with their recipes."

Audrey gives him a smug smirk. "Ahh, yes, of course. Because the owners of an extremely successful, posh cafe couldn't possibly know what they are doing. Did you try to barge into their kitchen as well? Foist your food on their staff and customers? Or do you reserve such behaviour for the good people at the Leaky Cauldron?" It seems the humility isn't getting through to Miss Taylor.

Carmichael smirks at her and says, "They actually asked for my help. Figured it would be rather rude not to oblige them." His hands disappear into the pockets of his coat and he says, "Look…" He gulps, as he absolutely hates apologies and says, "I'm really sorry for the way I've treated ye in the past."

Audrey blinks. Then she blinks some more. A few more blinks and she manages to lift her brow in disbelief. "Is this a trick?" She cautiously steps toward him. "Please don't toy with me, Mr. MacDougal. Are you sincere about this?"

Carmichael shakes his head to her and says, "No, is nae a trick. I've decided to uh…what's the phrase?" He thinks for a moment and snaps his finger, "'Ave a change o' heart." He gestures to his new look and says, "Figured I'd 'ave a change o' body, too."

Still looking a bit skeptically, Audrey nonetheless takes a leap of faith, and offers her hand to Carmichael. "I daresay, I am surprised. But that is very big of you, Mr. MacDougal."

Carmichael takes her hand and shakes it gently, giving her a nod, "Aye, thank ye." He retracts his hand and slides it back into his pocket, saying, "It's really hard for me, not that I'm asking for any pity, or anythin'. I've gotten set in my ways, but I'm trying to break out of 'em."

A warmth kindles in Audrey's eyes. "I see. My dear man, you are doing a courageous thing." She offers him a soft smile. "And if I may say so, you seem much more approachable without your moustache…impressive though it was."

Carmichael smirks at her and says, "Must be that Gryffindor in me, aye?" He chuckles and rubs along his top lip, saying, "Och, I do miss it, though. Should've waited until the summer months to get rid of it."

Audrey chuckles softly. "Well, I think you look quite handsome with or without it. But I do approve of your choice. A change of appearance reminds us to change our outlook. It can be dramatically helpful."

Carmichael nods to her and says, "Och, well thank ye, lass." He gestures to the Cafe and says, "I hope I'm not holding you up from anything? Wouldn't want to deprive the people of their starlet."

Audrey glances back to the cafe, then to Carmichael. She shrugs. "Just my manager. But he's always late, anyhow." She boldly steps to his side, slipping her arm into his. "Shall we walk?"

Carmichael smiles warmly at her and says, "O'course. Though we could wait around and I could give your manager a talking to if ye'd like?" Seems the man's not quite ready to give up all of his ranting ways altogether.

Audrey laughs mirthfully. "Oh, that would be a sight, you and Sharkey locking horns. No, no…thank you, but I can handle him." She starts to walk, coaxing him along. "So, may I ask what brought about this turning of a new leaf?"

Carmichael shrugs at Audrey and says, "I'm nae really sure. I decided I needed to bring some new people aboard to help with the restaurant. All the stress was…was bad for me and for those unfortunate enough to come across me. After that, I guess I felt like I needed to become a better man, so that the employees wouldn't leave me."

Audrey tilts her head at him curiously. "Well, I am impressed. Such a change, so self-inspired. I'm delighted to see it. Tell me…have you apologized to Elly? I think her the most deserving of your contrition."

Carmichael shakes his head to her and says, "No, not yet. I've got a feelin' it's gonna take me quite a deal more courage to face that challenge, but it needs to be done."

Audrey taps him on the arm, punctuating each word. "Yes. It. Does. I'll go with you, if you like. I think you'll find that Elly is a very forgiving person."

Carmichael smiles and nods, saying, "Aye. She's got a heart o' pure gold. Don't think I've ever known her to hold anything against anybody." He looks over at Audrey and says, "And yes, I'd enjoy the company."

Audrey pats his arm, "Well, you just let me know when you're ready for it. But don't wait too long. Even as sweet a soul as hers needs to hear those words. Perhaps more so than most."

Carmichael smiles and gives her a nod. It seems that the two of them have made the block and are now back at the Cafe. He says, "Well, I shan't hold you any longer. I need to get back to the restaurant to keep tabs on things. Enjoy the rest of your day, Miss Taylor."

One would never know that twenty minutes ago, Audrey's opinion of Carmichael was no better than that of a common ruffian. But now, she leans in and places a kiss on his cheek, flashing him a bright smile. "Thank you, and you as well, Mr. MacDougal."

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