(1937-10-11) Transfiguration Taunts
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Summary: Anything you can do, I can do better!
Date: 11 October, 1937
Location: Slytherin Common Room

Slytherin Common Room

Lucian lounges horizontally across one of the low-backed sofas, a Transfiguration textbook propped open in on his stomach. His wand is in his hand, though at the moment he is merely toying with it, idly twirling it between his fingers like a baton.

Finally, a drizzle has forced Lorraine off the astronomy tower and down into the bowels of the Castle again. A person can only hang around lonerishly for so long, eventually they have the reputation as the Overacheiver to get back to. Disappearing up into her dorm, she returns a few moments later with her bag. "Hello Proudmore," she greets Lucian pleasantly enough, sitting in one of the chairs opposite the sofa. "Working on your Transfiguration homework?"

Lucian pulls his eyes away from his put, and points his wand at Lorraine with a teasing smirk. "That's right, Red. I'm learning how to transfigure you into a jellyfish." He lowers the wand, going back to spinning it in his fingers.

"A jellyfish?" considers Lorraine, probably weighing the merits and disadvantages of being one. "Well, I should hope you'll put me in a tank of water when you do, Proudmore. Otherwise, I shall expire quite quickly. A jellyfish though? Hmm. It's not what I'd pick, were I to transfigure myself into an animal."

Lucian gestures with his wand to the common room windows, where a school of fish is swimming by. "I'd just put you in the lake, and you could swim by and keep us company now and then." He tilts his head, considering her words. "So, I'll bite. What animal would you transfigure yourself into?"

Lorraine has to think about it, and admits at length, "I'd never considered it, honestly." Picking up a lock of hair, she eyes it critically, and then decides, "Perhaps a coral snake. Or a red panda, though I suppose they aren't very threatening…" Just freaking adorable. "But if you'd prefer to turn me into a jelly fish, please do. Then when you come swimming in the lake, I can come up and sting you."

Lucian laughs. "Good point. Maybe a starfish, then. Or a minnow." He sits up, one leg still stretched out over the couch. "So you'd only want to be something threatening?"

"As long as it's a red star fish," replies Lorraine cheerfully. "Like I said, I hadn't thought of it. Well, what about you? What would you be?" Tit for tat she takes out her wand and swishes it lazily at him. "Bang, you're a…?"

Lucian grins wickedly. "I still get mistaken for a Gryffindor. Maybe I'd be a lion…and have a few Gryffs for breakfast." He certainly has the golden mane for it, and it's well known that the Proudmores are predominantly Gryffindors.

A razor thin smile curls upwards on Lorraine's face. "You be a lion, I'll be a tiger, we can eat Gryffindors together?" she suggests lazily, folding her ankles and tucking her feet up under the edge of the chair.

Lucian nods, chuckling silently. "You've got a deal. Arrogant prats." Lucian always has a kind word for Gryffindors. "Does a tiger count as red enough for you? You seem pretty fixated on being red."

"What's wrong with the color red?" drawls Lorraine, drawing her wind through the air and leaving a bit of red smoke in its wake. Parlor tricks, she's got them! "I think tigers count as red, yes. The problem is not picking the animal, I think, the problem is becoming the animal. That is a trickier beast by far." Harhar, pun.

Lucian rolls his eyes at the pun, but chuckles nonetheless. "You know I like red, Red. But, the real problem is becoming human again, like an Animagus. But that is the trickiest 'beast' of all."

Lorraine mms thoughtfully and her grin spreads wider. "Yes. Like an Animagus. Have you ever looked at the spells? I did a project on it last year for Dumbledore for the extra credit. Bloody wicked stuff."

Lucian shrugs. "Course I have. The spells are the easy part. But learning to do it without a wand? Keeping your mind about you when you're in an animal form? Just the sheer training…like building a muscle. It's grueling stuff."

"Can you even do any wordless magic yet?" asks the redhead, and she'd be impressed if he could, though it's in his curriculum for the year. "Maybe that's the key. We'll just have to master wandless spells." As if that was all it would take.

Lucian snorts. "Please. You're two years away from casting without an incantation. I'm barely starting to learn how to do it. But…from what I've read? It would be easier to focus just on becoming an Animagus than 'mastering' wordless casting. It's just learning to 'one' thing through sheer will, instead of everything.

"Wordless. Silent. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean no one can. And as far as once you're an animal.. You can still think as a person. So I should think that as long as you don't let the animal take over, you should be quite capable of going back if you've the strong enough mind. Not that nobody's ever gotten stuck as an animal, of course, but they were undoubtedly weak willed." Lorraine has very little room for failure in her life. Things are quite clear cut. "I'll help you," she says suddenly. "If you want to do it."

Lucian rolls his eyes. "Right. You're a Fourth Year, Red. I think I know a bit more about it than you do. First of all, don't act like you're so talented you can cast silently. Second, there's a big risk of getting stuck and losing your mind as an animal. Why do you think Animagi have to train so hard? I thought you said you did a report on this."

"I did," pouts Lorraine. "And what would you do if I could cast something silently?" Shaking her head she reaches into her bag and takes out her quill and parchment to start on her homework. "That's fine. If you're too chicken to even try, I understand. Not everyone can be as brave as the lions." That seed planted, she opens an inkwell and begins writing.

Lucian scowls. "The lions aren't brave. They're arrogant. Real courage is doing what has to be done no matter what, not just showing off when everyone is watching. Besides, I never said I wouldn't try." He narrows his eyes, regarding her carefully, weighing decisions in his mind.

Hmph. "Sure sounded like you wouldn't try," goads Lorraine. "You'll probably end up an eel or something. I wouldn't want to try either if I might end up as an eel."

Lucian rises to the bait, in a fashion. "Fine, if you're such an expert. Do it. Change into a squirrel, or a red panda, or a bloody red fox. Show me what you've got, Red."

"I will," Lorraine tells him with a shrug, and then grins. "I'll become an Animagus before you, in fact. Dumbledore's already tutoring me after class. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to convince him to help me." Eat that, Prefect Prat. "I think you're just worried I might actually be better than you at something."

Lucian laughs derisively. "Dumbledore? That Gryffindor-loving old fart? Since when have you ever seen him turn into an animal? Good luck with that. Meanwhile, I'll be getting real Animagus training."

Lorraine smiles lazily. "Oh, he's good for lots if you ask him right." Icy blue eyes flick over him and she sighs, slipping lazily down into the seat cushions. "Don't suppose you know an Animagus, do you? Or are you just going to try to talk your Daddy into hiring a tutor?" It's all in good fun, but she does so like to push buttons.

Oh, she pushed a button alright. Lucian glares menacingly at her. "Sod off. My father has never done me any favours, and I'm not about to start asking for them now. I take care of myself."

Lorraine rolls her head sideways to look at him, brushing strands of hair out of her face. "Oh, did I strike a nerve, Proudmore?" She knows she did. And then she sticks the tip of her thumb in her mouth, chewing on her nail. It's a nervous habit she has, something she does when she knows she's gone too far and can't bring herself to apologize and look weak. "Look, this is dumb. Can't we agree to just help each other? I love the competition as much as the next girl, but you're brilliant and I'm brilliant and you're less likely to get stuck as an eel for the rest of your life if you've got help." Or vice versa.

"Why don't you say what you really mean?" There is venom in Lucian's taunt. "That you know you can't manage it alone, and you need my help." He shakes his head, displaying his annoyance, and goes back to his Transfiguration book.

Lorraine considers him for a long time in silence, quill still writing though she's not looking at what's going down on the page. "I don't need your help. But I'm not opposed to making up excuses to spend more time with you. Alone." Well, she always has to work some sort of insinuation into every conversation.

Lucian shakes his head at her, suddenly serious. "That can't happen anymore. I'm with Ria now."

"You're no fun," sighs Lorraine. "Still. The offers there if you want it. Both offers."

Lucian frowns. "I'm plenty of fun and you know it, which is why you're offering. But no. I still have my honour, and I'm not going to betray Ria's trust." He sits silently for a moment…probably remembering how nice Lorraine's lips are. "Anyhow, until you can admit the truth, you'll get no help from me. Go ahead and flounder with Bumblebore trying to learn how to become a snail, or whatever."

"A red ibis," replies Lorraine with a grin. "So I can come eat you when you get stuck as an eel. Let me know when you get tired of decontaminating yourself every time you want to neck with her."

"Right, I'll let you know when that starts," Lucian retorts sarcastically. "Don't be jealous, Red. You could have most any boy in Slytherin. You don't need to make up reasons to hang around me."

"Maybe I just like your company, Proudmore." Lorraine doesn't seem overly concerned, or jealous, about Ria anyway. "And I'm not making up reasons. I'm going to do it with or without your help. As far as boys go…" She considers that awhile, nibbling her thumb nail more. "I talked to Aria's brother a bit ago, before I came down here. He called me crazy."

Lucian keeps his eyes on his book. "And I care because…?"

Lorraine shrugs her shoulders and goes back to writing. "Guess you don't." Homework it is!

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