(1937-10-11) Hot and Cold
Details for Hot and Cold
Summary: Lorraine harasses Kaiden on the roof.
Date: 11 October, 1937
Location: Rooftop, Hogwarts
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Not many people venture up to the roof…except they're loners, or lonely. Or both. Lorraine fits that bill. The weather has turned cold and windy and the sky threatens rain but that doesn't concern someone who's quite good with a rain repelling charm anyway. With her red hair and green robes flapping in the breeze she leans against the wall, staring out across the school grounds towards the forest quietly. Who knows what kind of dark thoughts lurk in her evil little head… Life doesn't come with thought bubbles.

Kaiden is apparently passed out on the roof now. Good Lord, studying for his NEWTS is apparently taking it's toll on the poor boy. He's curled up against a column with a Herbology textbook laid open in his lap, and he's just dozing away.

<FS3> Lorraine rolls Charms: Amazing Success.

Lorraine either didn't notice Kaiden at first, didn't care, or is just bored enough now to bother him. She pushes away from the wall and sees him laying there. A quirk of a smile curves up on her lips and she wanders over, pulls out her wand, and raises it up. She casts an aguamenti but with a fair bit of impressive force of will, forces it to come down like a gentle rain on him. Then she stands there and waits patiently to see what he does.

Kaiden is not a heavy sleeper by any stretch of the imagination, so the rain causes him to sit up with a gasp and use his textbook to cover his head. His eyes dart around before he finally notices it's not raining anywhere but over him and he moves out of the way, shaking his wet, white button-up in an attempt to get it dry. His eyes rest on Lorraine and he says, "What the hell!?"

Lorraine lifts her wand, ending the spell. She gives him a snarky smile now that he's up and awake. "You were asleep. I woke you up." See what a good person she is? Good deeds and public services everywhere! "I could blow dry you?" she offers, full of even more good deeds. "Or you could just take your shirt off. I hear you like to do that." Okay. Maybe not.

Kaiden furrows his brow at her and looks around, saying, "Wait…what?" He peers at her and says, "Take my shirt off? What's wrong with you?" The poor Kaiden looks genuinely confused at the whole situation.

Kaiden unbuttons the top button of his shirt and shakes it a little bit more to try and get some excess rain waiter out of it…to no avail. He shivers a bit since it's getting all little chilly now, "You are just evil…"

"Usually," agrees Lorraine easily, grinning, and then casts a hot-air charm, pointing it helpfully at him to help with the dry and warm process.

Kaiden just stands there and looks all-around unhappy, grumbling as the warm air helps dry his clothing off, "That was just all-around mean, right there." He shakes his head and says, "What's your name?"

"The part where I woke you up before it /actually/ started raining or you caught your death up here in the cold and got sick, or the part where I fixed it by drying you off?" asks Lorraine, genuinely curious. "Lorraine Nott. And you're Kaiden Sykes."

Kaiden tilts his head at her and says, "The getting me wet part, obviously!" He shakes his head and rests his hands on his hips, his brow furrowing a bit as he regards her, asking, "How do you know who I am?"

Lorraine stares at him like he's dumb — which, to be fair, sometimes he kind of is. "You're Aria's brother. Why wouldn't I know who you are?" Duh.

Kaiden shrugs, "I don't know. It's not like I'm famous or anything. It's Ria that people always talk about and I'm just fine with that." Apparently Kaiden is not a fan of being at a disadvantage in a conversation.

Lorraine shrugs her shoulders limply at him and tosses her red hair back over her shoulder. "You sure don't get out much, do you?" Obviously, since he doesn't know her. "I know the names of every pure blood wizard in this school… Especially the cute ones." Her mouth twitches upwards. She's flirting! Gross.

Kaiden furrows his brow a bit and blushes at the compliment, "Well…thank you?" He looks away and then returns his eyes to her after a moment, saying, "You do realize that I have a girlfriend, right?"

"I'd heard she left you to be a lesbian," says Lorraine, not maliciously as much as well…bluntly. "And what does you having a girlfriend have to do with being good looking? It's not like I asked you out or tried to kiss you." Now that he's dry, she puts her wand away.

Kaiden shakes his head, "No, not her. I've got another one now." The boy does work fast, you have to give him that. He rubs the back of his neck and says, "Oh, sorry. Well, thank you for saying I'm cute."

Lorraine considers Kaiden with a raised eyebrow. "You're not much like your sister," she decides at length. That much should be obvious, though, since he is in Hufflepuff and Ria is in Slytherin. "You're welcome any way, though. Stop getting so embarrassed. I mean, it's been what, a week since you and Summerbee broke up? And you're already with somebody else." Here comes the sneaky sneaky guilt trip. "I guess your thing with Ophelia wasn't all that serious though, if you've already moved on."

Kaiden raises an eyebrow and says, "It's been like two weeks, thank you very much. And don't talk to me like you know what happened." He rolls his eyes and looks up into the dreary sky, sighing softly.

Lorraine shrugs again. "Alright. I won't talk to you at all if you're going to be like that." Never mind she was the antagonist. Rather than leave the roof, she just goes back to where she was standing before, staring out at the forest and thinking Lorraine-y thoughts.

Kaiden just stares at her in a very dumbfounded manner, "You are just…insane." He runs his hand back through is hair and shakes his head, before he walks in her direction on his way to go back down the steps.

"Probably," agrees Lorraine cheerfully, glancing over her shoulder at him as he leaves. "See you around, Sykes."

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