(1937-10-14) 2nd Nicest Compliment
Details for 2nd Nicest Compliment
Summary: Alexei and Gabby have a quick exchange in the Entry Hall about Gabby's "sweetness"
Date: October 14, 1937
Location: Entry Hall

Evening, not too long after dinner, finds Alexei seated, at the side of the stairs, with a book in his hands. Reading a bit thoughtfully, he humms a little every now and then, quite absently it would seem, as most focus seems to be on the book at the moment.

Gabrielle come sin from the Castle Corridor, probably from the Club Room which is where she's been hiding most days. Her hair is up in a messy bun, with locks falling out, and she's got a brand new sketchbook clutched to her chest. She'll look around, almost casually until she sees Alexei, and will bite her lower lip for a moment before walking over. "Hey…whatcha reading?"

Alexei doesn't answer at first, before he seems to realize someone spoke to him. When he sees who it is, he offers a bright grin. "Oh, hello…" A brief pause about the question about what he's reading, he smiles a little. "This Muggle book about some young men during the last world war," he offers, after a few moments.

Gabrielle will nod, "Interesting….what's the draw there? Muggle part? War? Good Author?" She'll smile, trying to show she's not being snobby, just asking.

Alexei smiles a little bit, "That it's telling the story about the fighting during the war. A good author too, he describes the horrors of war well." A brief pause, and a smile. "How are you today?"

She'll nod, "I've never really read any books like that." Gabby will smile, "Don't know if that would be my cup of tea or not." she'll shift the sketchbook to her right arm, "Today's been…ok. I actually finished all my school work, so I'm free to work on my projects." She'll lift the sketchbook up slightly, "I'm behind."

Alexei smiles nodding a little bit. "I'm glad to hear that," he offers, before he quickly adds. "That you're free to work on your projects, not that you're behind on them."

Gabrielle will roll her eyes, "Well, revenge is a good motivator."

"Revenge?" Raising an eyebrow as he hears that, Alexei offers a bit of a smile. "Who are you seeking revenge against?" A brief pause, before he adds, "I didn't even consider you as someone who would be seeking revenge…"

Gabrielle blushes slightly, "No…well…yes, but…"And she'll smile and then laugh, "I left my sketchbook in the Library the other day. It was shelved….and then eaten by the book worms….I've come up with a plan, depending on if the Librarians ok it…" She'll shrug.

Alexei pauses as he listens now, nodding as he hears what's being said. "Ah, I knew you were too sweet to want revenge against a person," he offers, with a bit of a chuckle. "I'm sorry to hear about your sketchbook…"

Gabby will laugh, "You don't know me very well if you think I'm sweet." She'll shrug, "It's ok, most of the finish pieces were already taken out. I didn't lose too much."

"Oh?" Alexei offers as he hears that. "How so?" Studying her a bit carefully for the moment, offering her a bit of a grin.

She'll make a bit of a face, "I'm not. I'm not very nice. I don't know why people think I am…..If I can hold my own against Ria, you'd think people would get the idea."

Alexei offers a bit of a smile. "You can be very capable and still be very nice. Just look at Professor Dumbledore," he points out, after a few moments of pause.

Gabrielle will raise her eyebrows, "Wow….Comparing me to Dumbledore? Possible the 2nd nicest thing someone's said to me this week. " She'll smirk a little.
"Only the second nicest?" Alexei offers after a few moments, sounding a little amused. "Does that mean I will have to work harder next week?"

Gabrielle smiles, "Well, I did have a first year tell me I had hair like a rainbow and I smelled like drawings….that's going to be hard for anyone to beat."

Alexei considers that for a few moments, "True, that would be very hard to beat." He offers a bit of a smile now.

Gabrielle smiles back, but it's a little sad.

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