(1937-10-11) Making Amends
Details for Making Amends
Summary: Sloan tries to patch things up with Cassius after a disastrous meeting.
Date: October 11, 1937
Location: Cassius' Office
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Sloan wasn't supposed to be up and moving yet. but here he was. Dressed in a clean pair of slacks. Thick leather belt around his waist and suspenders over his shoulders, he made his way towards Cassius' office. Pale white and looking somewhat under the weather, he pauses at the door, a carved wooden box under his right arm as he knocks with his left.

Cassius sits at his desk, where he so often is when not arguing in front of the court. The quill in his hand skates over the papers before him. Reports, reports, and more reports. The knock is a welcome distraction from the minutiae. Setting the quill in his inkwell, he pushes the parchment aside and sits back in his chair. "Come in," he calls.

Staring up at the ceiling for a moment before he opens the door, Sloan steps into the office removing the bowler from his head as he does so. Closing the door behind him, he nods quietly as he steps forward. "Mr. Mal-foy."

Cassius's eyebrow lifts with a touch of surprise at the appearance of Sloan in his doorway. He rises to properly greet his guest, his fingers pressed to his desktop. "Auror MacDubsithe. You've come to deliver a case report personally? Or is there some other reason I am honoured with your presence?" His words are cordial, but his tone is cool and neutral.

Shaking his head, Sloan moves further into the room. Setting the wooden box carefully on Cassius' desk, he replies. "Nae. I've come tae make amends Cassius, and since ye're Edwarlinda's closest male relative, I've come te ask yer permission tae court yer sister, aye?"

Cassius keeps his face stoic at the request, but nods and gestures to a seat for Sloan as he takes his own. "Please, sit down." Sitting upright, his folds his finger in his lap. "I assume you mean that I am the closest to her in terms of a personal relationship. For surely you realize that our father is the more…traditional Malfoy to be asking this of."

Nodding slightly, Sloan grunts. "Relationship and physically, aye. It's come tae me attention tha' I upset her when I didnae come out an' say I was courting your sister. It bothers me tae see her upset."

"It bothers me as well, and it is something I would like to avoid in the future." Cassius gestures again to the chair. "Please, Mr. MacDubsithe, sit and let's talk."

Looking at the chair for a moment, Sloan nods and does his best not to fall into the cushion. Lowering himself lightly he nods as he looks at Cassius. "Aye. Should be apologizing frae tha' too. Normally I'd be usin' a touch more tact."

Cassius nods, "Of course. I see no reason we cannot put that matter behind us." He takes a deep breath, in the manner of one about to deliver bad news. "But…as to this matter of my blessing. I cannot give it. Not now. I have promised Edwarlinda that we shall all meet again, and try to start over. But until that time, I cannot give an opinion one way or the other."

Head tilting slightly, Sloan nods. "Aye. Can respect that then, and I'll no argue. I come here for Eddie's sake, I does care for her, aye? Ain't a thing I'd no do for her." Standing quietly, he adds. "I'll leave ye to it. aye?"

Cassius nods, rising with the other man and stepping around his desk to see him to the door. "Of course. Oh, don't forget your box."

Looking at the box, he shakes his head. "Nae. s'your box." With that, he heads out the door. If Cassius does open the box, he'll find a very old bottle of Double Malt Scotch.

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