(1937-10-14) Imps with Roses
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Summary: Georgina embarrasses her cousin in front of Kaylee and Dorothy and they all make a new acquaintance.
Date: 1937-10-14
Location: Kennsington Gardens
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The setting sun casts long shadows along the paths of Kensington Gardens. Gilbert is strolling along one of those paths, specifically one of the paths that circle around the Elfin Tree, with a young brunette on his arm. From afar most of the conversation seems to be dominated by the very energetic young woman with Gilbert putting in a comment from time to time, usually while pointing at something in the gardens.

Kaylee has always enjoyed gardens, parks, forest, you name it they hold a special place in her heart. As of such this is most likely one reason why she is here walking through the park today, though she is not on her own. A medium sized reddish hued canine is walking at her side. The canine is all of fifty pounds, which some of that weight is for sure just fluffy fuzzy fur, one detail that that sets him apart is the fact that he is tail-less. While Kaylee holds a slender leather leash within a hand the canine is not attached too it. Well trained he stays at her side, never straying more the two steps in front or behind her. Her clothing is normal; blouse, skirt and heels, with a jacket. Within her other hand she has just pulled berets from her hair and is running her fingers through her hair a few times to loosen it. The Elfin Tree is her point of interest, and she and the canine is moving that'a way.

As Gilbert and his companion come around the intricate sculpture the young woman catches sight of Kaylee and her pet. Her gaze almost instantly fixates on the dog and she exclaims,"Gilly! Look at the puppy! Isn't he just scrumptious!?" Doesn't take long before she's tugging Gilbert towards the redhead by their linked arms, with obvious intentions of petting the dog and making Gilbert look more than a little mortified but unable to do much other than follow along since they're too far away for a civilized greeting.

Helios, the canine, tilts his head, ears perking forward with a slight sniff seen while he takes in the passing breeze. Kaylee blinks, 'Gilly'? Her pale gaze turns curiously towards the approaching pair, an amused look is sent towards Gilbert, along with a friendly smile is seen. She waits until everyone is closer for speaking before doing so. "My my, hello there Mr. Sullivan, Miss. No worries his friendly." Which for being part Crup is a good thing! Helios settles to his haunches next to his owner, sitting pretty and looking curious of the approaching pair.

Gilbert gives Kaylee and apologetic smile as he and his companion get within civilized speaking distance. Hearing that the dog is friendly is the only thing the petite brunette needs to dive to her knees and start ruffling the dog's fur and scratching it behind the ears,"He's adorable! What's his name?" For his part Gilbert looks at her then at the sky as if imploring for patience and finally at Kaylee,"Good evening Ms. O'Dwyer. I do implore your leniency and mercy. Please stick to Gilbert or, if you really want to show a level of comfort, Giles. /Gilly/ is /not/ and will /never/ be a name I want to be known by. Regardless of what this rapscallion might think." Said 'rapscallion' is being tugged gently but firmly back to her feet,"Ms. O'Dwyer, if I could please introduce Georgina Walton, a cousin. Georgina, Ms. Abigail O'Dwyer."

Kaylee tilts her head and merely watches Gilbert, looking utterly amused to say the least. Her hands settle loosely in front of her, gripping the leash with both hands now. "His name is Helios." At the sudden attention Helios seems a little unsure before the ear scratching starts. The dog tilts his head, a soft wruffle escaping him, and he leans into Georgina's attention rather happily. A soft chuckle escapes Kaylee. "Oh but of course. Do not worry in the least I shall not let that name get spread around." Her pale gaze turns to Georgina and a friendly smile is seen. "Tis a pleasure ta meet ye Miss Walton. An, please call me Kaylee." Only certain people get away with calling her Abigail.

Georgina seems to share some mannerisms in common with her cousin since she responds to the introduction by sketching a quick little courtesy,"Please call me Gina. Georgina is way too formal…" She pauses for a moment then turns to look at Gilbert,"Kaylee..? Is this /THE/ Ms. O'Dwyer? Gilly, she's absolutely gorgeous! And she's not even an actress?" Turning her attention back to Kaylee she grins at her mischievously,"Kaylee, he will /not/ shut up about you. I haven't seen him like this since Ow! Gilly!" Gilbert has nonchalantly kicked Gina in the ankle and, acting as if nothing had happened, tells Kaylee,"Georgina has recently moved to London in search of fame and fortune. For now I have procured her employment at Mr. Carmichael's establishment. Maybe working in a restaurant will satisfy her need for gossip."

A man walks through the park at the idle pace of someone out to enjoy the evening while he still has the time. Martin is wearing an old brown suit, a bit faded, and holds a cigarette in one hand while his other remains in the pocket of his overcoat. Every so often he takes a drag, blowing smoke and hot air out around him. He continues on his walk and is about to pass another group of people when the sight of one of them catches his eye. He pauses, taking a moment or two to consider, and then approaches them. "Excuse me," he says with an apologetic smile for all of them, though he's addressing Gilbert, "but you look terribly familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before?"

Kaylee blinks as she hears Georgina and just watches her a moment, she is soon blushing, and hotly which is something she is not use to doing. "Oh.. Well I do hope it is all good things. I would hate for ye ta think badly for me before evening meeting me Miss." Helios happily leans into the petting until Gina has stopped then a soft huff escapes the dog, as if he was attempting to tell her he /wanted/ more attention here. "Oh really? That is just lovely. I have not been to the restaurant, have heard it is good for a meal though. Perhaps at some point I shall go." There is a new voice and her attention goes to Martin, a soft smile and nod is seen to him. "Good Evening." Her accent is thick and very Irish, yet her words are clearly understood at least. Helios, the dog which is actually part Crup is settled still at his side, he looks rather normal save for being tailless.

It's been a pretty busy day for Dorothy Frost, since her latest mystery novel, "The Changeling Affair", has just been released, and she had been doing some book signings throughout the city. So now, she's relaxing in the park and giving a much-needed walk to her Golden Retriever, who by a strange coincidence has the same name as someone in the park today- Georgina. She also passes by the growing group and stops briefly to rest, as her dog curiously inspects the other dog.

Georgina leans back down to give Helios the attention he's requesting. Giggling like a girl ten years younger than she really is she tilts her head to look up at Kaylee,"Believe me darling, you have /nothing/ to worry about!" Then she dodges another half-hearted, half-playful kick from Gilbert. And she's saved by the bell when Gilbert is forced to divert his attention to the newcomers. Offering his hand to Martin he says,"Gilbert Sullivan, at your service. Perhaps if you are a fan of the theater you might have seen me on the stage." And looking past him for a moment he waves in a friendly way at Dorothy, whom he recognizes from a brief conversation about writing had at the Cauldron.

Martin takes Gilbert's hand in a firm handshake. "Ah, I thought you might be," he says with a nod. "Martin Geary. I'm afraid I'm not as frequent of a fan as I perhaps should be, but I have seen you once or twice. I do believe you're one of my wife's favorites." He glances briefly over his shoulder when Gilbert waves to someone behind him but then turns his head towards both Kaylee and Georgina. "Good evening," he says. "So sorry to have interrupted you. I just had to satisfy my curiosity."

Kaylee offers a warm smile to Georgina, that blush still lingering on her cheeks while she lets her gaze drift back to Gilbert whom she watches for a few moments. Her attention turns to the movement of another and a nod is given to Dorothy. "Hello there Mrs Frost, how lovely ta see ye again." It has been some time since she met this woman back at the wizard section of the library in London. Helios leans eagerly into Georgina's attention, his maw opening and tongue hanging out the side, it would seems the girl found his best spot for scritching attentions! At the approach of the new dog his ears perk forward, a soft snuffle escaping him and he leans closer towards the retriever. "That is alright, ye have not interrupted much in the least."

"Ah… hello!" Dorothy says with a smile, to both Gilbert and Kaylee. "What a surprise to see you two here," she adds. She smiles a bit toward Helios as he interacts with Georgina. "And," she adds, turning towards Martin, "hello to you as well, sir. I hope you're all having a good day," she adds.

Georgina gets back to her feet again and turns to Gabriel,"I'm going to do you a huge favor. I'll be back in a bit, don't leave without me." And without waiting for a response she gives everyone a cheery wave and starts walking deeper into the gardens. With a sigh Gilbert watches her leave, knowing it'll be useless to try and call her back then turns his attention back to the group. "A pleasure Mr. Geary. And please let me introduce Ms. O'Dwyer and Mrs. Frost. Ladies, Mr. Geary. What brings you to the gardens today Mr. Geary?" Although he's being inclusive to everyone in the group his eyes spend are on Kaylee any time he's not talking directly to someone else.

"Good evening," Martin says to Dorothy. "Thank you, I am." He then smiles at each of the ladies as he's introduced. "Ms. O'Dwyer, Mrs. Frost," he says, "splendid to meet you. And you, of course, Mr. Sullivan." He takes a puff of his cigarette before answering the man's question. "I'm on my way home, but I always take the time to walk through the gardens when I get the chance. Lovely evening." He gestures to the women. "Are you actors as well then?"

Kaylee smiles and waves after Georgina. "Gina, I would just love to speak with ye sometime… Perhaps over tea…" Oh yes she went there. She looks to Gilbert, a faint grin is clearly seen. She just could help herself it seems. As introductions are going around she looks back to Martin and nods. "It is a pleasure ta meet ye Mr. Geary." Helios shifts and settles down at Kaylee's side, his head resting upon his fore paws. At the question from Martin she smiles. "Oh no sir. I work with the Park and Forestry Department. Paper work an so forth." Well, not a totally lie. She isn't going to give up more then that, not knowing this person and seeing where they are.

"And I'm an author," Dorothy adds. "I actually have a new book out just today," she says, pulling a copy of the book from her purse and displaying it proudly. "'The Changeling Affair', it's a mystery novel," she explains. "And what is it you do for a living?" she asks Martin.

Georgina spins around, her skirts flaring with the movement,"Of course Kaylee. Any time you want!" Finishing her spin she continues on to whatever mischief has caught her attention now. Gilbert casts Kaylee a sidelong glance at this invitation, face carefully neutral, while he talks with Martin,"And if you are a fan of mysteries Mrs. Frost's book is quite a good read. I have been reading it myself and enjoying it. But you now have us at a disadvantage Mr. Geary. What do you do for a living?"

"Oh, do you work here in the Gardens then?" Martin inquires of Kaylee. "Well, no," he amends, "I suppose you wouldn't, would you? If it's just paperwork you do?" He gives them all a self-deprecating smile when he's asked about his own line of work. "I might be the least exciting person here, I'm afraid. I'm an auditor, which, aside from beginning with an 'A', isn't quite on the same level as 'actor' or 'author'." He peers at Dorothy's book with some interest. "I do love a good mystery, though," he admits. "I might have to give it a read. What's it about?"

Kaylee catches the look from Gilbert and casts him a rather innocent sort of look. Her attention quickly goes to Dorothy at the talk of her having a new book out. "Oh really? My, I shall have to go look for it. When did it come out?" This questioned with a curious tone while she listens in on the conversation between Gilbert and Martin. A soft chuckle escapes her at the thought of working in the gardens, her gaze flicks over the area a moment. "No sir. I get to handle the paper work on paying the ones to take care of the laws in the parks, and the bushes. They don't trim themselves after all!" An with how she is speaking it sounds so very truthful. "It is a good job though, even if I'm inside so much. Reason for this walk here through the part with me dog." A soft hum escapes her and she nods to Martin with a smile. "Tsktsk, everyone has an important job. Actor, Author, Auditor and Secretary alike."

"Just today," Dorothy answers Kaylee. "And it starts with a kidnapping," she explains to Martin. "Though it gets to be much more complicated than that," she continues with a smile. "All sorts of conspiracies and plots and such. I hope you will enjoy it."

Gilbert smiles slightly at Kaylee in agreement with her statement before turning to Dorothy,"And how are the first day sales going, do you know? I do know I added one to whatever the total numbers might be. I found your synopsis intriguing enough during our conversation at the pub the other night to keep an eye out for it." As he partakes in the conversation he keeps glancing in the direction his cousin disappeared in, as in nervous about what she might be up to.

"Well, yes, my job is quite important," Martin agrees. "There's no denying that. And I've always thought that the long hours inside make the time spent outside that much better." He smiles in return and then turns to Dorothy. "You've definitely got my attention," he then tells her. "There's nothing better to me than a story with enough twists and turns that you never know what to expect. I'm sure you'll be able to add another to that total quite soon." He notices Gilbert looking around and says, "That other woman, I'm afraid I didn't catch her name, is she a friend of yours too?"

Kaylee ahs softly and nods, a soft smile seen as she hears that Gilbert and Dorothy have spoken on the book before. Her gaze turns after Gina as she catches Gilbert looking that way. She ponders and soon crouches down whispering to her dog and pointing in that direction. "Go find Gina. I know she wants to scratch yer ears some more." Helios shifts on his paws, ears perking and he is up on his paws, trotting off following after Gina, and will wander until catching up with her. "His… Trained in searching for things." This said with an amused tone while she stands back up, brushing a hand across her skirt to smooth out a wrinkle. As to the answer on whom Gina is she shall leave that for Gilbert to answer.

"Well, it is only the first day," Dorothy says, turning toward Gilbert. "But when I went to the book shops I did see people looking for it specifically, which is always pleasing to see." Georgina (the dog, not the human) barks a bit as Helios runs off. "Well, I hope I've made myself some new fans today at any rate… it's always good to have them."

Gilbert says,"My erstwhile companion is actually my cousin. She has just recently moved her to try her hand as a thespian in the big city after some limited success in her hometown and I was showing her some of the sights before we ran into the Ms. O'Dwyer, which is always a distraction of the most welcome kind. And she is a bit of an imp so I am mildly concerned about what she might have come up with to make her dash off like that." To Dorothy he says,"Well, I do hope your book is a roaring success. I do know that at least 10 different people where buying it at the same time I was."

"You just may have," Martin tells Dorothy. "I'm looking forward to reading it. May I ask what the word 'changeling' refers to in its title? Unless knowing would spoil the experience for me?" He watches the dog wander off after the girl and then looks to Gilbert. "Aha," he says. "I take it acting runs in the family then? In any case, I wish her nothing but good fortune and the best of luck. Have you any plans to introduce her to London? Any upcoming acts I should look out for?"

Kaylee peers curiously at Gilbert, a slight blush once more working across her cheeks and she takes in a soft breath. "Oh Mr. Sullivan, always with the lovely kind words." She winks at him before looking back to Martin.

"That's very good to hear," Dorothy says to Gilbert. "Anyway, 'changeling'… well, it applies to the idea of a kidnapping. It comes from old stories about fairies taking children from their homes and replacing them with copies called 'changelings'. Of course, the book doesn't have any fairies in it. Those I usually save for the children's books I also like to write."

And here comes Georgina with Helios at her heals. In her hand is one pristine white rose and a deep red one. Walking up to Kaylee she offers her the flowers while she leans in to whisper in her ear, looking at Gilbert out of the corner of her eye and grinning impishly. Then she steps back and smiles sweetly at him before focusing on Dorothy,"Another puppy! What's its name?" For his part Gilbert shows how good of an actor he is be keeping a perfectly composed face while speaking with Martin, the only thing betraying the way Georgina's actions might be affecting him being how red his ears are."Well, the play I am involved in at the moment had already been cast by the time she arrived so I was not able to try and help her secure a part in it. But you mentioned your wife being a fan. If she likes the Bard's comedies Much Ado About Nothing will be hitting the boards again soon."

"Ah, yes," Martin replies, "I've heard of such stories. I am glad to hear that the name is just a metaphor, however. I very much prefer my fiction to have some basis in reality, as unreal as it may turn out in the end." He smiles and pulls at his cigarette, now on its last legs, blowing a gust of smoke above him. "That's too bad," he says to Gilbert. "But I'm sure she'll find something sooner or later." He nods, and his eyes flick briefly to Georgina, but he has no reaction to her behavior. "Yes, that's right. Thank you, I'll let her know. You'll be in that?"

Kaylee glances to Georgina and Helios as the pair come back, a warm smile and wave seen. "I knew Helios would find ye. Good boy." At the offering of the flowers and the whisper she blinks. She takes hold of the roses while blushing hotly. A slight nod is seen to the whisper. "Oh I do indeed. Thank ye." A faint glance is sent towards Gilbert, a playful smile is offered to him. Oh she gets the feeling Georgina and Gilbert are going to have a long long talk tonight.

"Georgina is her name," Dorothy says (she probably wouldn't have said it if she'd known what Gilbert's cousin's name was). She smiles a bit at Martin's comment about preferring stories to be realistic… if only he knew that stories about fairies would be as realistic as they come, though not in the form she'd heard as a child. "Of course, a mystery does need to be have a material, scientific conclusion to work well. It wouldn't be very interesting if the detective spent the whole book gathering clues only for it to turn out that the crime was done by… magic, or ghosts, or something of that sort!" Of course, she has been thinking about having her next book be one where that in fact happens… though it's for an audience familiar with magic, of course.

You say, "I will indeed be in it. I will be playing Friar Francis." At the same time Georgina leans down to cuddle Georgina. And she seems quite pleased at the shared name,"Awwwww. She's got my name. That's so cute!""

"Terrific," Martin tells Gilbert. "I'm sure she'll be thrilled." He smiles at Dorothy, agreeing, though he of course has no idea that that sort of thing isn't any less real to her. "Yes, I think you might be right," he says. "That kind of far-fetched storytelling is perhaps best reserved for the children. Lord knows they have active enough imaginations to keep up with it all. I certainly don't." He then looks to each of them in turn, saying, "I'm afraid I must take my leave for the evening, however. I've got to get home before it gets too late. It was a pleasure to meet all of you."

Kaylee glances over to Martin and Dorothy at the talk of the stories, a soft smile and nods seen. "Oh to be a kid again. Sometimes I think it would be rather nice from the story sort of thought point at least." She keeps hold of the two roses, holding onto them lightly. A nod is seen to Martin. "Do have a good night now, was a pleasure to meet ye as well."

Dorothy looks surprised that the other woman shares her dog's name, and actually appreciates it. "Oh, I'm glad you like it," she says. "I've been worried people wouldn't like being compared to a dog, but… of course, as a dog lover myself I don't see it as much of an insult." She pets her dog herself. "Goodbye then," she says to Martin as he leaves.

Gilbert shakes hands with Martin ,"It was indeed a pleasure Mr. Geary and I do hope to see you and your wife in the audience once the pay opens. Have a good evening." As Martin leaves Georgina puts her hands on Gilbert's arm and stands on her tip-toes to plant a kiss on his cheek,"I have a shift at the restaurant in a little bit Gilly. I'll see you soon, ok? Goodbye everyone, nice to meet you all." Gilbert returns the goodbye with a tolerant smile, watching her walk towards the Underground before returning his attention to Kaylee and Dorothy,"And then there were three. Gina really does love animals in general, I doubt sharing a name would ever bother her."
Dorothy gives you a cookie.

"Good evening," Martin says to them as he shakes Gilbert's hand again, and then he turns away, moving on through the park. Though now he doesn't walk in a casual stroll, instead going quickly as if he has to make up for lost time. But he never ceases blowing smoke as long as he remains in sight.

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