(1937-10-13) Music in the Boathouse
Details for Music in the Boathouse
Summary: A chance meeting between Ophelia and Maeve leads to a new friendship.
Date: 13 October, 1937
Location: Boathouse
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Boathouse Hogwarts

Much like any other boathouse, this is a simple wooden structure with a walkway around the outside serving double-duty as a dock, and storage racks above to hold boats. The difference is, this is much larger than an individual's boathouse, this boathouse is big enough to fit an entire first-year class in boats big enough to hold four firsties each.

It's an early evening in October, and the weather is cool. Maeve is sitting in the boathouse at the moment. She's brought her harp down from the castle, and is simply playing, eyes closed as she does. There's a soft smile on the tiny first year's face.

Lately, quite places to think have become something Ophelia seeks more often than not. And since she's currently avoiding the library, a nice walk on the lakeshore. Now, realizing she left her sweater in the castle, Ophelia is ducking into the boathouse to try and avoid the cooling air. She enters with a sigh, noticing the harp only /after/ the door bounces against the wall with a bang. "Oh! Oh, I'm sorry!"

Maeve giggles as her eyes open, and she quickly mutes the strings. "Nae. It's all right. I was jus' practicin'. It was a bit too noisy up in Gryffindor tower, and I wanted a quiet place." She sets the harp aside, and stands up, then offers her hand. "I'm Maeve O'Brian."

Ophelia looks surprised by the offered hand, but she takes it and shakes all the same. 'Ophelia Summerbee. Hello." Grinning sheepishly, she drops down to sit on the deck. "I hear it /does/ get rowdy in there." She muses, "Though I admit I'm not close with many Gryffindors. How do you like it so far?"

Maeve nods. "Aye, it can. It's nice t' meet you, Ophelia. I've seen ye around." She looks around again. "I'm enjoyin' everythin', except fer a few Slytherins that I've met, and th' classes are jus' brilliant.

Ophelia chuckles. "Let me guess. One of them had the last name of Sykes." She grins at Maeve, "Its good to like the classes, though. Really, everything else is so much more bearable when the classes are good. Because who cares if some idiot called you a 'carrot' when you can pick up a wand and turn animals into water goblets, right?"

Maeve shakes her head. "Actually, nae. She's nae been particularly nasty. It was Nott, as well as that muc dúr Goyle, and Mills" She frowns. "Th' latter two tried t' bully m' friend Sammie on Diagon Alley 'bout a week before we came up here." She nods. "An' ye're right 'bout th' classes. What are yer favorites? Mine are Transfiguration and Charms."

"I tend to like History of Magic, actually." Ophelia, after raising her eyebrows and making a mental note to keep an eye out for the aformentioned bullies, grins. "I know everyone thinks its snore-inspiring. But it hits the closest to my interests. How long have you been playing the harp for?"

Maeve smiles. "My Ma taught me about five years back, when I was big enough t' get m' arms around one." Mind you, the harp she has is a small one, and it still looks large next to her. "She also taught me t' sing."

"Really? Are you going to join the Arts Club, then? My friend Ajax likes to sing, he's in the performing half of the club." Ophelia sits back on her elbows, looking over the harp curiously. "I doubt I could sing my way out of a bucket if I tried. But I do like music."

Maeve giggles. "I'm already in Duelin', Domestics, an' Brooms at th' moment. I'm nae sure that I'd have enough time for another club.

"Ahhh the dueling club. And how do you like it? I've heard its been rather intense, what with that new tournament thing." Ophelia grins, "Did you join that as well?"

Maeve nods. "Aye. Without even realizin' what I was doin." She grins ruefully. "That's why I joined Duelin. Mabel Hawker gave us first years a bit o' a lesson on duelin' charms an' hexes, and I wan' t' keep practicin' so that I dinnae embarrass m'self."

Ophelia smiles, "Oh, I'm sure you'll do just great. When's your next match?" She pulls one knee up, and as soon as her foot is in reach starts untying her shoe. And once she's got it off, she pulls the other knee up and takes that shoe off as well.

Maeve shrugs. "I'm nae sure yet. All I know is that I probably should nae still be in it. I was up against Howel, and he yielded t' me. Mabel says that it was 'cause he didnae want t' hurt me."

"Hmmm." Ophelia considers that for a minute as she pulls of her socks, stuffing them into the shoes and then setting the pair aside so she can stretch her feet out. "Perhaps, its always so hard to tell with boys. Do you like it, though?"

Maeve nods. "Aye, 'though I'm nervous about th' next round. And afraid o' goin' up against a friend.

Ophelia nods, "Yes, I can see how that could be a problem. Its one of the reasons its never appealed to me. But still, if you enjoy it, and your friends do as well, then shouldn't that be the important thing? And you can all use this as a learning experience."

Maeve nods. "I really wanted t' learn mostly t' defend m'self if needed. Or t' defend someone else who cannae."

"Then this is probably your best way to do so." Ophelia asserts. "There's someone from the Ministry there, right? Do please tell me he at least attempts to use these duels as a teaching tool… "

Maeve thinks for a moment. "Some o' them do, others dinnae." She shrugs. "I think it depends on which Ministry Offical it is."

"Oh, there's different ones? Well, I suppose that makes sense." Ophelia draws one knee back up and rests her chin on top. "If you have the time, I'd suggest popping in on the ones where you know the official will make a lesson. If you really want it to be about learning." She shrugs then, and grins, "But you don't have to really take my advice or anything. I'm just sort of in a trying to help mood this evening, it seems." She chuckles.

Maeve giggles. "Actually, I've been sittin' in on as many as I can, whether or nae they're givin' a lesson. But that's good advice." She smiles, a bit shyly, and thinks for a moment. "I saw ye puttin' yer name in th' Goblet th' other night. I'm nae sure I'd have had th' courage t' do it even if I were old enough."

Ophelia's smile fades a little at the mention of the Goblet. "Oh, you were there for that, eh?" Her grin returns, though its more crooked now. "I imagine that was quite the show, with all my lovely drama thrown in for good measure. But I don't know. You're courageous enough to stand up and hold a rather dangerous duel with your friends."

Maeve nods. "I'm sorry. I didnae mean t' bring up somethin' painful." She smiles back. "But I'm nae that brave. If I have t' duel Hawker, I'm nae sure I wouldn't be th' one t' yield."

Ophelia shakes her head, "No, its alright. I need to get over it all, anyway. I want to be excited about the tournament again." She chuckles again, as Maeve goes on, "Then perhaps you should study as many of the stunning spells as you can, so you can become exceptional at defeating an opponent without actually hurting them."

Maeve nods. "I've been practicin' whenever I can. Sometimes it's hard t' find a teacher t' supervise. They're all fairly busy, after all."

Ophelia nods, "Mmmm, that's true. But you can always practice memorization and pronunciation on your own. I find, personally, that enough wandless practice for a spell tends to help me out significantly when I'm ready to try for real."

Maeve nods. "I nae thought o' that. I'd guess it'd help quite a bit. " She smiles at you again. "Ye're brilliant. But, I guess tha' goes wi'out sayin fer a Ravenclaw."

Opheila just laughs, "A Ravenclaw and a Fifth year. I've had some time to work this out. Also, wands are sort of my specialty. I like to learn them from every angle." She shrugs, looking at the water to hide the tiny blush of embarassment for the compliment.

Maeve nods, and smiles. "Well, tha' seems like it'd be a wonderful thing t' specialize in." She thinks again. "An' yer friend? I saw some o' th' clockwork things she's made. They're absolutely brilliant."

"Hephaesta." Ophelia offers, "Yes, she is brilliant. She made me this." Sitting up, she reaches into the collar of her shirt and pulls out a chain with a winged, hreat-shaped pendant made entirely of tiny clockwork pieces, and winds the tiny key at the back. This makes the gears spin and the wings slowly flap. "She also /made/ her owl."

Maeve's eyes open wide. "Oh my. Tha's absolutely beautiful! I ne'er thought somethin' mechanical could be so lovely." Her voice is low and soft. "Ye and she must be very dear t' each other." She does smile knowingly. Young doesn't necessarily mean naive in this case. "Ye look beautiful t'gether, I think."

Ophelia's smile widens, relief showing in her eyes. "Thank you. I do hope I can make her as happy as she deserves to be." She lowers the pendant, leaving it out this time, so it can continue its little dance. "But really, she's the brilliant one. It still amazes me, the things she can do."

Maeve nods again. "If ye ask me, ye both are, in different ways. Ye seem so knowlegable 'bout wands, while she's a master craftsman." She smiles. "I hope I can find somethin' that I do as well.

Ophelia runs a hand through her hair, grinning. "Well, you certainly have the bravery of a Gryffindor going for you. You could be an Auror, also, if you like dueling. Or work for the MLE if you are more in for the protecting people from everyday badness."

Maeve nods, thinking about it. "Well, I've nae thought much 'bout it, but I always have been th' sort t' try and defend people."

"Then maybe its a good place to start." Ophelia smiles. Then she turns, regarding Maeve curiously, "Do you have your wand on you? I can show you my little trick, perhaps it will help. Some people are surprised by what their wands say about them."

Maeve nods, and she pulls her wand out of a pocket that she's sewn into the inside of her robe. "I'd like that, but won't we get in trouble? An' what if Pringle catches us?

Ophelia giggles, "No, no its not a magic trick. That's just what Ajax calls it sometimes. May I?" She holds out her hand, asking with her eyes if the girl is willing to put the wand in it.

Maeve nods, slightly hesitantly, then hands her wand to the older student. She smiles again, still not quite sure what's going on.

Ophelia is very gentle with the wand, treating it as though it were made of glass or somethingeven more precious. She turns it over in her hands, frowning slightly, "Oak? It is oak, right? A bit different, though. Hmmm, well, oak tends to be very loyal, that's good for someone who will be fighting others. It makes it harder for someone to take it from you. Also oak owners, let me think… intuition and magic with nature should be your strengths."

Maeve nods as she listens. "I dinna know why th' wand picked me. Mister Olivander seemed pleased when it did."

Ophelia grins at the mention of her hero. "He would have been. Its a good wand, and it means, I think, that you're a good person." Still smiling, she holds her hands back out to offer the wand back. Once the wand is back in Maeve's hands she shrugs, "And that's my trick. Its rather silly, really. But its fun, I can see who people are in ways they don't always show."

Maeve nods. "Well, I hope ye like what ye saw o' me." She smiles, almost meekly, as she looks up at you.

Ophelia giggles. "I did! I can add you to the list of people I can ask for Herbology help. Since I pretty much /always/ need Herbology help." She winks.

Maeve grins. "I'd love t' help ye with it. Although dinnae ask me fer help wi' potions. Gilbert's been havin' t' help me with those. I jus' cannae ever seem t' keep th' ingredients straight.

"Potions? I know someone who can help with those. If your friend ever hits a stumbling block, let me know. Its not really my thing either, but Elspeth is /fantastic/ with it."

Maeve nods. "I'll hae t' keep that in mind. Thank ye' Ophelia." She can't help blushing slightly. "Ye're a really nice person. I'm so glad ye happened in here this evenin'.

"Me too." Ophelia grins. "And thank you. I don't always feel nice, lately. Its nice to know some people still think I am." Laughing a little, she start pulling herself up, "I better start heading back before it gets alltogether freezing out there. Feel free to look me up if you see me in the library." Once standing, she bends to gather her shoes, "And maybe, if its alright, I'll try to come and watch your next duel?"

Maeve smiles. "I'd like that, I think. And ye take care o' Haephestia. Like I said, ye two make a beautiful couple." She starts to pack up her harp. "It was nice talkin' t' ye… I'd be honored t' call ye a friend."

"I'm trying my best." Ophelia replies, though the request does bring a distintcly worried look to her face. "And I'd like that, too. Enjoy your hearp, Maeve." She offers a small wave, and without bothering to put her shoes back on again heads back out the way she came in.

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