(1937-10-24) Better, Faster, Stronger
Details for Better, Faster, Stronger
Summary: Jocunda places a tall order for a custom broom with Laurence.
Date: October 24th, 1937
Location: Flights of Fancy Broomshop

It's a cool evening and thankfully, not raining. The air is likely still damp, but it has encouraged people to be out and about. Diagon is showing a surge in population, as it were. Those out for walks or to do some post-dinner shopping. One of those in the latter category steps through the doors of the broom shop. Jocunda tugs off her gloves and loosens her scarf, stepping out of the way of the entrance as she takes the boutique in.

There's a soft coo charm that sounds when Jocunda makes her entrance and it summons the Broom Master from his workshop, the man wearing his usual dark grey slacks and the white button down shirt he wears when working, rolling the sleeves back down to cover the tattoos that go up each forearm. "Welcome to Flights of Fancy, where I make your flying fantasies reality…" There's a soft purr and a low rumble that helps smooth the restrained Scottish burr and Laurence just smiles softly and offers a hand. "Is there anything I can do to help you?"

"Perhaps there is," Jocunda says, her own accent the fairly clipped lilt of the astristocracy. Though somewhat lazier than some- she doesn't /quite/ enunciate everything. Gloves are tucked into belt and the woman shifts forward, moving to become in a more conversational distance with the man. "I was thinking you may be the best bet to assist me with conceptualizing a broom."

There is a pause before Laurence takes the time to look the woman over with a thoughtful expression, those unnaturally ice blue eyes sweeping up and down her figure before he gestures with a sweep of his arm to the shop. "Of course, I'm Laurence Toulson, Master Broom Maker, have a seat or browse and I'll get ya something to drink. Tea? Wine?"

"Wine would be lovely," Jocunda says, brow furrowing briefly. "Laurence Toulson, yes, I've heard your name mentioned on a few occassions. Rarely run afoul of the Department of Magical Transportation, lucky for you." It means less work for her. She shifts, moving towards a display. Clearly intent upon browsing. "Wine would be lovely, thanks."

A warm chuckle. "Actually, if my brooms are mentioned when running into the Department of Magical Transportation is always been rider error, unfortunate for the poor blighters riding them…it is far easier to blame the broom, even if its terribly unfair to the poor things." Laurence offers a bow before turning to head for the back. "May I have the…pleasure of knowing your name? So far I have mysterious beautiful woman, but I'm sure that's not your formal title."

"To be perfectly candid, Mr. Toulson, most of the complaints we receive /are/ rider error. That's why I'm happy to be in regulation. I much prefer working with the craftsmen, such as yourself." Jocunda twists slightly, looking to him at the question. There's a slight twitch of her lips before she speaks: "Jocunda Sykes."

"Well them, Madam Sykes, a pleasure to meet you." Laurence returns with a silver tray, a bottle of red wine and two glasses on it along with a plate of sliced up fresh fruit. He sets the tray down on a table and works on pouring glasses of wine. "Now, you would like me to make a broom for you…Madam Sykes? I think indeed, I can accomodate you there."

"That would be lovely," Jocunda states, watching Laurence pour the wine. Her bright eyes are simmering with a mild amusement. Perhaps mischief, even. "I have a bit of a challenge for you, I do believe."

"Mmm…challenges are welcomed and I never go against the will of the wood I work with." Laurence brings the glasses of wine back over to Jocunda, bowing his head politely and offering a small smile. "Do tell…what is on your mind dear one?"

Fingers curl about the wine glass as Jocunda accepts it with murmured appreciation. "Well, as you know I used a standard broom for my Atlantic crossing." Likely due to some kind of sponsorship. "I'm well-used to distance flying now, but I'm wanting to return to… well, the speed and agility of my days as a Seeker at Hogwarts. I feel like it's time to brush up on those skills, versus just the endurance flying. But I'm rather used to the comfort of endurance brooms."

"When is your birthday Madam Sykes? We'll start there and I'm sure we'll be able to get everything worked out well. I tailor each broom to each rider, so your broom will truly be…one of a kind." Laurence takes a sip of his wine.

A few years older and she may have chafed at being asked about her birthday. Instead, Jocunda answers after a brief sip of the wine: "April 19th." She glances to the displays, before gaze returns to Laurence. "The customization is why I'm here. I've had some of the… larger manufacturors offer custom brooms, but it's really just a broom with my name or some other identifier slapped on it in the hopes that people will pay extra."

The broom maker's eyes close as he takes a deep breath and looks thoughtful, lips moving softly in Greek before he nods quickly to Jocunda. "…April 19th, so you were born under the Willow moon…that's sacred, a wood sacred to the moon and it would be tempered by Maple. The maple gives you the independence of mind but…the Willow is interesting, its a more maternal wood. You deal well with chance, life is change and you adapt to meet those changes, you may be cut back or challenged by the storms of life but you always grow back stronger and wiser…"

Jocunda listens to Laurence, initially skeptical… but as he continues, she leans in slightly to listen. Wine is sipped at in measures, but most of her focus is on the broom maker. "Is it much like wands, then?" she inquires, when there's an opportunity.

Laurence chuckles and shakes his head. "Wands are different, they channel an energy beyond them, like an outlet. When dealing with brooms, the art…the lore is more physical." He waves a hand vaguely. "Might I ask your favorite color and animal?"

"I see," Jocunda says, though it's drawn out and likely she doesn't quite, at all. Though she /is/ trying and that much is readily apparent. "Favorite color and animal… Well, I suppose I'm partial to white. And I've a fondness for the phoenix. They're beautiful birds."

Laurence watches Jocunda quietly for a few moments before he sets his glass of wine down, nodding slowly and he tilts his head to the side. "Tell me Madam Sykes, do you see the broom as just a tool to carry you?"

Jocunda seems rather caught off-guard by the question. She blinks a few times at Laurence. Lips part as if to answer, but she holds off for a moment. Perhaps rethinking what she is about to say. "I… am sure that your brooms are different, as you see them as art, but the average broom… it /is/ just a tool. They're oft made to all be the same, all act the same, all respond the same."

"Hmm." Laurence just shakes his head a bit but there's no judgement in his eyes as he watches Jocunda. "I played seeker, I've flown for years…the more connected you are to your broom…the better you will fly. There's potential in you, Madam Sykes, I just if you're ready to tap into it just yet." A soft chuckle before he scratches his cheek. "I can get you a broom made based on the specifics you gave, are there….particular things you'd want taken into consideration?"

Jocunda looks mildly perturbed. Chances are, no one's judged her on her ability in quite some time. Years, likely. "I want something that can help me brush up on speed and agility, since I've been working on endurance for so long… but I'd like it to also be suitable for daily use, as I know the best way to learn something is to work at it as often as possible. I don't want to find myself making excuses because I've not enough time to swap out brooms dependent on my schedule with the Ministry."

Laurence listens intently and he finally gives a firm nod. "Its doable then. Functional yet Flexible…something with speed yet a complimentary grace, yet with the resilience to carry you however far you wish to go."

Jocunda purses her lips a moment as she considers this. The wine glass is turned in her fingers slowly as she nods. "That sounds about right, yes. Distance flying is… secondary, really, as I rarely have to fly far for work. However, I know many brooms for speed are not quite suitable for daily commutes. That's what I need."

Laurence mmhms softly. "Well the only thing left to do is to get your measurements and that can be done at your convinience, I have some newer woods coming in tomorrow so the timing is fortuitous."

Jocunda finishes her wine in a smooth motion, shifting to set the glass with the tray that had been brought out. Her hand comes away with a couple pieces of cheese. Hooray for nibbles. "I have time now to complete the measurements, or I could stop in tomorrow evening?"

Laurence smiles and reaches to the small of his back to whatever pouch is on the tool belt he's on and he removes a length of tape measure, sliding it between his fingers and mmhming softly. "I have time now, its all done in your own time of course, so whatever is convenient for you."

"I've had my meal for the evening and nowhere else to be, so now works perfectly. It's more difficult to predict future dates." Jocunda snatches up another piece of cheese and chews on it as she undoes her jacket, assuming he'll likely want to have her without the bulk of it.

"Jacket please…" And if she removes it, Laurence will offer to take it before he moves to start working on getting the measurements. From floor to head, asking her to hold out her arms and measuring the lengths there and etc.

Jocunda hands over the jacket easily, along with the scarf lest it be a bother. She holds arms just so and shifts as may be needed. "How do the various measurements affect things, if I may ask?"

"I cut and design the broom specially for you. Your height and such helps me design the grip, where to place certain charms and all those things as well." Laurence replies smoothly before murmuring the numbers to himself and nodding slowly.

"Really? So there will be less… adjusting to an already set length?" Jocunda sounds rather pleased of this. "Many brooms I've worked with, it seems arbitrary where they place the grip. I understand that standards are difficult, but I'm looking forward to a custom fit."

Laurence smiles and mmhms softly. "There will also be security and weight charms to adjust based on what you need or desire." He rolls the tape measure back up and moves towards the front desk to quietly to retrieve an order form parchment that he begins filling out. "This broom will be yours and it'll be a good friend…for as long as you take care of it."

As Laurence moves to the front desk, Jocunda slides back into her coat. She drapes her scarf around her neck as she follows. "That is precisely what I want to hear."

"Any adjustments or additions you'd like made after the broom is completed, just bring it in and I'll do it for you." Laurence scans the parchment and nods firmly, turning to smile at Jocunda. "Now you are well on your way to owning a Toulson broom."

"Lovely," Jocunda says, lips curving in a smile. "How much do I owe you? Do you take it all up front, half, or just upon delivery?"

"I usually take it upon delivery, to make sure the broom is at the quality necessary but I also accept half up front and half upon completion to move the broom up or down on the list of priority, if a person pays all up front however, their brooms are at the top of the list." Laurence is quiet candid as he names a somewhat steep price, but they are custom brooms after all. "For individuals who require it, I also offer payment plans. I love to connect amazing brooms with amazing people…so its a profession but even more so a passion."

Jocunda does not seem very phased by the cost put forth. Perhaps she'd asked around beforehand and likely, his shop is known to the Department of Magical Transportation. "Well, I think I will pay half up front, then. I don't want to languish in waiting too long, but I also see no need to force myself to the top." There's some digging for a change purse and one likely magicked to appear smaller than the interior truly is, for she pulls out more than it appears, from without, to be able to carry.

Laurence nods slowly and accepts the payment, little bells and chachings sounding as he rings the woman up at the register and he fills out a secondary customer copy of the workorder parchment to offer to Jocunda like a receipt.

Jocunda looks over the parchment and seems content enough with what it contains. It's tucked away within her jacket as she offers a hand out to Laurence. "Well, I will be on my way. Thank you. I look forward to the completion."

Laurence bows his head and smiles as he comes back out from behind the front desk. "Of course Madam Sykes…I will make your flying fantasies into reality, so thank you ever so much for your patronage."

"Thank you," Jocunda offers, flashing a smile before she turns to duck out into the night.

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