(1937-10-12) From Costumes to Bedtime Stories
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Summary: The conversation turns from the Halloween Ball to bedtime stories. Gareth learns about the benefits of a suit of armor, Muggle bedtime stories and Gabriel continues being unknowingly awkward.
Date: 1937-10-12
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Gareth takes a long, deep breath after Gabrielle has left, glancing to Gabriel. "Well, you do keep bringing it up, so I can't help but think you're more than a little curious. If you're not careful, some girl is going to think you -want- to kiss, and then you'll really be in trouble."

Lunch being almost over Gabrielle, Gabriel and Gareth had been sitting toward the end of the Ravenclaw table, empty plates sitting in front of them. Anyone that might have been listening in would have caught snippets of talk about Halloween costumes and snogging until Gabrielle blushes stands up and leaves in a fluster. and then there were two, with Gabriel saying,"What!? No! It just comes up in conversation. After all, that's what all the older students seem to think the dance is really for. A chance to snog whoever they're going with. Like I said, it should really be about the great costumes and the candy. Ahhh, the candy." He's still watching the door Gabrielle left through and the expression of confusion has developed a slight edge of concern as well.

Idrissa is making her way on into the great hall, a few books in her arms and her shoulder bag holds more books. Her gaze drifts over the area while she heads on towards the Ravenclaw table. Once catching sight of Gabriel and Gareth she offers them both a wave as she sets her books down on the other side of the table from the pair. "Hey guys." A bit of the conversation is picked up and a soft oh escapes her while she sits down. "Talking about the dance?"

Gareth gives his eyes a small roll. "If all you want is sweets, why not just get your parents to send some in the owl post? My Nain used to send me sweets every day my first year. It was rather embarrassing, really." He looks up when Idrissa approaches, offering a small smile. "All right, Clayworth? Yes, we were discussing our costumes, but somehow digressed to the topic of snogging." He gives Gabriel a quick glance. "Personally, I don't see the appeal at all."

Gabriel lets out a big sigh,"Its not all about the candy. I told you, a big part about it is the costumes too. And besides, you just said it, people sending you too much stuff is so embarrassing." Looking up at Idrissa he smiles,"Your late if you wanted lunch. But you can have my pudding if you want, I haven't touched it yet. And we were talking about the dance, and no I don't want to snog anyone. Are you going to the dance? What costume are you wearing? we're trying to figure out a costume for Gareth. One that won't tempt snogging." Turning back to Gareth with a big smile he says,"And see, that's another good reason for the King Arthur costume. Keep your visor down and even if someone is tempted they can't get to you!"

Idrissa glances around the table curiously and manages to snag a few pieces of bread, with cheese, oh well she's had worse. "Ya I'm use to being late and I just snag what all I can find." As thus, cheese sandwich has become one of her normal meals. Her bright gaze drifts back towards the pair while she chews on a bite of bread and cheese, which isn't that bad. "Thanks, I'm good with this. An I'm alright, Nurse Spleen took care of everything. At least I didn't have to stay at the hospital wing." Which by the sounds of it she has had to do that before. "Well, I thought of going. But I'm a third year so its not like I'd be able to go to the dance or anything." A shrug is seen. "I don't mind sweets and dressing up but dono if I'll go now. Arian asked me too it, but 4th year and above can stay for all of it." There is a pause as she is peers at the two at the bit on snogging, a brow lifting but that is about her only response.

Gareth's eyes lose focus for a long moment as he considers Gabriel's suggestion. "That would actually come in handy then, wouldn't it? No one will want to snog with me if I'm in armor and a visored helm." His eyes glance over to Idrissa again. "Yes, you'd need to have an upperclassman invite you, if you want to stay for the ball. I've never been to one, and…well, Gabriel seemed interested, so…And he'll be dressing up as a Muggle healer, it seems. I've never seen one of those, so I'm quite interested in what the costume will look like."

Gabriel nods,"Yep, I'll basically be dressing as my dad. And if someone invited you you should go! Being there and seeing everything that'll be going on will be soooo much better than having everyone tell you about it later one. And we can come up with a great costume for you too!" Yep, of course, everyone shares his sense of curiosity, so everyone should want to go to the ball to see exactly what happens first hand. Taking a bite of his pudding and speaking around it he asks,"What would you wear as a costume? And why does it sound like you spend so much time with the nurse? Did you know I want to be a healer /and/ that I already know a lot of Muggle medicine from helping my dad at his office and reading some of his books? I can maybe help you if anything happens that you don't want to take to the nurse. But I can't help with everything…"

Idrissa shrugs at this while she looks back to her impromptu too lunch. "I wouldn't get to stay long. Sorta pointless in my mind. Figure I'll just read or something." One thing she is good at least. "I sorta get hurt a lot. Last month broke my arm, last week twisted my ankle. Nurse Spleen says I'm injury prone like my mother was when she was here. The nurse also blames it on the fact that I tend to go following after animals. I got kicked by one of the horses last year when I was trying to get a rock out of its hoof." She thought she would never heard the end of that. "An a Muggle doctor is sorta dressed in a white coat, at least the ones I saw was." Another bite of sandwich is taken. "I dono what I'd go as. I dressed up like a cat last year. Figured I'd just do the same thing this year."

Gareth's eyes suddenly light a bit. "I say, Clayworth, why not dress up like a nurse? You spend so much time with them, it seems only fitting you honor them with your Hallowe'en costume. Oh, and then you and Ward here could sort of go around offering to give people examinations or…Oh." His face suddenly reddens, and he quickly lowers his eyes. "No, that could easily be misconstrued, so I probably wouldn't do that. Could lead to unintentional snogging."

Gabriel grins,"That's easy Idressa, just get a 4th year to take you. Gareth is taking me so that I don't have to leave early. Which is awesome of him. But you have to come up with a different costume than a cat. The whole point is to come up with something different every year." Then he gets a panicky little look on his face as Gareth mentions Idressa dressing up as a nurse. Its enough of a panic moment he runs out of words and is suddenly very, very focused on his pudding.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly. "Naw… I don't really know many others anyway. Especially any that are older then me. I'd feel rather stupid asking and then being told no an all." She is totally not good with let down. A glance is sent towards Gareth and she blinks a few times at the idea. "Ah.. well… Nice idea but I dono…" She swallows slightly and peers down at her sandwich.

Gareth gives a small shrug of one shoulder, still keeping his eyes low. "It was just a suggestion. Perhaps…Who is your favorite literary character? Or perhaps your favorite character from Beedle the Bard, those sorts of costumes were quite popular when I was very young. One year, I dressed as the third brother in The Tale of Three Brothers. Mum sewed the invisibility cloak herself. That is to say, it wasn't a -real- invisibility cloak, I simply pretended that it was."

Gabriel looks up from his pudding bowl, cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk's. Swallowing hurriedly he asks,"Who's Beedle the Bard? What stories are you talking about? Like Red Riding Hood and Snow White?" Turning to Idrissa he says,"Gareth and I will help find one of the older students to take you. If you want to go you shouldn't miss it just because you won't be able to be there the whole time. Lets figure out your costume and we'll make it so awesome that even if we can't find someone to take you maybe they'll ask you there when they see the awesomeness that is you!"

Idrissa hums softly, pondering a few moments before she looks to Gareth. "Oh I think it is a grand idea. I do, perhaps I will just let me think on it." She looks back to Gabriel and blinks before grinning. "I could be Little Red Riding Hood. Not a bad idea actually." She is then peering at Gabriel. "No.. No it's alright. I have to talk to Arian anyway. He asked me to the whole thing. But were both 3rd year an all… An I'm not awesome, just normal is fine with me."

Gareth's nose wrinkles a bit as he looks at Gabriel in confusion. "Who are Red Riding Hood and Snow White? And how can you not know The Tales of Beedle the Bard? Whatever did your mum read to you at bedtime when you were a boy?" Then he gives Idrissa the same confused look. "You know these Red Hood and Snow White people? Are they characters in some chromatic-themed book, perhaps?"

Gabriel arches an eyebrow at Idrissa and says matter-of-factly,"Not /now/. You'll be awesome the night of the ball. Just like in the stories!" Foot, meet mouth. Again. Without realizing his faux pas Gabriel turns a look on Gareth, wondering if the boy is teasing,"That's exactly what my mom read to me at night. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Grethel, Cinderella… You've never heard of any of those??"

Idrissa smiles a bit, but that is about all that is seen. "Maybe." She offers softly before she looks over Gareth curiously. "There Muggle children stories. Do… you not know any of them?" This questioned with a curious tone while she finishes her sandwich and wipes her hands off. "Little Red Riding Hood is a story about a girl that goes to visit her grandmother and has to go through a forest, along with avoiding a big bad wolf."

Gareth's eyes brighten with interest, and as he speaks, he becomes increasingly excited. "Muggle stories? I'm fascinated by Muggle literature! I've never read about any Red Hoods avoiding wolves, nor White Snow and her Dwarves. Where can I find these stories? I must read them! Flourish and Blott's has such an inadequate Muggle section, it's really quite disheartening."

Gabriel nods with a grin,"They're stories for little children. They always start with "once upon a time." then the stories happens. Like in Red Riding Hood she goes through the forest to get to her grandmother's home, even after her mother told her not to do exactly that. A wolf sees her, beats her to grandma's house and eat grandma. Then he eats Red Riding Hood but a woodsman discovers what's happening, cuts the wolf open and pulls both Red and her grandma out of the wolves stomach, saving their lives. And then they always end with "They lived happily ever after". And if there's a Prince involved the girl that goes to the ball /always/ ends up being amazingly beautiful that day and making the Prince fall in love with her and they end up married and living happily every after. That's why Idrissa would be awesome the night of the ball."

Idrissa ohs at this, and didn't think about this actually. "Well I actually have a book of Muggle stories I can let you burrow if you want?" Well it is an idea. Lets face it Rissa has /lots/ of books. She blinks and just peers at Gabriel watching him a few moments, her cheeks have flushed rather hotly and a faint ah is about all that can escape her. "I…I….I'd rather be Little Red Riding Hood then a princess." An now she faintly stuttering.

Gareth is fairly bursting with enthusiasm as he listens to Gabriel's explanation. "And they were still alive, even after being eaten by a wolf? How fascinating! And the Prince always falls in love with the girl at the ball? Well, Clayworth, you'll certainly have to dress as a girl from one of these stories then. Wouldn't you rather marry a Prince than be eaten by a wolf? And yes, please, I must read these stories. Please lend me your book as soon as you can. Children's literature is, after all, still literature. Perhaps we can all get ideas for our costumes from this book."

Gabriel, Gareth, and Idrissa are all sitting together at the Ravenclaw table having finished lunch. At this point all the plate have been cleared magically from the table but the trio is still talking. "Yes Gareth, they were still alive after the wolf ate them. And the girl always marries the Prince." For such a smart boy, Gabriel can be kind of stupid sometimes, as he proves right now when he turns to Idrissa and asks,"What's wrong? You look like you might be developing a fever. Your cheeks are all red… But I'm confused, what's causing the sudden stammering. Did someone cast a charm on you? Who've you made enemies with?"

Idrissa nods to Gareth slightly while she peers at her fingers, picking at a nail to get at a bit of dirt that really isn't there. "Sure I'll get the book and set it out for you in the common room an all." She makes a face at the talk of the princess stuff again, her bright green gaze drifts to Gabriel. "I'm fine… An I don't think I am have enemies."

Gareth is just as oblivious as Gabriel, it seems, quickly stuffing books back into his schoolbag. "This will be such grand fun! Now this White Snow person, tell me about him. Is he the King of the Dwarves? Why is he called White Snow? I assume the Red Hood girl wore a red hood. Otherwise her name would be utterly ridiculous. After she's rescued from the wolf, does the Prince marry her? And what about the other people you mentioned. Handel and Grendel, Cinder…What was it, Cindersweep? Who're they? Do they all get eaten by wolves before marrying Princes?"

Mabel is sitting there, chatting with a few Gryffindors in her class, apparently the subject is Quidditch, till the little group breaks up somewhat and there's stirrings that the next round of dueling's to begin soon.

Gabriel explains all about Cinderella (using Idrissa as an example, since she's closest), and Snow White, who is very much /not/ a man, and everything else having to do with Muggle bed time stories.

Idrissa swallows while she slips quiet as she just peers at Gabriel and Gareth as the explanation is given. She blinks, her mouth opens a moment as she is unsure what to say while she just eyes Gabriel a few moments. "Why… did you do that? I'm not anywhere close to being anything like Cinderella. I'm not princess…at all…"

Lunch is done and his duel is scheduled for a very short time. Seamus looks quite nervous as he comes into the great hall carrying a book of charms from the library as he moves into the Great Hall. The rather tiny Prefect lets out a little sigh as he places the book upon the Hufflepuff table checking out a page before closing it again and shifting his weight a little bit. While it's true he likes dueling, this is just a bit nerve wracking.

Light steps are taking Alexei into the Great Hall, as he looks around rather carefully for the moment. Seems like he's been taking a few moments to take care of something before the upcoming duel between Seamus and himself. Stepping over in the direction of the Prefect, he offers a bit of a grin. "Time for the fun, wouldn't you say?" he offers a bit lightly.

Gabriel turns to Idrissa smiling innocently,"You kind of are. You're blond, and pretty, and have bright green eyes. Just like they describe Cinderella. And she's not a princess, not at the beginning. At the beginning she's the daughter of a rich merchant and that's why her evil stepmother wants to get her married to royalty. /Snow White/ is the princess from the beginning." And he just says all of this without any apparent awareness of the possible social overtones of his little speech.

Maeve comes in and settles down with the group of Gryffindors, although sort of on the fringes, still not feeling quite like she's quite accepted by some of her older housemates.

A tall slender Ministry worker officiating the duel steps in, her eyes deep set and harrowing. She makes her way to the dueling stage and finds a spot on the sideline. Impatiently she checks her watch and announcing to the kiddies in the room. "Alright, whoever is dueling next should get onto the stage. Let's get this show on the road," she says flicking her long black hair out of her face.

Idrissa swallows and just peers at Gabriel, not to sure what to say to him not it seems. Her gaze turns towards the the talk of one of the duels. Oh thank goodness something is going to happen to keep the talk off all this princess stuff!

Josie makes her way into the great hall, for once not loaded down with homework. She waves to Gabriel on her way towards the Gryffindor table, but pauses as she hears the ministry official's announcement, and she moves instead to find a good spot for a view.

"That would be us." Seamus says nervously looking towards Alexei and begins walking towards the dueling area. He climbs up on to the stage and takes up a position near the Ministry agent. He looks exceptionally short against Alexei.

"Indeed," Alexei offers to Seamus. "Good luck." Offered before he makes his way over as well, muttering something under his breath, most certainly in Russian. Moving over to take up a place near the Ministry official as well, offer a bit of a nod. Glancing around the room, then back to Seamus and the Ministry official.

Gabriel waves to people he knows as they walk in. Once he realizes that another duel is about to start he grins to Idrissa and points at the stage,"Another one! Lets see if we can learn anything new!"

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