(1937-10-14) Hidden Under Your Sleeve
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Summary: Ria gets the treatment she deserves.
Date: October 14, 1937
Location: Club Room
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Club Room Hogwarts Castle
Sun Oct 14, 1937 ((Sun Oct 14 04:17:37 2012)) (Ground Floor - N. Corridor)

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

The room is partially set up with some of the equipment from the Athletics Club. There are some weights out, but the prominent piece is the large punching bag hanging in the center of the room. Theodore is there, wearing his Slytherin sweats, though his shirt is off, tossed in the corner. He's sweaty, and wearing boxing gloves, which he is angrily punching the bag with. His cheeks are red, he's been at this a while, and everything about his attack of the bag would indicate he's frustrated and not happy, and taking it out on the bag.

It's times like this Ria really misses having her own room in her own house. Communal living is something she could never do for the rest of her life. Even the prefect's bathroom was occupied at the moment. So at an odd time of the day, she slips into the club room with cardboard gift box and instantly her nose scrunches at the smell. It smells like every boys locker room in the world at the moment. And her eyes follow the source to a certain housemate as she quietly watches him violently attack the bag. With quiet steps, she walks around to the other side so that Theodore could catch her in his line of vision, but waits till he's done to speak. "Well don't destroy it…," she tilts her head curiously.

Theodore does see her, and he bounces to a stop, huffing out of breath. He scowls a little, and kicks the bag, "It can take it," he grumbles. He punches it a few more times, and then wipes the sweat from his brow with his forearm. "I can go if you need the room…"

With a hand on her hip, Ria holds the box with her other hand like a platter. Her green eyes look him up and down thoughtfully. She's starting to get used to him shirtless, but it's still unnerving for her poor pubescent heart. "No, no, it's fine. I did need it," she shakes her head and puts her hand up in an 'it's okay' fashion. "But you seem like you need it a bit more. What's eating you Theodore?" The words come up casually as she finds a counter to place the box upon.

Theodore grits his teeth a bit, and he punches the bag again. "Nuthin'," he grumbles. He punches once more, and then huffs, "I'm fine," he then says, delivering it kind of firmly. Another punch, and then he shakes his head, "This sucks." And he kicks the bag real hard once more with a yell.

Gabrielle slowly walks into the club room backwards, like she's watching the hallway. Her hair is up in a messy bun, and she has a rather expensive looking sketchbook clutched to her chest. When she turns around, it's obvious she wasn't expecting anyone to be here, much less shirtless and sweaty."Uh….I…"she'll look to Ria for a moment and her expression is hard to read. she'll squeak out a "Sorry!" and flee as quickly as she can.

Ria narrows her eyes and sits herself down on a stool to watch him deny things even more. She winces a bit at every impact he makes, as if she can only imaging what that punching bag feels like. The last move elicits the most obvious wince and then she adds again, "What sucks? You know you're doing a terrible job of convincing me all is well." Her head turns to see Gabrielle enter and then rolling her eyes she says to Theo, "Merlin's beard put your shirt on. You're scaring people away." And back to the girl she calls, "It's fine Gabrielle, he's getting un-naked."

Theodore huffs again, and he yanks off the gloves, tossing them towards the others hanging on a rack. "I'm not naked," he grumbles, and looks at Gabrielle making her departure. "Arghh…" He rolls his eyes, and walks over to where his shirt is. He waves Ria off, "You wouldn't understand." He pulls the shirt over his head, tugging it down with some effort as it sticks to his sweaty chest. "How's Lucian?" he asks, bitterly.

Gabrielle will turn back, blushing, "No..it's ok, I didn't mean to interrupt…" She'll turn to leave again but stops for moment when Theo mentions Lucian. She'll grip the handle of the door a little hard than necessary and yank it open.

Ria shrugs apologetically to her housemate after she makes him put his shirt on again. Sorry Teddy. As much as Ria like to get her fix of your Greek God abs, she needs to be considerate of other company. "You don't know that for sure," she shrugs but raises a brow at the tone in which he asks his question, "He's fine…does it have to do something with him?" Turning her head, she gives her snaky smile over to Gabrielle and points to an empty chair. "Don't worry, I'm alright as long as Theodore is. What brings you here this afternoon?"

Theodore grumbles once more, "It's not HIM. Argggh." He shakes his head, and shoves the punching bag. As it swings, he walks over to were he tossed the gloves and picks them up, hanging them on the hook with the others. "It's not supposed to be this hard," he mutters, and then looks at Ria. "You know I can't get anyone to go with me to the stupid dance? I mean, what the hell, right? Me." He shakes his head, "Bad enough someone's tryin' to kill me and someone stole my book." He grunts, "Stupid dance…"

Gabrielle 's eyes flash with what almost looks like anger towards Ria, but as soon as Theo starts talking she focuses on him and her eyes soften. " Have you found out anything about the broom? Did you talk to Toulson?"She's still got a death grip on the door handle.

Ria seems absolutely shocked by that first detail. Her jaw even drops ever so slightly and her mouth is held ajar when she asks, "Wait a minute. You haven't found someone yet? You?" She unknowingly matches the way he says it. "Other than me, who have you been asking?" But her eyes narrow even more when Theodore piles on the rest. Okay, she's definitely hearing something wrong. "Steal your book? Kill you? Teddy, what's going on?"

Gabrielle's glare at her also elicits a confused brow quirk. She's trying to think if she did anything to anger the girl recently. And knowing Ria, it's completely possible. "Have I offended you Gabrielle, or is the smell in here also bother you? Because really, you get used to it," she shrugs non-chalantly, crossing her legs and folding her hands over her knees.

Theodore scowls at Ria, "Yeah. ME." He rolls his eyes. "Someone sent me a cursed broom," he grumbles, and gestures at Gabrielle, "Artie was there. I shoulda went splat. Then someone stole my book. I wasn't—" And he stops, as if he just realized admitting he reads would ruin his reputation. Then he snaps. "I don't SMELL!" And with that, he stomps to the door, attempting to push past Gabby and get out the door.

Gabrielle will look back to Ria, and while it's not as angry as before, there's definitely something not right, she'll start to answer, and then turn to look at Theo's outburst with a bit of surprise. She'll move to get out of the 6th years way, eyes wide.

Ria grimaces when her housemate snaps at her. It wouldn't move her usually, but not when it's Teddy. If he's off kilter with her, she actually considers it. "Oh, Theodore I didn't mean it that way. I'm sorry. I have a sensitive nose… no one else thinks you smell. It's just me!" Despite the clear sincerity put into those words, it perhaps wasn't the best way to apologize. But Ria even rises from her seat to take a few steps after the boy. "Please, I want to hear more about the broom! If someone sent something dangerous you should let a professor know," she calls after him. The guilt grimace is thrown to Gabrielle as if to say 'Oops.'

Theodore just keeps stomping out, "Forget it," he grumbles, and is off down the hall.

Gabrielle will watch Theo stomp away then turn back to Ria, "Do you even /think/ before you speak?"

Ria watches on silently as Theodore stalks off and then raises her brows when Gabrielle's words poke at her. "Sure, I do," she says confidently and proudly with her chin up. She's like a criminal defending her innocence while on the stand. Though she heads back to sit upon her stool and open up the cardboard box she brought in. Pausing, she looks back over at Gabrielle and asks, "Are you cross too? At me, or just in general? And if it is me, what did I do?"

Gabrielle clenches her jaw and stops herself from saying something and instead says, "If the things that come out of your mouth are truly what you feel, then you are a sad excuse for a human being. Because you are mean and cruel, and don't care. And eventually, you are going to drive everyone away and will be left with your perfect nails and perfect hair and no one to worship you." She's actually shaking by the end of this, and still has a death grip on the door handle.She'll start out the door, body tense.

Silence. Nothing but silence. Ria stares blankly at Gabrielle, with an expression that is practically unreadable. Her fingers are folded in her lap and her legs crossed while she sits on the stool. It's only a blink or two that draws out a genuinely confused look, and she quirks a brow, "Right…but what did I do to you?" She's not following, oblivious to whatever point the Ravenclaw was trying to make.

Gabrielle will turn around, an actual snarl on her face, "YOU! You…." she'll point her at Ria, "Are not worth it. Just stay away from me." And again will start to leave. Her body is tense enough, it's close to when guys tense up to punch each other.

Whoa! A tiger has come forth from a raven! Ria holds her hands up in front of her defensively as she casually says, "Okay okay. No need to snarl now. Just giving you an opportunity to tell me what I did wrong. I'll leave you be then, if that's what you desire." And she focuses back on the box and the black cloth inside of it before she turns around quickly again to catch Gabrielle before she leaves. "Oh, will you still be getting me that hair dye from your aunt? I paid you for it," she reminds the girl as if she didn't know Gabby was tense at the moment.

Something snaps in Gabby's head, and she sees red. After everything she's done for Ria, that Ria doesn't even KNOW, she's going to imply that she'd take her money?!?! Before Gabby has time to even think on it, her right arm is pulled back and she snaps it forward to connect with Ria's left eye. The punch itself isn't that powerful, as Gabby doesn't have much to put behind it, but the anger seems to be making up for it.

Before Ria even has time to react, her head snaps back with a decisive WHAM! Gabby's angry fist lands right in the socket, causing the Slytherin to fall back off her chair. Snarling she rises back up to her feet with the aid of the stool and then tries to grip the girls wrists so that she won't send another one her way. "What. the. BLOODY. HELL. is WRONG. with you?!" she growls into the girl's face. "You need to CALM. DOWN."

Gabrielle face is a mask of anger and hurt.And by hurt, it's literally hurt, there's tears in her eyes. "You'll get your bloody money back! I'm not a thief!" she'll start to pull away and wince, "Let me go!" Gabby is shaking, Ria can feel it her wrists.

Ria manages to catch a grasp on the girl, trying to keep a firm grip to try and maintain her. But it's hard with all her struggling. "I don't bloody care about my money. I have enough of it!" she pouts, but then catches the distinct winces that Gabby gives her. And suddenly she notices a odd texture on the pads of her fingers. Like there's another sleeve under the girl's right sleeve. "Gabrielle..what…," she murmurs and then turns the girl's wrist over to try and get a peek face up. "What's on your wrist?"

Gabrielle will yank her arm away, fear taking over the anger in her eyes, "Just leave me alone! It's none of your business!" And with that Gabby will pull her right arm to her chest. "You are so awful! You don't care about anyone, so don't care about this!" There's an almost desperation in her voice. She'll take a step away, with a look like she's going to bolt at any moment.

Ria tries to approach the Ravenclaw with caution, like an animal who she's trying to be delicate with. Although…she's not to skilled with animals. "Gabrielle, look. You don't have to tell me why or even how," she speaks to the girl calmly, "But if you're injured, or hurt you need to tell me. Because we'll need to make sure you're mended up properly. It's not good to walk around with and injury like that, especially with your drawing." She figures perhaps the girl has a sprained wrist. But she's not sure. "So please, let me just take a look."

Gabrielle takes another step backwards, "It's been treated" is all she says as she pulls her arm even closer to her body. she'll glance at the door, like she's calculating if she can make it or not.

Pressing her lips together, Ria sighs and makes no more motions to try and corner the girl. It's clear she doesn't want to be chased. "By who? Because it doesn't look like it's been treated properly," she asks and then genuinely adds, "I wouldn't ask you if I didn't care. I don't do that. I ignore what I'm disinterested in and I pursue what I give a damn about. And right now, I give a damn if you're hurt or not. So please let me know…"

Something becomes very clear to Gabby and she pales, "I….look. I'll take the punishment. I'll tell them this was all my fault. You'll get no blame, I'll make sure….Please, please don't say anything. I know what I'm doing….it's not bad, I just….please?"

Ria takes a moment to observe Gabrielle and the evident fear in the girl's eyes. The corners of her mouth crinkle to a thoughtful frown. "I'll do you one better. I will say nothing about all of this. I know nothing of any injuries you may have. And I fell and hit my face. That is all," she says, leaving no room to negotiate anymore. She only sighs and eyes Gabby's hand, "Only make sure you take care of yourself properly. And I may not care about most things, but know that you can tell me and I'll listen if you need it." There's a shrug of resignation and she nods to the girl, turning back to her box with the black cloth in it. She'll run to the infirmary later on.

Gabrielle stands there for several moments, not quite sure she actually heard right. She'll take a deep breathe and pick up her sketchbook that ended up on the floor and will turn and leave without saying anything.

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