(1937-10-12) The Little Spies Are Joined by a Third
Details for The Little Spies are Joined by a Third
Summary: Gabriel and Gabrielle are joined by Gareth, conversation turns to the upcoming Halloween Ball and awkwardness ensues.
Date: 1937-10-12
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Gabrielle will smile, a little bit more relaxed, "I /want/ to be a portrait painter, so I draw just about everything. Every year I try to sketch all the students.I had almost all the 1st and 2nd years done already before…" She'll shake her head, "I've been asked by the Master Broom Smith Toulson to send him sketches. He's very nice by the way, he was in our house….anyway, he thinks I have potential…so that's nice." she'll look down at her empty plate and sigh, "It's better than anything I have here."

Gabriel looks surprised at that last comment and turns to look straight at Gabrielle, hurrying his latest bite of food down with some more pumpkin juice,"What do you mean? Its /great/ here!" And then he remembers everything else that was said and adds,"Wait, you don't have a portrait of me. And what are you going to be drawing for a broom smith? Brooms are just brooms, right? They all look kind of the same…"

Gabrielle smiles a little sadly, "Well, I /did/ have a portrait of you." she'll laugh then, a real one, "Merlin, don't tell a Quidditch player that! He wants different things that fly. I've sent him an owl, a broom and a floating feather.I'm waiting to hear back to see if he liked them, or if he wanted something different."

Gabriel sits up a bit straighter and smiles,"You did? When did you do that? I thought you had to sit for a portrait?" And on to the brooms,"Well, I know they fly differently. But they all /look/ about the same, don't they? A stick with lots of bristles on one end?" As he finishes with this round of questions he scrapes up the last bits of food from his plate and turns them into his last mouthful.

Gabby smiles again, wrinkling her nose slightly, "I'm sneaky. Most people don't notice me." She'll laugh, "I'll admit, I don't get the fascination with brooms either, but a lot of people are." she'll reach over and grab her apple. she'll bite her lip for a moment, then tuck the apple into her robes for later.

Gabriel is sitting side-by-side with Gabrielle at the Ravenclaw table. Being the tail end of lunchtime both of them have empty plates in front of them and they're quietly having a conversation that Gabriel continues with,"Do you draw things from your imagination too? Or just straight from what you're seeing? How'd you learn to draw? When did you know that's what you wanted to do?"

Gabrielle smiles, "Sometimes from my dreams, I draw stuff.But mostly from real life. I try to understand how things work. took me forever to figure out owl wings." She'll shake her head, like it was a real problem for her. "I've always like to draw, so it just kinda made sense"

Gareth is sitting with a small knot of Fifth years, though his nose is again in a book, as he slowly finishes up his lunch. It's that same cloth-covered book. When his classmates get up to leave, he looks up with blinking eyes, looking surprised to find himself in the Great Hall at all. Glancing up and down the table, he spies Gabriel, giving the boy a greeting nod.

Gabriel smiles at Gareth when he notices him looking over and waves at him motioning for the other boy to join them before going back to Gabrielle,"I wish I had a talent like that. But my only talent seems to be for asking questions." Kind of funny that he manages to say something like that in such a happy-go-lucky tone. It really doesn't seem to bother him at all that he sees himself as having no real talents,"Can I see them? I bet you have a lot of owl wing drawings if it took you that long…" His smile fades as he remembers something,"Oh. I mean, had a lot of owl wing drawings. Do you have anything in your new book yet? If I clean my hands really well, can I see?"

Gabrielle laughs, "Maybe you should be a report, asking all those questions! Or an investigation!" She'll look over to the new book and place a hand on top of it, "No…I just received it this morning. I haven't had time to do /anything/ with it yet….But I'll show you when I get a few.Promise."

Gareth begins gathering up all his books, balancing his pumpkin juice goblet atop the stack as he moves down the table. "Evans, Ward," he says with another nod, barely managing to set down his books without spilling the juice. "Free period after lunch?"

Gabriel grins at Gabrielle and shakes his head,"I know I ask a lot of questions but what I really want to be is a Healer. I wanted to be a doctor like my dad but that was before I found out that I was a wizard and I could use magic to heal people, not just medicine. Hey! Maybe I could be the person that combines the best of Muggle and Wizarding healing techniques!" At least he's gotten to the point where he doesn't have to think before using the word Muggles. Turning to Gareth he says,"Have you gotten the Halloween tickets for us yet? Oh! Hey! I have an idea, maybe Gabrielle can help us come up with an idea for your costume! Can you Gabrielle?"

Gabby will shrug, "Maybe. I don't really understand Muggle healing." she'll turn to nod to Gareth, "Hello". Gabby's eyebrows will raise slightly at the mention of the dance, "Well…."she'll glance at Gareth to try to read his face, "Are you trying to match …someone's costume, or just something for you?" It's obvious Gabby's a little confused.
You paged Gareth with 'I got the schedule off the Harry Potter wiki if I don't misremember.'

Gareth was just taking a small sip of his pumpkin juice when Gabby asks her question, which leaves him sputtering, his face turning red. "M-match someone's costume? Whatever do you mean? No, of course not, I just…need a costume to wear. It's a masquerade, after all. I've never actually been to one." He glances to Gabriel. "What, er…What costume were you planning to wear?"

Gabriel, completely oblivious to the dynamics right now, stops to think about it for a moment then grins so wide that his head doesn't split in two only because its physiologically impossible,"What else!? A Muggle doctor! I can get everything I need from my father… What I don't have already, since I already have a doctor's smock of my own, for when I help my dad in his office. And I bet /no one/ here will come up with anything like that!" Pleased with himself he reaches over to grab a pudding cup as dessert.

Gabby will glance between the two boy, very confused as to what's happening. "Well….Is there an interest you'd like to follow? Like…"and she'll realize she knows nothing about Gareth, " a favorite character in a book, or I know some folks are going as animals." she'll look to Gabriel ,tilt her head and ask curiously, "Why are /you/ going ?"

Gareth busies himself with meticulously cleaning his glasses on the bell-cuff of his robe. "A Muggle doctor? I've read about them. Quite…interesting line of work, being able to heal without wands or potions. It all sounds a bit dodgy to me, but then, I really don't know much about Muggle occupations." He finally puts his glasses back on, blinking a few times. "A favorite character from a book? Why, King Arthur, of course. He's nearly as famous as Owain Glyndwr himself."

Gabriel smiles at Gabrielle and motions to Gareth,"Gareth and I decided that since I can't get in and neither of us really wants to risk have to… *ugh* kiss a girl, what with the tongues and everything." His eyes go really wide as his mind catches up with his rattling tongue,"Oh! Ummm… No offense. I'm sure its lots of fun if you can get past the idea that there's so many microbes and bacteria in a person's mouth. Anyway, given all that Gareth invited me to come with him. That way I can see what's going on and not have to just ask a bunch of questions about it afterward." Then he starts in on the costume idea,"Oh! King Arthur is a great idea. And we can see if we can borrow one of the armors from the castle and maybe even get you a real sword. It'll be great!"

Gabby nods to Gareth, but stops from commenting till Gabriel finishes. She'll blink a few times and wonders how she gets into these situations, "Oh, well…I guess then…."She's still trying to decide if she's insulted or not about the micro-teria's, whatever those are. "King Arthur would be wonderful.I wouldn't do a suit of armor though, that would be more for Sir Lancelot." She's hoping that will curb the sword idea…

Gareth suddenly pales, his pale brown eyes widening behind the thick lenses of his glasses. "King Arthur, me? Oh, no, no, no. That would never do, far too ostentatious, especially if a clanking suit of armor and a sword were involved. P-perhaps we should consider something less…attention-grabbing. A favorite author, maybe? There are so many to choose from, I wouldn't know where to begin. I do rather like the American poet, Edgar Allan Poe. Quite good, for a Muggle."

Gabriel's look of disappointment is pretty clear but he rallies as Edgard Allan Poe is mentioned,"Ohhh… That's a great one too! We can see if we can find you a raven that you can have perched on your shoulder. And maybe we can find an enchanted heart that thump-thumps from your pocket so people can hear it every time you get close! I like this one too." Turning to Gabrielle with a half-curious, half-disgusted expression he lowers his voice to ask,"Oh! Have /you/ kissed someone yet. I was telling Gareth that one of my older cousins was telling me over the summer its not just about touching lips. YOu have to open them and touch tonguesm and swirl then around and…" And disgust takes over curiosity and he has to stop talking and take a gulp of pumpkin juice.

"Poe would be nice," Gabby not knowing who that is, just agrees so Gareth calms down. Her eyebrows will raise and her cheeks immediately flush, "Gabriel! You can't just ask someone that!" She'll look down to her empty plate embarrassed, "I…I have to go." She'll start to stand to leave.

Gareth begins to shudder, his face turning a pale shade of green. "All this talk of snogging and tongues. Really, Ward, you seem positively obsessed with the notion. If I didn't know better, I'd think you -wanted- to engage in such activities." He blinks a bet when Gabrielle stands to leave. "You aren't going to stay and help us to design our costumes?"

Gabrielle stands and turns to Gareth, "You need to figure out what you're going as first. I've got stuff to do. I can't work it all out for you." she'll grab her sketchbook and without saying anything to Gabriel will turn and leave rather quickly.

Gabriel blinks in confusion as Gabrielle hurries out of the hall then turns to Gareth,"What did /I/ do? It was just a /question/! I f she didn't want to answer all she had to do was /say/ so!" Then he frowns and vehemently shakes his head, hair getting even more tussled than usual,"Wait! What!? Me?? No way! That's /GROSS/!"

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