(1937-10-13) Costume Shopping
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Summary: Magnus runs into Edwarlinda and Jocunda while buying a multitude of costumes for an upcoming gala.
Date: October 13, 1937
Location: Madam Malkin's Robes
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Madam Malkin's Robes Diagon Alley

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and overcast.

Light makes its way around and over the mannequins in the big display window at the front of Madam Malkin's shop illuminating it without the need of much anything else. At the back of the shop there are three step stools set in front of three trifold mirrors to allow for multiple customers to be fitted at one time. Next to the last mirror there are doors leading to dressing rooms, allowing customers to change in privacy. To one side of the shop a couch and two arm chairs have been set around a pretty little French Colonial style table to provide a resting place for any companions a customer might come into the shop with. On the opposite side of this seating arrangement racks have been lined along the wall to display the shops wares, tasteful little signs reminding shoppers from time to time that all robes and cloaks are self-ironing and self-repairing. Above the racks of robes and cloaks there are shelves of hats suitable for even the most discriminating witch or wizard.


It's surprisingly warm out for a fall afternoon, but it's still raining. Magnus has just come in to the clothing store after a light workday, and after hanging his wet frock coat up on a nearby hook, he smiles at a nearby clerk and heads towards a seasonal rack full of All Hallow's Eve outfits. The tall, thin man takes his time - he appears to be picking out multiple sets of clothing, pushing the ones that he's interested in off to the far side of the rack. Occasionally he reaches down to the crates and bins of accessories to pick something out that matches.

Looking to get out of the rain and into a store that isn't a bar, for once, Eddie ducks quickly in the first shop that she's seen since the rain quickened up again. It's a practical downpour outside, and her light gray Auror's robes are showing the beginnings of her getting soaked, which she didn't actually manage to finish. A deep breath is taken as she looks around the place, a fond smile pulling at her lips filled with nostalgia and current respect. She lights a cigarette casually before beginning to pick her way into the room. "Maybe it is a sign… some new robes in order… Mm.." She murmurs out loud to herself.

The ambassador, meanwhile, has picked out three outfits so far: Phantom of the Opera, a grizzled old man, a rough-spun 'Death' costume, and a medieval troubador. Shopping for costumes at a Wizarding shop is always better - the masks are charmed to move realistically, and the outfits are, of course, much more authentic than Muggle equivalents. Magnus looks up when he hears the door chime, and he ceases in his search long enough to smirk impishly at the singular woman who has just entered. "Miss Malfoy - how are you?" He steps out from behind the rack of clothing slowly and tilts his head to one side, then lowers his voice to a soft lilt that the clerk won't be able to hear: "Pity you didn't wear white today, madamoiselle." Wink.

The somewhat familiar voice catches Eddie's attention, especially as she takes another drag of her cigarette and allows a smile to quickly dance across her charmed red lips. She double times over in Magnus' direction, platnium brows arching as she sees the outfits in his arms. "A big party planned, Magnus, or just quite fond of this holiday? I'm still thinking of throwing my own gathering but this week has been… Hectic, to say the least." She then blinks at his question, a bit of a husky laugh escaping her lips, "And why is it a pity I did not wear white?"

It's only on such a holiday that Jocunda might venture into such a shop. Unlike many witches, she tends to stray from long, flowing robes. They can cause her issues when flying, you see. But there is such a day coming up in which one might want a costume. Something more suited for any gatherings they may be invited to. The young woman strides purposefully into Malkins, but it's upon entering that she falters. Uncertainty flits into those smooth features for just a moment before she takes up again and heads for the self-same racks that Magnus and the ambassador pick through.

"One big party - but I'll only be wearing the one outfit." Magnus chuckles and shifts the outfits so that they're draped over his arm and out of the way, then reaches out and lifts Edwarlinda's hand so he can brush a kiss across her knuckles. "But I prefer to have extras in case I change my mind at the last moment. One never knows when they'll get an imaginative impulse." His pale grey eyes flicker with amusement, and he leans forward a little so that he's only a few inches away from her ear. "Why? Because the color suits you, of course," he drawls, his voice dripping with cynical playfulness - then leans back and laughs softly. He's about to say something else, but his gaze lands on Jocunda as she enters and he startles. "Jocunda. I haven't seen you in ages, little one - not so little anymore, I see."

"Well, keep your eyes open, it does look like mine shall be a tarts and vicars party. So… find a vicar outfit while you are at it, yes?" Eddie offers with a wider smile, finally having gotten used to the fact that that is the sort of party she intends to throw. And also finally understanding what that means! She then looks down, only now realizing her gray robes are a good bit more soaked than she first though. She laughs and gives his side a little, playful swat. "When did you turn into a flirt, old man?" She teases him warmly, though the flirting is now interrupted by the appearance of the younger woman. Eddie tilts her head in greeting to the woman. "Mm… Jo…cunda, is it? I think I've seen you around the ministry once or twice. But people are so bloody busy there, sometimes it's hard to actually meet the other departments."

Gloves are in the midst of being pulled off when Magnus speaks to her and Jocunda's expression goes a little blank. She seems flustered- clearly one not used to being caught off-guard. She tries to cover it by busying herself with tucking gloves into belt and undoing her scarf. "Uncle," she draws, a smile in place when her chin lifts. The word is spoken warmly, but with a pressure upon it that of /course/ she expected to see a family member here. Right now. She strides over, perhaps intending to offer forth a hug. "No, not so little, I assure you." There's a quick nod for Edwarlinda, lips curving into a smile. "Jocunda Sykes. I'm often around the ministry, yes. Broom Regulation."

"Oh, I'll certainly pick out an outfit, then - I'd make an excellent priest, don't you think?" Magnus grins, then laughs again at Edwarlinda's question. "/Old man/? Turn into? Madamoiselle, I—" He doesn't have time to finish, because he's presented with Jocunda, whom he quickly embraces in an affectionate hug. "How have you been? The last time I saw you during hols you were - I think you were about up to here." The ambassador lowers his hand to waist-level. "Jocunda, this is Eddie Malfoy, a fearsome auror of some repute. Her real name is Edwarlinda, but don't tell her I said so," he quips, casting a sidelong glance to the older woman and smirking. "How are things at the Ministry for you, niece? Do you enjoy your job?"

The grin that was on Eddie's lips only widens at Magnus' words about being an old man. She gives him a husky laugh and gently fond elbowing, but no due to carry on with this topic while there are young ladies present. Eddie straightens up again, doing her very best to look confident and glamarous even under her damp Auror's robes. She offers an elegant, slender hand in the younger woman's direction, "Miss Sykes! It is a pleasure. Yes. I'm certain I've seen you in the lift, before, if nothing else. Your Uncle is a dear man, and an old acquaintance, though I'm hoping we may rekindle a friendship again! If either of our schedules permit. And don't listen to him. My name is Eddie indeed, just call me Eddie!"

When she steps away from the hug, the affection slips away from Jocunda as well. It's back to a more stoic demeanor, though the slight twitches of a smirk upon her lips reveal that for what it is: a mask. She accepts the hand offered, giving a brief but firm shake. "Eddie it is, then. I'm sure that'll be a sight easier to recall, as well." She glances towards Magnus, hand dropping back to her side. "Have you enough outfits there, uncle? As for the ministry… Ah, it has its up and downs. As, I'm learning, any job does."

Magnus jokingly shakes his head and mouths 'no!' when the two women agree upon using the shortened 'Eddie', but his expression softens and becomes more serious when the auror mentions rekindling their friendship. "As am I," he says genially, and somehow, oddly - almost regretfully. He glances down at the myriad of outfits on his arms and grins at Jocunda, though, hoisting them up a bit for her to see more clearly. "I was just about to tell Miss Malfoy that I'll be hosting a costume gala before All Hallow's Eve - nominally for the Goblin Rights movement, but it will be open to the public. I'm indecisive about what exactly I'll choose, yet, so these are for… security."

"Oh! This is YOUR costume gala that you're preparing for? That I did not realize. Goodness, well, now I need to find something extra special." Eddie's head tilts, eyes narrowing as she hears the smallest tone of regret in his voice, "Is all well, Magnus?" She dates to ask, always a bit too forward for her own good. She then looks back in Jocunda's direction, an expression of understanding crossing her pale features. "Ahh, yes… the ministry. Bureaucracy. A headache to live with, impossible to live without. You will certainly have the days where you wish to strangle half your office, but I promise all the struggle is worth it. We're ensuring that wizard society can function safely, protected and intelligently. It's all work worth doing."

Were another Ministry official not present — especially an older and more experienced one — Jocunda might risk sharing how dreadfully bored she is. "I've been thinking I may need to plan another stunt, but how does one top crossing the Atlantic?" That, more than likely, is the true source of her boredom. There's a brief glance towards the racks of costumes. Robes, accessories, and masks all. "I did not know you would be in town long enough to host an event… My mother must be slacking in her duties of sharing family news." Bright gaze returns to the other two, but settles upon Eddie. "I fear I've already had days like that. At least much of my job keeps me out of the Ministry itself. I was unlucky enough to get a desk near the portkey office and all they seem to do is complain."

"Oh - all is very well, thank you, Eddie." The ambassador offers a conciliatory smile to Edwarlinda, though it doesn't quite reach his pale grey eyes, then glances over to his niece and chuckles. "Indeed - I'll be here for quite a long while, if the Ministry has anything to say about it. My appointment in Germany has come to an end, I'm afraid. The political climate became too dangerous." He has his own reasons to be dissatisfied with the Ministry, but he doesn't name them - instead, he reaches out and sets an arm on Jocunda's shoulder, his face suddenly rather grave. "We really must spend some time together soon, Jocunda. No opportunity to be with those we cherish should be missed, should it?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Magnus=Deception Vs Edwarlinda=Awareness
< Magnus: Good Success Edwarlinda: Good Success
< Net Result: Magnus wins - Marginal Victory

Though Jocunda doesn't say it, Eddie can read the small tension behind the woman's eyes. She gives a slightly wider smile and reaches fingertips over to momentarily sueeze the woman's shoulder. "Enjoy the peaceful days. Things heat up too fast and when you're not expecting it. You never know when things will change, and it's not always for the best." With that, and the rain seemingly letting up a bit outside, Eddie flickers a look towards a clock at the back of the room. It's that distraction that probably causes her to miss the fact that Magnus has something brewing beneath the surface. Her eyes do return to him, narrowing a moment, but she can't quite put her finger on it. "Well, Magnus, England is lucky to have you. We will all catch up soon. I must take my leave, I've a dinner tonight and I need to not look like a drowned rat. Be well, both of you!" She gives a little air kiss to the pair and then waltzes or the door. A heartbeat later, the Malfoy is gone.

"Of course," Jocunda says to Eddie before the woman departs. Though her words are smooth, it's clear that the follies of youth still draw to her and any form of excitement, good or bad, would be welcome. She is not yet to a point where calm waters are preferrable. When the Malfoy has left, she turns to Magnus. Studying him a moment, perhaps wondering what she may have missed. "You should come by the estate for dinner. I'm sure everyone would love to see you. Perhaps you might even catch Xavier around as well… though do let me know in advance if you plan to. I've… not been eating at home much. Felt somewhat stir crazy." There's a lull as her gaze drifts around the shop before returning to her uncle. "I've heard some of the stirrings… is it so bad that they've called you back?"

Magnus gives a slight bow to Edwarlinda as she leaves, then turns back to Jocunda. He smiles at her invitation, looking genuinely pleased, although that same odd look of sadness is hidden within his pale-eyed gaze. "I'd love to - please let me know when it would be best to drop by, and I'll clear my schedule." The man recognizes the look of youthful boredom in his niece's eyes, but he does /not/ invite her to the event he'll be hosting - for whatever reason, he makes no further mention of it. Instead, he answers her question quickly and with the same grave tone: "Quite bad. Both the Muggle and Wizarding governments on the continent are on the brink of catastrophy, if my years of answering the whims of the politicians has taught me anything. But I think England will be spared the worst of it." There are, as always, advantages to being an island nation.

"I've heard some talk of it at the Ministry," Jocunda muses, turning slightly to pick through the costumes offered up. A mild interest, something to keep her hands busy. "It's strange, right? For the Wizarding government to be as involved as the Muggle? Don't we usually… keep out of their affairs?" A glance over to her uncle again, "What's different that's getting us involved as well?"

In fact, this is a good opportunity for Magnus to pay for all of the costumes he's picked out; he brings them over to the counter and sets them down, then extracts several galleons from his pocket so that he can pay the clerk. "We do - perhaps unwisely. Unfortunately the German Wizards' Authority is currently filled with radicals from both ends of the spectrum, and the Muggle government is - well, Herr Hitler is /not/ a pleasant man, let's put it that way. I've met the fellow, so take my word for it. I suspect he's at least partially under the control of Dark Wizards." After paying, Magnus takes his freshly packaged costumes and paces over to Jocunda so that he can offer her another quick embrace. "I must catch an appointment, but do owl me soon, Jocunda."

"So we're involved until they know for certain whether he is or not," Jocunda makes the logical conclusion. There's a long sigh from the young woman, eyes drifting to look towards the ceiling for a moment. "Sound exciting, yet at the same time… knowing the Ministry, it's a mire of paperwork and lengthy meetings." She shakes her head slightly, returning the hug. "I will. I'll see about putting together a time frame for a good evening for you to join us for dinner." And then it's back out into the rain with herself, nothing having caught her eye.

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