(1937-10-16) Armor Plated Robes
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Summary: Gabriel tries to turn Gabrielle into a superhero.
Date: 1937-10-16
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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Common Room Hogwarts Castle
Tue Oct 16, 1937 ((Tue Oct 16 17:46:36 2012)) (Ravenclaw House)

It is a fall day. The weather is warm and fair.

The Ravenclaw Common Room is one of the most airy rooms at Hogwarts. This wide, circular room's floor is covered in a deep, midnight blue carpet and the arched windows are hung with soft blue silk curtains. The high, domed ceiling carries a charm similar to the one in the Great Hall making stars glitter and move about on it reflecting the proper placements of the constellations according to the seasons. During the day, the Ravenclaw students have an excellent view of the surrounding mountains. The room is furnished with comfortable tables and chair upholstered in midnight blue with white pinstripes and bookcases stand along the walls.

It's lunch time, or for some fast eaters, right after lunch. Gabby is sitting at a window sill with her sketchbook in her lap.IT's open to a blank page, and she's staring out the window. She looks well rested, at least for her anymore. She has her hair braided, and her legs tucked underneath her.

Gabriel is one of those fast eaters. At least when he doesn't have a book with him like today. Lunch finished he comes back to the Common Room to get ready for his next class and seeing Gabrielle he goes over to her window and smiles at her,"Hi Gabrielle, you're looking more rested than usual." Looking around to make sure no one else is in the room he starts talking at a low enough volume that even if there was anyone in the room they would have to be standing right with them to overhear any of their conversation,"I want to know what happened. First your arm, then yesterday you had bruises on your knuckles… I'm starting to worry. And I promised to keep your secret but if I think you'll really get hurt I'll let you get mad and hate me forever before I'll let you get seriously hurt…" At this point his smile has disappeared and he looks a whole lot more serious any 11-year should ever have to look and his volume has steadily lowered so hearing his last sentence is hard even for Gabrielle herself.

Gabrielle looks up and smiles at Gabriel. She'll quirk an eyebrow at his sorta compliment, "Thanks?" She'll shake her head and look back down , before her smile drops as he starts whispering. She'll look up with a very serious face and bit her lower lip for a moment."Look… I.."She'll sigh slightly, "I'm not used to throwing punches…"She'll gave a small half smile, "I'm ok, it's almost completely gone." She'll raise her right hand, and it's true. Gabriel has to look rather close to see any yellow at all.

Gabriel tilts his head a bit to the side giving Gabrielle a long considering look then a quick nod and a big saucy smile,"So you /did/ hit Ria. What'd she do? She tried to be mean to me after our duel but she didn't do it very well. Was she better at it with you then? And what about the bookworms and their effects. You haven't been letting me help with your bandages…" His volume stays low since he's still talking about the demos turned bookworms but not as quiet as when he was basically blackmailing her. For her own good of course.

Gabrielle looks back down to her blank page, "I'd really rather not talk about Ria…it's done and over with…"She'll glance over to her right arm, "It's not like we can just unwrap my arm here in the common room Gabriel. People walk in all the time. I've been putting the salve on, I promise… and changing the wrappings. I have a few more burns, but nothing more serious that what you saw." Her voice is low as well and rather calm.

Gabriel takes advantage of the empty room to ask all the questions he's had for days,"So how else can I help? Do you have a costume you wear when your hunt the… bookworms? Like The Phantom? What kind of bookworms are they? Have you figured out how they're getting in?" Eager little thing, isn't he?

Gabrielle blinks at all the questions ,"Do I…What? Phantom? Like a ghost? No…No I haven't yet….some how through the library…." she's not sure if she got all that…..

Gabriel holds up a finger and says,"Wait here!" Dashing off to the boy's dormitory he comes back about 5 minutes later with his book bag and a newspaper. Handing you the newspaper, one of the Muggle ones from London, he points at a comic strip on the page he's showing you,"See, The Phantom. And all superheroes wear costumes. Since you're hunting… bookworms that makes you a superhero which means you should have a costume to wear, so if one of the faculty sees you they won't recognize you!"

Gabrielle will look at the newspaper, trying to understand the comic, "So….he dress up like that for people to see him?" She's a bit confused. Wouldn't it be better for him to just not be seen?…Oh, no. I think me dressing up would just draw more attention…."She'll glance around, hoping someone will come into the common room soon.

Gabriel shakes his head,"No, he dresses… Well, in his case yes, his costume is supposed to make criminals afraid of him. But it also keeps his real identity secret so criminals can't us his family and friends to get to him. But for /you/ the costume would be so if faculty see you you can run away and they won't know who to punish. And you can build things into it, like armor to protect your arm from burns."

Gabrielle isn't sure if she should laugh or cry at this point, "I….Let me think on it, ok?"

Gabriel grins as he picks up his school bag,"You can keep the paper. Maybe it will give you an idea for a costume! I need get to Charms before I'm late. Be careful!" With that he dashes off running at full tilt to make his class.

She'll look down at the paper and tilt her head at the comic strops. She's say with a little affection in her voice, "….muggle-borns are weird."

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