(1937-10-15) Let The Chase Begin
Details for (1937-10-15) Let The Chase Begin
Summary: Gilbert proves he is indeed capable of plain speech and makes his intentions clear.
Date: 1937-10-15
Location: Uldric's Oddball Malt Shoppe
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It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and drizzling.

Malt shops seem to have the universal ability to turn adults into children again, without the use of magic and Uric's Oddball Malt Shop is no exception. The malt counter, its wood polished to a high shine and cushiony bar stools lined up in front, provides a place for patrons to sample all manner of drinks that fizz, foam and steam. A long section of the counter has also been set aside for rows of glass jars with chrome lids filled with all manner of sweets, Muggle and Wizardly alike. And for those that want a little more privacy or for the couple on that romantic date tables have been set out on the malt shop's floor with seating for two or four.

Gilbert is sitting by himself at one of the smaller tables in the malt shop, tucked away in one of the corners. In front of him is a three quarters full shake glass and a notepad. To all outward appearance he's doing nothing but sitting there and watching people, making quick little notations in his pad from time to time.

Kaylee has taken a short day of work it seems, an she is making her way on into the malt shoppe. Thanks to the drizzle of rain her clothing is a bit damp, though she doesn't give it much thought while she moves onward towards the short line. Her attention is at the moment on what is in her bag, a few books and papers pushed until she finds what she is looking for which is a thin book, which she pulls out and tucks it under her arm so she doesn't have to go hunting for it again. An thanks to her being lost in her own thoughts she doesn't catch sight of anyone she may know within the shoppe.

Since Gilbert is literally people watching he sees Kaylee as soon as she walks in. A large smile flashes over his face and is quickly brought under control as he decides to wait until she sees him rather than calling attention to himself.

Kaylee waits the short time within the line and once at the counter gets of all things a chocolate shake, money paid an so forth and picks up her drink. Now she sends a glance over the room and pauses as she finds herself peering back at Gilbert. A brow lifts and she seems amused, a soft chuckle escapes her and she turns moving towards where he is seated. "Hello there Mr. Sullivan, out an about I see. How are you doing today?"

Gilbert gets up and pulls out a chair for Kaylee,"I am indulging in some people watching and enjoying a malted milk shake so it is definitely a good day. How is the day treating the charming Ms. O'Dwyer?"

Kaylee smiles and nods, she is about to ask if he would like some company but as he is pulling out a chair it seems to be an OK thing. "Thank ye." Is said with a soft murmur while she sits down, both glass, and book set upon the table before her. "People watching hum?" Her pale gaze flick towards the notes and she smiles once more. "An making notes on it?" She tilts her head. "I've been doing fine. Half day of work, no complaints from me."

Once Kaylee has been helped to her seat Gilbert returns to his and slides his notepad to Kaylee. On it are descriptions of people, including estimations of ages, physical descriptions and notes on particularly interesting speech patterns and phrases,"Of course people watching with notes. Although my acting career is not my main focus I do enjoy it and it takes some work to develop characters. Watching people lets me pick up on interesting little lingual tidbit and mannerisms that can then be used for characters later on." After giving her a few moments to peruse his notes to her heart's content he asks,"And to what do you owe the joy of having an afternoon off?"

Kaylee ponders while letting her slender fingers pick up the notes and looks over them curiously, a soft smile crosses her lips while she seems amused over this. "It is a great idea. I've always wondered how actors come up with new things to play, and how they do it so well." She sets the notes down in front of him. Her pale gaze turn back to him. "Oh, on the fact that I would rather do paper work at my own home. I'm not much of a office person. An with no pressing matters to catch my attention I escaped a few hours early."

Gilbert takes his notepad back and makes a notation, apparently of a phrase being used by a pair of teenagers that have just walked by on their way out, then returns his attention to his companion,"Well, it is quite nice of your superiors to provide you with the option to do paperwork at home. And speaking of work, you never did tell me about any of your adventures the other night." Raising a hand he brings it up to Kaylee's face,slowly enough not to startle, then stops a millimeter away from actually touching her skin…

Kaylee gaze flicks slightly, pale blue eyes settle upon that hand, which actually makes her tense up. Her fingers grip slightly against her glass while she leans back just a bit..

Never actually touching her Gilbert traces the scar on her right cheek in the air over it then takes his hand away, using it to pick up his malt glass,"I am particularly curious about the story behind this." He then takes a sip from his glass, without breaking eye contact.

Kaylee takes in a soft breath, seeming to recollect her thoughts while she leans back slightly upon her chair. Her arms slip to fold in front of her, almost as if in a protective sort of way. "I suppose when one does as well of a job as I they see that I can be given a little lee way at times." So perhaps she doesn't always ask for such times away from the Ministry, at some point she is sure it will come back to bite her, but at the moment she does not worry on the matter. At the question on the scar her gaze narrow slightly, she is still watching him. "It happened when I was a child. Though I don't know ye well enough to go telling such tales just yet Mr. Sullivan." A faint smile crosses her lips. "Though I would be more then happy to tell you about a pack of Crups I had to deal with one year."

Gilbert returns the smile as he put his cup down,"I am sure it is quite the entertaining tale. And I would love to hear it but I want to say something first, if you would allow me?" The smile is a quick one and is gone by the time he's finished speak. It seems what he wants to say has a certain amount of seriousness behind it.

Kaylee ponders the question he has to ask, especially seeing how serious he has gotten. She ponders it a moment while tilting her head to the side a touch. "Far be it from me to keep ye from speaking. Whatever is on yer mind?"

Gilbert leans forward just a little bit and lowers his voice so one would need to be right at the table to hear what is being said. With one hand he motions to his notepad and says,"We have established I make it a habit to observe people. And you learn to pay attention to the little things people say with their body, even if they do not say it with their words. I think I have made it clear that I am an admirer and I want to now assure you, I will never do something to intentionally hurt or offend." There's a hidden snap of controlled anger to his tone, as if he's made some assumptions that don't make him completely happy. Then his whole demeanor changes as he leans back into a more relaxed position and gives you an easy smile, his voice going back to its normal volume and tone,"Now, I would be delighted to hear that Crup story you have promised."

Kaylee is quiet as she listens to him, her head tilting to the side slightly while he speaks. A soft smile is seen after a moment. "Nor do I think ye would, intentionally. Everyone has a past, some not as good as others. An little things still in the present can get one to remember things that have happened." The scar on her cheek is just one of many for her. "Thank ye by the way." Though she doesn't go into detail on what for. "Now the Crup's… There was a pack of them found in this little town outside of Birmingham." She pauses as if attempting to remember the name. "I think it was called Big Bend Town or something along them lines. Anyway, Crup's do not like Muggles in the least so something had to be done with them ye see."

There's a time and a place for certain conversations and this is neither. Gilbert nods in response to Kaylee's words, showing no signs of concern that there might be some darkness in her past. Taking up his malted he settles down to listen to Kaylee's story, simply enjoying the company. "How did a town end up with feral crups? I thought they were strictly controlled?"

"A old couple had a pair and let them breed. An like canines, or rabbits might they did it well." Kaylee seems amused over this idea and shakes her head. "The alpha pair was rather nasty too anyone but there owners even. In the end I think most of us had gotten bitten or scratched, though we took care of the lot. I actually managed to find them all homes. Which my boss found amusing." Along with others at the Ministry. A slight shrug is seen and she chuckles. "Though I suppose ye was hoping for a tale that involved a fire breathing dragon or two?"

Gilbert laughs at this,"Well, we can start with small steps. I think we have to work me up to the dragons. My heart might be too weak to take tales of fire breathing dragons and their fair tamers." Leaning his elbows on the table he looks at Kaylee pointedly on the 'fair tamers' line before asking,"I have been thinking about getting my own pet. But I do not like the traditional, so crups and kneezles are out, as are owls, and cats, and rats. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe a wolf. They are such attractive animals. And loyal once they are part of a pack." Is that a smile lurking in the back of his eyes?

Kaylee blushes just a bit at the 'fair tamers' bit. "I wouldn't call what I do taming them. They call me in when the tamers have problems." She winks at him before taking a sip from her drink, which is a bit melted but she doesn't seem to mind. "As for Crups, there very good pets. I have a half one at the moment, actually from that trip. He was a puppy then." Well of course she had to keep one of them. "Owls are fine, manage to pick up one and she is still around." There is a slight pause and she glances towards him at the bit on the wolf, a soft chuckle escapes her and she smiles. "So ye are the one playing letter maker? I have to admit I was a bit unsure until this conversation. It is lovely by the way. An I just may have it sitting upon my mantel place at home."

Gilbert is clearly pleased with himself, even if he does keep the smile in his eyes from taking over the rest of his face. Can't show too much eagerness now can we? "It is nothing but a small trick I picked up during a trip to Japan. You would be surprised at what the Muggles there can create by just folding paper, without a lick of magic. They have this charming superstition that a person that folds a thousand paper cranes will have their next wish come true." Ripping a page out of his notepad he crisply folds it into said crane as he speaks then pulls slightly on the neck and tail, making the wings flap.

Kaylee continues to smile as she watches Gilbert, rather curious it seems. "I've never been to Japan, heard plenty of stories on it though. The legends, customs and so forth." She glances towards the crane that he quickly makes with the paper and chuckles softly. "Ye are very good at that. How long did it take ye to learn how to fold the paper into different shapes? I can't image a wolf is a normal one." It would seem at the moment she is clearly interested in his paper making skill, or just perhaps it deals with the one making the little paper figures.

Gilbert rips another page out of his notepad and slides it over. And even though the table is already small he slides his chair a little closer to Kaylee's,"Well, how long it takes to learn depends on the shape you are working on. The crane for example, I bet I would be able to show you how to make in the next few minutes. Would you like to learn how to do it?" With a little tilt of his head he adds,"I think you would enjoy Japan as a place to visit but I do not believe you would have been happy if you had been born there, especially if you had been born a Muggle. They have a fascinating culture but some parts of it are not very pleasant, among them, how women are treated. They can be prized but prized in the same way we prize an expensive jewel but most of the time they are treated about as well as house elves."

Kaylee seems to ponder this for a moment before a nod is seen, she moves her drink out of the way once he has scooted closer to her. "Well, sure. I've love to learn, if ye have the time to teach that is." A soft smile is sent to him while her gaze is settled upon him at the talk of Japan. A soft hum escapes her. "That is rather sad to hear that. No one should be treated like that, though I tend to think the same on how some treat there house elves too."

Gilbert starts walking Kaylee through the steps of folding an origami crane, his expressive hands helping with the directions as much as his spoken directions. In between directions he keeps the conversation going,"Regardless of the flaws in its culture, flaws that are shared, by the way, by many other Muggle civilizations, it is a beautiful country. And they have develop some magnificent forms of art. Their style or painting, their poetry, their theater, its all unique and they have a remarkable philosophy centered around balancing the body, the mind, and the spirit." From time to time, seemingly by accident, his hands graze hers as he teaches. "and the wolf, is indeed, not one of the more traditional shapes."

Kaylee is rather attentive as he goes through explaining how to start making the origami crane, attempting to remember each step that is given. "Oh I do not think badly of the culture. I've heard plenty of good about the art, and the country itself. She tilts her head slightly. "I'm Irish after all. If I can keep from throwing stones at certain…people I imagine others can as well." She doesn't pick up on the faint touches of hands for the moment at least. "What tipped ye off that I happen to like wolves?" She is curious it seems, and yes she is wearing the torques.

Gilbert is a quick learner so this time, even thought it would be tempting to tap on one of the torque's tips, a temptation the momentarily shows on his face, he taps his own collarbone with a small. "Well, once again I will credit that my habit of observing people. Your torque has wolves heads as caps. Which means that wolves are important to you in one way or another, making it a good bet that you would enjoy something like what I sent." The crane is almost finished at this point so he gives her left hand a quick, stroking tap saying,"Left hand grips here with your thumb and forefinger." and another one to the back of the right hand,"And right hand grasps here in the same way. Pull in opposite directions and if we did everything properly the body should pop open and the wings should spread to the sides."

Kaylee casts a faint glance to Gilbert, an she chuckles softly. "I suppose I wear them so much I don't think about them. They belonged to my parents an I rarely take them off." Her gaze is back upon the crane though, and she picks up a bit on the stroking touches across her hands, a faint smirk crosses her lips. "So what else have you picked up since observing me then?" She seems a bit curious on this idea. She peers at the crane and after a moment she pulls it as told so the wings spread out. "That is brilliant." She does seem to truthfully enjoy making a simple little crane.

Gilbert hmms for a moment before saying,"Well, let us see. You have courage which is clear because of your choice of professions. That also shows you have a love for animals. You are no stranger to pain but you have overcome most of it. You have a fiery temper, but that was not hard, since it was pretty much the first thing you told me. You can hold your drink as well as most men. You are feminine without being girly…" Then he stops and smirks,"And of course, there is a vibrant mind behind the beauty. But we are once again starting to tread on the kind of territory that will only result in too over-inflated an ego for you so it is time to stop, for the moment." As a distraction he pulls his wand out and waves it at the crane, muttering something under his breath. A moment later the crane starts flapping its wings and making graceful orbits around your head.

Kaylee is curious to what he may have to say, a bit of amusement is clearly seen across her face, along with a warm smile. "Ye are rather good at reading people Mr. Sullivan. That is a special skill. I'm surprised the ministry hasn't found a place for ye. They rather like to snatch up wizards and witches that have specific skills." There is a slight pause at the beauty comment and she is blushing which makes her head lower a tad to look at the crane. "Oh yes, I wouldn't ye too have ta deal with me ego going all crazy." She winks at him before watching as his wand is pulled and the crane is circling her head. A warm smile is seen and she chuckles. "Lovely."

This time Gilbert's smile is a little rueful as he says,"They do. But my casting abilities are… substandard. If it was not for that small problem I would not be surprised if I had received an offer to go through Auror training or one of the other branches of the department of magical law enforcement. But alas." He shrugs this off as a matter of little importance and instead says,"You know, you seem to enjoy many aspects of Muggle culture. Have you ever heard of the game of billiards?"

Kaylee ahs softly at this, a soft smile seen. "Well, ye have found yer niche though. There is a place for everyone after all. An ye was suppose to do what ye are doing or something else would have worked out." She reaches up to snag the crane before it can flutter off, or fall and holds onto it lightly within her hand. "Billiards?" For a moment she ponders, looking thoughtful. "It involves a cue and colorful balls upon a table that one shoots into different pockets I believe? I do rather enjoy some Muggle things, though I admit I don't go out of my way to look into it. I think that was the only class I issues with.""

Gilbert watches her handling of the crane with interest as he says,"I do enjoy my chosen career. And I am a competent enough caster for day-to-day purposes, it just would not have been wise to be in a position where my life or that of others might depend on the strength of my magic." Then his smile widens,"There is a certain amount of pleasure involved in doing certain things with nothing but your body and hard-earned skill. Billiards is one of those things. You are correct about your description and if you think you would enjoy it, I do know a reputable billiard saloon I would like to invite you to. Make a true date out of it."

Kaylee holds onto the little paper crane for a few moments before setting it upon the table. A nod is seen and along with a smile. "Indeed, it is rather important to have a good amount of skill and what not. Though luck has a good amount of it I have found too." A soft oh escapes her while she watches him, seeming curious, and also pondering the answer she is to give. A soft smile is seen. "Mister Sullivan, are ye asking me out on an actual date?" There is a slight blush that crosses her cheeks.

Gilbert sketches one of those little bow he tends to put into action from time to time, keeping his eyes on Kaylee's face. He seems about to say something then stops and starts again with a self-deprecating smile on his lips,"I do believe its time to be plain spoken, for once. And with that in mind the answer is: Yes, I am asking you out on a date." He sits straight in his chair again, waiting for his answer with a certain kind of zen calm.

Kaylee smiles softly and nods. "Aye, indeed it was in pure plain speak. But I just had to make sure I was hearing ye correctly." This said softly before she ponders the answer it would seem. "It would be ever so hard to say no. I would gladly accept though. When did ye wish to do this lovely little date?"

Gilbert's smile widens with pleasure."At your earliest convenience of course. With the exception of Thursday. I have a reading that night and readings tend to run overlong with distressing frequency." Taking up his cup he distractedly takes a drink of his thoroughly warm and melted malted then pulls a face,"Ugh! This one is ruined at this point. No matter, I feel like celebrating. Would you case to move this conversation to the Leaky Cauldron?"

Kaylee smiles and nods. "Great. It sounds like I lovely time then. You are reading one of yer books then?" She questions rather curiously. A soft chuckle escapes her as she catches sight of the face he makes at the drink. "Aye, I'll go along to the Cauldron. At least those drinks can't melt."

Kylee and Gilbert leave the malt shoppe engaged in companionable small talk. After a short walk through Diagon Alley they arrive at the Leaky Cauldron…

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, it almost seems as if you've stumbled into another century. Notably absent is any modern muggle devices or electric lighting, or any sign of electricity at all. Still, the occasional muggle does find their way in here, usually declaring it to be 'quaint' and 'atmospheric'.

Laurence feels the hand on his back first where he's eating his pie and he hears his name as his head jerks up and he works to chew and finish a mouthful of food, nodding and ducking his head a bit as he wipes his mouth with a napkin. "An honor to meet you sir, really." He offers to Elijah.

Gilbert holds the door open for Kaylee as the come in from Diagon Alley. Once his companion has walked into the Cauldron he follows her in and holds her chair at the table of her choice, nodding to those he knows on the way there.

Elijah looks over to Laurence as he's introduced and raises a glass to him, saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I wish I knew more about brooms, so that I might could hold a conversation."

"There's an art to it, same as paintings or buildin' a good house, making a wand or putting together a case…certain things can't be explained in words, sir. Only through the application…the results…the products and such." Laurence smiles and just shrugs. "Besides, I can talk 'bout other things other than brooms, I might love me woody darlings but I have other things I think about."

Nadya returns from freshening up, moving back to her table near Hadrian's. She gives all of the newcomers — Elijah, Gilbert, and Kaylee — her appraising gaze and subtle smile.

Kaylee offers a smile to Gilbert as he hold the door open for her, and then even the chair over at the table, which is somewhere near the others. "So, is it one of yer books ye are reading then?" This questioned curiously to Gilbert, her gaze drifting around too see whom else is within the place tonight. Upon catching sight of Hadrian another smile is seen and she waves to him.

Elijah crosses his legs and leans back against the bar, appraising Nadya over the rim of his whiskey with those dark eyes. He ponders quietly to himself. He was of course listening to Laurence at the same time and says, "Where's your shop located? I don't need a new broom, but I do like looking at them."

"One more please?" Hadrian offers in the direction of the bar, holding up his glass now. Seeing Nadya return, he offers her a grin. "Welcome back. Does that mean I don't need to hold the thought any longer?" Spoken a bit lightly, before he catches the wave from Kaylee, offering one in return to her.

Nadya shrugs, "You may hold it as long as you like." She catches a glimpse of Elijah's eyes on her, and stares blatantly back at him with a catty grin.

Gilbert takes a seat once he sees Kaylee properly seated and waits for Elly or one of the other servers to free up so he can order something to drink. Since the tables are fairly close to where some of the people he knows are he actually calls out,"Good evening Mr. Higgs, Mr. Toulson. I hope it is treating you well?"

Kaylee seems a bit amused as she hears the comment from Hadrian, a soft chuckle escapes her. Though she does not comment on it. Her gaze turns back to Gilbert, curious if he is going to answer her on the whole book reading bit.

Elijah smiles warmly at Nadya and says, "What is it you do, ma'am? Forgive my curiosity. I've never quite been able to get a reign on it."

Laurence finishes up his pie rather quickly and throws back the rest of his drink, licking his lips and chuckling softly. "Its…not far from here, Flights of Fancy Broom Shop." He slips one of his cards from up his sleeve and slides it down the bar to come to rest behind Elijah, the soft grey cards with the color changing broomstick on it along with the address and all that good stuff. "Ahh! Mister Sullivan, yes, yes…aye, things have been going well. Do try the shepherd's pie, it was simply delicious…almost as tasty as the pretty lady who served it to me." Then he flashes a grin.

Elly comes back out of the kitchen and blinks at the newcomers. "Gracious!" She beams warm and welcoming to everyone, "Special tonight is Lavender Honey Glazed Chicken, Soup is Chicken & Bean." She announces as she makes her rounds, picking up empties, taking orders, all the usual fare for Elly Dodderidge.

Hadrian chuckles, "I'll let you know what it was the next time we'll meet then," he offers to Nadya. "Sadly I have a few things I will need to take care of tonight. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I hope we'll meet again in not too long." Looking over to Gilbert, he offers a grin. "Well enough, Mr. Sullivan." Offering another nod and smile to Kaylee as well, before he gets to his feet, and heads out into London again.

Gilbert lets Kaylee order whatever she wants then orders some Shepherd's pie and a mug of ale, thanking Elly then returning his attention to Kaylee,"Not one of my books. Those would make a decidedly boring performance. A reading is one of the first things that happens in preparation for a theater performance. Once all the players have been cast the first night of rehearsals is all about getting together and reading through the whole play to get a feel for everyone's style and for the play in general. Thursday will be that night for Much Ado About Nothing."

Nadya chuckles. "You awful tease. I like that." She winks to Hadrian and bids him farewell with a little wave. Then it is Elijah's turn. "What do I do? I steal children and turn them into goblins." Her dark eyes dance merrily.

Elijah smiles at Laurence and says, "I'm sure I'll be by sometime soon." He picks the card up and tucks it away in his pocket before his attention returns to Nadya, "Hrmm, I doubt that. I would have heard about you, and yet here you are. An enigma."

Kaylee smiles after Hadrian and waves after him before hearing Elly. "Hello there." She offers with a friendly tone, hearing the special's. "Oh the lavender honey glazed chicken sounds lovely. I'll take one of those and mug of ale too if ye would." She soon looks back to Gilbert, a soft ah escapes her. "I see. I'll admit when it comes to theater I'm not that up to par with things dealing with it."

Elly winks to Kaylee, "Hang wif Mr. Sullivan an' in a few days time ye'll be able to recite Shakespearean prose." She blows a friendly cheeky kiss to Gilbert and the off she bustles back towards the kitchen, veering to tidy up for Laurence, "E'ry thing to your pleasure 'andsome?"

Nadya's eyes smile, though her mouth remains a controlled line. "I am an enigma? Then I suppose you have your answer." She leans back in her chair, draping an elbow over the back of it to turn slightly so she can better face Elijah.

Laurence mmhms softly and smiles to Elly. "Of course, how could it not be to my pleasure…the service and what was served were…delectable indeed." A wink and he's slipping back on his shades, stretching his arms over his head before letting them drop so he can work on counting out the money for his meal and his drink. "Thank you lovely…" He directs this to Elly. "Its always a pleasure."

Elijah peers intently at Nadya, sizing her up. He ponders for a moment and says, "Eh. I don't feel like a mystery tonight." He picks the glass up and takes another sip from his whiskey. He watches Laurence as he prepares to leave, humming quietly to himself.

Nadya laughs mirthfully. "A pity." She gives him a playful wink, and turns her attention back to her drink.
Elly gives you a cookie.

Gilbert laughs at Elly's comment and shakes his head,"Nay, we doth have one silver-tongued deveel at this table. We need ta keep her delectably straightforward nature intact so he can translate for others." The he turns back to Kaylee,"Well, the night of a reading tends to be very relaxed and informal which means a lot of people getting sidetracked and distracted. So for a play that typically would take 2 hours on stage we usually need about six hours to do the first reading. Especially if there are any romantic scenes involved. It is truly amazing how the idea of having to kiss a stranger tends to bring the child out in even the most professional thespian until the adjust to their costar."

Kaylee glances to Elly and chuckles softly, a warm smile seen. "Oh I do get the feeling that is indeed possible." She grins once hearing Gilbert. "Indeed." Is commented on the silver-tongued part. Well she has called him that before. A soft ah escapes her once Gilbert goes about explaining the 'reading' bit. "I see, an I can imagine one does get that way indeed for doing such things. Not an everyday occurrence after all. An what is the name of this play that ye are to be practicing for?"

Elijah smirks at Nadya and stands up from his stool, picking his coat up aswell, "Perhaps at a later time, then." He swirls the coat on and straightens it out, buttoning it up smoothly. He fishes out the money for his whiskey and sets in on the bar, flashing Elly a smile and saying, "I'm gonna go walk around the Muggle side of things."

Nadya lifts her glass to Elijah at his "offer," giving him a nod. The game is afoot? Maybe.

Gilbert laughs at Kaylee's reaction and nods,"One of the reasons I avoid leading roles. The play is called Much Ado About Nothing. It is written by a Muggle playwright called William Shakespeare. Basically you have two couples. Benedick and Beatrice are both quite glib and are in it for the fun of the act of love. Claudio and Hero, the other couple, are the very picture of traditional romantic love…"

Elly reaches over to pull up Laurence's coat as he counts out the coin and holds it open for him to slide easily into. "Getting cold out there quick. Ye take care loverly. See ye soon." When Elijah seems to be heading out as well she does the same thing for him. Being very precise and careful with his jacket, knowing he likes it done just a particular way. "Ye take care too. No mischief, Gideon will have your bloomin' arse."

Elijah gives Elly and smooch on the cheek and smiles at her, saying, "I can handle Gideon. It's as easy as pointing off in the distance saying, 'there's evil afoot'. Like a moth to the flame, he is." Happy with his jacket, he pats Elly on the arm and disappears out the door.

Laurence laughs softly and nods slowly to Elly. "Awww, I'd make a comment about ya comin' to warm me up but I'm deathly afraid of your pa, so." He flashes a grin and shakes his head. "Seriously, thank you kindly." Then he's turning to make his way out, raising a hand to wave to those he passes and those he knows.

Kaylee hums softly and nods at this. "Oh yes I've heard of Shakespeare, though didn't read much of his work." Well plays are not her thing, she is more at home dealing with wild animals, and thus has read plenty to deal with them. Her gaze drifts towards the ones leaving, which she offers a polite friendly nod too before letting her attention turn back to Gilbert.

Gilbert laughs and takes a drink from his mug before saying,"I can not in any way blame you for that Ms. O'Dwyer. Reading Shakespeare is painful. Performing his work and watching it from the audience is more enjoyable by far." Another drink from his mug and then he continues explaining Much Ado,"So the first couple is tricked into confessing their love and the second couple it tricked into denying each other at the altar. The rest is all about the fun happenstances that take places as they all attempt to correct the mess."

Elly giggles and shakes her head at the empty space that was just Elijah. "Too true." She must agree and still chuckling she preens Laurence's jacket a little, "Aye, fearsome beast that Mick Dodderidge." She agrees with Laurence and kisses his cheek in farewell. "But I'd be happy to learn ye a nice warmin' charm for that bed." Little innocent expression is then followed by a cheeky wink. Then she looks about the Pub as she heads towards the kitchen to retrieve Kaylee and Elijah's orders. "Anyfin else while I'm in 'ere?" She calls sweetly to the later evening crowd.

Kaylee offers a warm smile to Elly. "Thank ye. It looks lovely." She offers happily, her fingers slip around her mug while she gives her food a few moments to cool down before going about eating. "Sounds like a rather interesting play. An drama filled at that. Are all his plays as of such?"

Gilbert mirrors Kaylee smile to Elly and even with the stark difference in features its clearly a friendly imitation as he gets the same tilt of the head, the crinkle of the eyes, and the same curl of the lip only in reverse,"And my thanks as well. It looks absolutely delicious." Shifting back to one of his own smiles he returns his attention to Kaylee to answer her question,"There is plenty of drama in this one but it all has a comedic twist. However, The Bard has plied his trade in every genera available. Everything from drama, to comedy, to some of the biggest romance and tragedies ever conceived of. The man was truly a genius." His expressive face shifts and now his smile has a bit of slyness to as he adds,"And he was a poet as well. For example, an excerpt from one of his sonnets: The eternal summer shall not fade, nor lose possession of that fair thou owest; nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade, when in eternal lines fo time thou growest; so long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee."

Nadya sits quietly, sipping her ale. She turns an ear toward Gilbert and Kaylee, smiling to herself as he recites the poetry.

Kaylee ahs softly, pondering a few moments while tapping a finger against the table. "I think I have one or two of his books. Suppose I'll have to look though it too find out for myself." She is rather sure there is one of Shakespeare's book stuck in her bookshelf. Her fork is picked up and she takes a bite of food while Gilbert goes on to be a poet now as well. "My, that was rather nice indeed. I do hope ye will tell me when about this play ye are working on will be open for others to come too. I would very much like too come."

Elly fades into the background, doing here thing, making sure everyone gets taken care of. Always with a smile on her face.

Once his poem is finished Gilbert smiles at Kaylee, a smile that quickly becomes a quizzical look and then turns into a full blow laughing fit. "I should have known that was not going to have the desired effect. I would be greatly pleased if you were in the audience of course. There are always seats reserved for guests of the performers, usually some of the best." He then takes a bite from his shepherd's pie and 'mmmm's in appreciation.

Kaylee peers at Gilbert at his comment, she hums softly. "An just what effect might ye be expecting?" This is a area she really knows nothing about, being plays, poetry and so forth. "That is nice ta know."

Gilbert follows his pie with a swallow of ale then chuckles for a moment before answers,"A little fluster, a little blush, a fanning of the face or a little swooning, by the way. After all, how often do you get compared to a summer's day?" He slaps himslef lightly on the forehead before adding,"But then again, if I am going to use poetry you deserve something as original and unique as yourself. And sadly, a poet I am not."

Kaylee ahs softly, well there seems to be a slight blush creeping across her cheeks now. She sits back within her chair, hand resting loosely upon her mug. "Well now I have to admit I did not catch on that ye was attempting to compare me to a summer day." Yes she totally missed that whole bit there. "I'm sorry, that was very lovely of ye to say. An I wouldn't worry about the fact that it was not yer own work. More so my own fault as I'm completely lost on such things." Now, could she mean poetry, or the whole being compared to things? Anything is possible really.

Gilbert chuckles and looks quite delighted this time around,"I really would not worry about it, I think its charming. And I guarantee, the tables will be turned if we are ever in a situation in which we have to deal with anything past a common household pet." At least it seems he's taking it as a given that she's lost on the poetry not the flattery. But then again, he is an actor…

Kaylee is lost on the poetry that is for sure, the flattery well she caught onto it at least! A soft chuckle escapes her. "If ye ever have a problem with any animal I will be more then happy to land ye a hand how is that?" She questions with an amused tone. "Though truly, thank you Gilbert."

Gilbert tilts his head to the side and quirks an eyebrow at Kaylee,"No thanks necessary. It really is nothing but the truth." Never mind that anyone else would get the same truth in much plainer language and without all the clear enjoyment in the delivery.

"Perhaps not, but it felt like a think I should still thank ye for." Kaylee offers softly, a soft smile still seen. The ticking of the clock seems to finally get her attention and she glances off towards it to see what time it is. "As much fun as this has been though I should truthfully be going. That stack of paper work will not do itself. An I refuse to even think about getting one of them self writing quills." Oh no she saw what happened in the Alley when a lot of them broke lose after all. She stands, a few coins for payment of her meal and drink getting pulled from her jacket pocket and set upon the table. "Thank ye for a rather nice night, as always a pleasure to speak with ye."

Gilbert stands together with Kaylee. And once more it becomes time to push his luck a bit. With a little bit of a bow he says,"It has been an honor to keep you company. And no thanks is truly necessary but if you insist on given it then it would be most welcome as a kiss." But proving he's been paying some attention his grins smirks playfully as he clearly present his cheek in a way that can be refused as if it was a joke, saving everyone embarrassment if necessary.

Kaylee peers at Gilbert, a soft chuckle escapes her at what is said. "Oh so funny. Perhaps next time." Seems she isn't going to play this little game just yet. Though she does blow a playful kiss his way while stepping away from the table. "Thank ye for a love dinner Elly, it was great. Do have a good night ye two." This said while she makes her way out out, heading homewards.

Gilbert plops back into his chair with a sigh,"Alas! At least I still have the comfort of a good shepherd's pie." But there's a big grin still left on his face as he digs back into his meal.

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