(1937-10-13) Teach Me, You Jerk
Details for Teach Me, You Jerk
Summary: Ripley and Lucian are at it again, though this time Ripley makes an unexpected request.
Date: 13 October, 1937
Location: Slytherin Boy's Dorm (6th year)
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Ripley is sitting on the edge of the bed and gives a rather mighty sneeze before he reaches up and touches his nose. "Darnit." He says to himself frowns, "Stupid rain." He moves to get to his feet and pull his cloak around him and head for the infirmary.

After his duel with young Arevan Van Dragor (a private affair will very little fanfare surrounding it), Lucian has made his way back to the Slytherin boy's dormitory. Reaches the Sixth Year room, he comes in just as Ripley is rising to leave. He gives the other boy a glance, but given their recent clashes, says nothing and heads to his own bed. Tossing his robe down over his trunk, he sits on the edge of the bed to takes his shoes off.

Ripley looks to Lucian with the kind of gaze that just says loathing. He takes in a deep breath and speaks, "Asshole." As he hugs that close in close to him.

Lucian doesn't bother to look at Ripley, focusing on sorting his socks into his dirty laundry basket. "Get it out of your system, Fox. You'll feel better."

Ripley gives a little growl and then begins to speak with a bit of a grin, "I want to get better at spells. I want you as my teacher. Since Leander is going to get all the work now, you should have some time. Yes?"

Now Lucian does look up at Ripley, surprise quite evident in his features. "Are you serious? Why the hell would I teach you anything? You've been a pain my arse since this whole thing started."

Ripley gives a little bit of a smile, "I'd think you would know about things like this. Secrets that need to be kept. Prefects want to be all safe and sound, right? We wouldn't want anyone to know about that little vow you took care of now do we?" His arms fold across his chest and he seems rather proud of himself until he sneezes quite hard.

Lucian stares hard at Ripley for a while. When another pair of Sixth Year boys step in, he turns his glare on them. "Get out." A few uncouth words later, they are alone again. Lucian stands, now barefoot, and gives Ripley a look over like he's sizing him up. "It's your word against mine, Fox. You have no proof. You want to learn something? Come down to Dueling Club. Other than that, you can kiss my arse."

Ripley takes in a deep breath and smiles, "All I have to do is get your wand looked at… And Ria's. And Leander's. Your word against mine can't hide that now can it." He looks right to Lucian's eyes, "See. I am looking to make myself better and to make Slytherin better. I could go running to the professors but I need help. Big help. And you will give it to me."

Lucian snorts. "Nice try. But we've all been casting plenty of spells lately. Or hadn't you noticed, there's a dueling tournament going on? You can have my wand examined all you like." His gaze dips into a glower. "But you go ahead and try to threaten Ria again, and we'll see just what kind of spells I'm capable of."

Ripley looks right into Lucian's eyes. "There are potions for the truth." He speaks and keeps that gaze level.

Lucian smirks. "Veritaserum? Right. I'm sure the Ministry will break that out because Ripley Fox is mad at the boyfriend of the girl he likes." He sighs, sitting down again. "Fox, seriously. Stop. You keep trying to play these angles that you don't have."

Ripley gives a little shake of his head, "All right. Then we will just have to see." As he shrugs his shoulders and begins to walk out the door, "I think I will start with Slughorn."

Lucian rolls his eyes. "Guess this proves that you were never sincere about Ria. Thanks for that, at least."

Ripley turns to look at Lucian, "Oh, I was sincere about it. Just looks like people had to do vows and all to get me to stay away from her. Because you all knew she liked me better. Pity. That Lea had to make her take a vow to stay away and suddenly after you are all over the place saying how great he is and better than you."

"Liked you better? I've got news for you. I didn't make anyone take any vow. That was all them. Obviously she didn't think you were all that great, or she wouldn't have gone through with it. Nobody twisted Ria's arm." Lucian narrows his eyes. "But obviously you're ready to throw her to the wolves now. That doesn't sound like love to me. That's just pathetic jealousy."

Ripley turns and glares at Lucian and it's evident that a lot of thought goes through his head before he just decides to keep it to himself, "I guess you are right." he shrugs his shoulders and gives another mighty sneeze before he sighs, "Look, Lucian…" And he looks to the floor a bit before he looks back to the other boy, "I do have feelings for her. Still do. I do believe that if the world had let us she might have chosen me over you. But the world went against me. My own brother, my prefects… All of you." He shakes his head a bit, "Yeah. I'm jealous. Damn jealous. I just keep thinking you might se me as someone to have as an adversary instead of an enemy. I just try and go about the usual Slytherin ways of blackmail and chicanery. To hell with that. Look. You got her. I lost. You win. Does that make you happy? want me to scream it at the top of Hogwarts? YOU WIN! Doesn't change the fact that you are an asshole, I doubt you will argue that with me, and there are things that I know that would crush you to know." He smirks. "I am a Slytherin. I need help with my wand to get better. I come to my Prefect and the best one with a wand out there and he refuses me for something he already has. So will you help me or not?"

Lucian leans back on his bed, giving Ripley another appraising scan. "Let's be clear. I refused you because you're a pompous prat. But I also told you how to get better. Dueling Club. Be there. You want private lessons? Show me you're actually dedicated, first."

Ripley looks to Lucian, "Takes one to know one." He says and grins, "I will be there." And then another sneeze comes, "If you will excuse me. I need to go to the infirmary."

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