(1937-10-24) Assumptions
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Summary: Gabrielle and Ophelia run into eachother in the club room, where Ophelia sees Gabbi's new wand. Hurt, she tries to avoid the subject, only to land on one that is even more difficult for the two to discuss.
Date: 24 October, 1937
Location: Club Room
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Club Room, Hogwarts Castle
Wed Oct 24, 1937

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.


It's a slow wed afternoon, lunch is full on, and the GReat Hall is pack. So, finding a different place to be is sometime preferable. Gabby is in the Club Room, her lunch forgotten on a table. She has a wand out, and is preforming some basic charms on a flower that she has floating in the air.

Ophelia was at lunch, eating happily with the rest of the Ravenclaw table, when she remembered. She'd left one of her books in the club room during the Art Club meeting the day before! So she excused herself, grabbing a few rolls and stuffing them with chese and a bit of sausage to snack on as she hurried down the hall to find it. She's still munching on the last one when she pushes the club room door open, her eyes scanning for the book… and finding Gabrielle instead. "Oh, hello Gabrielle. So this is where you were. Didn't fancy lunch in the hall today?"

Gabrielle turns around with an embarrassed look,the flower falling to the ground, "Oh!Uh…no…not really. Too many people." She'll smile nervously, her right hand holding the wand pointed down. She'll stand there a bit awkwardly for a moment biting her lip, "Everything ok with Ajax?"

Ophelia slips into the club room and starts scanning the tables where she remembers having sat. With a sigh, she shakes her head, "I don't know, actually. He went to his room last night and I haven't seen him since, except in passing and at class. There hasn't been time to talk. Ah!" Finding the book under a half-finished painting, she pulls it free and moves to sit beside her friend. "But thank you, though. For whatever you did to Fox, and for asking."

As she takes her seat, she looks down at the work Gabbi is practicing, and frowns. "That… that isn't vine. What happened to your wand?"

Gabrielle will look down at her wand, and have an inner struggle which she finally breaks by looking up and smiling softly, "It's my new wand…"

Ophelia is having trouble looking away from the wand. And as Gabrielle answers, her confusion simply grows. "Well, yes, I see that. But what happened to the other one? Did it break?"

Gabrielle looks to the side and then back, "It wasn't working right…But this one does!I've gone though all the spells and charms up to 3rd year already!" she'll roll her eyes and laugh, "I see why everyone just floats their books everywhere now!"

Ophelia glances up, then back at the wand, as she listens. Her frown lessens, and fades, though her expression remains somber. "Oh." She says quietly, after a moment. "Yes, yes its… quite convenient." She looks down at the unfinished roll in her hand, then takes a large bite and starts chewing slowly, as though there is no taste to the food.

Gabrielle 's smile starts to fade, "Is something wrong?" Oph wouldn't be upset because she got a new wand…she'll make thoughtful face, "Is everything ok with Phae?"

Ophelia shakes her head, quickly, then nods, trying to answer each question with her mouth full. She manages to swallow after a bit, lifting the rest of the roll to take a bit before she sighs and sets it atop the book. "Everything's fine. I, ah we… its fine. So you went to see Ollivander then?"

Gabby will cock her head, "…yeah." She seems really confused.

"Well that's good." Ophelia manages a smile, when she looks up this time. Of course, it doesn't quite reach her eyes. "He's the best. Of course." And she chuckles a little. "I, ah, I hope it all went well? What sort is it?"

Gabrielle tries to read Oph and then shakes her head, "It's Blah(have not had the scene yet)…..What's the matter….you're acting weird."

"No I'm fine, truly." Ophelia smiles wider, shaking her head. "Is it? Complexity, hm. I suppose that makes sense for an artist." But her heart very obviously isn't in it. She takes another bite of the roll, and stands. "I'm glad you're enjoying it. Have… " I need to talk about something else, anything else! "Have you, ah… have you sorted things with Ripley then?"

Gabrielle blinks, not quiet believing Oph, but lets it go. "Ripley is…"She'll swallow hard, and a blush starts creeping into her cheeks, "He'll leave Gareth alone. He honestly didn't know about Ajax."

"That's not what I meant." Ophelia replies, still looking at the far wall. "He was one of the boys who was showing an interest in you, as I recall. Are yous till confused about him?"

Gabrielle /so/ wants to talk about this, but Ophelia's being weird, and not even looking at her, "Yeah..but at least I got Kiefer figured out." She'll smile a little sadly, brow still creased at Oph's lack of eye contact.

"Oh?" Ophelia frowns, the different subject giving her something more positive to focus on. "I… forgive me… but he's snogging Gareth and you're still confused about him?" Turning, she glances at Gabbi out of the corner of her eye.

Gabby's eyes go down to her wand hand, and a number of emotions cross her face. She'll close her eyes, "Yeah…I guess your right." Again, she'll swallow.

Ophelia drops her gaze again, noting Gabrielle's face. "I'm sorry." She mumbles, "I don't mean to be harsh. Its just… when I heard who it was that had been snogging Gareth… well I rather thought that meant he wasn't… the boy for you." She lifts her shoulders in a shrug.

Gabrielle opens her eyes, and while they're a little watery, she'll force a smile, "No..You're right. I don't really think he's actually interested in me anyway. I was just there." Her right hand will twitch and she'll walk over to where her books and lunch is. "It's ok. Makes things easier, right? Chris is nice." She'll begin picking up her books.

Ophelia keeps her eyes on the floor. "But you wanted him to be." She says, quietly. "And you aren't interested in Christmas like that. Are you?"

Gabrielle says, "Wishing rain doesn't water the garden." Obviously another Aunt quote. "I don't know Chris well enough to know." She's starting to gather up her books."

"That still doesn't make it easier." Ophelia argues quietly, "Believe me, I know. And it seems… " She looks away again, thinking, "That perhaps I turned my anger on the wrong person. And that perhaps I should be having a talk myself, with Ripley Fox."

Gabrielle will turn around slightly panicked, "No! Don't!! It's over and done with. The thing with Gareth is done, and the thing with me….it's as done as it can be. He's just not the one, that's all. I created this mess, not him."

"Oh?" Ophelia's voice hardens a little. "Did you go of and flirt with yourself until you were so confused you hurt the boy who is taking you to the dance without even trying? And did you also go off and snog the boy who has been in love with my /best friend/ since our first year? You didn't create this. He just obviously thought it would be alright to run around and flirt with whoever he fancied without bothering to check if someone might be hurt in the process."

Gabrielle turns her head away slightly and closes her eyes, "It won't do any good. I've said that all to him." She'll have her hands on the table next to her books.

"Oh, that's not what I intend to say to him." Ophelia replies, her eyes narrowed as they continue to stare at the wall. Her hands clench around her book, all of her sudden negative feelings finding a hold in her anger at Ripley.

Gabrielle will keep her head turned away and softly say, "He tried to kiss me."

"That… bloody hell." Ophelia's mouth sets in a hard line. "That bastard. Perhaps words are too good for him."

Gabrielle laughs humorously, "I already took care of it." She'll sniffle a little and turn her head back , although she's not so much grabbing at her books as using the table for support.

For the first time, Ophelia looks over at Gabrielle. Her own expression becomes pinched, her eyes hurt, as she turns away once more. "Fine then. I see I'm not needed. I'm sorry I bothered you." And she heads for the door.

"No..I mean he doesn't need to be hurt…I already did that!" Gabby will just stare at her books.

"I never… fine. I'll stay out of it. Alright?" Ophelia pulls the door open, blinking back tears and not paying all that much attention, in her hurry, to much of anything except getting out.

Gabrielle will just close her eyes again. How did this happen?She was so happy about her wand….

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