(1937-10-13) Unity
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Summary: Some of the major players in the Repealment movement (now dubbed the Unity Movement) meet for dinner and a strategy session at the home of Regulus Black.
Date: 13 October, 1937
Location: Regulus Black's Residence
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Evening falls, and the agreed upon time sounds from a clocks all over the city. Within the Black residence, Regulus Black waits the arrival of the first guests for this intimate dinner. A house elf scurries around making last minute preparations, but will quickly pop into existence by the door and open it when people arrive should they do so via the mundane entrance. Everyone has been invited to come via Floo if they so wish. They will be shown into the sitting room regardless, where drinks and finger food (absent real fingers) are set out for pre-meal refreshment. The Black wizard, for his part, wears elegant robes, as this is a wizarding event. The color of his clothing is black, but with trim and adornment in silvers and sky blues, adding just a touch of flair that helps bring out his rather startling eyes, which light up as the others arrive. "Good evening, welcome," he greets each in turn.

Floo it is for Eden and she shifts away from the fireplace, moving her hand to dust off a spec from her decidedly red dress. She takes the moment to remove her jacket and give it to the house elf without any real instructions. WIth a passing hand to her hair, she smiles softly at Regulus' welcome and dips her head, "Evening, Regulus. Thank you again for hosting this. I will have to give your sister in law my thanks as well when I see her." A quick flick of her wand and everything about her appearance that is out of place is back in order before slipping that wand away. Red suede pumps draw her closer to the black and she offers her hand to him.

Having met her brother down the street so they can present a comfortable, unified front to the gathered wizards and witches, Eddie knocks smoothly at the door, standing prim and proper at Cassius's side. She's in a curves hugging suit tonight, though at least it hides most of her skin, from her collarbones to her mid-calves, it is the very essence of propriety and style. Some sort of posh fur, dark and sheening in a way no muggle creature ever would, springs from the collar and cuffs quite extravagantly, making it seem as if she has a mane almost. Her platinum hair is arranged in careful waves with a matching purple netted hat pinned on the side of her skull. She's smiling wide and holds a bottle of the finest witch's wine she could find. "This should be quite lovely…" She murmurs to Cassius as she knocks. Then the house elf opens the door and she waltzes in, smiling wide, "We're here!" She calls throughout the house, shrugging off the shoulder cloak she had been wearing. The fur doesn't come with it. Apparently, it's a part of the suit! She hands it off to the elf with little notice as her high heels click in through the foyer.

Cassius steps in behind his sister, pausing a moment to glance down at the house-elf. "Not a speck on that cloak. Understood?" He doesn't wait for an answer, and strides on his long legs to catch up to Edwarlinda. He is dressed in his typical style — a crisp, tailored suit and a cape of light, flowing material. Today's ensemble favours black, in deference to his hosts, with green and silver accents. His white-blonde hair flows to his shoulders, save for a single braid in the back. Upon seeing the others, he smiles broadly in greeting. "Regulus, thank you for having us. It's been far too long. Ahh…Eden." He pauses for a moment, taking in the sight of her, then moves to take her hands. "You look stunning."

"Thank you, Eden. We are both glad to, of course, and glad as well that you were able to make it," Regulus murmurs to the Eibon witch, his smile small but genuine, matching his gaze, which has a considering air and lingers on her for perhaps a moment longer then necessary. "You look…" he murmurs then, quietly, trailing off as he seems, unusually, a touch lost for words. He seems about to continue or say something new, but judging by the way he stops when Edwarlinda's voice rings out, and the way his expression is once more utterly at ease and open by the time the brother and sister arrive within view, it probably is something private and will keep for later. "Enchanting as always, Eddie," he offers his distant female cousin, before nodding to her brother with a warm smile. "Welcome, Cassius. Please, everyone, join me for refreshments? Dinner will begin shortly. Unfortunately, Miss Max might not be joining us until later, if at all, and my sister is currently occupied, but will be joining us as soon as she is able."

"I am?" Eden prods him verbally with something of an amused smile painting her red lips. That question is lost however when the Malfoys make their presence known, rather Eddie does for the both of them. Turning towards the newly arrived, her smile warms further and he looks over the opulent fur of Eddie's choice ensemble, "You must tell me where you shop…" She says and the rest of what she has to say is forestalled as Cassius takes her hands in his. "Thank you, Cassius. You are looking quite regal this evening. I do like the color." She glances to Regulus a moment, indicating the black he wears. She feels like a splash of red blood on black asphalt in a crime scene. "So glad you two could make it. This dinner has been much needed I believe. I have some ideas to bandy around with you all," Eden says as she sequeways right into business.

Edwarlinda is still wearing purple, at least, though the black fur is far, far more over stated than the royal purple of Eddie's suit. Eden is definitely winning the colour march. Eddie smiles brilliantly wide to both of them, leaning over to give Regulus a proper, brief hug and then a quick air kissing of both of Eden's cheeks. "Dear cousin, I do thank you for having us. I've been looking forward to this all week! And what a week it's been…" Eddie breathes out, an odd moment of exhaustion and stress betraying across her lovely features, but then she puts it away and smiles to the woman. "Me? You… you, darling, always look stunning, but I will happily share my tailors if you share yours." Buy clothes off the rack? Eddie? Never! "Anyway, a glass of wine would be lovely… Or whiskey. Here!" Eddie offers the bottle she's brought. As Eden gets down to business, her brows arch. "Well, absolutely, that is what we're here for. Ideas."

Cassius nods in agreement with the ladies. "Splendid. Though let us enjoy this time as well. We are all friends as well as colleagues. Though we must never let it be known that we can actually enjoy ourselves and show love for one another; it might ruin our detractors' image of us as moustache-twisting villains." He grins, his tone full of jest. "Regulus?" He turns to their host, awaiting the man's direction. It's his party, after all.

"Well if need be, I think I remember that mustache charm that went around Hogwarts during our day. I was a touch proud of that one." Yes, Regulus Black, beloved of the teachers just as much as the students when he attended school, just admitted to a prank. One they never found the culprit of. "Admittedly, we never could get it to work as right on people as easily as all those paintings in the stairwell. Poor Soran had to shave five times a day for a week, and by bedtime, she still had a full beard down to her midsection." Grinning broadly to each in turn, and setting aside the wine that Eddie brought so that vintage can be used for a toast later in the evening, he motions to the house elf, who circles around with a milder one to get them started. "However, yes, Eden is right. I think we all have many ideas, and this is the perfect venue to share them. This movement needs a clear vision, and I think each of us, as well as the two absent women, are the ones to help guide us to it." He raises his glass in warm salute to them, then gestures to the witch in red. "Eden, please, start us off then, if you would?" he asks, inclining his head graciously towards her.

Taking up a glass of the wine offered by the servant, she holds on to it lightly, "Of course, I would be glad to share where I get my clothes from. Being part of the ministry I often find myself in couture muggle shops, but sometimes they have the most darling things." Eden says in a way of affection for her clothing as she smooths the dress to her hip. As Regulus recalls school years, she remains quiet, a faint smile on her lips before he finally salutes her and asks for her to speak up, "Well we must first come to an accord of what exactly we are to pass on to people so that when we do speak of it with others, our take on the repealment is not different. Once we have that set, I would like to start holding smaller rallies with several speakers. Something that the common public can join in on, an attempt to reach out to the every day witch and wizard so that they are not so easily swayed by the ministry and the prophet." The wine is then idly sipped.

At the news about Regulus' prank, Eddie arches a brow and chuckles just a little bit, "I think I am very sorry I missed that. Naughty man." She winks at him, but then actually scoops up a glass of wine for herself and her expression turns a touch more serious as Eden breaks into the actual meat of conversation. "We'll perhaps get work out of the way first, Cass, then we can sit, relax, enjoy a meal and not be wracking our brains on more serious issues." She does seem to share her brother's concerns that this not all be business, but she is ready for work. Once Eden finishes speaking, she nods immediately, "Getting the common wizard in on this is… essential. This really is for everyone, not just for us. To bring society on… a more even keel. To bring out the truth. I've been gently courting a few Quidditch players, to see if we could get them to speak on our side. I think it'd be good publicity."

Cassius nods appreciatively at a sip of the wine. "I concur. We need to demonstrate why repealment is to the benefit of everyone. Why unity is for the good of all. That actually brings me to my first point of the evening. We need a new message. Repealment is important, but it says to people that we are trying to tear down an institution. We must show them that we are not destroyers, but builders of a brighter future in which wizards and Muggles share the world…under our guidance, of course. 'The Unity Movement' sends that message: One World, United Forever."

There is no surprise on Regulus' face at Eden's words, clearly something he has both heard and thoroughly agrees with. "Well, I know the Seeker of the Appleby Arrows, as you likely remember from the other day, Eddie, if that helps," Regulus offers with a nod of his head to her. "Eden makes a good point though. Several, actually, all of which we need to address. But if we are discussing on who to bring within the inner circle, someone high up within the Prophet would go a long way. If we can get just one piece on the facts of our movement, on what our true goals are, it will further our cause more then anything." He then looks at Cassius, at the man's suggestion, and he smiles warmly. "Excellent, exactly what we need. On the heels of that, then, if we can all agree to that name, we need to address just what some of the details of that unity will be. After all, we will each, I think, have ways of reaching out and recruiting to our cause. Eden and I both plan on holding small rallies, and it will be a good idea to host small get-togethers, not dissimilar to this, to convert specific individuals to our cause before each, so that we can ensure the maximum result from such things. But the only way to do this is if we, all of us, have a truly unified idea of just what we aim for. Not just the repealment of the Statute itself, but rather, what statutes and laws, what departments, will need to be put into place to help ease the Transition."

Nodding to each in turn, Eden can not help but smile at something Regulus says, "Convert sounds so…religious. We are not a cult. Perhaps we should say 'convince' others of the value of the idea of unity. And yes, a unified message of the Unity Movement." She can not help but laughs softly and then look between them all. "This must always, no matter the case, but painted in a positive light. Cassius is right to change the name as we all are as to how we word things. Everything can be taken out of context and we all know how the Prophet works. They will be waiting for those moments." She looks about then and hesitates, "Well seeing as I have started us out and ruined the idea of casual talk for a while, perhaps we can sit at the very least."

As work actually starts being discussed, Eddie steps over to a chair and elegantly folds her tall frame into the seat. She crosses her legs, ever clad in silk stockings, and leans back as she sets her wine aside. Her silver cigarette case is drawn out, the one with the M engraved on the front, and she pops it open to select and quickly light a cigarette for herself. She always thinks better when she's smoking. Once the cherry is burning, she scoops her wine up again and leans forward a touch, listening with rapt attention to the gathering. "Yes, Regulus, I remember you saying. If you could work on their seeker, I've been getting close to their Keeper. Very possibly we could get both of them on our side. It'd go a long way for good publicity. Sadly, the only Prophet writer I know is that Monty, and he's a complete twit." She then falls quiet, taking a sip of wine and mulling over their vision. "Unity. It really is about unity. Which means we'd have to have a transition department. And, I think, an education department for the Muggles. So they actually understand what we are. And something to control the sale of magical items. I think it'd be brilliant for the economy, really. What Muggle isn't going to want something gifted with magic?"

Cassius nods, listening silently for a time as the others speak. "Still, we must be cautious about what we suggest. Minor trinkets in Muggles hands are find. A token, if you will. But true magic cannot be trusted to them. We have seen how they handle their own powerful technology. Imagine what havoc they would wreak if they could cloak their weapons of war with invisibility. That said, the topic of such heavy regulation should be better left for a later time. The Segregationists…yes, I think I like that…the Segregationists will twist our words any way they can, and stir up fear. That will be a function for this Department of Transition: to show wizards the truth, and banish fear."

"Yes, of course," Regulus says in response to Eden with a small smile at her suggestion to relax, and he gestures for her to make herself comfortable, himself moving to sit on one side of a comfortable looking chaise. "Now then. Cassius is not wrong, we certainly need to be careful what ideas we introduce as we convert… sorry, convince," another smile, a touch wry, given to Eden before he continues, "convince people to our cause. But we must have a clearer idea. Leaving things too vague, as was done at your rally, Cassius, hurts our cause more then helps it. While I understand, and agree with the need to feel out the opinion of the general public, to get input and simply to get people to talk and think, it leaves us vulnerable. I assume you remember that Gilbert fellow. Did you catch his little piece on the Wizarding Wireless? All he, and other… Segregationists like him have to do is simply ask random, open ended questions, and more and more it will seem like we have a dark and nefarious purpose. But if we develop a plan, however loose it is, and get it out in the manner of Eden's pamphlets, small rallies, pieces in the Prophet… well then. It will become all they are doing is simply fear mongering, and trying to play to people's ignorance. Which is exactly what they are doing." It is clear that Regulus is passionate about this subject, and he leans forward as he speaks, his face open, earnest, as he looks to each person in turn. "At the very least, we need to set some guidelines, or have ready answers for the more typical of the questions. Our movement is, after all, simple. We simply wish to repeal an unjust law. But beyond that, there is a whole future, and right now, to the common witch and wizard, that future is uncertain. We, as the ones with this vision, in the hopes of spreading it to them, must be able to show them what that brightness that future holds."

Following her own advice finally, Eden does find a seat, perched at the edge of a small loveseat as she folds her ankles gracefully and rests them at an angle. Smoothing her skirt into place, she rests the stem of her glass between her fingers of an upturned palm. Riveted on Regulus for the moment, she smiles in return to the wry glances sent her way and she nods her head in agreement. "We do not wish to contradict each other, that would only weaken us. I think we should decide what is safe to say now without saying too much." Her wine glass is lifted and she raises a brow at something Cassius says, "Already reforming the ministry as well, Cassius. A whole department..and you were worried about us suggesting too much." It is a slight jest on her part and she laughs softly behind the rim of her glass.

"I think he's right, though. We need a set plan of action that does include some sort of department of transition. Somewhere the muggles can take their concerns, someone to talk to the muggle government and ensure peaceful relations are established. A proper ambassador…" Eddie affirms, occasionally sipping her wine, but she looks far more interested in the conversation and her cigarette than drinking. She wants a clear head for this all. "So… We appoint an ambassador. We have a small but strong department that specifically speaks with the muggle government and publications about how we can be a unified world. And no, no massive magical tools in muggle hands. But small things to show we are not dangerous? Baubles, of a sort."

Cassius sighs, pursing his lips at Regulus. "This is the nature of politics, Regulus. I didn't hurt our cause, I presented it. That fools like Mr. Sullivan are spouting their rhetoric means that we hit the right nerves. Detailing a plan of action right off only gives the Segregationists the opportunity to pick it apart. Whereas now they are showing their hand, and telling us exactly how to demonstrate their ignorance. Insofar as what we say, we shall have to handle each issue separately. Let us start with Edwarlinda's suggestion. The Ministry already liaises with the Muggle government, but that is handled entirely by the Minister for Magic's office. That is too much power in the Minister's hands. She can be as secretive as she likes, and make whatever private deals she likes. We need an ambassador that is accountable to the people, not merely to the Minister."

Crinkling his brow in Cassius' direction, he shakes his head slightly. "You do not wish to come up with specifics, but you wish to plan on how to reorder the Ministry even before we have brought enough people to our cause? I am not saying it likely won't become needed, but I think we are getting ahead of ourselves." He gestures towards Eden graciously, offering her a smile before looking between the Malfoys. "As both Eden and I have been pointing out, we need to have enough prepared to avoid contradicting each other, without going too far into specifics. We need a general agreement of what the goal is - what specifically is our hope for Unification - without going into the bureaucratic specifics. Because you are right, Cassius. Such will only bog us down right now. More then that, though, this will likely be decided in an officially appointed committee. To suggest otherwise will open the doorway for the Minister, and other of her Segregationist cronies, to accuse us of sedition and stop our movement in its tracks." He takes a few sips of wine, swirling his glass around thoughtfully. "What we need to decide, then, is how do we find this balance? What are the right talking points to convey what we wish, in as few words as possible. The more simple and concise we can be, the better defended we will be against those who would poke holes in complicated ideas." Again, he nods in Eden's direction, as he is really simply extrapolating on what she said earlier.

The little jest to poke fun is overlooked and Eden draws a breath, tilting her head to listen to the exchange about reforming the ministry already. "This is the sort of thing that will likely unnerve many people to hear right off the bat. It will, as Regulus says likely need to be done but not now. The general focus is to gather strength. Once people are convinced to join, they will more easily except the specifics and laud them as the right instead of the wrong." She motions with her glass lightly. "First we give them the starter to their dinner and once they are at least interested, we then give them the main course which will explain so much more once they understand what the movement is. SO to that measure, we are looking to Unite the Muggle and Wizarding worlds to one. To share in the wealth of this place together and not separately. To find, in each other, a coexistence that will both save and benefit us all. This will therefore bring us out of hiding and for some, that is going to be the deal breaker. So how…do we sell that?"

As the men already seem to be ready to get into less than gentle debate, Eddie's brows furrow and she uncrosses her legs, sitting up straighter in her seat and fully setting her wine glass down. Eden, fortunately, does save the day. Eddie, instead, focuses on the lovely brunette across from her and allows a fresh smile to decorate her lips. "That is exactly it. I think we can all agree that this is about Unity and honesty. Ensuring that wizard and muggle can live, function and go about in the same world, side by side, full well aware of each other's existence. We also agree that this is NOT ABOUT ruling over the Muggles. It's NOT about controlling them or their government. It's about working together, side by side, joining as one society. Period."

Cassius doesn't bother to hide his annoyance. "Regulus, we aren't going to get anywhere if you insist upon putting words into my mouth. I never said I didn't want specifics. Quite the opposite, in fact. I said that wasn't the focus of initial rally. It served its purpose. People are talking, and the Segregationists are opening their playbook for all to see. As far as Ministry reformation is concerned, we need to address each talking point, and this is one of them. If we suggest increased ambassadorial contact with the Ministry without a reform plan, it gives the Minister a wide open door to state that she already acts in that capacity. That will be a stumbling block for us. We need to show why her office's role as liaisons is partial and biased, and cloaked in secrecy." He pauses, taking a sip of his wine, and his composure is put back on as easily as a new jacket. "As you say, ladies, Unity is the primary theme of our message. We are one world, and should act as one. But never forget that we are here to guide the Muggles to a better future. They have brought this world to the brink of ruin, and we must save it. The talking point is that we have been the irresponsible ones, and repealment is the only way to free us to act responsibly again."

"If I misunderstood, Cassius, I apologize," Regulus says, not taking umbrage at the annoyance that Cassius directs at him, calmly inclining his head to the other man. "Again, I am not saying we will not need to cover such ideas. After all, I was the one to bring up such things earlier. But I meant more for the long term. Right now, the most important thing is to cover the main points. And Eden's suggestions are ones we clearly can all agree on. To unite our societies into one, this is the first point Eden has give us, and rightly so - this is something that any freedom-loving person can agree to, and will clearly define our Unification movement against the Segregationists. Beyond that, to unify the wealth of this world, in all it's forms - economic, knowledge, experience, things both sides will benefit from. And finally, indeed, to coexist. This last, of course, will be the hardest. People will want to know, and disagree heavily, just how we will do this. And it certainly isn't something that can be decided now, here, with just the four of us. Already, I see a rift in agreement about that issue between a brother and sister who otherwise have shown a united front." He looks to Cassius and Edwarlinda, not provokingly, but to make his point. "And that is something our detractors will use to their advantage, as they have already begun to." He sighs, training the last of his wine, and setting the glass aside. "For now, we should content ourselves in knowing that we must coexist, that we can not go on as we have, living this lie, and subjecting the Muggles to the loss of our presence, our knowledge, that is clearly hurting them. The rest, yes, is the main course, and something that should be worked out when we can get everyone to… RSVP to their dinner invitations, at the very least." He offers a light smile as he makes the comparison, before looking to each in turn to gauge their reaction.

Seizing upon Cassius' last, Eden actually beams, "That is perfect…it gives witches and wizards the idea that we have been at fault for accepting this law of secrecy for too long. It's outdated and unneeded and we, as stewards of the magical world, we must look to take back the idea of tutelage. Muggles can learn, we know this, they are just…several centuries behind." Her smile warms and she nods to Edwarlinda and then gives her attention to Regulus, her head tilting as she smiles and dips her head. "I do hope the newsletter can help with monthly installments, to feed the information to the general public. So that they can see how it will come together, something written and permanent they can reference that has no bias or misinterpretation. I think that in the end will aid us greatly. So then, I need to know for this issue, we are just outlining the fact that /we/ have been remiss in our duties to the world. That we must take responsibility. We coexist even if the muggles do not realize it. It is time they did."

Realizing that her words have done nothing but repeat other's, and perhaps make it seem that she and Cassius are not agreeing about matters, Eddie now falls quiet. She takes up her wine glass again, frowning slightly as she sits back in her chair and sips at her wine. She doesn't cut in again for the moment, letting the trio of younger wizards and the lovely witch start on their ideas, words snowballing.

"Unity," Cassius insists, "Not Unification. The latter implies a forceful act. Besides, Unity fits better on printed material." He smirks, but only half in jest. He reaches for Edwarlinda's hand, in demonstration of their own unity. "There is no rift between Lin and I. Never fear about that. As for the newsletter, that should be our next statement, as it has already been promised. Yes, I agree that coexistence should be the theme, Eden. Display our humility in accepting responsibility for the state of the world. This is not the fault of the Muggles. They have simply been denied a complete understanding of the world we all inhabit. So, are we all in agreement? Aside from presenting the new face of the movement as Unity, that our primary talking point shall be taking responsibility and coexistence?"

Nodding his head in response to both Eden and Cassius, Regulus agrees. "Certainly. And in addition to the pamphlets, these next rallies and gatherings that Eden and I have planned shall add to the awareness. I will also look into the possibility of finding us an ally at the Prophet. If we can get an article, perhaps an unbiased covering of one of the rallies, then we will be showing that Cassius' rally was not a singular occurrence, but merely the herald of Unity." He looks over at Edwarlinda then, noticing her silence, and smiles at her. "Eddie, how would you feel about doing an interview for the Wizarding Wireless? A gorgeous and endearing witch, a member of the prestigious Aurors, and the sister of the controversial," this last said with a wink in her brother's direction, "Cassius Malfoy, it would certainly draw attention. And if we can get you on the show of that man that interviewed Mister Sullivan, the radio host who himself is a rather outspoken Segregationist, all the better. He would have to be utterly stupid to attack you with his words like he has your brother from distance… and if he does, well, I have no doubt that not only could you ward him off, but that you would earn the respect of the majority of his listeners." He pauses, adding, "Only if you feel you are up for it of course. One of us could easily do it, but your position both personally and professionally would mean much, I think." He looks to the others, gauging their opinion, but the majority of his attention is on the Malfoy witch for now.

A dip of her head and Eden takes to her wine, eyes going distant as if formulating a few things of her own. Her gaze flickers to Regulus though when he speaks of the smaller rallies and her smile grows just a bit before she lowers her glass and taps her finger to the empty curve. Her nail tings ever so softly as she half listens now, though in a vague way she recognizes what is being said amongst everyone.

As her brother reaches for her hand, Eddie happily sets down her glass of wine and takes his palm in a tight, reassuring squeeze. Even if they might slightly disagree on some things, they do clearly stand together. She squeezes his fingertips and smiles, though the smile blossoms a bit more as Regulus asks about the wireless. "I'd love to. I've already encountered this David once, and I do think I can talk a few circles around him. I'd be honoured to speak for us. If you all wouldn't mind me being a bit of a voice for the Unity movement… in this instance, at least. I think it's a great idea." Of course, offering Eddie to be any sort of spokes model appeals to her peacock self. And from the grin on her lips, she certainly thinks she could do it.

Cassius nods, "Fantastic idea. Lin can appeal to a wider audience than many of us, I think. Let's be honest, though I may speak well, I'm not the face to draw in the common witch and wizard. That is why swaying these celebrities to our point of view will be so important. Now, about these smaller rallies, I fully support them. We need the people to see that this movement goes beyond me. But most important of all, beyond the talking points, give the Minister no room to accuse us of treason. She will take any opportunity to shut us down. But should it happen, do not resist. There must be no violence from out end. I will make certain that any efforts to falsely accuse us are thrown out in court."

"All we want is Unity, and to do that, we need to repeal an unnecessary and ancient law. None of this is treasonous, and I think we can all agree that such unjust persecution by the Minister would likely help our cause more then hurt it. But, that said," Regulus says, with a nod to Cassius, "I doubt anyone here is the type to take unnecessary risks, or act contrary to common sense." He smiles warmly to each in turn, before moving to rise. "Now then, as it seems we are in agreement for how to proceed forward for now, I think it is time to do as each of you have suggested, and focus merely on enjoying each other's company? We can speak further on such matters when the others arrive. But, for now, shall we adjourn to the dining room and speak of nothing but pleasantries?" And with that, he will usher his guests towards said room, and begin the more relaxed portion of the evening.

"Pleasantries sound wonderful!" Eddie stands up, squeezing her brother's hand then letting it go so she can focus on bustling off into the other room, cigarette still in one hand and glass of wine in the other. "But, this is a wonderful start. I… I can't wait to change the world with you all. It's about bloody well over due." She gives them all a wide, warm smile, clearly hopeful and determined. And with those last words of faith, she follows off into the dining room, starving at the moment and eager to dive into dinner.

Cassius rises with the others. "Dinner sounds delightful. We must do this at Berylwood next time. I've been dying to have a proper dinner party, myself." He pauses to offer his arm to Eden to escort her into the dining room.

As they come to an accord, Eden hands off her glass to the House Elf, empty and bereft of its wine before rising. The arm offered to her is taken and the witch in red smiles warmly to her companions. "Dinner sounds lovely perhaps we can socialize for a little bit, forgive my tendency to move straight to business." She looks then to Cassius and follows into the dining room.

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