(1937-10-13) Advising Ria
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Summary: Professor Slughorn gives Ria some valuable information about her upcoming tribunal.
Date: 13 October, 1937
Location: Potion's Classroom
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Potions is not Ria's strong suit. Perhaps its the strange smells, strongly colored ingredients and all the…mixing involved. So unlike most of her classmates, she lagged when it came to making today's particular concoction. It all worked out fine though, since Professor Slughorn asked her to stay behind afterward. She got her potion done eventually, and now that she's tergeo'd and scourgify'd herself and her workstation to death (she does keep an impeccably neat area) she collects her books and makes to way to the Potions Master's table. "You wanted to speak with me, sir," she says. If she's apprehensive, which she is, it doesn't show and her tone is kept as polite and respectful as ever.

Slughorn lifts his gaze from a book on his desk, giving Ria a grandfatherly smile. "Ah, yes, Miss Sykes. Do sit down." He lifts his wand, gesturing across the room. The classroom door shuts with a click. "There, now we can speak freely." He closes the book and pushes it aside. The cover is inscribed with the words: Hogwarts Rules and Procedures. "I should like to discuss with you your impending hearing."

Ria does indeed take a seat with all the dainty elegance of a ballerina. Straightening out her skirt, she holds her things in her lap while she eyes the rule book critically. "Yes, any information would be of great help," she sits with a straight posture. "I've never been to one of these before…" The way she says it, it's almost as if she's trying to emphasize how clean her record is.

Slughorn smiles sweetly at her. "Of course you haven't. Which is why I am here to…ah…give you direction. A compass, if you will. Now then, the hearing will consist of a tribunal of sorts. There are three votes that will determine your future status as Prefect. The first is my own, as your Head of House. The second is that of Headmaster Dippet. Finally, a third vote is decided upon by a council of Prefects, one from each house."

Okay, Ria can handle this. Slughorn's vote, no problem. She's fairly confident on that end. Headmaster Dippet, hmmm okay that might be a bit more of a challenge, but not a lost case. She hasn't ever gotten on his bad side per se. But a corner of her mouth crinkles with a half frown at the council of prefects. While some don't necessarily hate her, she has a feeling one or two of them might not find her very favorable. "Can you tell me more about how the third vote is decided then?" she asks curiously.

Slughorn nods, lacing his pudgy fingers together. "I thought that might get your attention. Well, it's simple. One Prefect is selected from each house to sit on a Prefect's Council. The Prefects are chosen by the Heads of House. They will sit in on the hearing, and then convene together to decide amongst themselves, the majority determining how their vote will go. If they are split evenly, their vote will match the Headmaster's. So…as you can see, the Prefects and the Headmaster are very important to impress."

Oh, wonderful. Just wonderful. Ria's jaw stiffens at the idea of her peers judging her. Could it be that she realizes how…not well liked…she is? "Important to impress," she repeats with thought. "So, does that mean I'll have to actively - for lack of a better term - get them on my good side then?" She endeavors so hard to hide her disdain for this idea. "How far in advance will I get to know who sits on the Prefect Council? Or will I get to know at all?"

Slughorn attempts a reassuring smile. "Well…the Heads of House have until the hearing itself to choose their candidates. But, I have reason to believe that the choices have been narrowed to a select few. Naturally, I have chosen Mr. Proudmore for Slytherin House. After all, I suspect few know you better." That Lucian might be terribly biased for that same reason doesn't seem to have entered the Professor's mind. "Professor Mopsus seems to have a great deal of faith in Ajax Selwyn, so he is a likely candidate." He pauses for a moment, and oh-so-subtly pushes a pad of paper and a quill toward Ria.

Ria licks her lips in approval that Lucian was being picked. In fact, she seems almost reassured and relieved that he'll be there helping in the decision process. Though she's not sure how much leverage he'll gain for her. Because let's face it. He's Johnny from Karate Kid. No one likes that guy. "And what of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor? Any idea who will be representing those houses?" But her green eyes focus on the paper and quill before blinking and laying them back silently on Slughorn in a 'What's this?' sort of look. And she quietly waits for the Slytherin Head to explain.

"Names!" Slughorn stage-whispers, as if there were anyone else about to hear him. "Write them down, Miss Sykes. Now then…Professor Dumbledore has been particularly impressed with the fair-minded Lois Pym. But Eamon MacCaille has also performed well this year." He stops to see if she is writing these names down, then continues. "As for Professor Beery, oh, he does like to chat over a dram." Slughorn titters. "I would put money on either Seamus Cavanaugh or Briar Crocker."

Cooper blinks. Oh! Nodding silently, she gets it and holds the quill in her polished fingers to consider a few names. This is where things turn into a game of strategy. Oh, how she wishes she played more chess! Ria ponders her choices. That Pym girl is with Leander. It's likely he spilled unfavorable information to her. Not to mention, she meddles. So she easily writes downs 'Eamon MacCaille' first in her impeccably neat script. Hufflepuff's a tougher decision. Briar is not too fond of her, and she could never quite get the American girl on her good side. And Seamus well…she might have soiled that relationship a while ago. But it might be mendable! The silver fox it is! She then writes 'Seamus Cavanaugh' down just under it. "Professor, will any deliberation process happen? Will there be any witnesses or evidence that can be put into consideration on my behalf?" she asks. Too much Law and Order for Ria's player.

Slughorn nods approvingly. "Best write them all down, Miss Sykes. There is no telling which might be chosen in the end. Now then, yes, you will be allowed to present witnesses to your actions and your character. You could ask for Mr. Proudmore in that regard, but then I fear I would have to appoint a different Slytherin Prefect for the council."

Cooper nods and adds Ajax Selwyn to the list of perfectly written names. Though she's already thinking of who would be able to speak on her behalf. There aren't a great many, that's for sure. They could probably only be counted on one hand. "Of course, Mr. Proudmore is out of the question," she nods understandingly. "How many witnesses am I allowed? May they be family (ahem Kaiden)? And will there be witnesses against me as well?"

You say, "All that witnessed the event, or have knowledge of it, will be asked to speak, or to given a written testimony," Slughorn explains. "That will include Miss Summerbee, Mr. Kyle, Madam Spleen, and the Fox twins. Naturally, you may call anyone you like.""

Ria hmms already trying to formulate her defense like a skills lawyer. "I see," she says and slowly pushes the pad and quill back to Slughorn, of course checking over her shoulder to see if there was anyone coming in just in case. "For the sake of expedience, I'll ask anyone extraneous to simply write something if that's alright…," she says and stands up from her seat as if readying to go, "Professor Slughorn, I can't thank you enough for your help with this. It's deeply appreciated. Is there anything else I should know?"

Slughorn leans in conspiratorially, again adopting the stage whisper. "Don't overlook Headmaster Dippet. If you can sway him, the Prefects' votes won't matter." He sits up again, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "How do you think the Fox brothers will testify? Be honest, my dear."

Got it. Go for the Dippet. Ria nods understandingly but to Slughorn's question she's rather curious. "Hmm, Leander isn't too fond of me, but … he sought me for help with with his dueling magic … even if it wasn't in the appropriate context. So I don't think he's too unfavorable of me," she says. Because you know. He's being held to an unbreakable vow! "Ripley will be fine. He's a good boy with a…good heart who always means well…" Her eyes wander for a second after she says this, pauses a moment, and then clears her throat, "I have no worries about him."

Slughorn nods, "Very good. Very good. I will be meeting with them soon. I'm sure they'll understand how important these matters are to the house." He smiles warmly to Ria, rising and offering his hand to lift her up before escorting her out. "I have every faith in you, Miss Sykes. Look at this as an opportunity!"

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