(1937-10-12) Hogwarts' Little Spies
Details for Hogwarts' Little Spies
Summary: In which misunderstandings get compounded as Gabrielle and Gabriel talk about burns, and "demons".
Date: 1937-10-12
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Background information: No logs exist for the scene that leads to this conversation but about one IC week before the scene in this log Gabrielle and Gabriel met formally for the first time when she came into the Ravenclaw Common Room one night while it was empty of anyone but Gabriel. She was clearly in pain and trying to stay away from the fire so Gabriel's curiosity, combined with his compassion, got the best of him and he approached her to see if he could help with whatever was hurting her. After some convincing Gabrielle showed him a burn on her arm while telling him that she was fighting some demons. Gabriel help her wrap her arm properly, promised to look into the salve she used and see if there was anything better and took her comment about fighting demons entirely too literally. From that day on Gabriel has been convinced that Gabrielle is the leader of a secret demon hunting club. And… Scene!

Gabriel is sitting at the end of the Ravenclaw table, eating his lunch with a book on dueling theory propped against a juice jug. The eating is going slowly since he's paying so much attention to his book the fork is frequently empty by the time it reaches his mouth…

Gabrielle walks in and scans the room, after noticeably checking the other 3 tables, she'll glance at the ravenclaw and sees Gabriel sitting by himself. "Hey…still working on that?" Gabby looks a little more rested, but she's clearly (to Gabriel anyway) favoring her right arm. She has what appears to be a rather expensive new sketchbook in her hand.

Gabriel gives a little jerk as Gabrielle's voice startles him. The main result of this is the Slytherin table getting pelted with peas. A few of the Slytherin students start throwing evil looks at the Ravenclaw table and some of the start getting to their feet until a few faculty members walk between the tables clearing their throats in a decidedly serious way. Ms. Patil leans down and says,"Mr. Ward in trouble again I see. Five points from Ravenclaw." Before she and her companion return to the faculty table leaving Gabriel with a "but…" stuck on his lips.

Gabrielle just raises her eyebrows at the Slythern table as they start to stand. Food fighting is one thing, but advancing is a totally different thing. She'll stand taller when Patil comes by. Gabby will sit down next to Gabriel, "You need to focus on what you're doing. Eat, then read."

Gabriel sighs and his shoulders droop a little bit as he watches Madam Patil's progress,"I can never do right in front of her. I swear, someone cast a curse on me that makes me do something wrong every time she's around." Bouncing back almost immediately he turns to Gabrielle and gives her a big smile,"But there's so much to do around here and so little time! How am I supposed to get everything done and learn everything there is too learn if I don't do more than one thing at a time?"

Gabrielle sighes, "I hear ya," When he talks about Patil. "You have plenty of time…but you won't if you try to cram everything so hard you forget it all."she'll place the new book on the table, further away from him, and grab a sandwich."Merlin, it feels like I haven't ate in two days."

Gabriel looks at Gabrielle out of the corner of his eye as he puts a true forkfull of peas in his mouth. Speaking around the peas he says,"Well, at least you look like you got some more sleep." Looking around at all the people in the hall, he swallows his food and then speaks directly after taking a moment to think about his wording,"Have you been… studying a lot? *wink* You looked really tired the other day. New sketch book?"

Gabrielle will look at Gabriel, like she's trying to decide something, finally she'll very casually say, "I /had/ to get a new sketch book. The book worms in the Library got it…. I was really upset, I had a lot of work put into that one. It's kinda like having to start over." She'll place her hand over her right forearm, "I'll be ok, it just hurts right now." and then she'll turn back to her sandwich.

Gabriel turns to take a good look at Gabrielle's arm while he chews on another mouth full of food. A couple of seconds into it he realizes what he's doing and remembers his promise. Snapping his head back up to his plate he starts casting his eyes around to see if anyone noticed what he was doing. Once he's sure he wasn't really seen he asks out of the corner of his mouth,"What happened? It should be hurting less, not more… Actually, the pain should be almost gone if you've been using the salve…"

Gabrielle will chewing thinking threw what she's going to say, "I got burned last night…when I retrieved my book." she'll pick an apple off the table and set it down next to her new book.

Gabriel frowns deeply as he takes a drink of pumpkin juice then says,"Again? You need to practice more if you're going to keep going after… bookworms. Are you sure we shouldn't be telling some of the faculty about this? Its not good for you to keep getting hurt like this…" As he talks a couple of details make connections in his mind and he turns to look straight at Gabrielle, eyes slightly narrowed,"And how do you..? How does it keep happening to the same arm?"

Gabrielle will laugh humorlessly and shake her head, "I've been doing this for 5 years…No one can know. You promised. There's things I can't tell you… It's because it's my casting arm, is all. If I was left handed, it'd be my left." she seems rather casual about this. But she does keep looking around to make sure no one is within listening distance.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gabriel=awareness Vs Gabrielle=deception
< Gabriel: Failure Gabrielle: Good Success
< Net Result: Gabrielle wins - Solid Victory

Gabriel turns and look at Gabrielle carefully, as if searching her face for something then nods and goes back to his food. It almost like watching two inept spies having a meeting, what with all the sideways looks and talking out of the corners of the mouth,"Maybe I can become a mix between your equipment person and your medic. I'll start by seeing if I can make a bookworm-proof under-sleeve for you, keep you from getting burned. Meet me later in the common room to… make a plaster cast of your arm… for that crafts project?"

Gabrielle will stop and think for a moment, "We'll talk more about it in the common's room?" she'll finish her sandwich and drink some juice. "I need a better wrap, for sure. This is too hard to cover one handed…"

Gabriel looks around the room and nods,"That sounds like a good idea. There's entirely too many people around right now." Tossing a glance at the sketchbook he asks,"So what /do/ you draw in your sketchbook. Just bookworms or do you draw other things too?"

OOC: Scene continued in a future log as Gareth enters the picture.

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