(1937-10-11) Meeting the Armored Family
Details for Meet the Armored Family
Summary: Gabby and Cillian have a heart to heart in the Armory
Date: October 11, 1937
Location: Armory, Hogwarts

Cillian is in his favorite place in the castle really…well the favorite place he's allowed to go. The little pirate is settled down on a spread out blanket, working on an Essay for one of his classes in his very elegant calligraphy and idly snacking on a pile of chips and sipping tea from the little tea-set he has set up on his 'picnic' for lack of a better term. He has his bags close by, the one with goodies and his school satchel as he works and hums softly.

Gabrielle will come walking in softly.she'll stop when she sees Cillian, and she'll smile. "What are you doing up here Captain?"

Cillian looks up to stare at Gabrielle for a moment, eyebrows shooting up as his mouth opens and then shuts. "I am…ah…workin' on me homework. I like the armor, they keep me company."

Gabrielle nods. "They seem like they'd be good company"

Cillian is quiet for a few moments before he sets his quill down and nods slowly. "They talk alot however, entirely too much…I think they are lonely."

Gabrielle will look at Cillian, to try to read his face. she'll then smile sadly, "Yeah, I guess they probably don't get a lot of company here, huh?" She'll sit down on the edge of his blanket and pull her knees up to her chest. She'll lay Her cheek on a knee and look at Cillian, "Is it ok if I sit here for a bit?"

Cillian just smiles softly to Gabrielle and he carefully selects a chip from his pile and offers it to Gabrielle when she settles down. "O-oh yes. They would be very pleased…to have more company." He points to a scratched up suit of medieval armor. "That's Bob, by the way…he tinks yer 'air is very pretty." Then he points to a spikey suit. "That's…Lillith but…everybody tinks her name is 'Byron' because she's so good at kickin' ar-well…fightin'." He raises his voice. "Oi! This is Gabrielle, dun be rude."
Gabrielle smiles and takes the chip, but does not each it. She'll look to each of the suits as he points them out. "They seem a lovely lot." she'll glance down to his homework, and then back up to Bob, "So Bob likes my hair? Will he like it when it's red?" She has a half smile, and will take a bite of the chip.

The young boy tilts his head towards 'Bob' before relaying to Gabrielle. "He will always like your hair I think." Cillian has to laugh softly. "But Byron wants to know iffen ye've been okay lately?"

Gabby will examine the chip in her hand for a moment and then smile, "Well, I'm glad that someone likes my hair….and as for /Lillith/ , she should know a girl's gotta have her secrets….But no. I'm failing in a search, and it's rather bothersome. So I've started to wander…." She'll look over to Cillian and sigh, "It's not helping. The wandering."

Cillian smiles softly. "I be likin' yer hair as well! Yer like…a rainbow of 'air choices really and then ye always smell like a drawin'." He eats another chip and dusts salt off of his hands before taking a sip of tea. "Mm, me manners, did ye want tea?" Then he glances towards 'Lillith' and looks back to Gabrielle. "Are ye lookin' for inspiration?"

She'll smile, alittle brighter, "I smell like drawings….I think that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me" she'll place her chin on her knee and look at Lilliath again. "No Tea, Thanks…..I'd love to be wandering for inspiration. Unfortunately, my sketchbook is missing."

Cillian gasps softly and blinks several times before he blinks again. "…who'd take yer sketchbook? That…that just won't do." He tsks and sighs softly. "So yer lookin' for yer sketchbook?"

Gabrielle shakes her head, "I don't know that anyone /took/ it. I think it got mixed up in a stack of books in the library. And all of those books have been put away. I looked everywhere else I was yesterday…."She'll shrug, "It'll turn up." she'll smile a little sadly, "And if not, more time to study."

Cillian just hmms and looks thoughtful as he fidgets with a chip and he takes another sip of tea. "Well." A long pause. "I have an idea!" He rummages around in his satchel for something, rummaging…rummaging…rummaging and then he takes out a few random items including some tubes of paint and for some reason a few tubes of lip stick and some colored ink. Then he carefully rolls up his shirt sleeves and nods firmly. "I'll be yer sketchbook for a bit. Here…" He holds up the purple paint and a paint brush. "Here…purple first." He holds out his arm.

Gabrielle blinks as she turns to look at what he's pulling out, "Uh…why do you have- What?" Her eyebrows will go shooting up and she'll have an honestly surprised face.

"I…was going to paint some rocks that were kinda shaped like mermaids." A pause. "Oh! Could you make a mermaid here?" He offers his arm. "Or…or mebbe an anchor…I tink I 'ave some yellow…and some green…."

That's Cillian of course.

It takes Gabby a moment to switch gears but she'll nod slowly, realizing what the boy wants, "Sure…Which do you want? Or do you want both? "She'll turn and look at the paints he has. she'll ignore the lipstick for now.

Cillian mmhms softly. "Umm…mermaid!" He chirps and smiles brightly. "I can make err…a tree iffen ye want on yer arm. M' pretty good at painting trees."

She'll smile, "Aren't mermaids a bad thing to see on the sea?…give me your arm…"she'll motion for him to scoot closer. Does he have brushes? Gabby will start laying the colors she'll need for the mermaid out. "Do you just paint trees?Or do you paint other things as well?"

Cillian laughs softly as he pushes a couple of brushes towards Gabrielle as he nods slowly. "Well, m' still doin' research about mermaids actually, I just tink they fact they 'ave tails…like fishes is pretty." Then he scoots closer, holding out his arm and he sighs softly. "M' not an artist, but I can do trees and…make shapes and such, I can write very pretty and…I play me flutes."

Gabrielle pulls him over so his forearm is basically in her lap, "Mermaids are pretty." She'll open a tube and start painting. the brush on his skin probably tickles some. She tilts her head and concentrate on what she's doing. She'll reach for the next tube, and has some trouble opening it. "Hold on a sec."And will hand him the brush. After a moment, she'll sigh and just use her teeth, "Don't tell anyone. It might ruin my lady like image".she's smirking as she says this.

Cillian has to giggle…and then he giggles a little harder and tries to hold still as possible and then he carefully tries to hand her paints or brushes or hold them as necessary and he grins. "Mums the word, won't tell a soul-hee…" Okay, forgive him, his arms are ticklish.

Gabrielle chuckles, "Hold still, or she's going to look funny." Dip, brush, tickle, dip brush, tickle.This goes on for awhile, and Gabby is quiet."I'll tell you what, instead of a tree, how about you play me a song sometime?" she'll bend her head down some, and her hair is falling into her eyes. she'll wipe any excess paint onto her robes.

Cillian is doing his best to hold still, kicking his feet as he just giggles and laughs from time to time and then he nods quickly. "O-okay! I'm always lovin' to play songs." He smiles and then his smile fades a bout. "I think…I think I might have a best friend, m' not sure. He plays songs too, on the violin. I 'ave another best friend but…she's a girl and I dunno if she really likes me anymore…she's in the dueling tings and the slug club tings and all that…"

Gabrielle nods, "Friends are good. Best Friends are even better. Do you dislike her because she's in into dueling and the SlugClub?" The yellow is grabbed next to do the mermaid's hair.

Cillian sighs and shakes his head. "But…well no, I mean I first met her, I made 'er me second in command. But m' afraid she'll…well she'll grow bored of me and leave me."

"ah…" Paint paint paint. "Well….sometimes that happens….but sometimes people need to change, and learn and grow, to be able to come back to their beginnings. If she leaves…well, that's her. Not you." nodding at the mermaid, Gabby will wipe the brush off on her robe.She'll tuck her hair behind her ear, "Sometimes it's ok. It hurts, but it's ok. " She'll blink as a realization hits her. "I…I think I need to go…."She doesn't seem upset, more like she's come to a conclusion. "Let that dry." she'll start capping all the paint.

Cillian listens and ahhs softly as he nods and looks very thoughtful at the words that are spoken and then he blinks, holding his arm out so it can dry as he nods slowly. "O-Oh! Okay, that's good. Thank ye kindly for me mermaid!" He flashes a grin.

Gabrielle smiles back , "thank you for letting me sit here…It's very nice." she'll start to stand up, "I'd let that dry for awhile before moving it too much….Do some reading or something!" She'll start to walk away and then throw over her shoulder, "Bye Bob, Bye Lilliath!" and chuckle softly.

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