(1937-10-21) Sorta First Kiss
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Summary: Things go poorly for Gabby…then Ripley….then Gabby again.
Date: Oct 21, 1937
Location: High Street, Hogsmeade

This is the main street and venue for Hogsmeade Village, the eastern portion of High Street. The street is always occupied by someone either out for a walk, loitering, or tidying up the outside of their business. OPEN signs hang in windows, shutters and drapes are open wide so display windows can be peered into to view some of the shop's wares. Bustling with life the forest surrounding the village is as active with wildlife as the village is with civilization, however quaint and country it might be. All of the buildings along High Street are very acute when it comes to their roofs. Each roof outfitted with one or more extremely tall brick chimneys that sometimes are twice the height as the actual building.

It's early Sat morning, not many students are up, much less already at Hogsmeade. Gabby is standing against a building just….waiting. She has on her light jacket and her hair is pulled back in a braid. Her knitted hat can be seen stuffed in her pocket. She's staring at her feet, looking nervous.

Ripley hasn't been back to Hogwarts and has just been wandering all night. He's walking along with a strange smile on his face and coming around the corner and kicking at a rock that stumbles along in front of himo.

Gabrielle will look up and her eyes flash. She'll clench her jaw and ask, "Are you drunk?"

Ripley lifts a brow as he looks up and sees Gabby, "No. That would be a bad thing to do." He walks over to her and smiles, "Morning." And then notes the jaw, "You look pissed."

Gabrielle will do a quick sweep of him. Any injuries or obvious drunk signs? She'll meet his eyes, "I am."

Ripley looks just fine and dandy. "Okay." He notes and nods his head, "I hope that whoever you are pissed at doesn't come close to you anytime soon. That stare is fierce."

"Then I'd step away."

Ripley lifts a brow and looks to Gabby, "Me? Why?"

Gabrielle will just stare at him for a minute,trying to see if he's honestly that stupid. "I'm not like most Ravenclaws. Most Ravenclaws when upset talk to each other. Like when something happens that shouldn't have. Like kissing someone they shouldn't have."

Ripley purses his lips a little bit and his expression doesn't change. "I asked him if he wanted me to. He said yes. So I did."

"Merlin! You are so…ignorant!" She'll push off the wall, "He's just about got himself worried sick over the person he/really/ likes finding out….Why did you /do/ that?" She's not got her fists clenched, but it's clear she's trying not to. "You say you don't want to the "slythern" stereotype, but then you go and do this?!? for what? Was it fun to just screw with him? See his reaction?"

Ripley clicks his tongue against his teeth for a moment before he answers her, "I like him. I didn't plan to tell anyone about it and I told him that. It's his fault that he went off and said something. He's cute and I felt like giving someone a really good first kiss." He shrugs a bit, "I'd do it for just about anyone. I like kissing."

Gabrielle narrows her eyes, "You expect me to believe you like him, as in , want to date him?" She's trying /really/ hard to not be insulted, "If you go around kissing everyone, it doesn't mean anything. "

Ripley takes in a breath and looks to Gabby, "If someone wanted to kiss me, I'd kiss them. No strings or anything." He shrugs once more, "Yes. I would probably date him. Nothing wrong with that. He's a decent kisser." He leans against a wall and looks to Gabby for a long moment, "You see someone who is pleasant to the eye or their personality is something you like… Why wouldn't you give it a shot? I didn't know anything about him with someone."

Gabrielle tenses, this is /not/ helping her self esteem…She does not address any of the questions. "Just…stay away from him, ok.?If he approaches… whatever. But he's got someone else he cares about. Don't do what Lucian did to you to someone else, just so you can get your rocks off kissing someone."

Ripley narrows his eyes, "I don't get my rocks off." Ripley says and folds his arms across his chest, "I was interested so I kissed him. Didn't know about the other bit." He sighs and shakes his head, "What would you do if you saw someone you were interested in? You'd let them know about it."

Gabrielle tries to keep her voice down, but it cracks a few times under the strain of no yelling,"So does that mean you're interested in everyone?You said you'd kiss just about anyone. Don't act like this was something that you've been wanting to do. You saw an opportunity and you took it, without finding out /anything/. You can't be interested in someone and want to kiss everyone. It doesn't /work/ that way! And don't you /dare/ bring me into this!" She's pretty riled up, eyes flashing and hair coming out of the braid.

Ripley gives Gabby a really long look. "Ever been kissed, Gabby?" He asks and gives her another long look. "It's something shared between two people. A moment in time." He searches her eyes a little bit and then reaches a hand up and into her hair to pull her in close and place a rather soft kiss on her lips.

As soon as his lips touch her's she reacts. This is /not/ how a first kiss should be! She brings her knee up as hard as she can, into whatever it hits. and will push away hissing, "What is /wrong/ with you?!?" There are tears in her eyes, and she'll bring her hand up to her mouth.

That knee connects and his mouth opens in a silent gasp of pain as his knees buckle and he goes down to the ground. "Thought you were jealous. That you wanted a kiss." He's got his hands down over himself, holding on and curling up on the ground. "You wanted one. Ow… Or so I thought."

Gabrielle will snarl, "Oh course I wanted a kiss. But not some consolation prize! I wanted you to want to kiss me, not some….charity case! and I certainly don't want my first kiss to be on the heels of someone else's mouth!" And with that, she'll turn to leave. She's not going to break down in front of him.

Ripley winces and slowly goes to get to his feet, "Gabby. Wait." He speaks and then slowly manages to get up, leaning against a wall. "Hold on a moment. Please."

She'll turn back when he says please, but keeps a few arms length distances between them. She has a lock of hair falling in her face. She doesn't say anything, but does have her arms wrapped around her torso.

Ripley has tears coming from his eyes as he looks to her, "Is that why you are so angry? You wished it was you that I had kissed?" His eyes do their best to focus on hers, "Could you help me stand, please?" He reaches out a hand, still bent over and feeling not so good from where he was kicked.

"I'm not doing this. You made your choice," She doesn't move to help him, but Ripley can hear a slight warble in her voice.

"Made my choice?" Ripley looks to her with a bit of a hurt look, "I was interested in Gareth. He's off the table. I thought I might be interested in you with your feelings but the knee makes me think differently." He finally makes it back to a full standing position as he wipes his eyes and looks to her. "Sorry if I was wrong." He says, genuinely looking hurt now.

Gabrielle actually sputters, "Inter- you-…." She's shaking, "I practically threw myself at you yesterday, and all you did was pat me on the head like a little kid. The /only/ reason you even tried …that….is because I was right here. Don't act like you like me. You don't. You like like what's ever in front of you! You like to /be/ liked! And that…I can't /do/ that…" Her lips will start to tremble, but she shakes herself, trying to stop from just crying right there.

Ripley looks at her as if she grew a second head. "Yesterday? You what? I was teaching you to fight." He shakes his head, "Gabby. If you wanted me, you should have said something. I tried to kiss you because I saw you were jealous and I thought I might give you a chance." He moves to a bit of a crick wall and sits down on it. "I do like you, Gabby. I do. Just never considered romantically until just now when I saw that passion you had." He looks down to the ground, "Everyone calls me a Romeo but I fail so much at this lately."

Gabrielle shakes her head, "No…you don't get to just flip like this. That's not fair. I tried with you, I'm sorry I was brazenly forward. I don't know what I'm doing…And give /me/ a chance. You arrogant prat."she'll inhale and hold it for a moment, "I deserve better than someone /trying me out/. "

Ripley grinds his hands against his face and shakes his head. "I guess you do." He pulls his hands away and sighs deeply as he looks down to the ground. "You weren’t forward. I knew nothing of how you felt until just now and since I know now, I get to suffer. That it? That how this will go? Trying you out? Merlin's beard. All you have to do is say something like, "Hey Rip. I kinda like you.' Something. But noooo. I get the idea, act on it, get kneed and /I/ am the villian."

"Yes! You are! You just told me how you would kiss /anyone/! How am I supposed to take /that?!?!/" Her eyes start flashing again, but she's still go her arms wrapped around herself. "Gods, I'm sorry I don't know how to be that forward. That's not me. I /tried/ , you're so preoccupied with everything else around you to see !""

Ripley looks to her, "Gabby. A kiss to someone who just wants a kiss is just a kiss. No connections, just a little fun. But a kiss in romance, something that holds meaning because of the two people that share it. It's different." He runs a hand across his hair and sighs, "Gabby… If you want a chance at this, just say so. If not, I'll leave you be."

Gabby holds her breathe, and the hugs herself tighter,"I…I don't know." She'll glance to the ground and with a shaky breathe, "I'm /really/ confused now." She'll look up to the sun, "I should go….I'm going to be late."

Ripley stands and moves over to her, "Come here?" He asks and gives a little smile, "Gabby. The biggest thing about relationships is that you have to work for them." He opens his arms for her should she choose to come closer, "Forgive me?"

Gabby takes a step backwards towards the road. "Did you not hear me?I need to think…you're all.."And she'll finally remove her arms and wave her hands in his general direction, "and it's confusing."

"Then think with me. I think I have some words in all of this." Ripley gives a little smile, "You have cried on my shoulder before, why not now?"

"Because this is /about/ you?" she'll take another step back, slightly panicked.

"No. It's about us." Ripley says simply.

She'll shake her head again, her hair pretty much out of the braid. "Stop it. /I/ need to think." she'll take a few deep breaths and close her eyes.

Ripley stops and nods, "All right." As he moves off to one side and just sits down again. He slowly shakes his head and sighs.

Gabrielle opens her eyes when she hears Ripley move, and will watch him sit down. "I'll find you later…after…." she'll softly say, and turn to leave. She'll wrap her arms around herself again as she walks, obviously upset.

Ripley looks up, "Gabby. No matter how you feel about me… Please, get the wand. Even if you hate me. Just do that at least."

Ripley can see her visible flinch as he says that. Gabby keeps walking.

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