(1937-10-24) Interrogation Interruptus
Details for Interrogation Interruptus
Summary: Cillian's interrogation of Gareth is interrupted (sort of) by an unexpected visitor.
Date: 1937-10-24
Location: Armour Gallery
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It is a fall night. The weather is cool and drizzling.

Unnerving - that's the atmosphere that permeates this room. Empty suits of armor stand guard along every wall here, to either side of every door, across small islands in the middle of the room. All eras and nations are represented, including many that would definitely be unfamiliar to any muggle history book. From the shiny metal of Medieval knights to bamboo spikes of the warriors of the Chinese Dynasties, it's all here. Some of it is practical, some of it is ceremonial, some of it is downright silly-looking to some … but all the empty shells that once housed long-gone protectors silently stand watch around you on every side.

"Relax Bob…Byron, make sure ye dun say anytin' - Father Ted! Relax will ye, m' bringing prisoners and new crew members, gods…shhh!" Cillian scolds seemingly nobody when he enters the armor gallery, pausing at the door to let folks in and then he's gesturing towards the suits of armor. "They are all quite eager to see what we do to ye, unfortunately…they dun be gettin' out much…"

Gareth frowns again, looking around the armory, but not seeing anyone else. Except the suits of armor, of course, and a small shiver runs up his spine. "I've always hated those things," he mutters. "There's a set of Norman armor in the upstairs corridor at home, just standing there night and day. It's always given me the shivers." He drops the bag from his shoulder, turning to Cillian. "All right then, what's this all about?"

Gabriel comes in behind everyone else and puts the books gently down next to the door. "Cap'n, you might want ta introduce the prisoner to the rest o' the crew, so 'e knows who 'e's dealin' with."

Cillian is quiet for a few moments before shaking his head as he unshoulders his bags and sets them to the side, tugging out a black handkerchief and he approaches Gareth. "Hold out yer 'ands please." He nods towards various suits of armors. "These are me friends. Bob and Byron are awake today, the rest are sleepin' and Father Ted…well he's fallin' asleep right now." He looks to Gabriel.

Gareth gives Cillian's handkerchief a skeptical look, before slowly extending his hands, palms upward. "You're friends with…the armor," he says, a hint of amusement in his voice. "Very well then. But before we continue with this charade, I'd like to know something: Why does Gabriel keep calling you Captain? From the accent he's been affecting, I assume that I'm the prisoner of a viscious pirate of some sort? I've read that book by the Muggle author Stevenson."

Gabriel tilts his head a little bit when he sees Cillian bring out the handkerchief and clears his throat,"Far be it for me to tell the Cap'n how to do things but can prob'ly see by the quakin' o his boots the prisoner is already scared enuff. He wouldn't dare try an' escape wi' so many o the crew here. An' he might be more talkative if'n we treat 'im well."

Cillian pinches the bridge of his nose and closes his eyes for a moment. "M' a pirate Captain, aye. He's…talkin' funny because he's a new recruit. You however, are a witness and a prisoner. So. Ye 'ave to be tortured for information."

Gareth gives a pouty sort of expression. "There's no need to torture me for information," he says, an impish sort of light in his eyes. "No matter what you do to me, I'll never reveal the location of my treasure map."

Gabriel quietly smacks his forehead with the palm of his hand and just watches to see what happens for now.

Cillian mmhms softly as he with drawls a small bag from his burlap sack, the smell of chocolates and sweets in the air. "Seaman Gabriel, come and have a bon bon, I tink some may be nougats, filled with gooey chocolate cream…"

Gareth quirks a brow then, crossing his arms over his chest. "What are you up to now?" he asks, filled with suspicion once more. "It won't work, I assure you. Nothing will make me tell you that the map is safely concealed within one of my books."

Gabriel comes around from behind Gareth and takes a bon-bon, making a huge show of the process,"Thank you Cap'n. Your bon-bon are the best in all'a the land!" Popping it in his mouth he starts making pleased noises, rolling his eyes and flickering his eyelids. "Delicious!"

Cillian snorts and eyes Gareth for a moment as he walks around the older male, holding up a chocolate delight. "Oh reeally? Hmph, ye've got spirit lad but I can't do much wit spirit…what have ye to offer this crew beyond the secrets of yer map?" He looks to Gabriel. "…are ye 'avin' a fit?"

Gareth gives a small shrug of one shoulder. "Well, I am a Fifth year, so my magical studies are a bit more advanced than the majority of your crew." He casts a quick look toward Gabriel. "But as I said, I'm not one for ships or sailing, so I'm not certain I'd be a good fit for a pirate vessel. Fortunately, the treasure isn't hidden on some far-off island."

Gabriel swoons off to the side and uses a scratched up medieval suit of armor to hold himself on his feet,"Hold me up Bob. This bon-bon is sooo good I'm bein' overwhelmed. I would do /anything/ for them." then he looks at Gareth out of the corner of his eye to see if he's getting the hint.

Cillian actually laughs softly as he watches Gabriel and he snorts before looking back to Gareth. "So yer a 5th year are ye? Hmm…well we dun 'ave a boat or a sea yet, so dun worry about that." He offers a bonbon. "We can even offer ye a sort of protection, but ye name the price, and we'll negotiate from there."

Gareth glances at Gabriel from the corners of his eyes, one brow quirking. "Oh, yes," he says, doing his best to sound convincing. "Indeed. I would to anything for a bon-bon, anything at all. Why, I'd even betray King and country and become a bloodthirsty buccaneer for the chance to sample such a tasty sweet." He pauses as one of the bon-bons is actually offered to him so easily. "Protection? Protection from whom?" He examines the candy for a moment, even giving it a quick sniff.

Gabriel gives an almost imperceptible nod then straightens up and goes to stand back behind Gareth,"Ye have him on the ropes now Cap'n!"

Cillian smirks gently and looks between Gareth and Gabriel. "I'll let this go just this once, Seaman, ye've got a good heart to help yer fellow out like you did." He's not going to comment further as he puts the entire bag of chocolate bonbons in Gareth's hands if he accepts it. "Ye can be joinin' us or we can just make arrangements to try to protect yer heart and yer head."

Gareth takes a tiny nibble of the candy, mmmming appreciatively, then blinks in surprise when he's offered the entire bag. "Thank you, Captain," he says, eyes wide. "I would be happy to assist in your privateering endeavors in any way I'm able. You need only send young Seaman Ward with word to me, and I shall be at your disposal…assuming I'm not studying for my OWLS or…or worse, competing in the Triwizard Tournament." Another shudder runs through him at that particular thought.

Gabriel nods in satisfaction and looks over to Cillian,"Mr. Carrow be right smart Cap'n. He could serve as a navigator or a chirurgeon." Never you mind a real sailor would never even know those words.

Cillian nods slowly and approaches Gareth, offering his hand to shake. "Very well then, yer now a as needed member of the crew, we're trustin' ye with our secrets and if ye spill them…well…then I let the suits of armor eat ye."

Gareth takes Cillian's hand in a light but firm shake, adding a serious nod. "I understand, Captain," he says, deepening his voice a bit. "You may depend upon me to keep your crew's secrets as closely guarded as I keep my own." Oh dear, they're all doomed.

Gabriel keeps chewing on his nougat looking immensly pleased that Gareth and Cillian are getting along,"Welcome to the crew Gareth."

It is a normal evening in the Armor Gallery…really. Cillian's finished torturing Gareth who has a bag of chocolate bonbons and Gabriel is standing near by as the three of them are further…deeper into the room, away from the exit. The little pirate just shakes his head and sighs as he pulls other things out of his burlap sap, a couple of carrots, a few fluffy buns wrapped in a napkin…there's even the smell of sausages and raspberry jam as he sets out the makeshift supper.

Gareth continues nibbling on one of the bonbons, watching Cillian curiously. Finally, he can't contain himself any longer, asking, "Why don't you eat in the Great Hall with everyone else? Er, Captain." He lifts his schoolbag from the floor, slinging it over one shoulder.

There's a shuffle of feet, the source of which prove to be a young witch in Slytherin colors, who comes hurrying into the gallery. Nicki clutches a book to her chest, and clearly is preoccupied, because she doesn't notice the boys until she's well into the room. She pauses and glances back, then looks at the boys again, judging if they've noticed or if she can slip out again. There's never been anyone here before when she'd come up, well maybe once or twice but she was paying attention then and slipped back out.

Gabriel turns around as he hears the door open and feet shuffle into the room. When he sees Slitherin colors he turns back around to Gareth and Cillian with a little bit of a sigh,"Oy Cap'n, I think we have…" Something sinks in making him stop talking and he slowly turns back around to take a second look at the Slytherin girl before spinning back to his friend, face slowly turning red,"candy…"

Cillian's sense of hearing is better than his sight and his head cocks to the side. "I do…eat in the Great Hall, that's how I get me food…" He frowns and then glances towards tne entrance, staring at Nicki for a few moments with his good eye, and the gaze is mighty intense for such a little feller before he points at a suit of armor. "Ping, ye didn't warn us…" He turns to stare at Nicki some more. "Aye, Seaman…I see-" He blinks as Gabriel starts turning…colors and he points quickly to Nicki. "You! What did ye hex him with?"

Gareth ohs, nodding some, then turns to see what all the fuss is about. "All right then?" he asks, looking the Slytherin over. "Rousseau, isn't it?" He finishes off the bonbon he'd been nibbling, then thinks to offer her one from the small sack. Hey, nobody told him the rules of this pirate outfit yet! Gabriel's blushing hasn't registered yet.

What a mixture of reactions to be greeted with! Nicki falters a moment more, actually backing up a step when Cillian speaks. "Hex? I didn't hex anyone," she protests, frowning slightly. Then Gareth approaches, suave tongued and offering temptations, for shame! Her brows raise with interest, attention shifting with the typical ease of a young girl. "Ta," she says simply, reaching toward the bag to take a treat, offering Gareth a smile. "Nicki," she says, offering her name of preference. "Is he ok," she asks, nodding toward Gabriel, who she's not yet seen well enough to identify.

Gabriel slowly gets to his feet. With his back still to Nicki he takes a couple of deep breaths then turns around trying to act all composed and calm. Which lasts just long enough for poor Gabriel to catch his foot on the toe of one of the suits of armor, stumble four or five steps, crash into another suit and put it to wobbling before rebounding off it and having to hold onto the gauntlet of a third one to keep his balance. Final effect, Gabriel ends up standing near Nicki and Gareth, one large metal gauntlet in his hand, saying, "Hi Nicki." Then he looks down at his hands, realizes one of them isn't empty and quickly puts both of them behind his back, giving everyone a smile that looks more nervous than anything else at the moment.

Cillian watches the disaster and he just shakes his head slowly, eyeing Gabriel suspiciously and just watching them charm and greet Nicki. He just turns to making sure the picnic is laid out just right.

Gareth offers a small smile, then glances toward Gabriel at Nicki's question…just in time to see his friend stumbling about. Something in his head clicks at last, as he turns back to the girl. "Oh, so -you're- Nicki! I see. Oh yes, everything is clear now, indeed." Giving Gabriel a wink, he turns toward Cillian. "Captain, I believe this would be an opportune moment for me to show you that treasure map. Alas, I fear I may have left it in the library, so perhaps we should go there. Now." Hint-hint!

As Gabriel turns recognition comes to Nicki's face, but before she has a chance to greet him properly he stumbles in a spectacular fashion. Her eyes widen, and then she winces when it looks like he'll fall entirely, and then he's up! She looks fairly relieved, and smiles at him again. "It's nice to see you again, Gabriel." Her name draws her back to Gareth and she nods, "Yes, I'm Nicki." That's what she just said. Are all boys a bit daft? "Oh no, I don't want to interrupt. I was just going to read, I can find another place." She motions vaguely with the book in her hand, then tucks it behind her back in much the same way Gabriel dealt with the gauntlet. They don't need to know she's come with a sappy, period piece romance that the girls have been passing around.

Gabriel's hand flashes out with the reflexes of someone that plays quite a bit of baseball and criquet, latching onto Gareth's wrist in a white knuckled grip,"NO! No. I mean, Cillian has a picnic all laid out and everything. Rude! It would be rude to make him pick it all back up! Yes, rude." Looking at Nicki… Well, looking at Nicki's ear he says,"Nice. Yes. Candy. Thank you. Food?" and then he points behind himself at Cillian and his spread. Never mind the food really isn't his to offer.

"Oh just offer the lady a seat on the ground, she can share our buns and sausages and chocolate iffen she wants. She's pretty I suppose and she'll have to be interrogated anyways, m' too tired to deal with all the torture and bloody blah blah, so 'ave a seat ma'am, please. Yer officially a prisoner until Seaman Gabriel and Gareth can figure out how to find their wits which might be hidden up their arses at the moment." Cillian smiles sweetly as he lays out silverware.

Gareth frowns a bit, brows drawn together as he looks between each of the others, finally landing on Cillian. "Captain, I really think…." He stops himself, eyes suddenly lighting with a new brilliant plan. "On second thought, perhaps you're right," he says, turning back to Gabriel. "It would be rude to make the Captain pack up his meal after all. So instead, you two should accept his gracious invitation and join him, while I go to make sure the treasure is still securely hidden. Can't be too careful with that many sweets, can we?"

Gareth gives a light tug of his arm, frowning down on Gabriel's deathgrip to his wrist. "Ease off, Ward, you're cutting off the bloodflow to my hand."

Gabriel puts another notch into the 'boys are just daft' column, but Nicki smiles at him. She let's mention of candy gloss by, she didn't sign her name, after all, and when food is offered she looks toward Cillian. And then she frowns slightly again. "Prisoner? I'm pretty sure that we aren't allowed to take each other prisoner," she says, stepping toward him. "Besides," she dips into her robe pocket, pulling out a small wrapped parcel, "I've got some biscuits that our house elves sent by owl. Here's three, one for each of you." Thankfully, she never goes to read without a snack. She's not got a fourth for herself, but she has more back in the dorm.

Gabriel looks down at the hand holding Gareth's wrist as if he'd never seen it before. Finally the thought, 'Oh, hey. That's my hand.' goes through his head, allowing synapses to make connections and send signals to his muscles to make his hand release. "Hand. Yes, sorry." And then Nicki is offering a biscuit. Ok, brain, work. Take the biscuit, go sit down, look at girl, say,"Biscuit. Thank you." Look at girl becomes the problem as he freezes with a cookie held in front of his face, not remembering what cookies are for.

"Keep yer biscuits of girly wiles little woman, like Circe and all the other women, sirens, nymphs and goddesses, ye've got the ability to lower our guard and then before we know it, we'll all be little pigs." Cillian chuckles and idly scratches above his eyepatch, looking between the other two boys before looking back to Nicki. "M' Captain Cillian, welcome to our supper."

Gareth rubs his wrist a few times, giving Nicki a small smile and shaking his head. "No, thank you. You should save those for the younger pirates, but thank you anyway." He gives an exaggerated salute to Cillian, then another to Gabriel, before turning toward the stack of books near the door. "I must be off to ensure our treasure's safety!" he calls cheerfully, before heading out to the corridor.

Well, Nicki's biscuits seem to have some sort of magical powers as they snap Gabriel out of his fugue long enough for him to nibble the cookie, doing a very good, unintentional imitation of a squirrel. One hand releases the biscuit as Gareth says he's taking off to give him a distracted finger wave before Gabriel realizes that he staring and snaps his eyes down to the food on the picnic blaket. And quick head movements when you have a biscuit less than an inch from your face usually result in an explosion of crumbs as cookie meets nose…

Nicki doesn't seem put out by Gabriel not actually getting to the verbal part of his plan, but she gives Cillian a bit of an odd look. "They're oatmeal raisin, actually." What is he talking about. She doesn't offer the biscuit to Cillian again, but comes over to the picnic and lays the two remaining biscuits out on the brown paper that had wrapped them. She waves toward Gareth as he turns to go, calling a goodbye after him.

Cillian settles down and starts cutting open buns to put sausages inside and put them on napkins to slide the napkins towards the different people settled down and he quirks an eyebrow at Nicki and just waves after Gareth and turns back to his picnic. "Well. What's your story then, Miss Nicki?"

Gabriel's mind seems to be engaging into some kind of gear as he dusts cookie crumbs off his school robes,"Oh! Ms. Circe. Eep! Ms. Nicki. The fish are fine. And not suffering. And they say they miss you and would like to see you again." Ooo, look! buns with sausages, how very, very interesting. In Gabriel's world they require minute and careful examination.

Nicki sits as well, and Cillian starts sharing out some food. "My story? You mean, like where am I from?" No one's really asked quite so bluntly before, and she's honestly not sure how to answer. She gives a soft laugh when Gabriel brings up the fish. "I'm glad they're well, Gabriel. I'd like to see them again, too. Are you going fishing again soon?"

Cillian shakes his head and passes a sausage bun to Nicki and one to Gabriel before he turns his attention to his own sausage bun and omnomnoms happily, chewing slowly and looking thoughtful.

Gabriel goes back to his squirrel imitation, holding the partially demolished biscuit in moth hands and nibbling at it while he mumbles,"Fishing? Thursday, no Saturday! I usually go fishing on Saturdays. And no hooks, nope, never hooks."

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