(1937-10-13) NMitH 1937: Week 1 - Arevan vs Lucian
Details for NMitH 1937: Week 1 - Arevan vs Lucian
Summary: Lucian faces Arevan in the dueling competition, and gives her some pointers along the way.
Date: 13 October, 1937
Location: Club Room
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Lucian paces in the Club Room, currently configured for dueling. His robe is hung on a hook, leaving him in his jumper, tie, and slacks. He has arranged for his duel with the Second Year, Arevan Van Dragor, to take place here, to avoid the large crowds of the Great Hall. He isn't especially keen on this being widely seen, whether he wins or loses.

Arevan bursts into the room, her robes and hair flying. "I'm not late am I?" She gasps out, bouncing on her toes with nervous energy. "You are Lucian right?" She says glancing around. If this isn't the right place then she's really in hot water. "I'm Arevan." She introduces herself, wondering if she should offer to shake his hand or something. Was there something about that in the rules? Shoot her mind feels like a complete blank all of a sudden.

Course the Ministry official doesn't appear to have arrived. Course a minute or two after the pair have assembled, enough time that they might be wondering about whether or not the Minister would be arriving, the door finally opens and Tadhg O'Riley comes bustling into the Dueling Club room looking ruffled at first. The young man's hair sticks up in odd directions and his robes look distinctly slept in. All and all he doesn't exactly look terribly professional. "Sorry, I was just a bit waylaid. Now, are you Miss Van Dragor and Master Proudmore?" He asks the last bit curious as he waves his wand over his clothing causing the wrinkles to vanish and then fingers through his hair and suddenly he's looking all nice and polished. "So if you would both hand me your wands for inspection, we'll get going and we will get going. Now remember no trying to hex off body parts, or going for dangerous spells. If you try I will step in right proper and the one doing it will be disqualified."

Lucian chuckles at Arevan's sudden, wild appearance. He approaches and crouches down to be more at her level. "Yes, I know who you are, Arevan. We're in Dueling Club together, remember? I showed you that defensive stance last week?" Lucian may have a reputation for being a bit arrogant and haughty, but when it comes to Dueling Club, a transformation overtakes him. He is skilled and he knows it, but he doesn't flaunt it. Rather, he spends a great deal of time mentoring other club members, helping them perfect their technique. "So, remember what you've learned. Stance. Lose your footing, and you've lost the fight. Stay focused, don't overextend yourself, and remember that even the toughest wizard can be taken down with a simple spell." He gives Arevan a warm smile, rising as O'Riley appears. "That's us. Have a look." He draws his wand, offering it for inspection.

Arevan is just happy it wasn't her holding up the match when she doesn't see the official yet. "Y, yes sir, of course sir, uh mister, erm Lucian. I, well, didn't think you'd remember me. Sorry, just a bit nervous." She burbles, face heating and causing her to become even more flustered. Her heart rate doubles when the official does arrive and it appears the duel will really be happening. As requested she pulls her wand free for inspection, and very nearly drops it in her haste. Taking a deep calming breath, she steps forward to offer it him. She takes another breath before finally managing to give Lucian a smile, "I will, thanks. I really like River Otters by the way." She hints hopefully.

Accepting the wand from Lucian first, Tadhg begins inspecting the wand first,"Nice. Well cared for. Thirteen inches mahogany, fairly pliable." He says before giving it a slight swish causing some water to spray out the end of the wand as he says 'Aguamenti'. The water catches the light in the room causing a bit of a rainbow effect in the mist. Handing back the wand to its own, he proceeds to take the wand from Arevan,"Sturdy, sixteen and a half inches, Madrona wood isn't it?" GIving a flick of the wand, Tadhg says,"Avis!" And a series of Ravens fly out from the wand and out the window. "Excellent job." He says passing the wand back to the girl,"Now. As I said. Proper duel. Remember your manners." He says simply. "Now take your positions, salute and we'll begin."

Lucian steps up on to the dueling stage, cool and somber. He waits for Areven to get into position opposite him, and raises his wand in salute, swishing it down and to the side as he bows. Then, he settles into his stands, one foot forward, the other turned behind him, his wand slightly lowered, but at the ready. He gives Arevan a subtle nod, saying softly: "You can do this."

"Yes, sir, Dragon Heartstring core." Arevan confirms, taking the wand back. Still rampant with nervous energy, she skips over to her side of the stage. She plants her feet in the standard stance then pivots a little on the balls of her feet in order to keep loose. She nods back to Lucian and says, "Ok, ready."

Lucian is a patient sort of duelist, preferring to see what his opponent will do before going on the offensive. Watching Arevan's wandwork, he raises his own wand in a parrying motion, declaring, "Protego!" A flash of white light intercepts her spell, sending it bouncing back toward her.

Her body nearly one giant flinch at the expectation of getting nailed by a spell any second, Arevan waves her wand as quickly as she can and says, "Rectusempra." Nervous as she is, it's was the first spell that came to mind. She watches the spell traverse the platform, only to bounce off Lucians perfectly timed shield. Gasping, she barely manages to duck under her own attack as it comes right back at her.

Arevan really wishes she knew more spells. In the end she falls back on the one she just practiced with the first years a day earlier. "Flipendo," She calls waving the her wand as fast as she can, to one more send a jet of light at her older opponent.

Lucian is keeping his defenses strong, testing her offensive capabilities. He may encourage her, but he won't let her win. It wouldn't do her any favours. Another Shield Charm bounces her spell back at her, but sends it soaring over her head. "Good, Arevan," he praises.

Expecting it this time, Arevan takes a neat little step to she side to avoid the rebounded spell, only to have it sore safely over her head instead. Her muscles actually relax slightly, starting to suspect Lucian is treating this more as a lesson for her than an actual match. She smiles, "Thanks."

Lucian has stayed on the defensive for long enough. He doesn't want to hurt her, so he keeps it simple as she lunges onto the offense. Thrusting his wand out with a circular motion, he incants, "Expelliarmus!" A jet of red light leaps from his wand to try to entangle Arevan's.

They did say to try to surprise him. So she tries the only thing she can think of. Trying to avoid slamming into a shield again, she begins waving her wand, her eyes dropping to her target. "S" Lucians disarming spell hits her, yanking her wand out of her sweaty hand. Her hand continues through the motion anyways and her mouth finishes the "pongify oh." She turns looking first in the air in hopes of catching her lost wand then around her to see where it landed, though she suspects what the loss of her wand means.

"Excellent job Miss Van Dragor and Master Proudmore." Tadhg O'Riley says clapping pleasantly,"The duel is over. Master Proudmore is the winner this time. However, considering the difference in year and experience, you should feel proud that you acquitted yourself quite nicely." He says the last bit looking to Arevan,"Now, that this business is concluded, I really must run. There's just a minor thing that I simply must take care of over in Hogsmeade."

Lucian stands upright, crossing his wand over his chest and bowing again to Arevan. As he steps down from the dueling stage, he gives her an amused smirk. "Spongify? Was that aimed at my shoes? Clever, Van Dragor. I wouldn't have thought of that. You really kept your wits about you."

Arevan blushes, but also looks pleased, "Thank you. It was actually a lot of fun, thanks!" She says, happily scrambling to get her wand back. "I was hoping to hit your shoes, yes." She admits, "I'm not sure if it would have worked on the ground, but if I missed, I was hoping it would make the ground squishy too." She beams at the compliment and bows to him. "Thank you, so much, and good luck with the rest of the tournament!"

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