(1937-10-19) Guess Who's Coming to Hogsmeade
Details for Guess Who's Coming to Hogsmeade
Summary: The night before Jocunda's broom-signing, Kaiden ambushes her with hugs and conversation.
Date: 1937-10-19
Location: Three Broomsticks

Hooray! It's another Hogsmeade weekend! You know what that means; Kaiden's drinking like a fish and smoking like a train. The young Sykes boy sits by himself in a booth, humming softly to himself as he flips through the pages of a textbook; a cigarette in his hand and a mug of beer on the table. And it isn't any of that butterbeer nonsense.

Surely she could have arrived on the morrow, when her signing is scheduled for, but Jocunda has the time off. The time free. And the boredom to inspire her to get out and do something. She's been stalking Hogsmeade for a short while now, avoiding as many of the younger students as possible. Only now, stomach empty and yearning for something liquid, does she venture into that oft-populated pub. Spotting her brother is an easy task and she tries to make her approach as quiet as possible. Simply to state: "No wonder your room at home always smells terrible." Joke or truth? One never knows. Especially stated in such a deadpan tone.

Kaiden looks up from his alcohol-fueled studies as Jocunda speaks and beams at her, jumping up to wrap his arms around her and pick her up, "Hey, Jo!" He sets her down and offers to take her coat for her, saying, "What are you doing here?"

Jocunda does NOT like being picked up and like as not, her brother knows this. Which would explain his utter insistence upon doing so. Still, she does offer a brief hug in return and lets him take the coat. She slides into a seat and leans back in the chair, propping her feet up on whatever happens to be across from her. If it's the seat he had, well, so be it. "I'm doing a broom signing for all your little, star-crossed friends," she offers, tone softly amused.

Kaiden smirks at her and folds the coat over his arm, setting it down in the bench that he sits down in. He picks his cigarette back up from the tray and takes a quick drag of it, saying, "Oh, yeah? I'm sure Ria will love that. It's her favorite thing being related to someone who's done more interesting things than her."

"Well, she'll eventually accept the fact that almost everything has been done already," especially now that Jocunda has fufilled one of those 'first woman to…' roles. "Or she'll find something to do for herself. She can't pout forever about how unfair something is. Had I done that — give me one of those — I'd not be who I am." She flicks a bit of something off of her blouse. "Though, one could argue how nice that would be. Not having people fawn all over them at the most inopportune moments."

Kaiden pulls the soft-pack out of his pocket and sets it down on the table, sliding it across to her, "Yeah, I don't let it phase me all that much, really. I just kinda sit back and enjoy the ride, as it were. Something amazing will come along eventually for me. And I'll kick its ass, that's what I'll do."

"Or you'll become fat and lazy like most Hufflepuffs," Jocunda states dryly. Again, she leaves it unclear whether it's a joke or not. "You'd be destined for greatness if you'd been a Slytherin, but no. You just /had/ to go and be… different." She reaches for the pack and takes a cigarette out. She could chide him on even having them, but she knows it's no use. "What if your great thing is to forever be known as 'The Syke That Went Hufflepuff?'"

Kaiden waves a dismissive hand and says, "Oh, bugger off, Jo." He leans back in his seat and smirks at her, saying, "The Syke That Went Hufflepuff? I imagine that'd be a pretty prestigious honor. I'd hate to be all stodgy like the rest of you."

"What you call stodgy, we consider sophisticated. What are you going to do once you finish school? Become a baker or a florist? That's what your kind do, isn't it?" Jocunda lights the cigarette as she speaks, taking a long draw from it. The chair creaks a bit as she tips back again, eyes dropping to the beer her brother nurses. "I hope you're not showing up drunk at your dorm in the evenings."

Kaiden smirks across the table, taking a drag from his cigarette and resting his arm on the back of the bench, "I'm as sophisticated as the rest of you. I just know when to turn it on and off. A man of the people." He ashes the cigarette in the tray, leaning forward a bit and saying, "I was thinking politics, actually. With Mom and Dad's connections, it wouldn't be too hard to get my foot in the door."

"Whyever would you want to turn it off?" The scandal! The absurdity! Jocunda gives a small shake of her head, snorting slightly. "Politics. And whatever would you do in politics, of all things?"

Kaiden shrugs at his sister and says, "I could be a lobbyist. I'm a fairly convincing and charming person. I think I could make my name in a job like that. Now, go ahead and respond in your usual bitchy tone. Do make it at least interesting this time, though."

"Convincing. Charming. With what?" Jocunda watches her brother like one might a critter in the zoo. She ignores his jibe, instead extending her arm to tap away the ash from her cigarette into the waiting dish. "How is it you Hufflepuffs convince people? Cookies and smiles? Not sure that works in politics."

Kaiden smirks at her and says, "You know, I'm only a Hufflepuff because I'm damn loyal. It doesn't cover every aspect of my personality, Jo. Stop seeing things in generalities and I might could teach you a few things." He takes a short puff of his cigarette and says, "I convince people in the old-fashion way. With good looks and fast talking."

"As if the rest of us aren't loyal," Jocunda says dryly, finally catching the attention of whoever is serving customers this evening. She places an order for a beer of her own. "Looks, mm? Something so transient… I hope you have plans for the future beyond that. No one's looks last forever."

Kaiden smirks at her and says, "You are just no fun to talk to, Jocunda. It's always so business." He picks up his mug and takes a sip, observing her over the rim of it. He sets the beverage back down and tilts his head, asking, "So, how's life treating you, sis?"

"It's difficult to talk to someone with so much still to learn," Jocunda points out, glancing towards the bar. Where's her drink? Attention returns to her brother and there's a slow shrug of shoulders. "Same old, same old. The ministry wants a famous face around to make themselves look good, but they can never provide me with anything worth my time, it seems."

Kaiden smirks at her and says, "I think I know a little more than you give me credit for. Learned a lot about life after dad essentially disowned me." He grinds his cigarette out in the ashtray and leans back, saying, "Well, at least you have that. What do you feel would be worth your time?"

"You're still just an ickle school kid," Jocunda teases, corners of her lips twitching upwards in a smirk of their own. "I'm not sure," she answers honestly, shifting forward as her chair lands with a thump on all four legs like it ought to be. The remains of her own cigarette are put out just in time for her beer to be delivered to the table. "But my job sure doesn't allow me the time to figure it out."

Kaiden shrugs at her and says, "Well, quit and take some time to figure it all out. We don't have enough time in this world to sit around and be unhappy, Jo. Especially not a work."

Jocunda waves a hand before it drops to slide around her cool mug. "Oh, no. I can't do that. You know our parents would pitch a fit if I was lying around the house even more than I already do." She lifts the vessel to take a long drink of it. "I'll sort it out in due time. Perhaps convince the Ministry I'd be better suited elsewhere."

Kaiden smirks and shrugs, saying, "They yell at me all the time, and I'm still lazy and good for nothing." He scratches at the little bit of peach-fuzz along his jaw and says, "Yeah, definitely do that. Tell them that they'll lose their star-power if they don't put you where you want to be."

"At least you're gone for months at a time," Jocunda points out, smirking once more. "I'm home near every day. All the more time to suffer their constant judgement." You'd think being so successful would have put that off, but oh no. "Mmm. I don't think the Ministry works that way, sadly."

Eamon escorts Mabel across the street to the Three Broomsticks, clutching his bag from Harkiss which he.. sneakily paid for at some point. "I could see you as an owl. Well, maybe an Albatross, except for their horrible luck."

Kaiden smirks at her and reaches across the table to pat her arm, saying, "Don't worry, Jo. The year will be out soon enough and I'll be back for them to yell at." He chuckles softly, leaning back casually in his seat.

Mabel ohs, there. She's rather on the spot with the nautical lore, that way, companionably on the taller boy's arm, "Actually, they're very good luck to a ship, rather, unless you harm them, really: they're a bit like old elder trees and hawthorns, that way. That's why sailors shouldn't kill them. Some think that makes them birds of ill omen, but that's superstition, really."

"I assure you," Jocunda says, lifting the mug for another long drink. "I am looking forward to it. Finally, some respite for Xavier and I."

Kaiden chuckles, nodding to her, "Aye. You old folks can't take it quite as well as us young bucks." He gives a flex and goes back to lazily leaning back and sipping his beer.

"I suppose that's true," replies Eamon cheerfully enough. "I don't know. I always see the water from the shore. No doldrums, no bad omens… just a lot of busted light bulbs growing up." Grinning, he guides Mabel to a table and holds her chair out before going to get them two butterbeers, like a proper gentleman.

Mabel nods, settling into the pulled-out chair with some casual shade of upper-class, or pureblood decorum, tucking a jaunty little cap into a pocket of her robes, then peeling off gloves. There's a glance about, and after a moment, a dawning notice that there's a broom-aviation pioneer in the tavern tonight.

And that broom-aviation pioneer has been smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, and kicking back in her chair. Hopefully they're spelled to keep from tipping. Setting -such- an example, Jocunda is. "Old or young has nothing to do with it. One grows sick and tired. Just like how we cannot -wait- to set you back upon the train after summer holidays."

Kaiden smirks at Jocunda and says, "Jo, you know you love having me around." It's true that out of all the siblings, Kaiden does like Jocunda the most and will in fact follow her around like a puppy at times.

Eamon returns with their butterbeers, popping the caps off and setting Mabel's before her before settling in himself. He looks past Mabel to see what she's looking at and notices Kaiden's table mate.

Mabel seems a little surprised the butterbeer comes in bottles. Must be something special. "Well, at least between the Severn and Inismaan, there's little fear of being becalmed, wouldn't you say?" She smiles. "Nowadays, there's of course the diesel, if you can't use weather-charms. Spectacular things, those, it's like having a steam engine when you want, without giving up the masts." She goes with the lack of cups, and raises the bottle of butterbeer. She gives an uneven smile when Eamon notices who's here.

"For brief, manageable periods of time," Jocunda corrects her brother, though the smirk she bears implies it's all for fun and games. She reaches out for his pack of cigarettes to snag herself another. "But sometimes I just tire of having such little ones underfoot." Likely a tease harkening back to childhood.

Kaiden smirks at her and says, "Well, I doubt I'll be around all that much this summer. I've got a girlfriend these days, so she's most likely gonna claim the majority of my time, y'know? As he says this, he looks over to the other students and raises an eyebrow.

Eamon just knows somebody, or something. That's it. "The wind certainly whips up on the rocks below our Lighthouse. I can't say there's many calm days on the island. Still, if yer a Muggle there's no weather charms, so those diesel engines are surely a good thing for them. Of course, if they had weather charms, they wouldn't need to invent diesel engines." He lifts his bottle in reply, "Cheers." He nods to her and says quietly, "Looks like a family meeting."

"A girlfriend, mm?" Jocunda mulls over this temporarily, before lips curve again. She finishes her beer before lighting the cigarette, getting to her feet in a smooth motion. "Well, provided the two of you are still together come the summer holidays, you'll have to introduce me to her." She lights up then, taking a drag. "I'm going to go check on some friends in the village. I'll be tied to this place soon enough for the signing." And then she's scooping up her coat and making her way out.

Mabel nods. "It's give and take, really. Can't alter the weather too much every time one comes up the Avon in a slack tide, after all, someone might notice." She smiles. "Still haven't guessed which light it is, though. Rocks and onshore winds. West coast? To the north?"

Kaiden nods to Jocunda and says, "Aye. Here, let me walk you out." He pulls out enough money to pay for their beverages and sets it down on the table, scooping his cigarettes up and leading her out of the door.

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