(1937-10-14) The Walk of Shame
Details for The Walk of Shame
Summary: Early Sunday morning, Elly's father isn't the only one to catch her walk of shame back to the Leaky Cauldron
Date: October 14th, 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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While not normally an early riser, Eddie hasn't quite felt like herself over the past few days. An upset stomach and a headache roused her from the warmth of bed and lover's arms and wouldn't let her return. A few quick good morning goodbyes and Eddie let Sloan head out to do a bit of patrolling while she went somewhere that she didn't have to think about cooking breakfast for herself. Or even, well, eating. The witch pushes the door of the room open quietly, wrapped up in a deep forest green overcoat across a pair of loose satin slacks and a chinese silk shirt. It might ALMOST be pyjamas, but it's a bit too nice for that. Still, it's comfort clothing for Eddie. She shuffles her way over to the bar and slinks up onto a seat.

Elly had a morning rather similarly to Eddie. Just for the wench it was the oddity of not being in her own bed that made her sleep a little less than restful. The big burly bartender that is Mick Dodderidge serves up Eddie her usual but never takes his eyes off of his daughter that's doing 'the walk of shame' from the Diagon Alley courtyard door towards the kitchen. Elly does stop to give Eddie a kiss on the cheek and whispers, "Ye forgot to get out of your jammies Eddie!"

Eddie quickly waves off her usual, in truth, "Just a mint tea, Mick, please…" It must be quite a morning for Eddie to be ordering tea! And then there is Elly coming up behind her for a kiss and whispering those words. The commentary draws a husky voiced laugh from Eddie, though even that makes her head hurt a touch. Entirely too much wine at dinner with her brother. "These are not jammies, dear Elly. This is lounging wear. And it's quite comfortable and covers more than most of my dresses, thank you very much! And just where are you sneaking in from?" The blonde asks with an arch of a platnium brow.

Elly blushes hotly at the question and gives Eddie a nudge with her shoulder. "Just at the Alley. Enjoyin' the morning air." She pokes her tongue out at her regular customer and friend as she continues into the Kitchen. But once she's behind her father who's fixing up that tea for Eddie Elly pantomimes swooning and fanning herself and then brandishes and jingles her new silver charm bracelet. Of course the jingling makes the rather famously jiggly wench do just that. But her father's about to catch her so she quickly bolts into the kitchen and then up into her room to get changed for the day.

The mint tea is given a thankful nod, and while Eddie is curious about more, she doesn't dare get the girl in trouble in front of her father. It's not until the blonde sees the younger woman behind Mick and then jingling that new bracelet that a slightly wider smile tugs at the edge of Eddie's lips. She tips her head in the direction of the girl, "Have a good morning, Elly…" She calls out after her as she disapepars back up the stairs to get changed. Eddie then slumps over her tea once more, breathing in the scent and letting it soothe morning troubles away.

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