(1937-10-13) A Vengeful Dame
Details for A Vengeful Dame
Summary: Audrey enlists Wolfgang's help in her vengeance against Magnus.
Date: 13 October, 1937
Location: Flat Above the Natrix
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Flat Above The Natrix, London

Behind a hidden panel and up a flight of stairs from the Natrix's office, this swanky penthouse apartment is decorated with the same art deco sensibility as the room below, but far more lavishly. The stairs top out in the center of a wide circular room. The inner half of the circle covered in plush green carpet, the outer half in black and white marble tiles. A variety of eclectic modern statues on pedestals ring the room, along with silver-framed mirrors and modern paintings. In nearly every room there is a piano of some sort. A standing piano is the smaller rooms and a beautiful black grand piano with sexy curves and art deco designs on the legs and on the lid. On the carpet opposite the stairs is a seating area with several low-slung white Italian leather couches and armless chairs surrounding a circular mahogany table.

The curving walls are translucent glass, and through its milky-white surface the outline of the rooms beyond can be seen: a kitchen and bar with another small seating area, a smoking parlor with a billiards table, a large bathroom with a jacuzzi, and a bedroom dominated by a tall king-sized four-poster with a silver and rosewood frame. One five-meter segment of the glass wall is one-way transparent glass, offering a view of the night club's surroundings that opens on to a discreet balcony.

Audrey has dressed to the nines, in a crisp, cream-colored jacket and skirt than ends just below the knee, showing off her black stockings with the seam up the back. A wide-brimmed hat, sporting a peacock feather, hides half of her face. Over the exposed cheek is a sculpted curl of sunshine-blonde hair, complimenting sparkling ruby earrings. So attired, she has come to the Natrix club to see its owner. None bar her path as she goes through the private office and up the stairs to Wolfgang Montague's flat, for she is well known as a welcome guest.

Wolfgang calls, "Come in, Audrey!" His voice happy and inviting. The tinkling of keys, she knows it well, he's at his piano and is composing. A tray on the grand piano has a decanter of Single-Malt Whiskey and he's already filled a short glass before it. Next to it is his own glass of his preferred Italian brew. He slides over on the piano bench a little and pats it. His eyes angling over to her and it's clear that while he appreciates how beautiful she looks, he stays cool and focused on his composing."

Audrey steps inside, giving a little pout that she had to let herself in. But she's hardly going to let it spoil things. "Hello, Wolfgang," she greets him in a sultry tone. She saunters over toward him, a wry smile playing on her red-painted lips. The hat comes off, and is left on the piano, the half-glass of whiskey taken in its place. She slides in to sit next to him, brushing her thigh right up against his. She knows this tune, and after a sip, lifts her voice to sing along with the melody.

Wolfgang slides his hand away from the keys to slide it around behind her back to greet her with a hug and he leans in to kiss her neck and then continues to play giving her back up every now and then.

Audrey can't help the appreciative squeal in her voice when his lips touch her skin. She gives him a laughing smile as they sing together. For a few minutes, they are just two artists enjoying their shared passion. But as the song comes to a close, a somberness overcomes her, the smiles fading to a soft sigh.

Wolfgang frowns with concern when she sombers up. He turns on the bench so his legs slide under hers and he pulls her up into his lap. "Hey now, that's no expression for my Dollface to have. What's wrong?" One finger runs along her jaw and he taps her frowning lips indicatively about the 'expression' he means.

Audrey takes a deep breath, as the pouty look darken further, a flash of anger in her eyes. Though she puts an arm around his shoulders, squeezing to try to reassure him that it isn't him she is angry with. "Somebody has hurt a dear friend of mine, and I feel powerless to do anything about it."

Wolfgang's own expression darkens and he caresses her face and even leans in to place a kiss on her lips. "You came to the right place. Which I know you know already. How can I show you just how powerful my Mistress is?" He gives her a smile and lifts up her chin with a crooked finger underneath it so he can look her in the eyes. "Go on."

Mistress. The idea discomforts her as much as it thrills her. But she's not about to argue the point right now. Not when she needs him. "Do you remember opening night? There was an exotic woman that was rather…well…taken with me. I don't know how obvious it was then. But her name is Ranjali, and she has become a precious friend to me." She inhales sharply, that fire sparking in her eyes. "Another man, who we thought to be a friend, took advantage of her when she'd been drinking. He claims she came onto him, but I don't believe it for a moment. She's a lesbian, Wolfie. She's actually quite enamoured with me. But she has no interest in men at all. Plus, she isn't prone to heavy drinking, and she can't remember even being at the Cauldron with him. I think he spiked her drink, and used her." The growing scowl on her face says it all. She wants him to suffer.

Wolfgang's jaw sets, he might be a little morally…ambiguous in some realms, but the mistreatment of women is something that he does not abide. "This scumbag have a name? Don't you worry your pretty little head about this a moment more Doll. Your Wolfie will get things handled."

Audrey kisses him. She doesn't even hesitate for a moment in showing her gratitude. When she breaks away, her face is hard and angry. "Magnus Troy. A wizard. I can even tell you exactly where he lives. Hurt him, Wolfie. Make him pay for what he did."

Wolfgang smirks, it's a devilish little 'He's solid gone' sort of expression. "The Watershed. I know who Magnus Troy is. Perhaps the Montague's weren't clear enough with him about where and where not he was welcomed to start trouble. Don't you worry Doll. Your Wolfie will show the Ambassador that he doesn't have as much diplomatic immunity as he seems to think he has." He leans in to kiss her again. "How much do you you want him to pay up Doll?" He drifts his fingers over he still damp spot on her neck from his kiss.

Audrey gives him a satisfied moan at the kisses and touching. She wants him to know she is grateful. "So you're familiar, are you? Well, let's just say I want to make sure that the next time he thinks about doing this to a woman, he's more likely to wet himself than get it up. Also, he stays the hell away from Ranjali, me, and Genevieve Cooper." She's certainly got some demands, but she's fired up and full of vengeance.

Wolfgang nods and caresses her thighs before he slides out from under them. "We are. The Watershed is now a part of my real estate portfolio. It's my security on his place. So this shouldn't prove too difficult." He takes up his drink and stroll for the balcony. "You need anything else? Been missing you. This thing with Ranjali has gotten more serious than just your…curiosities?"

Audrey gets a positively wicked smile as Wolfgang explains his edge over Magnus. Oh, it's just too delicious. She rises to follow him, drink in hand. "Serious? I…I don't know. I mean, no, it hasn't. But…it's hard not to feel something when I see that look in her eyes." She nibbles at her lip, giving him a slightly guilty look.

Wolfgang looks back to her, the London skyline behind him. One finger, his index finger stretches away from the faceted crystal short glass in his hand to curl his finger, beckoning. "I understand Doll. You have needs. She gives you the attention you deserve. It's attractive. I remember her, she's beautiful too. Cooper…who's she?" While he's met the Auror trainee several times down in the club. He doesn't quite place her.

Audrey moves to his side, curling an arm into his and leaning her head on his shoulder. "Genevieve Cooper. She's another friend, and she's someone else close to him that he'll probably hurt." She sighs softly. "I have to go soon. Ranji is at my place, and I don't want to leave her alone for long. She's…hurting."

Wolfgang slides his arm around her to allow her to tuck in closely. "It's cut you deep too, I can tell. But don't you worry. I'm going to take care of everything. At the very least he'll never be interacting with the three of you. Why don't you go over to the display case over there in the sitting room. Pick out the place you would like to take Ranjali. If she likes India, there's one there too. Any one you want, pick it out and I'll take the two of you there and you can have a quiet relaxing vacation together, give her some time to heal. The villa in Venice always helps my mother. It's why I thought the trip to India might help Ranjali."

Audrey tilts her head up at him. "Wolfie…are you serious? No…I couldn't. I'm in a play. I have responsibilities." She protests, but her tone wavers with uncertainty. A getaway might be just what Ranjali needs to heal and feel safe again.

Wolfgang looks her directly in the eyes, extremely serious. "I told you that I take care of my girls. You give me the hours that you need to be back home here, one of my fellas will be at your door at the designated times and you and Ranjali if she wants can come back so you can fulfill your responsibilities. Or, you can tell Sharkey that if he even dreams about giving you guff over it. I'll be very happy to set him straight." He gives her a wolfish smile as she takes another drink of his whiskey. He kisses her forehead and then hums to himself and starts to sing, improv singing, conjuring a brand new song up right then and there, crooning just for her. "~Fireflies.~ ~Seven million fireflies~ ~dance drunken circles~ ~in the moonlight~ ~of your eyes~." He smiles and takes a sip before continuing. "~Brandy kissed lips~" He leans in to give her lips a soft kiss. "~walking cross the bridges~ ~of my heart~…" As he sings he also leads her over to the display case to where many of his properties are in faceted crystal frames.

Audrey giggles at his made-up song, but her blush betrays how it plays right to her heart. She hangs on his arm as she is led inside to look over the display case. "I'll talk to Ranji about it. Thank you, Wolfgang." She steps up on her tip-toes, kissing his cheek, then cuddles into him…feeling safe.

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