(1937-10-15) Puppy Love
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Summary: Magnus informs Cooper about several recent development in a rather devious fashion… and Cooper shows off her new puppy.
Date: October 16, 1937
Location: Cooper's Home
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With distribution of pamphlets in Diagon Alley and her lunch with Ranjali happening recently, there is a distinct aura of protection charms and spells that surround the entire brick building Cooper calls home. This includes her landlord's house down below. There a select few she has given clearance to arrive up to her door, and Magnus is one of them, but the second he placed a foot onto the small property she would receive an alarm only she can hear. Thus, she'd be at the front door waiting for him by the time he was on her door step.

In fact, Magnus probably looks rather suspicious - aside from his usual grey pinstriped suit, he's wearing a thick, billowing black cloak with the hood thrown up. Definitely an unusual outfit for a Muggle neighborhood, but it does the job of concealing his normal appearance fairly well. And since the auror lives somewhat off of the beaten trail, he's unlikely to attract /too/ much attention. The ambassador raises a gloved hand to knock on the door once he reaches the stoop, but as soon as he looks up and sees Cooper, he puts it down. There are just the /faintest/ outline of bruises on his face, and something in his eyes looks slightly… haunted. However, his drawling tone of voice and lopsided smirk are nothing out of the ordinary. "Good afternoon, Genevieve. Staring out the keyhole, are we?"

Cooper looks almost irritated when she sees the floating cloak, and reach out to his arm to try and pull the ambassador behind the door as soon as possible. "Christ, you couldn't put on a jacket? I'm not too good at obliviation and I don't know how to explain to my neighbors that I'm friends with Count Dracula," she scolds. Magnus may or may not know the muggle character. Perhaps he's more familiar with Vlad Drakul, the person who inspired him. But once he's in the dim light of the staircase Cooper get's a closer look at his face. Pursed lips and a furrowed brow express her concern and she says, "You look like hell, Magnus. What happened?" She reach up and try to tug the hood off his head to get a better glance.

"A jacket wouldn't be sufficient," Magnus answers simply. He looks somewhat irritated in turn by her forceful manhandling of his person, although he allows her to pull him inside and move the hood down. "Drakul? I haven't impaled anyone lately - unless we count /you/, Miss Cooper." The tall, thin man smirks and tries to move by the auror, casting a sidelong glance at her that is dismissive of her worry. "I'll explain about it. I have some… things to discuss with you, but I'd like a moment to relax first. It's been a trying day. Have you got anything with a good kick to drink?"

Cooper had sincerely cared at first. She really really was concerned over what happened. But as soon as pulls his little joke, she rolls her eyes and releases the material of his hood. "I see, your terrible puns finally earned you a beating. I told you to be careful how you use those in public," she smirks as she heads up the stairs with him. She does a few waves of her wand around her door knob, warding away her protection spells temporarily from her front door before letting him in. "It better be a good explanation then. I have some vodka in my cabinet so just sit yourself down on the couch there," she gestures to the yellow piece of furniture. Some slow jazz is playing on the phonograph and by the looks of a half finished bottle of red win it looks like Cooper was having her own relaxing evening. "So what got you so bad that it's leaving bruise marks on you?" she asks from the kitchen where she pours him a drink. There's no reason why those bruises should have still be apparent at this point.

The bruises wouldn't still be apparent, except Magnus /insisted/ on leaving Mungo's in a hurry, before the healers could finish all of the minor work - primarily because he had no desire to stick around and wait for a certain set of vials to be discovered by some unfortunate orderly. "Sorry," he offers - and actually /does/ sound mildly apologetic, for a change. He makes his way up the stairs and heads into the apartment in front of Cooper, then takes to the couch when instructed. His elbows immediately go to his knees so that he can cradle his head in his hands to think. "Vodka will do. Thank you." When the sound of the young woman's voice floats out of the kitchen, he brushes his hair away from his face and sits up. "I'm going to trust you, Genevieve. Do you trust me?" Okay, definitely way out of the Magnus comfort-zone at this point - as if to stop her from laughing at him in advance, he directs his pale gaze with fierce intensity towards her through the kitchen doorway and clears his throat. "This is important."

The clear liquid glug glugs into the glass. Cooper's got two set out in the counter as she quietly sings and hums along to the music. The volume's turned low, but it's clearly French and she mouths along in the foreign language. Capping bottle she stretches her limbs and rolls up her sleeves to carry the drinks out to him. And if anyone knows Genevieve Cooper, they know she's already smirking and ready to pull a quick retort to Magnus' statement, until she reaches the kitchen doorway to see the look on his face. Wow, he's serious. And now she feels a bit on the edge too. So she hands him his drink while lean-sitting against the back of the couch and taking a sip of her own vodka. Maybe she'll need to be more drunk for this. "What is it?"

Normally, Magnus would probably appreciate the music a good deal more; for now, he doesn't seem to have registered its existence. He reaches out for the drink when Cooper extends it to him and immediately takes a gulp, then nods. "You know who the Montagues are, I presume? Being in your line of work…" He sloshes the liquid around a bit, gazing into the glass as if he'll find some kind of prophetic message inside. "The Natrix is owned by the son. He's rather well-known as one of the bigger warts on London's ugly underbelly."

Cooper pushes her thick-rimmed glasses up on her nose to keep them from slipping further down as listens to Magnus intently. There's a cigarette that was still lit, resting in the groove of an ashtray on a small table near her. She takes a slow drag before replying, "Go on. What about Montague?" She gets that look in her eyes, as if her mind if swimming through a bunch of thoughts at the moment.

"I do business with him," Magnus says, chasing the admission with vodka a second afterwards. "Nothing serious. I handle the financial affairs of several French and German wizards who pay me well to do what I do. One doesn't get rich off of a diplomatic post. In return, he provides me with security and other business opportunities." The ambassador smiles, glancing up to see the auror's reaction, then goes on: "The other day, I invited Ranjali Winterthorne over for tea - I wanted to apologize to her, actually." Another large gulp of the clear liquid. Looking up at the auror, his lips go thin and his eyes narrow slightly. "I need your word that what I tell you won't leave this room."

Cooper takes a moment to let all that information settle in her brain a moment. With her arms crossed she turns her, head to look at the far wall and clears her throat. Between the plume of smoke she exhales and the glare of the lamp light off her lenses, her expression is obscured, unreadable, but rather distant. She has questions. Many questions. But she lets them both sit in silence before she takes another drag and asks, "Are you aware that your request, should I agree to it, puts me in a rather compromising position? If I purposely with hold something important from the MLE and I am found out, I could lose my job," she states plainly. And depending on the gravity of the information, perhaps even obliviated.

Magnus's gaze goes from Cooper's eyes to the cigarette she's taking pulls from; after a few seconds of watching /that/, he's reaching into his suit coat to pull out his silver case. He pops it open and extracts a thin cigar, then puts the case away. Out of habit, he reaches into his pocket for his wand; a rather odd look crosses his face, and then he digs deeper, pulls out a silver Muggle lighter, and uses that instead. "Well, I've said nothing damning yet, Miss Cooper - so perhaps we should drop things there." He lets thick white smoke curl out from between his lips, then suddenly chuckles. "Yes, in fact, let's do that. Besides, I don't think you know anything about me now that you didn't already suspect. Anyhow, what have you been doing with yourself since I saw you at the Cauldron?" Perhaps it's years of steering away from potentially dangerous conversations with foreign representatives, but he seems completely at ease with dropping the matter entirely and changing the subject.

Cooper blinks when he pulls out a lighter, but continues to mull over things in her mind without a word even after he's moved on in the conversation. She still listens to the idle chatter but seems half distracted with her thoughts. There's no hiding it, she does seem rather disgusted that he'd be tangled in with the likes of the younger Montague. But at the same time Magnus was right. "So my instinct did really pin you down. You are the wormy sort," she says to him, slightly disappointed for some reason. But she shoves a hand in her trouser pocket, keeping the other out to hold the cigarette. "You may as well tell me what it is then. I'll keep my mouth shut. Though I'm curious as to why you would choose to share information with me about a topic regarding a criminal."

The ambassador takes a long pull on his cigar, then expels a stream of smoke and sighs. "Perhaps you'll think so. I deal with dangerous men when they need dealing with, and it was absolutely necessary to arrange for protection in this case. There are a number of wizards on the continent who would like nothing better than to see me rotting in the ground because I didn't share their particular spirit of radicalism…" Magnus removes the cigar from between his lips and drains more of his vodka. He looks at Cooper consideringly for a long while and then frowns. "Nevermind, Miss Cooper. I've decided I'd rather not endanger your bright little career with my malfeasance. Shall we enjoy our afternoon together instead of going on about this pointlessly?" He smiles wanly and sloshes his drink around again.

Cooper licks her lips thoughtfully, taking a drink out of her vodka before placing it back down on the table. "Is that what happened to your face then? One of those wizards on the continent's attempts to see you rotting?" she tilts her head curiously. The gears in her brain start turning again. "Doesn't seem like Montague's protection did you well then, if you got hit anyway." A pause. "This is under the assumption Montague was doing the protecting. I don't know much about the crooner or his dad since their out of my jurisdiction. And if my assumption wrong well…I wonder what you did to deserve it." Huzzah! Evidence of what the little gears in her head can do if they do some work. Cooper stares straight at Magnus from behind those frames for a moment in a way that asks 'Tell me too much?' All the while she takes a drag and another cloud of smoke slips out her lips, which eventually smile, "Forgive me. This is none of my business right? I shan't put my little career any longer. Please, finish you drink. I have other surprises in store for you." It's rather odd how easily she drops the topic as well.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Magnus=Awareness Vs Cooper=Deception
< Magnus: Good Success Cooper: Great Success
< Net Result: Cooper wins - Solid Victory

"I'm sure you do," Magnus says wryly. He remains silent otherwise throughout her short series of guesses, though his eyebrows go up a little at the last. The man kills his vodka and clinks the empty glass down on the coffee table, then puts his cigar back in his mouth. He takes a few puffs, then grins at the auror. "You shouldn't be so harsh, madamoiselle. If I was as dismissive of your /little/ career as you're implying, I wouldn't care about it being ruined." In any case, the change of topic, this time with greater finality, seems to relieve him slightly. "Surprises?"

"Well since you're a professional negotiator, I can never tell where your cares lie," Cooper smirks and takes a gulp at her vodka. There's a wince at the end when she suddenly remembers that this was straight hard liquor. "Yes. Surprises!" she grins that bright grin that usually graces her face. Holding the butt of her cigarette with her thumb and her index finger takes her last inhale and puts it out in the ashtray before hopping off into her room. "Magnus Troy," she calls from the other room, "I would like you to meet…" And then with that bright grin she steps out carrying a Saluki puppy in her arms like a baby. "Maggot! Maggot Troy in full. But I just like to call him Maggot." The furr on its floppy ears are slight longer than the rest of its rather short haired body. But he's wearing a hooded cloak that matched the diplomat and when Cooper takes a seat next to Magnus on the couch the puppy looks at the man back with a pair of sleepy looking eyes. If one were to take a quick glance, it's almost as if father and son were looking at each other.

Magnus hasn't quite finished his cigar yet; he's still holding it idly between two fingers when Cooper disappears. Another few puffs are taken and he sets it on the edge of the ashtray without putting out, then stares longingly at his empty glass. It should definitely have more liquor in it. A fact which only becomes all the more apparent when the auror reappears with the puppy. The ambassador's lips automatically twist into a repulsed grimace, and he /glares/ at Cooper in a dour, accusing sort of way. "Really, is this necessary, Genevieve? You didn't have to buy yourself this… creature… and name it that, just to harass me." Yeah, he thinks the dog is for her, naturally. He looks at the sleeping monstrosity and frowns disapprovingly from his position next to Cooper. "It smells."

Cooper pouts slightly, holding the puppy close as she lays back on the couch. It seems like Maggot's been recently woken up from a nap judging by the way he yawns and lazily cuddles against the woman's stomach. "Harass you? I didn't do it to harass you. He just looks so much like you I couldn't help myself. I even got him cloak that looks exactly like yours. Right you ickle thing you. You look exactly like Monsieur Troy, here don't you?" she baby talks those last words to the dog, which she props up on its hind legs to make him dance on her lap while she makes kissy noises at it. Little Maggot is clearly tired and unamused by Cooper's antics seeing as he looks over at Magnus with the same disapproving frown that the diplomat is shooting dog and owner. It's his version of a cry for help. "Don't worry though, I didn't buy him. I have a friend who breeds exotic dogs. Had one of these guys left over from the litter and couldn't find a home for him so I took him off her hands. I don't know if I'll keep him. Maybe I will because he's so damn cute." But she pouts again and says to Magnus, "He doesn't smell. Just hold him and take a good look. Don't you think he looks exactly like you?"

The look on the ambassador's face doesn't get any more amused than the look on 'Maggot's'. "You think /that/ looks like /me/? Perhaps if I stopped shaving for six months and spent several hours rolling around in the dirt…" The dancing-puppy gig just gets more of the same disgruntled glare, though when Magnus glances up at Cooper and notices her expression, his own suddenly softens slightly. "Well, if you like it, then." He looks down at the ball of fluff and gingerly reaches out to pick it up as if it were a pile of radioactive waste, then sets it on his lap and pets it, his lips still curled down in an unhappy frown. "It /does/ smell. I'll have to have my suit dry-cleaned." Despite his whining, he looks like he /might/ like petting it. Just a little.

"Well maybe you should try it and then you'll see for sure," Cooper snickers at Magnus' suggestion, gladly surrendering the puppy his way. Even if Magnus does so gingerly. My is she ever so pleased with the sight before her. She sits back in her seat two watch the two interact admiringly with perhaps a hint of a warm smile on her face. "Oh like you can't afford another dry-cleaning," she grins. Even while laying on the diplomat's lap, it maintains its matching frown. This guy's pets, while somewhat nice, were slightly awkward and his hands were not Coopers. But being the chill dog he is, he simply just lets it be.
"I think you deserve a reward for your bravery, monsieur," Cooper says, rising from her seat to grab Magnus' glass and head back to the kitchen. On the way she ruffle's the man's hair. While she stands in the kitchen refilling the drinks, Maggot sniffs around on Magnus' lap. His long shnozz smells the man's hands until he jumps up and puts his paws on his chest and leans forward to try and lick the diplomat couple of times right in the face. "Oh I have a question to ask you," Cooper calls out from the kitchen, unaware of the potential death wish her puppy just signed.

"Yes, I'll let you know all about it after I'm done," Magnus replies dryly. His pale eyes are on the puppy now, and he's still petting it as if doing so could possibly result in his catching some kind of fatal disease. Still, it doesn't seem /so/ bad, and he's even getting somewhat used to it… until it suddenly leaps up and attempts to get /way/ too personal with him. "AH! Augh! Disgusting! Genevieve, it's trying to /drool/ on me." After shoving the puppy back down on his lap and giving it a withering stare, he looks hopefully towards the kitchen. "Please do hurry up with that reward, madamoiselle. I think I'll need some of it to disinfect my face." Another glare at the puppy, though he's petting it again, if only to try and mollify it into sleeping again. "Mmm?"

Cooper rushes with her pouring and almost runs out back into the living room area to in a panic. "Oh…he's only licking you Magnus. It's really not that big of a deal," she sighs in relief. She was rather nervous there for a second. After all, Maggot is not yet house trained. A sad truth that is revealed not too long later. Despite the diplomat's petting, the puppy remains startled by the sudden shove evident in its slight shaking and the warm wetness Magnus will feel suddenly on his lap. It's could be a pleasant feeling really if he simply ignores exactly what the warm wetness is. "Yes, I wanted to ask you what does someone wear on a date with a woman?" she asks curiously, setting down the drinks on the coffee table and completely ignorant of the puppy's accident. "I got a date with Ranjali coming up."

"Oh, is /that/ all?" Magnus frowns at the puppy and continues to pet it as Cooper runs back out with their drinks; he's concentrating on her words, and is just in the process of trying to process what she's just said when he notices the feeling of moisture on his lap. "What… AH!" He quickly reaches down and scoops the puppy up to dump it unceremoniously on the floor, then stares down at his (dripping) pants in abject horror. "It's PISSED on me. Agh, Cooper, it's - you see, this is what I get for indulging your bizarre pet fetish." He reaches into his pocket for his wand, which isn't there, of course - instead, he gets a handful of urine. His hand comes back out and he /stares/ at it, then looks at the auror and waves his arms ineffectively. "Tergeo me! Hurry up!" He sounds rather annoyed, not least of all because of what she's just revealed to him, but he'll deal with that after he's not covered in waste products.

Cooper sinks back into her seat indulges slowly in a sip of her refilled drink until it's her turn to be startled by Magnus' sudden action. Frowning at the way he simply drops her new puppy to the ground she says, "What are you doing to-oh!" She gets up suddenly with a gasp to grimace at the diplomat's pants and whine at the stain on his side of the furniture, "Oh gross, it's on my couch!" Cooper shouldn't be in too much trouble with it though considering its yellow upholstery. But she too is waving her hands around girly-like in disgust until Magnus effectively corrals in her attention. "Oh uhm," she reaches into her own pocket and pulls out her cypress wand and with the flick the dog pee siphons itself off his pants. Another flick and it comes off of the couch. One last flick and startled whimpering little Maggot is all clean again. "I'm so sorry Magnus, I keep forgetting that he needs to be house trained," she sighs and scoops the puppy up again in her arms and carries it back into her room. She baby talk/scolds it on the way, "I know you didn't mean it little bugger, but you can't do that on people."

Magnus is probably doing his own girly army-waving until Cooper finally cleans his clothes for him. "Yes, your poor /couch/." He looks down, relieved, and then touches his hand suspiciously as if he'll still find traces of the disgusting substance there. The man throws a dirty, mistrustful look at the puppy as it's removed from his presence, then spends some time examining his pants and suit jacket to make sure nothing has been missed. Eventually he glances in the direction Cooper walked off to and settles on an answer to her question. This could be risky, but perhaps this is exactly the opportunity he was hoping for: "…Ranjali, you say? Well, if you'd like to know what worked for /me/, I suggest khaki slacks and a button-down. You might want to make sure you're a bit sloshed first. At least, I was."

No missed spots here! Cooper's an ace at cleaning charms, even if sometimes she walks around in public with stains on her clothes. Putting Maggot back into his puppy bed that she bought temporarily for him, she listens on to his advice. "Oh! I have khaki slacks and button-down," she calls from her room. And she certainly does! In fact, her closet it stacked full of them. But she freezes at the latter part of his words. Immediately, Cooper steps back out again into the living room. She's barely past the doorway, in fact her hand still lingers on the frame when she says, "Wait…what?"

"Mmm," Magnus replies ambiguously at Cooper's initial response. While the full meaning of his words is still sinking in, he takes the time to take another sip of vodka. Perhaps this approach /could/ be better, after all. The ambassador even grins and bobs his head slightly to the French jazz still playing. Finally, when Cooper makes her inquiry, he peers into the bedroom from where he's seated and smirks. "Well, I was going to tell you earlier…" He takes another sip of vodka to instill a bit more of the resulting fiery sensation in himself, and goes on. "I decided to take a trip to the Cauldron the other night. I'd been drinking already - it was a long and tiresome day at Whitehall - and I ran into Miss Winterthorne when I got there. I was a bit surprised when she practically threw herself at me, to say the least…" He chuckles. "Well, I didn't fully appreciate how much she'd been drinking until the next morning."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Magnus=Deception Vs Cooper=Awareness
< Magnus: Success Cooper: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Good god, Magnus is certainly dropping bombs today isn't he? Perhaps that's what a man does to compensate after he's gotten his assed kicked. Cooper blinks, taking one step out in the living room, still hanging onto the doorframe while she takes in the story. Her eyes narrow suspiciously at the man but she really can't gage if he's telling the truth or not. "She has been acting a tad strange lately…," Cooper admits with a mutter. But even when she hit on her, the healer wasn't very aggressive. "Do you mean to say Ranjali tried to drunkenly seduce you and you slept with her?" The auror doesn't sound the least bit insulted or jealous. She's just not sure if she heard correctly.

"Well, I've expressed an interest in her before this, so it didn't seem /that/ surprising…" Magnus frowns and sips gingerly at the clear liquid, then glances up at Cooper when she emerges from the bedroom and stands in the doorframe. "Of course I have a good idea about her preferences. I thought she was just emboldened about her curiosities by the drink, so it didn't seem unfair to comply." The ambassador shrugs, takes a larger drink, and grimaces. "But, like I said, she was more far gone than I thought. She didn't remember a /thing/ the next morning, and decided I'd taken advantage of her. Worse, she must be connected to the Montagues somehow, because this…" He raises a hand and brushes it across the slightly-purple hollow of his eye. "Well, I was given a painful 'warning', as they call it in those circles. It was an extremely unpleasant experience."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Magnus=Deception Vs Cooper=Awareness
< Magnus: Good Success Cooper: Good Success
< Net Result: Magnus wins - Marginal Victory

Cooper runs a mouth over her hand, the gears are turning again trying to rationalize this story. Make sense of it. Justify or falsify it. But she's having trouble right now. So she makes her way back over to her drink before taking a long sip and pulling another cigarette out from the box. "No, no I'm not surprised about you going for it," she admits and slips the fag between her lips, "It's simply…even drunk it's hard for me to imagine her in such a way. Or to even picture her connected to the Montagues…." She stands there a moment, shoulders hunched in a subtly mannish way while she shoves her hands in her slacks while thinking. "Are you sure she initiated things? You sure your own drunken mind hasn't mushed things up?" Cooper pulls her wand out of her pocket, making a small flame come from the tip as she lights the cigarette. And then she realizes it, "Where's your wand?"

The glass of vodka is placed on the table once again, and Magnus picks up his unfinished cigar from the edge of the ashtray. It hasn't gone out yet, so he simply leans back and draws a few long pulls on it to get it started again. "Well, I thought the same thing. Which is exactly why I decided to oblige. How often does a chance like that come along?" The ambassador smirks, his shoulders lifting in a shrug. "At any rate, I'm certain she approached me, yes. I was in about the same state as the first time I met you, but not too drunk to remember a detail like that." He leans over to tap ashes into the tray, then sits back up and grimaces. "They snapped my wand. Actually, I came to see if you'd like to come with me to purchase a new one."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Magnus=Deception Vs Cooper=Awareness
< Magnus: Good Success Cooper: Success
< Net Result: Magnus wins - Solid Victory

Cooper runs a thumb over her bottom lip again as she exhales slow thick smoke as if she barely inhaled her last drag. Her nose scrunches gingerly at his smirk though. It's almost disapproving. "Magnus, she's a very delicate woman. Can't you tell? If you mishandle her, I feel as if though she could break. In fact, I'm worried if you broke her already," she sighs after scolding him. She's going to have to do a lot of digging during that date, and by the look on her face it already seems like she's formulating some sort of question strategy. Oh Cooper, she never stops working. Anyhow, does this reinforce her idea of the man being a total asshole? Yes. Will this discourage them from hanging out anymore? Nah. "Ooof, snapped your wand? I'm really starting to believe you deserve all this," she smirks and stands up to stretch, "Sure I'll go with you. So long as you help me pick out something to wear. Or maybe, I'll get something new, I haven't been on this date thing in a while. May I bring the dog?" The last question she asks with her bright grin again as if trying to butter him up.

"Yes, I think that I may have reacted a little too acidically to her accusations…" Magnus frowns and shrugs again, then reaches down to tug the bottom of his undershirt out of his suit pants. The same faint bruises cover his stomach and… probably other areas, as well, although it's clearly just the last cosmetic touches that were left incomplete when he egressed from St. Mungo's early. "Well, what goes around comes around, as they say." He grabs his vodka and tips it up to finish it in a single last drink, then stubs the cigar out and stands. "Ah, that's one other thing; I really shouldn't be seen with you. The Montagues named you specifically along with Miss Winterthorne as someone I ought to stay away from. I suggest wearing something concealing." He smirks again. "Of course, that's primarily out of concern for myself, so… do as you will, madamoiselle." On that note, the ambassador reaches for his cloak so that he can toss it back over his shoulders and pull the hood up.

After a second of consideration, Magnus laughs softly. "Well, why not? As long as it doesn't piss on my cloak."

"Why does that not surprise me?" Cooper simply shakes her head, again disapprovingly. And then she downs the rest of her vodka, while shamelessly eyeing the skin on his midriff through her glasses. There's something awesome about a man covered in healing battle scars. But facially, it's unclear whether she's ogling him or simply taking pity on the fact that he was beaten to a pulp and his lunch money was stolen. Magnus' words snap her out of her staring delusion though and a mild glare makes its way to her face. "What? Why the hell me?" she stands up. No one ever remembers her face! "I'm sorry Magnus, I'm not concealing anything for anyone. My social affairs are no one's business, and are dictated by no one. And furthermore, I don't need protection, especially from the likes of them." She's clearly getting more and more angry as she stomps off to her closet to grab her jacket. "I mean, if they're protecting me, don't they know who I am?!" She's Genevieve. Fucking. Cooper.

Well, Magnus has no answer for /that/ question - he frowns and merely shakes his head. "I haven't the faintest idea." An annoyed look crosses his face at the auror's refusal to concede to his request, but he simply reaches up to yank his hood further over his face so that it stays deeper in shadow. "Very well. If it's all the same to you, I think I'll make an effort to avoid another visit to Mungo's. Or the mortuary." If he had his wand, he'd use some simple Transfiguration effects on himself, but… well, that will just have to wait. A quick trip to Diagon shouldn't be /too/ risky, anyhow. The gaunt man walks over to the door and clasps the handle. "After you, Genevieve."

Cooper mutters angrily to herself as she gets ready to leave. The cigarette hangs lazily in her mouth, and smoke trails behind her as she walks from room to room collecting things. Arms in sleeves. Brown cloche hat on head. Glasses left on her bed side table. "I ought to march over there and give them a piece of my mind." The words mumble out from her mouth. And she scoops up Maggot into her arms, grabbing the leash before she spots Magnus cloaked up. "You look like an idiot…," she deadpans to him, and turns on her heel to head to her office. Unlocking the door itself is a bit of an ordeal. She's put even heavier security on it than the entire building. And after disappearing for a minute, she comes back out with a vial and reinstates the locks. "Here, drink this when we get to Diagon Alley. Don't talk to me until we get there," she hands him the vial. After he takes it, she then whirls her wand around him dramatically, the spell coiling around Magnus like a ribbon so that it eventually make him invisible. "There. That should last us until we get there." Because that cloak in this area is embarrassing. Now, she's ready to go.

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