(1937-10-12) The Ranger and The Thespian
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Summary: What starts out as a girl's night out for Edwarlinda Malfoy turns into a night of flirtation between the two most unlikely of people.
Date: 1937-10-12
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Leaky Cauldron London
Sat Oct 13, 1937 ((Sat Oct 13 03:36:25 2012)) (E,4 NE)

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and clear.

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, it almost seems as if you've stumbled into another century. Notably absent is any modern muggle devices or electric lighting, or any sign of electricity at all. Still, the occasional muggle does find their way in here, usually declaring it to be 'quaint' and 'atmospheric'.

Needing a night out not with the boys, not with people from work, not with her family, Eddie Malfoy owled over to the Quidditch star, whom she owed a drink or two anyway, an invitation for booze and relaxing. Already at the bar herself, who knows how long Eddie has been here, but it's probably not her first drink. She's most certainly off duty, out of her usual suits and robes and into an hour glass hugging red number with a pencil skirt and sweeping, low neckline. A little red hat with matching feathers and netting is perched on the left of her head and her platinum waves have been let to fall free this evening. She's smoking a cigarette, fishnet clad legs crossed, looking her very best like she is trying to relax in the moderately crowded room.

She hadn't been doing much of anything really so when she got Eddie's owl Valencia hadn't hesitated in getting up and heading to grab a drink. Her day had been full of really nothing interesting save a little practice and a little mandatory shopping. She pushes the door open to the Cauldron and lets blue eyes peer around the establishment. A navy dress is worn, fitted with a modest neck and hem line. Blonde ringlets are let loose to hang below her shoulders and a khaki trench coat is snugly worn over her dress. She spots Eddie at the bar and after a faint grin makes her way over to the other woman. "'ey ye," she drawls, taking the seat next to her, "Been 'ere long?" she questions curiously, a fond tweak of her lips shown.

Hearing the now familiar voice, Eddie's smile blossoms warmly across her lips as she sits up straighter, perking up a bit for getting company. "Miss Valencia. A drink or two, not overly long. Just felt like getting started early, you know how it is?" Eddie grins, though there is an exhaustion behind her smile that further confirms this has been a damned long week. She needs several drinks. "Sit! Relax! Drinks are on me tonight, get whatever you like!"

The smirk blossoms into a full fledged smile as Valencia settles herself comfortably beside the woman. The look of utter exhaustion behind Eddies normally steady appearance is noticed but Val doesn't comment on it, simply nods with a happy sigh, "Yes. I definitely know how that is!" She waves a hand to the bartender, ordering a whiskey on the rocks, before returning her attention back to Eddie, "Thank you, I appreciate it! I'll admit I'm extremely happy ye owled." the Irish woman drawls.

"Oh? Come now, don't the teams go out drinking every night they don't have a match? I really don't know how this professional Quidditch star thing works, I will admit!" Eddie murmurs, settling back into her seat, turned outwards just a bit so her ribs rest more against the side of the bar than the chair that she's taken. It lets her watch at least three fourths of the room without too much difficulty. Paranoia seems to never really leave the woman, even if she's heavily drinking.

Kaylee is making her way on into the cauldron, she is just unzipping her robes as she pauses a moment and brushes her blouse and skirt off in the process. She has with her the normal shoulder bag that holds odds and ends within. Humming softly to herself while she moves along towards the bar, and soon sits down upon an empty seat. One leg crosses over the other while she sets her bag down upon the floor next to her.

The Quidditch Keeper gives a bark of a laugh before nodding, "Aye we do, then again that's how people get in trouble and suspended for a game or two." Val winks before sipping her whiskey. She takes a long moment to enjoy the warmth that fills her before releasing a breath, "A lot of the guys like their personal space too, surprisingly." she murmurs, "Hadrian's really the only one I see regularly out and about and well…" she shrugs a shoulder idly, drawling off and sips her whiskey again almost as a space filler. Gaze flits to the woman that enters, the red head given a curious blink.

"…Well….What?" Eddie asks with a now downright curious arch to her slender blonde brows — as carefully manicured and perfected as the rest of her make up charms. She's drinking something out of a Muggle martini glass, probably one of the few behind the bar that Eddie demanded they started carrying once upon a time. They simply look so damned elegant! Shifting in her seat, her legs recross and she does her best to actually look relaxed. She can do this.

Gilbert walks in from the London night, a picture in grey. Today he is wearing a light grey wool suit with a darker grey shirt and and even darker grey tie. Book-ending his outfit are a black fedora with a grey band and impeccably shined black leather shoes. As he makes his way among the tables he takes off the black overcoat and the hat, draping the coat over his left arm. When he sees Edwarlinda he pauses for a moment in the middle of the pub until he is sure he has been seen then sketches her a deep, courtly bow. So deep, in fact, that it borders on mockery. The bow is accompanied by a "M'Lady Malfoy." then he continues on his way to the bar.

Kaylee lifts her head slightly, voices are caught from around, well mostly she caught a friends name. Her pale gaze drifts over towards where Valencia and Edwarlinda happen to be. A soft "ah" escapes her as she figures out why the name would be brought out. Her gaze turns to the bartender whom wanders over to ask what she would like; an ale is ordered and Kaylee even pays for it now as well.

Val's gaze lingers on Kaylee for a brief moment, as if trying to place her, before Eddies confused question brings a faint grunt from the blonde. "He thinks he's rather silver tongued with the ladies if ye know what I mean," she smirks, "It's just harder to deal with when your teammates with the man, even if he is attractive, sometimes," she grunts, waving a hand dismissively. Men were evil. Gilbert's entrance gets a rather dry expression, a brow arching, before she turns to regard Eddie, "Friend of yers?"

Eddie is practically slathering for the gossip. Even she gets to be a woman sometimes! The commentary from Valencia about Hadrian's little problem makes her laugh warm and openly, head tilting back, body relaxing. "I *see*! Yes, yes, he does think he's quite the… uh… Casanavi? Something like that. Some Muggle man who slept with all the village! I cannot imagine what it's like to work with that. Surely he doesn't do it to the other Quidditch players? Maybe it's a psychological strategy to scare you off your brooms?" Eddie offers with a warm laugh, but it's cut off as Gilbert makes his way past and gives his greeting. She arches a brow. "…Evening…" The blonde calls after him, but she sounds a bit skeptical. And then Kaylee is approaching and her smile returns. "Ah, you two know each other… Kaylee, was it? Well, we're getting sauced, if you want to join us!"

Gilbert takes the mug of lager the bartender gives him then turns around on his stool to face the pub proper, for all the world simply watching the people coming and going. However, it seems he's paying attention to what's going around him a little closer than he lets on since he says,"The name you are looking for is Casanova. Giacomo Casanova to be exact. He was an Italian adventurer and was famous for his prowess as a seducer of women. And by all accounts he could walk the walk as well as he talked the talk." Then he takes a long pull from his mug, never having actually looked at the women.

Kaylee frowns slightly at the bit she hears on the two speaking about Hadrian. She takes in a soft breath and looks to her drink once it is delivered. Once her name rings out she clears her throat and looks back. "Yes that is correct." Her thick Irish accent clearly noticeable even in those few words. "Ah, well I'd hate to intrude on yer conversation there." An she takes a sip from her glass. A slight glance is offered over to Gilbert.

The blonde woman shakes her head, "Nonsense, no intruding," she comments to Kaylee feeling a moment of kinship due to the shared Irish genes. Hazel-green eyes shift back to Eddie and Valencia shakes her head again, "Not that I'm aware of. Its rather amusing to watch however.." she muses, a finger tapping her lips thoughtfully. As Gilbert makes his comment she cranes her head to peer in his direction, eyes squinting faintly, "Yes… that's the man…" she agrees before blinking at Eddie, a curious tilt of her head given.

"Not intruding at all, dear. Sit, sit… I'm buying. It's a girl's night out!" Eddie states, probably loud enough that Gilbert can hear that too. She then knocks back the rest of her martini and turns back around towards the bartender, motioning her over and indicating the trio of them, "Another gin martini here… and whatever else the ladies want." Then Eddie's pale eyes turn back to Gilbert and she offers him a half smile. "Yes… yes. That would be the man. You're well learned, Mr. Sullivan, clearly."

Kaylee seems unsure still before she slowly stands up and moves on over towards where Eddie and Valencia are sitting. Her glass of ale in one hand, and bag in the other. A friendly smile and nods is seen. "Well thank ye both for the invite." There is a slight pause. "Whom are ye three speaking of?"

Gilbert takes another pull of lager before actually looking over to the women sitting near him to nod his head in acknowledgement,"I would hope so considering the amount of research I have done in my life, most of it on Muggle society and technology. And traditionally a 'girl's night out' is undertaken by either single women or women that are disgruntled with their partners ostensibly to get some time off from the men around them but with the not so subtly hidden ulterior motive of finding a man. Preferably for a short term liaison. Something which I have no doubt you will have no problem accomplishing, if that is indeed your goal." And to answer Kaylee he adds,"A historical figure renown for his womanizing habits. I did miss who they were comparing him to."

Valencia listens to Gilbert and Kaylee curiously, smirking faintly to the man as he explains their girls night out. Val really had no interest in finding a man for the night, well… yet… but that doesn't make him right!! When Kaylee asks and Gilbert answer though not 100% she waves a hand dismissively, "One of my teammates," she drawls idly. She finishes her whiskey before asking for another. She peers curiously to Eddie however to see if Gilbert perhaps struck a nerve, because well, Val and Eddie may not be super close but Valencia's got the other woman's back and can be 'that woman' in a heart beat.

For whatever reason, Eddie seems to have her hackles up concerning this Gilbert, no matter what. The once relaxed woman in the tight red dress is now sitting up dead straight in her seat, back stiff, shoulders squared. She might have been getting drunk, but she seems entirely sober now. She breathes out slowly through her nose and gives a slightly tight lipped smile, "Well, thank you for that information, Mr. Sullivan. I… do not think that is our intentions tonight. We are simply relaxing and having a few drinks. I will be more careful with my… descriptions in the future. Especially around prying ears." Eddie then levels gray eyes back towards Valencia and Kaylee, the slight implication in her gaze saying perhaps they should head for another bar. "And yes, it was a joke about one of Valencia's teammates. Just a joke. I didn't mean to be rude." She is now watching her words far more carefully too.

Kaylee lifts a brow while she watches Gilbert a few moments, she bites her tongue and then a slender smile crosses her lips, her eyes narrow just a hair. "Really… Do ye think that lowly of us women then to group us all into one pot?" A slender finger taps against the table a few times. "I think ye should watch the words ye speak. Especially here, I have been known too deal with troublesome men like I would a troublesome dragon." She takes a sip from her glass seeming utterly relaxed as she speaks. "Now, if ye promise to behave yerself, and watch yer words I'm sure ye can sit with us. That way ye can say tomorrow ye had the /luck/ of spending some time speaking with three beautiful women. An I do hope ye won't add in anything crazy." Cause knowing Kaylee she would find out if he added anything to the story and then she might want to turn him into a toad or something. Her pale gaze turns to the ones at the table, a soft ah escapes her. "I see. Such things are normal, yes?"

Gilbert takes a moment to consider Kaylee's offer then moves his stool closer to the women,"And one of the ladies doth have a sharp tongue. I think I would welcome the challenge. And, like any scholar will tell you, when you study groups you have to study generalities, not the exceptions to the rules. I did not say the three of you were, in the vernacular, 'on the prowl'. I said that /typically/ that is what a girl's night out stands for." There is an implicit acceptance there of the stated fact that he will be keeping three beautiful women company. "Let me acknowledge your gracious offer by paying for your drinks."

In the span of conversation she's finished her second whiskey and Valencia, feeling rather buzzed, found the man slightly amusing if not in an annoying way. Or maybe that was just the vibe she was getting from the woman beside her. Val eyes Eddie curiously before blinking and groaning rather audibly, "I left my purse at the bloody pitch," she growls. She stands, sorts her jacket, and smiles to Eddie fondly as well as then to Kaylee, "Pardon me. Be back shortly! Eddie I owe ye fer sure." A polite nod is given to Gilbert before eyeing Eddie to see if she'll be OK and not strangle the man. With that she shuffles, rather quickly, for the door muttering curses the whole way.

Well, this has very quickly gone from a relaxing evening with a new friend to something incredibly awkward. Eddie blinks and finger waves at Valencia, "No… no issue, luv, I've got it all. Shoo. We'll do another night!" Eddie insists rather firmly, giving her a little blown kiss before she now stares back at Kaylee and Gilbert. So awkward. She keeps a slightly tight smile in place as she explains to Gilbert simply, "I was already getting the ladies drinks. But… I can certain get another, so… no, you are on my tab. I insist, Mr. Sullivan." And then she gazes back to Kaylee, smiling a bit wider as she explains. "Mr. Sullivan there is… Not a fan of my brother's. Or, well, a fan of putting words in his and my mouth."

Kaylee lifts her gaze too follow after Valencia before she turns her attention back to Eddie, a soft "ah" escapes her. "I see. I have to admit I haven't kept up on much that has been going on lately." Which is a lie, she has, but now is not the time to bring up such matter, right? Her pale gaze turns back to Gilbert. "Still you should be careful of the things you say, especially out and about when ladies are drinking."

Gilbert puts his hand to over his heart theatrically and gasps at Eddie,"You do wound me M'Lady Malfoy. I have been quite careful not to put words into your or your brother's mouth. Indeed, most of what I have done is ask questions, nothing more. And I do not know you or your brother well enough to have formed opinions about you specifically although I will admit to having doubts about your brother's /politics/." He opens his mouth to say something more then looks over to Kaylee with his mouth slightly open and closes it with an audible click of his teeth, raising his mug to her in a toast instead,"To the peace-makers of this world."

"It's not about politics, Mr. Sullivan. It's about unity. Trying to give both sides of this world a chance at honesty and truth… We're not doing this to win friends or get some sort of office. We're doing it to make things better. It is people like you who scream politics, control, subjugation. Things we'd never even think about." Eddie sighs and shakes her head, expression darkening just a touch as her relaxed night out has now turned into a similar debate to the matter she's been discussing all week. She then turns back to Kaylee and gives a half smile, "Sorry… you really don't need to hear any of this. You just came for a drink and to relax also, I'm sure." Eddie knocks back the rest of her martini.

Kaylee lets her gaze drift between Gilbert and Eddie while she looks rather curious to say the least. A soft hum escaping her while she sips at her glass once more, and just takes it all in. Hearing Gilbert she seems a bit amused and half winks towards him playful-like as she lifts her glass for the toast. "I take it this has something do do with yer brother's speaking out the other night?" This questioned while she looks pointedly at Eddie. Her free hand waves slightly to the room. "This is a Tavern, people come to talk, listen, relax and most importantly drink." An another sip is taken from her glass to prove this.

Gilbert puts his mug on the bar to free up his hand, then waves then both in the air, side to side, to interrupt the conversation, "Miss… Well, we have not been properly introduced yet so for the moment she will be Miss Beauty. Miss Beauty has made it very clear she wants me to pick my words carefully so let us put aside the talk of politics and focus on more pleasant topics for the night. I am sure that we will have many more opportunities in the coming months to have heated conversations and it was truly not my intention to ruin your night Ms. Malfoy." Retrieving his mug he holds it up towards Eddie,"Truce for the evening?"

Eddie looks like part of her really just wants to escape the situation. But she's not that rude. "Ah… Kaylee… Gillet." She got the last name right, at least, "Gillet, Kaylee…" She's trying to be polite, even if her mind messes the matter up. She motions to the bartender for another round, smiling a bit more but it's clearly forced. She then scoops up her silver cigarette case and pops one out of there to stick the filter between her lips. She offers the case to both of them as well. "And… A truce should be fine, though I may retire after this round. Let you both relax."

Kaylee peers at Gilbert a few moments and lifts a brow, a soft chuckle soon escapes her. "Miss Beauty hmm? Well aren't ye a silver tongue snake with words. Kaylee O'Dwyer, pleasure ta meet ye." There is a slight pause as she hears Eddie. "Mr. Sullivan." Well of course she has heard of him. "Truce's are lovely things to do, especially when drinking is involved." She is just going to continue to tip-toe around the subject at hand it seems.

Gilbert nods,"A truce it is. And it is indeed a pleasure Ms. O'Dwyer. The silver tongue, I am afraid comes with the territory. I am but a poor thespian by profession and one needs to learn to use it properly to do well in that kind of endeavor." Turning to Eddie he smiles at her with a mischievous glint in his eye and says,"Well then we shall have to make it last. After all, you offered to pay for the drinks and it just would a little selfish to withdraw that offer before we, all three, are satisfied. Do you not agree, Ms. O'Dwyer? And I will also add the argument that if you are truly going to give me a truce then you should provide me the longest possible opportunity to prove that my politics are not the entirety of me but just a part. And not the best one by far."

"Oh, the bar knows me. I would just leave a tab open for you both, Mr. Sullivan… Miss Kaylee." Eddie seems more comfortable with the woman's first name, possibly because there is something in the back of her head telling her she's saying Gilbert's name wrong. But she just can't figure out why. So she smiles a bit more and takes a good puff of her cigarette, not moving to escape the seat quite yet but she isn't going to be stuck there. "…And that is not what a truce is at all, Mr. Sullivan. It simply means I shan't bite your head off for the moments we are sitting here. And vice versa." She then looks back to Kaylee and arches a slightly protective brow, "And yes, he is quite silver tongued. Do be careful, dear… unless you are looking to be swept off your feet."

Kaylee hums softly and nods while she lets her fingers slowly slide across her glass for a moment as she listens to the two. "I see, well ye do use it well I must say." This said with an amused tone to Gilbert, her pale gaze dancing a few times even. "Though I do have to agree with her answer to the truce. For the moment is all it will last, not into tomorrow an so forth." She waves a hand slightly. "This is why I do not get into politics. I'd much rather deal with werewolves, and dragons and so forth." An amused glance is sent to Eddie and then over to Gilbert, and she merely smile. "Oh he could try but I'm rather sure I'm not his type." Her tone is amused filled once more.

Gilbert grins at Eddie as he says,"Ah yes! Gilbert the Casanova." Smoothly correcting her without embarrassing her. See, he's not /all/ bad. "And, as the gentleman that I have apparently modeled myself after tonight I insist that if you are paying for the drinks you are also with us. If not I would greatly appreciate if you would allow me to take over when you decide that it is time to take your leave, even though I fear you will not feel yourself disposed towards doing me a favor." And to both women he directs the question,"And why, perchance, can we not change the definition of what a truce is? I would argue that politics can be like the Muggle's pugilism or our own dueling. A situation where, when you are engaged in the act itself, you are mortal enemies but upon leaving the ring the reason for contention is over and there is no longer need for the enmity." He then takes a drink from his mug before continuing, looking directly at Kaylee,"I wouldn't necessarily take bets on that quite just yet, Ms. O'Dwyer. You /have/ started off rather on the right foot."

Gilbert! That's it! Eddie's brow furrows in a moment of apology. "Gilbert. Sorry. I knew Gillet didn't sound right. Quite sorry." At least the blonde doesn't mind owning up to her own mistakes. She then finishes off her martini and stands up, listening to the description of the truce, and Kaylee's dear attempt to smooth this all over. She smiles graciously, "Kaylee, it was lovely to see you again. Some night you, Valencia and I will have to gather by my fire and have a proper relaxing evening. Mr. Sullivan… my tab will be open all night on which you can drink. Both of you. Enjoy the night on me but I think I will be taking my leave. Do forgive me. I've just… lost my taste for booze, politics or truces."

A usual face that shows himself at the Leaky Cauldron comes in the front door and looks about. A scarf is twisted about his neck and he walks over to around his normal seat. Should a woman meet his gaze, he would tip his bowler hat to them. With Edwarlinda, he makes a bit of a circle around to try and not meet her gaze at all. Still, he finds his seat and settles down and looks about the Cauldron with a bit of a frown on his face and gives a touch of a sigh.

Kaylee shakes her head slightly, a soft laugh escapes her while she leans back in her seat, once more a leg crossing over the other at the knee while she peers at both Eddie and Gilbert. A soft "ah" escapes her as she hears that Eddie must leave. "Of course. Send a owl my way anytime. Ye have herself a good night now, and do relax." A warm smile is seen before her attention turns to Gilbert, whom she eyes, a brow lifting. "Oh really now. I didn't know possible threatening to turn someone into something, perhaps toad-like would put me in the right direction." She is joking, mostly. Her pale gaze turns towards the movement of another, a slight nod and friendly smile is sent towards Edwin.

Gilbert tilts his head slightly at Eddie and then nods,"Well, if that is the case then I hope you do have a better evening from this point on. And I will not refuse you your offer so as to not cause offence." Watching Eddie leave he gives the unknown man a nod of his head if their eyes meet before turning back to Kaylee with a sigh and a shrug, muttering,"Well, I /did/ try." before returning to a more normal conversational volume,"Not all men fancy a frilly, flouncy woman with no will or fire. Some of us appreciate one that can hold her own in any situation. And more importantly, one that can think for herself rather than mindlessly cling to the ideas of the men around her." Where'd that come from?

A brief salute, and Eddie heads for the door and out.

Edwin listens to all that goes on around him and one could even see the man lift a brow at some of the comments.

Kaylee lets her pale gaze rest back upon Gilbert, taking a slow sip from her glass which finishes it. "Yes ye did try. An ye get points for trying in my book." This said with a grin while she lets her arms fold loosely in front of her, and she looks utterly relaxed while listening to Gilbert. "I see." A chuckle escapes her. "I don't often hear that from men I have to tell ye. Perhaps I'm talking to all the wrong ones." Amusement is clearly seen within that pale gaze of hers. "Not that I'm complaining in the least mind ye." Her Irish accent still heard, thick but she is able to be understood at least.

Gilbert takes a sip from his mug and smiles at Kaylee,"Well considering this is the first time I have had the pleasure of speaking with you it /would/ be rather wasting an opportunity if I I did not agree with the fact that you have, indeed, been talking with the wrong men. And I'm sure that with your looks and your delightful accent you get more than your fair share of men wanting the pleasure of your attention." After another sip of his beer and with a mischievous glint in his eyes he adds, "But enough compliments because if I continue your ego will get so big you will not be able to fit through the door at the end of the evening. Now, you mentioned dealing with werewolves, dragons, and other dangerous creatures. Mind if I ask what you do for a living Ms. O'Dwyer?"

Kaylee is clearly amused while she watches Gilbert, even unblinking for a moment, which is perhaps a bit unnerving. Perhaps checking to see if he has any tells, or a tick so show if he is lying. "Oh I'm sure I have met and spoken with many that have fallen head of hills with my accent only to have me shoot them down mid springing step when I tell 'em to bugger off." A soft chuckle escapes her and she tilts her head, pondering. "I'm a Ranger, I deal with dangerous beasts for the Ministry. Keeps me rather busy to say the least."

Gilbert holds Kaylee's gaze easily. After all, an actor must be comfortable with intimacies of all sorts with virtual strangers,"Well, I guess I will consider myself lucky to have led the chase as long as I have. And maybe I will push my luck a little further. After all, the only prize worth winning is the one requiring the biggest challenge to reach, do you not agree? I would be happy to hear about your most entertaining conquest, if you would like to share the tale."

Kaylee smiles now, a simple yet friendly looking one. "Oh I agree fully with such things. Only depends on how long one is willing to push ones luck, or perhaps chase after such a thing. At times one may find the chase too long and thus stop it at some point when the challenge is just too… Out of reach perhaps." A soft chuckle escapes her. "Perhaps at some point. I do have a few interesting stories to tell on such matters." Well of course she does, when every animal both magical and non wants too be your friend ones gets stories.

Gilbert arches his eyebrows slightly at both comments, one side of his mouth curling up appreciatively. Letting the first part of her response go by unanswered he focuses instead on the second,"Well then. If you do not want to talk about work then what topic would you prefer. After all, it would be a shame for me to insult Ms. Malfoy even more than I apparently have by disagreeing with her brother by not putting even one more round on her tab. And drinking alone is just plain sad. I would offer to share some stories of my own but I do not know how interesting you would find the tales of a simple international thespian and academic writer."

Kaylee seems to ponder this a moment, a slight glance is sent to her empty glass and a soft hum escapes her. "Well when ye put it like that. It is a bit hard ta say no." Her pale gaze turns back towards him, watching the man a few moments. "Ye'd be surprised. What sort of things do ye write?" This is questioned as she goes about ordering herself another ale when the server wanders by to collect her empty glass.

Gilbert's smile widens to then disappear with a theatrical sigh,"Well, you /are/ quite the intriguing one. Most people ask about the international travel. Or about the life on the boards and the people I have met thanks to it. You go for the books…" Throughout the night he has seemed genuine but there is a slightly different ring to his voice as if his interest has really been piqued now. "I write about Muggles. About their politics, their technology, and how our two societies interact. No exciting mysteries or adventures, no spies, knights, or damsels in distress. Simple, pure, and, I hope, unbiased facts. Terribly boring I am afraid."

Kaylee smiles now. "Well, I tend to see things differently then most do, I have found." She thanks the server for her drink once it is brought back to her, slender fingers sliding around the glass while she listens. "I see. I have had to learn some of the Muggle world as my job requires me to go out and find the animals in areas of Muggle cities." There is a pause before that pale gaze of her's flick back to Gilbert, she is looking rather curious at the moment. "How do ye feel then about what some are saying about the Muggles? With Eddie not here I see no reason for the truce to stay."

Gilbert laughs for a moment before saying,"Well, now you are just cruelly toying with me. First you tell me the chase will be too long and too arduous. Then you throw the proverbial carrot right in front of my nose. Even if in reality a good mug of lager would work much better than a carrot." The teasing tone disappears as he considers the proposed topic and once he starts speaking again he's all seriousness,"First I have to say that my intention was never to create an enmity with the Malfoy family. I was completely sincere when I said a while ago that it should be considered in the light of a sporting duel. That being said, for now I am neither for nor against Repealment. I think there are too many unanswered questions for any intelligent witch or wizard to make a decision at the moment. I do lean toward the camp that favors maintaining the Statute if for no other reason than the lessons history has taught us and the volatility of the political situation in the Muggle world at the moment."

Kaylee lifts a finger slightly. "No… I said the chase /may/ be too long. Never said it would be." She grins faintly as this is said. "As for the Malfoy family, I do no know them well. Other then what I read or am told. I was truthful when I said politics was something I do not keep up on, unless I truly must." She takes a sip from her glass of dark ale. "An it would take many more mugs of ale to turn into that carrot."

And speaking of ale and lager, Gilbert's pint is now empty. With a motion to the bartender he asks for another of the same and returns his attention to his companion. Putting on his best Shakespearean mannerisms he says,"Perish the thought M'lady. It would be most uncouth of me to think thy would offer up a pearl of such exquisite beauty with nothing more than a night of spirits and perchance tarnishing its splendor." And back to normal,"This time around I would suggest you keep up with it. The topic of Repealment will have far reaching impact within our society and the rhetoric coming from Germany and its Muggle government will not stay rhetoric for long. These are dark times we are moving into."

Kaylee shakes her head slightly, at the silver tongued words that the other offers up. She takes in a soft breath. "I know there are dark times coming. I truthfully think we should leave things as it is. Muggles do not understand things very well I've found out. We have plenty of problems of our own to deal with and should take care of them I feel." There is a slight pause and she waves a hand slightly. "So these books of yers. Do ye go exploring to find the information yerself then?" Subject changing time it seems.

Gilbert grins and indulges her in the change of topics,"That is the entire reason for the career as an actor. It can be fun at times and you do meet some fabulous people but its not truly my calling. Its simply a way for me to travel around the world without spending a whole lot of money or calling too much attention to myself. And being part of the entertainment world also gives me the chance to have interactions with Muggles from every walk of life. So, in a way, yes. I explore quite a bit."

Kaylee smiles and nods while she listens to Gilbert. "Well I do suppose that makes sense to some degree." This said softly, her mind wandering it seems. "So then as an actor, what sort of things have you had the pleasure of doing?" It is evening, there are a few around in the tavern. At the moment Gilbert and Kaylee are sitting at a table speaking over mugs of ale it would seem.

Gilbert chuckles and in a rare moment of plain speech says,"Well, this might not sound as romantic to you as it would sound to most Muggle women but I was most recently in gay Paree." Well, maybe not completely simple as the French accent creeps in,"Muggle women, by and large, consider Paree to be the most romantic city in the world and the French accent to be particularly attractive." Leaning ever so slightly closer he deepens his voice just a touch then says,"Par exemple, ils trouveraient cela tout fait irrsistible."

Trudging through the doorway of the Leakey Cauldron from the London entrance, Isobel Strudwick walks up to the bar, her steps heavy. Aside from her dress, which appears to be covered in a light layer of dust and dirt, she wears boots, to which dirt more readily clings. "Gimme a tall glass filled half way with fire whiskey." She sighs out, sounding tired. "Last time I help out in a garden o' that variety for seven hours straight!" The Scottish lass comments on the activity that apparently dirtied her clothes.

Kaylee peers at Gilbert a few moments, a soft chuckle escapes her. "I see. Well I suppose something about an accented voice, speaking things one does not understand would be interesting. Accents tend to always win after all." Her eyes narrow a hair and she ponders. "So… What /did/ ye say?" This questioned while leaning forward slightly, as she ponders the answer. Isobel's voice catches her attention and she glances up, a wave is sent towards the other woman with a smile seen.

Gilbert's eyes flicker to the side for a fraction of an instant then he decides its not worth looking behind him quite just yet. Holding his position he smiles and doesn't answer the question for the moment. Finally he says,"Well, we already mentioned a long while ago that accents are quite charming, especially yours. As for what I said, it was as simple as "for example, they would find this quite irresistible". After another moment he lets his eyes slide sideways and follows them with his head to look over his shoulder to see who his companion is waving at.

With her half-full glass of fire whiskey in hand, and coins thrown on the bar as payment, Isobel turns around to actually gaze about at the rest of the Cauldron. She smiles and offers a little wave back to Kaylee, though she doesn't move to walk over to the table. For all she knows, their having a nice little private chat. It doesn't do to be rude, after all!

Kaylee gaze drifts back to Gilbert, whom she offers a warm smile to, most likely the first one he's seen all night. "So ye have said. Thank ye by the way." She offers softly. "An with an accent like that I can see why some Muggle ladies might find it irresistible." A sly grin is clearly seen. "Hello Isobel. Would ye like too come join us?"

Gilbert matches sly grin for sly as he leans back into a neutral position now that a new person has been invited to the table. "Y si con un acento no fuese suficiente, yo tengo por lo menos dos." Looking up at Isobel he says, "Yes, please do join us. I was promised I would be able to brag about having spent time with three beautiful women and at the moment I can brag only about time with one. And while that is personally much more enjoyable than three, it is definitely less brag worthy among men."

"Oh, I wouldnae want ta make ya remiss in your braggin' rights." Isobel grins at them, walking toward them. "Though I must say, I'm narry a pretty sigh, clothes full o' dirt. I only got ta wash m'face back 'round where I was helpin'." She shakes her heat as she sits down, taking a small gulp of the fire whiskey. "Aye, that's strong." She shakes her head, taking a deep breath in. "So, what're we talkin' 'bout b'fore I interrupted?"

Kaylee ponders while she peers at Gilbert, a brow lifting and she chuckles. "That doesn't sounds like French." She points out. "Is that Spanish?" She knows Irish here none of this other stuff. "Oh I'll be more then happy to let Gilbert here to explain what we have been talking about. He so loves to talk." A playful wink is sent towards Gilbert while she says this and she takes a sip from her glass.

Gilbert wets his throat from his own mug and smiles at both women, while standing up to hold Isobel's chair for her,"Well, mostly about the beauty of accents, and that last one was indeed Spanish. And the fact that a woman with brains, opinions, and some fire in her spirit is the epitome of beauty, far and beyond the feeble and ephemeral beauty of the skin." All this is said as if declaimed for a monologue on stage and loud enough to be heard throughout the pub, drawing quite a few looks from other patrons. As he takes his seat, after helping Isobel with hers, he adds in a perfectly normal voice,"Oh and a little bit about the pros and cons of repealing the Statute of Secrecy. But we moved on from that topic rather quickly. Was that a proper summary of the night's conversation Ms. O'Dwyer?"

Nodding her head toward him, Isobel murmurs, "Thank ya, sir." To Gilbert as he helps with her seat. "I wouldnae go about sayin' there's somethin' wrong with havin' brains. Havin' a good head on your shoulders is somethin' ta be proud of. And we all do have our talents, wherever they may lay." She smiles. "I'd say I donae know much of accents. Well, except maybe tellin' where I person is from in Scotland. Especially when they get about talkin' in Gaelic. I could probably tell ya where a person's from in Scotland just by how they talk in Gaelic. Though not as well, I could probably tell ya with English accents as well." She chuckles and takes a sip of her whiskey. "Not that Statute of Secrecy discussion, that's bound ta split a few hairs."

Kaylee is a bit amused, and perhaps just a bit taken back as she watches and hears Gilbert. "Well, that is all very lovely indeed." She chuckles softly and lifts a hand to smooth back a few curls of her hair. "Oh yes that sounds about right." Her pale gaze turns to Isobel. "An that he also has a silver tongued with the words. So do be careful of the honey he is handing out."

Gilbert arches an eyebrow at Kaylee,"Do you really think I would be so fickle as to switch my attentions as soon as the next pretty face walks in the door? Or such a coward that I would hedge my bets by spreading the 'honey' around? No, the race is not fully run yet and if I quit now I would certainly deserve to be turned it the worst possible creature your experienced imagination can come up with." And to Isobel he says,"Gilbert Sullivan, at your service."

A mischievous grin crosses Isobel's face. "I'll keep that in mind. Thank ya for warnin' me!" She playfully winks at Kaylee before turning her attention once more to Gilbert when he introduces himself. "Pleasure ta meet ya, Mister Sullivan. I am Isobel Strudwick." She nods her head in a slight bow-type greeting.

Kaylee hums softly while she peers at Gilbert. "No, I don't think ye would. Merely a joke, though I have to admit most likely at yer expense." She glances to Isobel and smiles. "His not that bad actually. I've truthfully have had a lovely conversation with him. An I can say the ale has nothing to do with my judgement." A slight grin is seen. "Takes more then two to affect me." Speaking of ale, she finishes what is in her glass and slowly stands. "I know ye just joined in Isobel but I should go, paperwork a plenty waiting for me at home." Her gaze turns to Gilbert. "It was a pleasure to meet ye. I do hope ye both have a good night." A slight finger wiggle of a wave is given while she turns to take her leave.

Gilbert gets to his feet as Kaylee does and before she can take a step away from the table he takes her hand, gently but firmly. Without breaking eye contact he says,"Tut, tut. What kind of gentleman would I be if I let you leave without a small token of my admiration and respect. Its been a true pleasure M'Lady O'Dwyer and I sincerely hope to enjoy your company again, soon." As he speaks he slowly bows and brings her hand to his lips, kissing her knuckles in the old way. With a winks he releases her hand, waiting to see what happens next. Well, /bravely/ waiting to see what happens next considering the kinds of veiled threats he's heard through the course of the night.

"Well, at least I know I won't be in terribly bad company then. I'll trust your judgement." Isobel chuckles softly. "Don't go workin' too hard now, ya hear? If I hear through the Ministry gossip that ya have been workin' too hard, I'll be straight to your desk with a vacation requisition form!" She grins and winks at the other woman. "Have a good night, Kaylee." She does raise an eyebrow curiously at Gilbert. He certainly does seem to want to do his… gentlemanly duty.

Kaylee chuckles softly as she hears Isobel. "Maybe I should work extra hard then to see if that'll happen." Though her attention is back on Gilbert and she blinks as her hand is taken hold of and kissed and she seems utterly taken back. Many don't call her comments after all, and she is a bit torn on what to do it seems. That pale gaze of hers stays on Gilbert's a few moments longer, a slight blush forms across her cheeks before she smiles. "That was very kind and gentlemanly of ye indeed Mr. Sullivan. An' I thank ye for it." There is a slight pause and she leans just a hair closer to him before he can step back. "Though do ask my permission before kissing me again. I'd hate to fill out a report for turning someone into a puffskein." A wink is seen, along with very faint sly grin before she turns and steps away from the table.

Gilbert returns to his seat with a smile and a comment of "Fair enough." Then he watches Kaylee until she's out the door before returning his attention to his newest companion. "My apologies, I do find myself quite taken with Ms O'Dwyer, as I am sure was quite obvious." There's really no trace of embarrassment there,"So, you were talking about helping with gardens if I heard you correctly. What type of garden was it, that it was so difficult?"

"I wouldnae fancy havin' ta be the voice o' reason in that. Nor the one ta turn someone back from a transfiguration. I usually save my changin' o' transfigurations for when I'm testin' the youngin's durin' their exams!" Isobel chuckles and then watches Kaylee for a moment as well. When Gilbert starts speaking once more, she turns her head to face him, taking a sip of her drink. "Aye, she's quite a lass." She smiles. "The garden? Oh, yes. It had the likes o' Devil's Snare and mandrakes! And other such plants that'll cause a person a few heart-thumpin' moments!"

Gilbert raises his eyebrow and then slowly shakes his head for a moment,"Well, its the night of charming accents. And if I heard you correctly it sounded like you were hinting at being an Examiner. How did you come to be dealing with such a garden? It sounds like it is slightly outside of your area of expertise."

"Ah, it's a simple Scottish accent from a simple Scottish lass. But I thank ya for the comment." Isobel responds to the mention of the accent, a sly grin across her face. "Yes, I'm an examiner with the with Wizarding Examinations Authority." She nods along in her answer. "I studied Herbology in fair measure back at Hogwarts. I even took my NEWTs in it. A friend was askin' me for help with their garden, I couldnae say no!" She says with a simple shrug of her shoulders. "I hadn't done garden work in quite some time. I seemed ta underestimate how much work it'd actually involve!"

Gilbert takes a drink from his almost empty mug as he listens then smiles,"Well, now that you have had a fire whiskey to relax, would you like something more refreshing? Like a mug of ale? I find fire whiskey just makes me hotter than when I started to work.""

Downing the last of her whiskey, Isobel tilts her head to one side. "An ale? Well, I certainly wouldnae say not ta an ale. It's been quite the day, and I could use with a bit more relaxin' b'fore I head back home for the evenin'!" She grins widely. "Now, what is it that ya do yourself, Mr. Sullivan?"

Gilbert smiles and nods, then motions to the staff for two ore mugs of ale before returning to the conversation,"I am an actor, which at this point you might have guessed. But that is just a way to simplify my research into Muggle society and technology as it allows me to travel and to meet Muggle from all walks of life."

Listening to the man, Isobel starts to stare at him wide-eyed. "Wait a minute…you're not that Gilbert Sullivan, are ya? The writer o' all those books on Muggles?" She looks at him in amazement. "I've found 'em interestin' ta read, bein' a muggle born m'self." She chirps off. "Oh, it's a real pleasure ta meet ya, Mr. Sullivan! A real pleasure indeed!"

Gilbert bows his head slightly, arms outstretched to the side, the picture of humility for a moment before he settles himself in a more normal posture in his chair,"I am indeed. And I am glad you have found them interesting. I must admit that I understand when people do not recognize the name or only recognize me because of my acting work. Purely scholarly book are not necessarily the most entertaining read. And how did you come to be an Examiner at such a young age?" He then takes his new mug and takes a drink as he waits for an answer.

"I'll admit, I saw someone in my office readin' your books and decided ta pick 'em up myself. I didn't take muggle studies in school, and havenae stood as an examiner for it, but sometimes it's interestin' ta see books written for the magical community on the topic o' muggles." Isobel responds, taking a quick gulp of her ale. "Ya see, I'd been working in the Magical Law Enforcement office, as a secretary o' sorts. I'd been gettin' a tad bit antsy, though. Itchy feet, as they'd say. It wasn't workin' my brain as I'd wanted it ta, ya know? Then I'd seen there was an openin' in the Wizardin' Examinations Authority, and so I applied. Apparently they felt I had enough qualifications, 'cause I've been workin' for 'em for five years now."

Gilbert waggles a finger a bit at Isobel,"And ya yer own test me wee lassie. I complimented ye on yer yoothful lok and instead of remin me o' the fair Kaylee ye allowed it ta pass." As quickly as he picked up the accent he drops it again which is apparent once he's put down his mug after his sip of ale,"Have you enjoyed your work with the students? I was actually meeting with Headmaster Dippet a day or two ago to talk over the possibility of holding a one day seminar in Muggle Studies to supplement the class for those that might be interested."

Isobel winks to Gilbert. "Ya did compliment me at tha'." She grins a little. "She was right, too, ya know. Ya are silver tongued, with words drippin' like honey! But it nary a thing I hold against a man. But I know when ta dance around a compliment ta boot!" She laughs, shaking her head, a lock of her brown hair dancing from side to side along her right shoulder. "Armando Dippet. Good man."

A tinny little tune comes from Gilbert's pocket and he gives a small jump of surprise at hear it. Digging into his coat pocket he pulls out a Muggle pocket watch, checks it and frowns slightly as he puts it away,"It has been a pleasure meeting you, Ms. Strudwick but I am late for an appointment so I fear I will have to be terribly rude and leave you to your own devices for the night. I do hope you fare well and may this pleasure be repeated soon." As he talks he gets out of his chair and start putting on his overcoat and hat.

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