(1937-10-15) Deals with the Evil Princess
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Summary: Cillian fixes up a chocolate picnic for Ria in order to get her to agree with a deal.
Date: October 15, 1937
Location: Great Hall
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Great Hall Courtyard Hogwarts
Mon Oct 15, 1937 ((Mon Oct 15 23:39:06 2012)) (G,6)

A large rectangular area with roofed walkways along the outside, with benches to sit and arched open-air windows to give a view outside. The walkways lead off to the Viaduct to the east, and the path down to the greenhouses to the North. Inside these walkways is a central open green square just outside the doors leading intoto the castle, with a couple of larger benches to give students a place to sit.

Its a lovely afternoon really, Cillian is stretched out on a bench with a full service tea set all set up and he's arranging…chocolate biscuits on a plate and carefully adding slices of strawberries on each piece. His bags rest against the bench where he sits, watching the folks pass by with a thoughtful expression but he's watching like a hawk.

While herbology isn't her favorite subject, Ria's been spending a bit of time there as of late doing Merlin knows what. Perhaps she's working on a side project. Perhaps she knows she needs to work harder on that subject. Either way, she en route back to the castle at the exact time she always is, though that's hardly a surprise. She isn't exactly a creature of habit but punctuality in all aspects of life is something that seems to be soaked into her blood. Her face is buried in a book as paces slowly back, but she stops short upon smelling the distinct scent of…chocolate. But where is it coming from? Those green eyes rise from her book to peer around.

Aha! He sees the prey…there she is…right there. Cillian, carefully peers in his tea pot and he carefully dips a strawberry into the hot chocolate within and then he blows gently on the strawberry and gets to his feet. "Oh! Miss Ria!" He chirps brightly and makes his way over quickly holding out the chocolate dipped strawberry. "Miss Ria, how pretty ye be lookin' today…here, I got you this."

Ria freezes in place upon hearing someone call out to her. Incoming, one-eyed Peele. Though the Miss Ria is a nice touch. Closing her book, she gingerly regards the younger boy, her nose scrunching at his rather cheerful greeting. She blinks however when he offers her the sweet, and she stares at it with a predatory look in her eye. "What is this, Peele? And more importantly, what is this for?" she uses her polished fingernails to pluck the strawberry out of Cillian's hand. She stops, sniffs it, runs a finger over it to check the texture and then delicately licks the same finger to see if it tasted like chocolate.

Cillian's eye widens innocently as his lips form a tiny 'o'. "Miss Ria…I saved this strawberry just for you. Also, me Father's name is Peele, I'm just Cillian, please, come have a seat, I 'ave tea." A pause. "And questions. A few questions for ye. Dun worry, just 'ave a seat."

Ria's guard has certainly not let up and she stands there confused and even more skeptical than ever, holding the chocolate covered strawberry in one hand while she clutches the book with the other. "If you had questions, all you need to do is ask them, Cillian," she says to the first year and makes her way over to his little setup on the bench. Tea, chocolate covered strawberry. What an oddly merry little picnic in the middle of Hogwarts. Ria feels that this was all very much set up and intended for her. Maybe she's heading into a trap? He's unsure, but there isn't much this first-year can do to her out in the open so she indeed takes her seat. "Okay, what do you need?"

Cillian mmhms softly and gestures towards the bench before he takes his own set and he pours the tea cups of hot chocolate. "Would ye like sugar or cream?" He asks all polite like. He smiles sweetly and then takes a deep breath before he settles down. "And 'elp yerself to the biscuits. They are chocolate of course, chocolate is the best." There's a long pause before he just gets to the meat of the matter. "Is it true that ye eat baby kittens?"

"Neither is fine," Ria sternly declines the addition of either…just in case. Eyeing the delights before her, she stiffens her jaw nervous as to what could be placed in all of them. But they all smell so heavenly, it's overwhelming her senses just a bit. The chocolate strawberry seems safe…maybe it wouldn't hurt to try the drink. Cillian's right. Chocolate is quite simply the best. That's the thought that crosses her mind when she takes a sip in the most lady like fashion. No gulps or dribble. Just a delicate sip. And suddenly, she chokes! The question catches her off guard. After a rough cough or two into the back of her hand, Ria gets herself back together and peering curiously at Cillian she asks, "Depends. Do you need someone that eats baby kittens?" This is not the most terrible rumor about her, for sure.

Cillian watches Ria rather intently and tilts his head to the side curiously as he squints at her choking and looks a bit concerned. "Oh! Mis Ria, be careful…do chew." Then he hmms and shakes his head slowly. "So yer not a fury disguised as a pretty student just waitin' for yer chance to rip off a head or eat some skin? That's good. That's good." A pause. "Do ye 'ave a 'eart? Is it made out of flint?"

Ria neither confirms nor denies Cillian's interpretation of he answer. If he wants to think her an innocent lamb, she's not against it. She takes a final sip of the drink before setting it back down and crossing her legs politely as he continues his questioning. "I have a black hole where there should be my heart. And it likes to devour anything, including flint. That's how I get my energy," she replies, straight-faced. If he's going to ask her silly questions, she's going to give him silly answers.

With a red ball twirling around his fingers, as is pretty common, Arian comes traipsing through the Great Hall courtyard. There's obviously something on his mind; the uncharacteristic frown and furrowed brow are sure signs of that. He remains unaware of the small picnic at first, and doesn't even notice the two other students until he's standing right next to him. When he does, he turns to survey the scene. "I'd watch out if I were you, Cillian," he says with a snicker. "She's probably just using the food you're feeding her as an appetizer."

Cillian eyes Ria and looks very serious for a few moments before he bows his head and nods. "I thought so." He swings his feet and sighs, shaking his head slowly. "I'm sorry Miss Ria, I'm afraid I 'ave somethin' to tell ye." He looks to Arian and blinks several times before clearing his throat and looking back to Ria. "M' afraid yer an evil princess."

Ria simply turns her eyes to Arian when he arrives and acknowledges him with a brief nod. She neither confirms nor denies the Ravenclaw's claims either, only shrugs casually and turns back to Cillian. Again, not the worst thing that's been said about her for sure. But she quirks a brow at the Gryffindor boy's answer, sitting in silence for a few seconds, unsure of what to say to that. Slight annoyance spreads across her face though. Ria hasn't the time for these shenanigans. "Oh foo, won't mother and father be ashamed. Perhaps I'll retreat to my dungeon and cry about it," she rolls her eyes and replies with dramatic sarcasm. "Oh but what will be done to me?"

Arian rolls his eyes almost in unison with Ria (if rolling your eyes in unison is an actual thing). "Good grief, Cillian," says Arian. "Don't just go handing out compliments like that. Everyone knows THIS one couldn't pass for a princess if she put on a pink dress and rode a white horse across a field of daffodils." He glances again at the spread of food before adding, "I wouldn't keep feeding her sweets, either. She already eats enough students and we wouldn't want her getting any fatter, would we?"

Cillian mmhms softly and then he sighs softly. "I really need ye to be honest with me. Did ye or did ye not get a black eye? And if so, who's fist did ye black it on? I really need to know." He takes a couple of bars of chocolate out of his bag. "Now that I'm convinced yer completely evil, I won't be surprised by anyting, but I need to make sure yer not messin' with me girls." He toys with the bars of chocolate. "M' willin' to pay ye, or paint yer nails or even brush yer hair, but ye can't be messin' with me girls." He then looks to Arian. "Dun be rude, she might be an evil bi-princess but she'll 'ardly become a cow in one picnic, she's a princess and she's evil so she'll just grow up to steal the beauty of other women for all eternity or somethin'. Please shut up and 'ave a cookie."

"Oh certainly not as fat as your head, Arian Kyle. And by that I do mean to say that your mind is sometimes as useless as a pile of lard," Ria smiles sweetly at Arian, hands folded in her lap. She will not be insulted! She is a princess! Even Cillian seems to think so. But the latter boy's question does catch her attention sufficiently. And she straightens her posture a little. "I did have a black eye, but it wasn't the result of a fist. I was in the club room studying when I hit my eye on the edge of the table," she explains easily. But her lips curve into a delightful smirk, when Cillian makes his offer. "Who are your girls? Perhaps we can arrange something," she says. She would rather enjoy having someone else do the brushing.

"That's the best you could come up with?" asks Arian. There's another eyeroll, and a snicker. "I thought you were supposed to be quick-witted. Surely you could do better than that." As for Cillian, Arian simply tells the boy, "Don't tell me what to say, firstie. If I were you, I woudln't go prying into the business of someone like ARIA" (the entire name is emphasized purposely) "or you're liable to end up with one less ey… leg." Good save!

Cillian watches Ria closely as she speaks and he tilts his head from one side and then to the other before taking a careful sip of his own hot chocolate, casually licking his lips and nodding firmly. "There's a list…I have it written out on a piece of parchment. No pickin' them or makin' them eat poison fruit or…pullin' their 'air. Please." He worries his bottom lip. "They are really good girls which I know ye probably hate, but even if ye dun 'ave a heart, consider that if they survive for another year, ye'll 'ave more time to corrupt them or create a plan to steal their youth and beauty as you age. I read about it. I can be yer huntsman." He holds out his arm. "See, in one or two years I'll 'ave some bigger muscles." Then he just looks back to Arian and just stares. "Tell me." A pause. "Does it ever urt?"

"Then forgive me Kyle. Though I'm glad you have such high expectations for me. Please, since you're so well versed in insults, tell me how you would go about calling yourself an incompetent idiot," Ria asks with all sincerity. Then she turns back to Cillian, mouthing something inaudible to the boy before saying, "But yes, continue Cillian." Calling her Aria, well. That certainly earns an eye twitch. But she'll deal with that later. There's something more important to deal with at the moment than flies buzzing in her ear. And now she's all ears, listening to the Gryffindor request. Holding her clean hand out she says, "Well then give me the list. I don't see why I can't agree to that, though I'd like to know their names before I say yes just in case there's one I object to." With her other hand she smooths her hair out and says, "But if I do agree, I do need one small initial favor from you as my huntsman."

That's not cool! Arian certainly isn't an incompetent idiot! He just managed to get a faulty set of flame-spitting.. magic thingies. That wasn't his fault. Of course, he doesn't say any of this, because that would just be stupid. Instead, he just snorts. "I'm not the incompetent one," he says. "You're probably just mad because you've got this stuck in your ear." He reaches over to pull a red ball out of Ria's ear, which he does pefectly. Unfortunately, in the process, he upsets a glass onto the ground, spilling its contents. "Well, I meant for that to happen," he mutters under his breath. "And I'm not answering that question, Cillian. Maybe you should ask A-R-I-A. When you've finished flirting, that is."

Cillian leans over to tug a parchment out of his bag and he straightens up to offer it to Ria and boy does he have nice caligraphic penmenship but he clears his throat. "Gabrielle, Josie…well I suppose the little bit Maeve and then there's Hephaesta and Ophelia…then a tiny girl who I tink is part bat but her last name be Addison." He then turns to just stare at Arian for a moment as he replies carefully to Ria. "What else do ye want? M' willin' to pay ye in chocolate too." Then he asps when his cup is knocked over and he hops to his feet and blinks a few times. "I tink yer just jealous…because m' a captain and ye just make messes."

Ria seems unamused when the red seems to come out of her ear. Her glance is immediately drawn to the spilled drink and she sighs before muttering, "This is just too easy." She pulls out her wand to murmur something that makes the chocolate and cup return to its original place like a video tape of the incident being rewinded. Doesn't mean the contents are suddenly sanitary though. So don't drink it! But the hold the unrolled piece of parchment, green eyes scanning the names briefly. Ria then rolls it up and nods, "Sure. It's no problem. They will remain untouched." She assures him with a nod and tucks the parchment neatly into the pocket of her robes for safe keeping. "There's really no need for chocolate payment. But I'll have to prepare it…," she says to Cillian, briefly glancing at Arian before turning back to the first boy. "So I'll simply bring it up to you later. It's up to you to believe me when I say it's a very insignificant task." Straightening her skirt, she stands up and prepares to leave. "You're a very reasonable fellow Peele, and you have capital hand writing."

Arian frowns as the spilled drink is returned to its place. "You can act like you're not impressed all you want, Aria, but I know you are," he says. After a moment, he decides it's best to be elsewhere. This party's a drag, anyway. "Forget this, I'm out of here. Cillian, you're digging your own grave. And Aria, I'm not going to be a part of your Halloween freak show anymore." So there! Then the boy disappears, once again frowning as he twirls the small red ball around on his fingers.

Cillian watches the rewind with the cup with a wide eye and he peers into the cup curiously before looking back to Ria and flashing a grin. He offers a polite bow and nods quickly. "Of course yer highness, thank ye kindly." Then he looks back to Arian and just quirks an eyebrow. "As for ye? I'll be watchin' ye, when ye dun tink anybody's there and ye feel a cool breath on yer back and see nobody there, its jus' me eye watchin' ye…" He points after the young man as he makes an exit and he sighs softly. "Is he mad?"

Ria curtsies like a princess ought to. Though she doesn't turn to acknowledge Arian she does answer Cillian's question. "He's a little mentally slow. A professor told me the sorting hat likely put him in Ravenclaw out of pity," she frowns sympathetically, "I will talk to you later, Peele." And she too turns on her heel to head back to the dungeons.

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