(1937-10-19) A Girls' Quiet Night
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Summary: Eddie and Niamh steal a few hours on a couch for themselves and no one else.
Date: October 19, 1937
Location: MacDiarmarda Apothecary Loft
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It's been too long, and now, finally.. the girls are together again. Tea, biscuits, and on the stove, Nia's ever present pot of stew. curled up with her legs tucked under her, she's got a cup of tea cradled lightly, her attention intent, her expression warm.. friendly.. and affectionate.

It's been a hell of a few weeks. Eddie finally gave in, begged to come over for a girl's night, and here she is. Though even tonight she's been a bit off, not quite her crazy, over dramatic self. Quieter than usual, somehow. She's in a comfortable pair of black lounging slacks and a red silk chinese shirt that looks like it might be pyjamas. Eddie can never tell the difference! Nor does she care. She stretches out on the couch, slumping just a bit closer as they rest shoulder to shoulder…"How's your week been? I might start asking you to just make me… blood thickening potion vials that I can keep on hand for immediate emergencies, our weeks are going so nutters."

I'd make ye a potion for anythin' if ye needed it, Lindy.." Nia pulls a brush out and gestures for her friend to turn about so she can run it through her hair. "As for my week?" She sighs.. "Potions.. polyjuice even.. an' Adamantus has been here like as not.." Nia twists about to see her dear friends face, "How is he?"

Eddie is about to turn around, but then she sees Niamh turning about to see her face and Eddie looks back up to her friend, giving a tired smile, "Fine enough, from what I can tell… I've been on this wireless case since I was the first on the scene. Fuck… idiotic… dark wizards. Giving everyone a bad name. But yeah. If you can… I don't know, start working on minimizing the size of blood thickening potions? Quickening their effectiveness? Sadly… I think we might need a lot more in the coming months." And, in truth, Eddie looks exhausted just thinking about it. She's worried. She's tired. It's adding age lines to her face.

Nia's got her brush in hand, and begins the long strokes of that golden blonde hair. "I'll have t'see what's what with it again. I was good at making new plants.. making hybrids. If I need do that again, it's what I'll do.." She shushes at het friend, not to dismiss but to offer some calm. "Why do ye say we'll need more? Do ye foresee more use o'that poison? An'," here her tones lower, "ye didn't answer. How is he?"

"Gideon? He's… fine, as far as I can tell. Doing a good job in the field. But, honestly, we pass like ships in the night." Eddie admits earnestly, not wanting to give Niamh false reassurance, but the blonde also doesn't sound overly worried about the man. She then shakes her head just a touch. "Not about the potion… it's bitter than this. The dark wizard attack at the wireless station ended with the wizard slitting a man's throat. Sloan's been stabbed… I got… skewerd myself all those weeks ago. Just seems that every time something happens, someone is bleeding out their ears. And other points. Best to be prepared, yes?"

"No, y'beast. Sloan." Niamh laughs at the words, but she can't help but smile at the fact that Gideon is reasonably well thought of. "I know how Gideon is. T'was here the other night." And if Eddie looks around, there are telltale bits of the Hit Wizards presence. She sucks in a breath, though.. she hadn't heard about the attack at the station. "Is all well? No deaths, aye?" The brushing ceases for a moment, but resumes. "Aye, more of that, an' some good healin' ones for you all.. a'fore ye need'em."

The feel of that brush through her hair makes Eddie's eyes sink shut, some of a headache that has been there so long she didn't even realize it was present is now slowly beginning to fade. Apparently, she needed this. She breathes out slowly, leaning back into Niamh's touch. "…He's fine… his own usual tough self. Doing better, actually… spends the nights most evenings and actually eats with me. So, I'll consider that progress." Eddie admits softly, a warm, if tired, fondness in her husky voice. "And the man from the wireless is fine. Physically, at least. They used a torture curse with him… the fucking bastards."

As calming as it may be for Eddie, Niamh enjoys it too, and so, the brush co.tinues to pass through the golden hair. "With ye nights? Oh Lindy," and her tones hold a gentle tease. Not that she can talk, mind! A chuff of air passes, and she nods first before following it up with, "Went to Mungos, aye? So they'be things t'help him sleep? Eat too?" Of course they do! It doesn't keep Niamh from asking, however… and wondering.

"Aye, I got the man into Mungo's and sat with him that night. Still catching up on sleep, it feels like…" Eddie confesses, though she's been fighting whatever this big is for over a week now. She breathes out quietly, letting her head lull forward so Niamh can get at the ends of her platinum tresses.

Niamh works at the ends, listening to her friend's breathing. She's relaxing, which brings a smile to the Irish lass' face again. Her words ate a lilted whisper, "Ye can close your eyes, luv. Naught will catch ye here. Ye need the care an' pamperin', an' the time away. It's how I found Afamantus' smile at the first. By steppin' away." She'll keep to this until she hears deep, regular breaths…

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