(1937-10-19) Wand Deal
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Summary: Gabby accepts Ripley's offer….with some demands of her own
Date: Oct, 19th 1937
Location: Astronomy Tower

Ripley is in the middle of the Astronomy tower and is looking up at the structure of the room itself. He's thinking hard and looking all about as he walks from this side and that.

After looking just about everywhere else she could think of, Gabby might as well try the Tower. She'll peek her head in and the pause as she sees Ripley… studying the architecture? She'll take a deep breathe and walk in. "Hey Ripley." she'll smile softly, not sure yet what kind of mood he's in.

Ripley was just about to take a jump up and grab a piece of the architecture as she comes in and says his name. He stops and turns to look at her and grins, "Hey Gabby. How are things?" As he looks back up and does a big jump to catch the edge of a column and begin to pull himself up as he works his way over to the door in the column at the middle.

"Things are….what are you doing?" She tries to not sound amazed that he can even /do/ that. She'll pull her sketchbook up to her chest with her left arm. Her right arm is wrapped around her tummy.

Ripley lets go with one hand and starts to swing back and forth in the air as he looks to the next column. "Trying to get out on the roof." He says and then gives one nightly swing back and then leaps up to grab the next column. He falters with one hand but manages with the other to grab on and pull himself up into the doorway and turn around to sit and look at Gabby and grin.

Gabrielle raises her eyebrows, "Why?…are you and Jackson having some weird who can get themselves killed first competition?" There's amusement in her voice, but a touch of worry as well. " Quit being a monkey and come down her. We need to talk." She'll smile, as she makes her demand.

Ripley looks down to her and raises a brow, "Just to see if I could, is all." He shrugs his shoulders and then just jumps off to land on the ground with a roll to then walk over and look at her, "What's wrong?" He asks, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Gabby jumps slightly in surprise as he jumps and rolls, but tries to cover in up with a shifting on the book, "Well…It's about what you suggested…about my wand." Her voice is steady, almost like she's practiced, "For me to allow you to do something that….huge for me. I need …."she starts to falter , "I mean…you have to.."She'll stop for a moment to gather herself, "I have demands, or you can't do it." She'll end up looking at the ground with a blush starting to form on her cheeks.

Ripley lifts a brow as he looks to her, "Demands?" He thinks for a moment before he shrugs, "All right, like what?" He folds his arms across his chest and looks to her and tries to make a connection with her eyes, "Come on now, look up at me." He says with a smile.

Gabby's left hand tightens on her book slightly before she looks up, "I want to pay you back. This is non negotiable. I want to know how much it costs, and even if it takes me years, I will pay you back." She'll tilt her chin up in a strong looking kind of way….she hopes. and then ruins any effect she had going by her hair falling in her eyes.

Ripley gives a little shrug, "If you feel that you have to I cannot say no. You do not have to, though. My family would not miss it." His hands stay in his pockets, "But if your pride cannot allow you to just accept then I will accept that as a term. "A knut a month. Sound reasonable?"

Gabrielle will think for a moment, and then nod, "Ok." most of the tension seems to melt off of her. Her shoulders relax and she'll smile , " And you have to let me do something nice for you…A drawing…or something.But you have to let me!" She'll do a head flip to get the hair out of her eyes.

Ripley looks to her and just chuckles as he smiles, "All right." He agrees and gives a little shake of his head. "But not as payment or anything, because you want to."

Gabby seems happy with that answer and will nod her head, "I do! Just tell me what…anything you want!" She'll even giggle slightly with her smile, "I have one more…but it's not a demand. I can go to someone else if you say no." Her smile drops some, "I really /do/ want to know how to throw a punch….I bruised my knuckles….and I think that drew more attention than the rumor did." She'll look down slightly embarrassed and shake her head, "I actually had a first year try to wrap my hand…."

Ripley nods to this as well, "I told you how before but I guess you need me to show you and teach you?"

Still looking at the ground, Gabby nods, "I don't expect to ever have to ….do /that/ again, but if I do, I'd rather not hurt myself …again…" she'll look up through her bangs, "Is that dumb?" Her right hand twitches a little.

Ripley shakes his head, "It is going to hurt. It always does. But did you break any fingers or your thumb?" He says and smiles, "No… Because you didn't stick your thumb in the fist and you kept it loose, right?"

Gabrielle shrugs, "I don't really remember….I was mad one moment, she was on the floor the next." Gabby will look down to her hand, like it'll tell her something. "I'm still not sure why she hasn't ratted on me yet." She'll shake herself and look up, "Oh well….nothing like waiting for the axe to fall, huh?"

Ripley gives a little grin to this, "Oh, the axes are quite fun to watch fall." He chuckles a bit more, "So was that all your demands?

Gabby gives him a half smile, half surprised look, "Hey!they're not if they fall on me! "She'll laugh a little, "Some friend you are!….I'm going to add more demands if you keep being mean to me!" Her left arm drops down with her sketchbook. She seems a lot more relaxed than when she first came in.

Ripley releases his hands from across his chest and shows her with his fist, "Always aim for somewhere that really hurts. The nose is the best as it makes the eyes water and it's harder for them to see to hit you back."

she'll bring up the sketchbook playfully like a shield and smile. Gabby nods, "Eyes , nose, throat. I got that." She'll laugh softly, "So soon as my arm’s healed, using my right arm would be best, huh?"

Ripley nods, "Best places." He indicates, "Right here you can break their windpipe if you hit hard enough. Someone who can't breathe can't fight back." He pushes on the windpipe of his throat to show as his voice distorts.

Gabrielle will drop her arm, seeing that Ripley isn't being playful,and will nod, "Ok, that makes sense….I guess that's why punches to the stomach are effective too?"

"Stomach can have enough on it to not make it hurt much. It's an iffy place." She wanted to be taught and so he's doing it. It's serious business as Ripley shows her, "A thumb to the eye, a chop to the throat, or a swift punch up right in the nose. All really effective and able to really screw someone up if you do it hard enough."

Gabrielle pales a little at some of the things, but will nod, "My major problem is going to be not being able to do it hard enough…"

"Hit me." Ripley then says.

"/What/?" Gabby will actually take a step back.

Ripley simply states and holds his hands out to his sides, "Hit me."

Gabrielle will narrow her eyes, "….no." She has no idea what he's doing.

Ripley takes in a breath and blows it out, "If you are going to punch people… You need to know how it feels to do it right. So bloody well hit me."

Gabrielle 's jaw tightens, "I /can't/ right now….not that I want to even. Can't I just punch a bag or something?" There's a bit of annoyance in her voice.

"With your left hand, Gabby." As Ripley steps up to her, "Hit me as hard as you can."

Gabrielle glares at him for a moment, "this is dumb." But she'll look around to set her book down.

Ripley looks to her and smiles, "No it isn't." As he sets his feet and waits for her to punch.

After securing a safe place for her sketchbook , she walk back to him, looking nervous, "Just punch you?….Where?" she'll tuck a lock of hair behind her ears.

"Don't tell me where. Just go for it." Ripley says and awaits the punch.

Gabrielle will study his face for a moment, like she's trying to pick a place, she's probably standing a little closer than normal to him. "This is so dumb…What if I-"And she'll take a swing….at his throat.

Ripley brings his hand around and catches her fist as it comes for his throat. He doesn't do anything more that may hurt her but he does look to her, "More force. More surprise. I knew exactly where you were headed."

Gabrielle frowns and will try to tug her hand away, "I don't /have/ any more force. I went for a place you told me to go!" she'll start blushing some as she realizes the distance between the two.

Ripley lets the hand go and smiles to her, "I saw it in your eyes. You looked to my throat and then went for it. If you do that in a fight most of the time you will lose." He then suddenly reaches out and sends a punch to her nose, stopping an inch from it. "Like that. Surprise."

Gabrielle lets out a quick yelp as she flinches and stumbles backwards some. There's a moment of fear that flashes across her face, as she bring s both hands up in front of her. They're not closed in fists, but at least they're up. She'll glare at him and not say anything.

"Good response." Ripley simply says, "But do you see how things can go wrong so easily?" As he steps back from her, "You gotta have some confidence when you fight. Make the other person believe they are going to get hurt."

Gabrielle swallows, her hands still up and she'll just say, "this was a bad idea…" She'll glance to her sketch book and then slowly pull her right arm to her body.

Ripley shakes his head, "No. Not a bad idea. If you want to fight, you need to know what it feels like."

"No….this isn't…." She looks rather upset, "I shouldn't be doing this." She looks to the door, and then to Ripley, "I'm sorry….I shouldn't have asked you."

Ripley lifts a brow and steps back another step, "Why not?" He asks her, truly curious.

There's a notable quiver to her voice, "With a new wand…i don't have to run. If I don't run, I'm not out in the muggle world…I don't need to know how to punch then…"

Ripley gives a little smile to those words, "And now you get it." He grins even more. "Find the positive in it all."

She doesn't look positive, in fact she looks a little scared.

Ripley steps close to Gabby and rests a hand on her shoulder, "You can do it. I believe in you." He says with every bit of sincerity as he can muster for her. "Believe in yourself. Take that wand and make yourself amazing."

When Ripley goes to put his hand on her shoulder, Gabby flinches slightly. There's a small flash of fear again in her eyes. She'll nod but doesn't look him in the eyes. He'd be able to feel her tremble slightly .

Ripley gives her a little squeeze. "Gabby. Trust me." He says with a smile. "You can do it."

Gabrielle nods, "I know."

Ripley cranes his head to look at her, "What are you thinking now?"

"I… should be getting back to the Library….hunting the book worms tonight.Last hooray with my mom's wand and all…." Gabby's /trying/ to put on a brave face. She'll even force a smile.

Ripley lifts a brow and shakes his head a bit. "Women." He mutters very softly. "I kid. Go, do what you need to do. Get your new wand this weekend and start healing." He smiles warmly.

Gabrielle will bit her bottom lip for a moment, trying to decide something. She'll let out a shaking breathe, "Yeah… I…Should I find you tomorrow?Or…just when ever?" Her normal color is starting to return as she looks up at you through her bangs.

Ripley smiles, "Just go to the shop. I took care of it." He takes his hand away and folds his arms in front of himself again. "Just go in and get a wand and tell him your name."

Gabrielle brow scrunches slightly, "no I meant aft-nevermind." She'll shake her head, the blush starting to come back.

Ripley chuckles a bit, "I will be about. If you want to meet up and show me your new wand."

Gabrielle shakes her head, "It's stupid, I don't need to monopolize your weekend. "And she'll smile , "I don't want to get between you and your rafter climbing." Her eyes will go up to the ceiling and she'll shake her head.

"Stop that." Ripley says, "If you want to get together, ask. Don't stand and waffle all over the place." He gives a little laugh and looks back to the rafters. "That can wait."

"Look, this is confusing…and I don't know what I'm doing, ok? With everything " and she'll lift her right arm up some to indicate that's what she's referring to, "that's happened, I don't know how to deal with….you're being all nice…and I don't know how I'm supposed to take this, or how I'm supposed to act." There's a little bit of that anger back, it doesn't seem directed at anyone thing though. She'll actually run her left hand over the top of her head, "Half the time I still want to punch you and the other….I don't…. You're confusing me. I know it's just me. I just don't know how I'm supposed to do this." She'll glance up to Ripley nervously.

Ripley gives a bit of a shrug, "I can't stop being an ass, Gabby. Doesn't mean I can't be nice as well." He looks to her and into her eyes, "You act like you think you should act." He says simply, "Take the wand and use it well and some day when you see someone in need and you can help, do it."

Gabrielle huffs, not having expressed what she thought she had, "Act how I /think/ I should act?" she'll take a step towards him, "that's the problem, I have /no/ idea how I should be acting! I have no reference! I have no idea what you want from this! I don't know if I'm just being a stupid girl, who doesn't understand…" And then she realizes what she just said/almost said and will cover her mouth with her right hand.

Ripley looks to her and tilts his head to one side, "Gabby. What I want from this is to help someone who is suffering because she doesn't want to let go of her mother." He shrugs a little, "I see someone who could use a little help and I am helping. I am not expecting anything in return."

Gabrielle closes her eyes," Right." She'll drop her hand and take a deep breath. She'll take a few moments then open her eyes and glance to her sketchbook. She'll whisper, "thank you." softly and start to walk over to pick up the book.

Ripley gives a nod and then looks to the column once again before he looks back to her. "Get your wand. Get better." He smiles and then goes at a run to climb up and grab ahold once again of the column.

Gabrielle will glance at him for a moment, then turn and quickly leave.

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