(1937-10-17) Fixing
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Summary: Hephaesta runs across Gabrielle while looking for a place to experiment, and seizes the opportunity to try to fix the little tensions between them.
Date: October 17, 1937
Location: Empty Classroom
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It's lunch time, and the hustle of students in the hallways can be heard in every room, as students are hurrying to lunch, or from. Gabby is in the back of the abandoned class room, having been hiding from everyone she possible can for the past few days. She has her legs curled up underneath her, and her sketchbook laid out on the table in front of her. It's page is blank.

Hephaesta has skipped lunch today. Rather, she brought some with her, stealing some time away to tinker with her latest project. Finding the Club Room occupied with a pair of Seventh Years snogging, she has wandered into the old classroom. More than one of the scorch marks on the wall has been the result of some past Phae Mulciber experiment. She click-whirrs into the room, carrying her wooden box full of spare parts, which she sets down on one of the desks with a loud clatter.

Gabrielle looks up, tying to not look startled, "Oh Phae! Did you need this room?" She'll eye whatever Phae set down a little cautiously.

Hephaesta jumps in surprise! "Oh! Gabrielle? I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was in here." So far, the only thing visible protruding from the box is a long wooden rod. "Um…I don't want to make you move. I mean…you wouldn't have to, but…" But I nearly set you on fire the last time I experimented around you. "I just don't want to make you uncomfortable."

Gabrielle looks at the box for a moment. Phae's nervousness not helping,She'll close the sketchbook, which, with it's cover closed, is a new one. Rather expensive looking actually. "No, it's ok, I can go to the club room or something." She'll give Phae a small smile.

Hephaesta glances toward the door, "Well, I went in there. But Allenby and Holberg are snogging in there. So…I came here." Phae eyes her box, then Gabrielle. "Do you…maybe want to see what I'm working on? I promise I won't activate anything."

After a small internal struggle with her survival instinct, gabby will softly nod, "Sure." She'll slowly get up and approach Phae and her box. She'll have the sketchbook clutched to her chest and her hair is already falling out of it's braid as she comes closer.

Hephaesta gives Gabby a happy smile, and pulls the wooden rod from the box. It's a miniatiure broom! Only about a foot long, it is a scale model of a racing broom, complete with bristles and foot-rests. "I still haven't charmed it for flight. But mostly I just need it to hover." She starts unpacking the box, laying out various mechanical bits and bobs in a row. "I'm testing out how to improve broom technology with propulsion systems. I think I can develop a pressure-based thruster using some kind of Ever-Bubbling Potion. I need to talk to Professor Slughorn about it."

Gabrielle relaxes some as it looks like something that shouldn't blow up, "Neat." She'll still be hugging her sketchbook though, as she looks at teh broom.

"I was studying Muggle jet engines. But then…I thought of you, and I figured I could come up with something that wasn't explosive." Phae bites her lip, giving Gabrielle a hopeful look.

Gabrielle scrunches her brow slightly and look to the younger student, "Phae, have you ever been burned? Truly burned? " Gabby will shake her head, "You wouldn't be messing with anything that could explode if you had, trust me." Gabby looks…tired. Worn out. She'll move a lock of hair that's fallen into her face behind her ear.

Hephaesta scrunches up her lips, trying to think about how to say what she wants to convey. "Research and invention requires risks. But…inspiration can come from unexpected places. Like you. You inspired me, and that leads to innovation!" She smiles encouragingly. Only then does she seem to notice how exhausted Gabby looks, and the smile fades. "Gabrielle, are you alright?" She's been so wrapped up in her own life lately that she hasn't been terribly aware of Gabrielle's recent struggles.

Gabrielle will sigh, obviously not happy with Phae's response (or not response) to her question, but let's it drop. "I"m fine. How's everything with you and Oph going?" She'll smile and start to walk back to the table she was at.

Hephaesta suckers right into that distraction, as the mention of her girlfriend brings a bright, blushing smile to her face. "We're really good. She just…just amazing." She sighs dreamily, her thoughts drifting to Ophelia. It takes her a minute to realize that she's staring at nothing and grinning like a…well, like a lovesick schoolgirl. She dips her head apologetically. "Um…so…what about you? Are you with anyone?"

With Phae distracted, Gabby will sit down and set down the sketchbook.She'll pull out deck of tarot cards and start studying the art on it.They appear to be rather old and worn. When Phae comes back to the present she'll answer, "Chris Weaver asked me to the dance." she says this without a lot of emotion in her voice.Mayeb somethings wrong?Maybe she's distracted by the cards?

Hephaesta tilts her head curiously. "That Gryffindor boy? He seems nice. Do you like him?" Tact and social subtlety are definitely not her strong suits.

Gabrielle frown's slightly at the card in her hand. "I….I don't really know. I haven't talked to him more than a hand full of times. He seems to be a rather busy bloke." She'll quickly shuffle the cards and start studying the new one on top.

Hephaesta pushes her lips together in a confused expression. "But…you like him enough to go with him…right?" Her curiosity gets the better of her, and she wanders nearer to Gabby's table (click-whirr, click-whirrr). "What are you doing?"

Gabrielle nods, not looking up, "He seems nice. It's nice to be asked." She'll glance up as Phae gets closer, "Studying?" She sounds a little confused as to why Phae would ask that.

It's then that Phae truly takes note of the cards. "Oh…Divination." She doesn't sound especially enthused. "Do you ever get accurate readings? I mean…do the things you predict come true?"

Gabrielle will raise an eyebrow. Seriously? It's the only class she's not failing miserably in… " It's not as simple as that. It's about possibilities."

Hephaesta eyes the cards warily, not unlike how Gabrielle might look at Phae's inventions. "But if it's all just possibilities, isn't it just…guessing?"

Gabrielle 's eyebrow drops down and the rest of her face drops as well. To argue or not? Does it matter? "If you don't get it, it's ok. Most don't." She'll start to put them away.

Hephaesta's analytical mind clearly doesn't get it. Too many untrackable variables. "I don't. I just…oh, I made you upset again, didn't I?" She frowns, chastising herself. "Gabrielle, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it."

Gabrielle will force a smile, "It's ok. No one ever does." She'll flip open her less controversial sketchbook….to a blank page.

Hephaesta just looks confused. For a while she just stands there, trying to think of what to say. If Gabrielle were a machine, she could just open her up and fix the problem. But people…people are harder. So often when she tries to fix the problem, she makes it worse. Finally, she manages the courage to say quietly, "I wish I knew what to say to be your friend."

Gabrielle stares at her non drawing for a second before closing her eyes, "We are friends….I'm just having a bad…month. It's not you." She'll reach over and pick up a piece of charcoal, but doesn't do anything with it once it's in her hand.

Hephaesta lets out a slow sigh of relief, but worry still colours her features. "Is there anything I can do to help? You just seem so sad."

Gabrielle smiles sadly, and will look up, "Hopefully things will be better this weekend. It's Hogsameade's." She'll look back down at her book and sigh, "Maybe I can even get a Butter beer or something." She'll close the book, giving up, and lean back in her chair, "You and Oph going this weekend?"

Hephaesta clasps her hands in front of her, trying not to look quite so worried, in the hope of coaxing more cheer out of Gabrielle. She nods, "I think so. I hope we might go to Puddifoot's." Another small blush pinkens her cheeks.

Gabrielle nods, "Things progressing nicely then, I take it?" She'll smile, and it's a little more genuine this time.

Hephaesta nods, and that girlish smile sneaks back to her lips. She can't help it. Her young heart (and mind-addling hormones) sends her into a tizzy just thinking about Ophelia. "I'm so happy with her. But, sometimes I don't know what to say or do next. I've never had a sweetheart before."

Gabrielle chuckles a little humorlessly, "Well, I can't help you there….I can offer this much. Be truthful, no matter what." She'll shrug, "that's all I got for that." If only she'd listen to her own advice!!

"Oh, I'd never lie to her." Phae shakes her head, obviously in agreement with Gabrielle. "Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be any good at it. Not that I want to!" She adds quickly.

Gabrielle smirks, "Lying is a practiced skill. You don't want to be good at it." she'll push at the sketchbook a little with her finger.

Hephaesta shakes her head, again agreeing with Gabrielle. Wait, did Gabby just admit to being a good liar? Phae dismisses the thought. Such matters are a bit outside her wheelhouse. "Hey, I was wondering…do you take commissions?" She gestures to Gabrielle's sketchbook.
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Gabrielle blinks, obviously surprised, "Uh…yeah. I guess I could. Do you need something?" She'll look up .

Hephaesta wiggles excitedly. "Well, I was hoping you'd do a portrait of me and Ophelia. I want to give it to her as a present. I can pay you."

Ah…that makes sense.Gabby will nod, "Sure….uhh…what size? Medium? when would you like it?" She'll ignore the part about being paid for now.

Hephaesta balks at the questions. There are options? Art is hard. "Um…well…mediumish?" She makes an imaginary frame with her hands, indicating something roughly the size of a standard portrait. "I've love to have it as soon as you're able. But don't rush. Whatever time you need. Will you need us to pose?"

Gabrielle tilts her head, slightly confused as well, "Mediumish?…Oh! No, I meant what medium? charcoal, paint? I have colored pencils?"She'll shrug, as for the posing, that's up to you. It's better if I have an idea of what you want, but if it's supposed to be a surprise…"

Hephaesta flushes, embarrassed at her obvious lack of knowledge when it comes to art. "I don't know…what will make her hair really look good? I love her hair…" Uh oh, she's drifting off to Ophelia-land again.

Gabrielle tries to not roll her eyes, "ok, off the top of my head, I'd say do a mixed medium. charcoal and colored pencil…." she'll sigh as she watches the inventor float away on thoughts of Oph's hair. She's a little envious of the utter lack of confusion Phae has about matters of the heart.

Hephaesta nods, pulling herself back down to Earth…mostly. "I'm sure it will be wonderful. Everything you make is wonderful. How much should I pay you? Is five Galleons enough?" It's the curse of a witch who has grown up wealthy, that money is easily spent so casually.

Gabrielle will look down to her sketchbook unsure, "I…I really don't know. How about I make it, then you can just give me whatever you think it's worth?" She's blushing a little.

Hephaesta smiles brightly. "I can already tell you it will be priceless. But, alright. I'll pay you when it's done. As long as you don't need money for supplies, or anything."

Gabrielle shakes her head," No…I shouldn't need anything. I'll swipe some good parchment from the Library." She'll smile, pink still in her cheeks. "Figure out if you want to pose of not, an I'll get started on it as soon as I can."

Hephaesta giggles happily. "I think maybe we'll pose. I like the idea of you capturing a moment forever with your talent. I think I'm going to go tell Ophelia right now!" Excited, she limps back over to her box, packing it up.

Gabrielle laughs softly, "OK, I need to head to the library anyway. Hopefully one of the Librarian swill eb around to ok project.I'll grab the paper then!"

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