(1937-10-11) NMitH 1937: Week 1 - Claire vs Theodore
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Summary: Claire and Theo fight. Claire wins. Triangleman.
Date: October 11, 1937
Location: Great Hall
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Theodore is pacing at the far end of the grand hall. He's in his robes, though they are closed only loosely, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He doesn't look nervous, but rather, focusing, like a jock prepping for a big game. His ferret is running about at his feet as he paces, nipping at his robe bottom.

Just outside the Great Hall, Claire takes a deep breath, holds it for a beat, and exhales. She strides into the hall, wand already drawn in her left hand. Without pause she takes the duelling stage opposite Theodore. "Good evening, Dupont," she says crisply.

Warren seems to enjoy watching these things, since he's finding the time to do so. There's a Ravenclaw dueling today anyway, he has to show some house pride. The boy has shuffled to find a seat in the hall, dumping a book and a few notes down in front of him. He splits attention between that and the stage, for the time being.

Railan isn't sure why he's here aside from the fact that he had nowhere else to be at the moment and of nothing else, this should prove more entertaining than harvesting screaming tubers. therefore he finds himself a seat near the front so he can see and watches the stage.

Theodore looks up when his name is called, and he clears his throat, stepping up to his half of the stage. "Theodore," he offers. "You can call me Theodore." He gives her a little smile, she's taller than he expected.

Mabel comes in, milling about among some of the gathering spectators, surveying the hall with her eyes as she comes on, and seeing as yet, no officiating presence, comes along toward Theodore, with a wave, "Are you sure there'll be an officiant tonight, Dupont? The last one, well, may have found things even less entertaining than he'd hoped, you see." Then, spots a ferret. Being adorable. She stoops, "Hello, there, you."

Claire's lips move into a smile in return, but it doesn't reach the rest of her face. "Theodore it is then." She darts a quick glance over the Great Hall, taking note of the sparse Ravenclaw showing.

Speak of the officiating Body, and the officiating body shall appear. Bouncing in through the door like a Hamster on crack is a small man, some may nearly mistake him for a dwarf at first. running down the aisle, he Leaps onto the stage and looks around pointing his wand at Theodore and claire in turn, the little man squeaks. "Contestant?….Contestant?" Without waiting for an answer, he continues on. "I DO love it when there's 2. A duel of one is SOOOO boring and a 3 way duel is too hard to officiate. One second you're watching that one cast flipendo and next second ye got Expelliarmus buzzin you up the back of yer knickers!" smoothing down the front of his official's robes with both hands, he clears his throat. "Right then. take your marks in your own time."

Theodore smiles a little wider when Claire smiles some at him, and he nods at her, before moving back to his mark and drawing his wand. He glances at Mabel, noticing her with his ferret. "His name's Grimm," he shares, and then returns his attention to Claire, waiting for her to be ready as well.

Mabel smiles to Theodore, saying in something more of her usual Duelling club tone, if quietly, while waving a few fingers toward the furry creature, as many often do. "Ah, different judge, very good. The one I was concerned about migh t just be feeling a touch on the testy side." She slips back off to the side.

Warren's lips split into a thin smile at the man overseeing the duel, apparently finding him somewhat amusing. Otherwise, he's content merely to watch. And take bets, though that part is done on the down-low.

Gabriel walks in with Cathal, Gareth, and Arevan. As the come in Gabriel is telling Gareth,"No. First of all, the idea is kind of…" he shivers theatrically instead of using words and then continues,"and even if it was of interest they've age limited it. Like they do with so many other things around here so it wouldn't really be that much fun… Except for the costumes…"

The offical's boisterous attitude does little to raise Claire's. She looks like she's going to her own funeral. At the instruction to do so, she steps to the mark and takes a duelling stance. Her eyes flick to the ferret before snapping back to keep watch of her opponent.

Gareth ohs to Gabriel, his cheeks coloring a bit. "Yes, right. I'd forgotten the age restriction. Well, you could always find a fourth year to invite you. That's allowed, isn't it?" He finds a nice, quiet spot far outside the likely line of fire for miscast spells, dropping his heavy schoolbag on the table, then turning his attention to the duel already in progress.

At the official's mark, Claire lunges forward on her front foot, jabbing straight forward with her wand. A cry of "Silencio!" rings out. She's confident in her abilities, but doesn't know much about Theodore's and doesn't much care to find out.

Theodore hefts his wand and opens his mouth to cast, but just as he does so, his voice is zapped, and his spell cast is busted.

Mabel is looking on, among others, as another duel transpires, this one, seemingly more evenly-matched than most so far, as the two contestants cross offensive jinxes, right off.

Gabriel sits next to Gareth and the rest of his little group to watch the duel. As they are watching he seems to be thinking about something. Finally he leans over to murmur something to Gareth, without taking his eyes off the strip.

Gareth leans down just a bit to listen to Gabriel's whisper. His eyes suddenly bug behind his thick glasses, his expression one of horror. "They do that?" he asks just a bit too loudly, then quickly lowers his voice to a whisper.

Claire takes another step forward, pressing her advantage. With a swoop and a slash of her wand, she casts "Petrificus Totalus!" intending to take away her opponent's spellcasting abilities one by one.

Mabel sits by, watching the duel in progress, as Claire and Theodore have their match. Not knowing the contestants well, she sits back as Claire seems to press some advantage.

Maeve makes her way silently into the great hall, and loiks around for an empty spot amongst the Gryffindors, settling down next to Mabel

Gabriel leans back from Gareth, looking at him suspiciously for a moment before leaning back in to have some more of that murmured conversation, waving his hands about a bit to punctuate whatever he's saying…

Theodore waves his wand, beginning to cast something silently, but Claire once more beats him to the punch, and as her spell goes off, he is indeed, paralyzed.

Gareth's face drains of all color as he listens to Gabriel's highly animated whisperings. His wide eyes continue to watch the duel, particularly focused on Theodore's predicament. "Truly?" he gasps, then turns again to whisper in return.

Jumping up as Claire manages to paralyze Theodore, the official points at Claire and shouts "Winner!" Almost vibrating before he turns waves his own wand at Theodore. silently removing the debilitation spells from the man.

Mabel smiles to Maeve, sitting there, much more relaxed than she'd seemed to be for the previous lopsided bouts. "Set. Match," she murmurs, then applauding.

Gabriel jumps to his feet clapping and cheering,"Good job Claire! You show them!" and at the same time he's nodding to answer Gareth's question, making him look kind of like a cheerleader what with the unintentionally coordinated hopping, and clapping, and nodding.

Idrissa has been there, really, just off in her own little world so to speak, though also watching the duel. She offers a clap once the duel is over and smiles.

Warren claps rather loudly when the declaration is made, the prefect having not even bothered with the pretense of looking at his book for the short time the duel lasted. He makes sure most people at the Ravenclaw table do too, with a bit of elbowing ensuing to help that along.

Gareth begins applauding as well, though he isn't whooping and hollering like the others. He does seem very pleased for his Housemate however, a small smile curling his lips.

Claire has her wand raised for another slashing attack when the official proclaims her the winner. She lowers her arm, but it takes her several deep breaths before she's able to stop looking like she's trying to kill Theodore in earnest. The battle won, she's able to smile more naturally. "Excellent duel, Theodore." Claire steps forward to shake the Slytherin's hand.

Theodore is unparalyzed, and he offers Claire a genial grin, "Well done." Then he quietly moves to Mabel to retrieve his ferret.

Claire takes a seat at the Ravenclaw table, grinning and talking among her housemates.

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