(1937-10-13) Sweethearts
Details for Sweethearts
Summary: Phae and Ophelia talk about the status of their relationship. Yeah, it's sickeningly sweet.
Date: October 13, 1937
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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Ophelia grasps Hephaesta's hand, squeezing reassuredly. "Oh, no its ok. I have a few other ideas to try still. I'll just have to use one of them." She grins, and turns to ask Gareth just why they need such a complicated plan for the dance when he could just go with Ajax instead. But he's gone! Seems he disappeared while the ginger was busy being distracted by her genius. "Huh. I'm going to need to talk to that boy, one of these days… "

Hephaesta blinks, clearly having missed something…or a lot of things. "So…Ajax has found someone else?" She leans up against Ophelia's chair, eyeing the flowers curiously.

"I'm not sure, actually." Ophelia glances up, frowns, then stands and pulls Hephaesta gently toward one of the couches so they can sit together. "It looks as though that Gareth boy fancies Ajax. And Ajax… well I'm not sure what he's doing. Though I'm certain he's not using the boy, its difficult to tell if he's actually interested or just… trying to find out if he is."

Hephaesta happily joins Ophelia on the couch, leaning her head on her sweetheart's shoulder. "I hope he is. I just want him to be happy. He deserves it."

"Indeed." Ophelia agrees fervently. Relaxing into the sofa cushions, she carefully slips an arm around Hephaesta's shoulders and gently strokes the brunette's hair, letting her own head fall back so she can think on the matter. "I believe I will have to seek Gabriel out again, and try to sort through his convoluted plan for the dance. Tomorrow, perhaps."

Hephaesta nods, humming contentedly at the fingers in her hair. "Ophelia…are we girlfriends? We always say we're sweethearts…but is that the same thing?" Hephaesta's inexperience with relationships is showing.

Ophelia's fingers pause, a frown appearing briefly on her face. "Uhm… I always thought so? I mean, in the books they use them interchangeably… though I suppose… " She's blushing now, but she manages at least to get her fingers moving again, "Sweethearts sometimes seemed to imply… something more… "

Hephaesta smiles at that. "It's more? Then I like being sweethearts." She wraps her arms around Ophelia's midsection. "But I like being girlfriends, too."

Chuckling, Ophelia pulls Hephaesta close, tilting her head to rest against Phae's. "So do I. And thank you." Closing her eyes, she starts combing her fingers through the other girl's hair, "For letting me go slowly with this. For being patient with me."

Hephaesta snuggles, nodding her head. "You put up with me being completely mad and stupid. Of course I'll be patient with you. I'd wait forever for you, Ophie."

Ophelia squeezes her eyes tightly as she hears this, overwhelmed with the emotions. After a fierce hug, she leans back, taking Hephaesta's face in both hands so she can gently tilt it up, lean forward, and press a gentle kiss to her lips.

Hephaesta is putty in Ophelia's hands, and the kiss elicits a quiet, happy whimper. She clings tighter to her sweetheart, her girlfriend, trying to make it last. She would stay like this all night, if she could.

After a few seconds, Ophelia turns her head and deepens the kiss, her hands sliding back into Hephaesta's hair. When she does have to pull back for air she's grinning crookedly, breathing heavily, and looking just a little bit stunned. "Sorry. I just, ah, well I guess I got carried away a little."

Hephaesta giggles softly, her blush making her freckles show more. "It's…okay. I like getting carried away." Her blush intensifies, her cheeks feeling hot. Oh, the joys of a young girl who has discovered snogging.

"Well, good then." Ophelia jokes, "I guess, um, consider it a reward then? For waiting and all." Quickly, she glances around, then moves in for another kiss, this one truly short. "So I met a Gryffindor firstie the other day." She murmurs, "And do you know what she told me?"

Hephaesta tries to savour the kiss…but then it's over! Dammit. "No…what did she tell you?"

Ophelia runs one of her thumbs along Hephaesta's cheekbone, and grins, "She told me to take good care of you. To make you happy. And I promise," Her grin gives way for a more solemn expression, "I am going to do my very best to do that."

Hephaesta lets out a little choked up sound, and tears well in her eyes. "Oh, Ophie," she wipes at her eyes with the cuff of her sleeve. "You already do." With a slightly weepy laugh, she flashes a radiant smile. "I am the luckiest girl in school."

That smile! Ophelia could just stare for days. And she does, not for days of course but for as long as the smile lasts, contented to just sit there with her hands in Hephaesta's hair, her own smile growing to meet the brunette's.

"I love you," Phae whispers. "I know you can't say it back…yet. That's okay. But I want to say it to you, so you always know how much you mean to me."

And now its Ophelia's turn for teary eyes. Blinking to keep them from spilling over, she leans forward and touches her forehead to Hephaesta's. "You won't have to wait long. I promise you. And I'll never forget. I carry the reminder with me always." Grinning, she reaches into her shirt and pulls out the clockwork heart.

Hephaesta continues beaming that broad, shining smile. She reaches up to the heart, and lifts it to her lips, placing a soft kiss on it. "For you to keep," she says. Then, her lips meet Ophelia's again. She just can't be this close and not kiss her.

There is a complete and utter lack of resistance from Ophelia, who just wraps her arms around Hephaesta and kisses back with such abandon that its a very good thing its getting too late for other students to be wandering down into the common room.

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