(1937-10-26) Many Friends In Common
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Summary: Cooper assures Wolfgang that she can protect herself.
Date: October 26, 1937
Location: Natrix Office
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The Natrix Office London
Fri Oct 26, 1937 ((Mon Oct 22 00:36:54 2012)) (D,2 NW - OF)

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and fair.

There are certain rooms that, when entered, seem to amplify their contents and make everything in them seem larger than life. This is one of those. In reality its dimensions are small-to-average for an office, but the eclectic art-deco furnishings (not to mention the burnished-silver wallpaper) lend it the atmosphere of a throne room.
Everything here rebels against post-War humbleness that is typical of most of English decor: at the front of the room squat two chairs, armless and almost booth-like in their dimensions, with plush steel-gray seats and backrests. Their round wooden bases are polished to a sheen; curving black and silver stripes adorn their cushions. Between them is a short, circular wooden table with a square black base and four curving supports. The pale green carpeting is luxuriously thick and springy. In the back of the room is a desk that spans almost its entire width, monolithic of proportion and tastefully simple of design. Behind it is a tall leather executive's chair with a high back and wooden armrests carved in the semblance of snakes poised to strike. Behind that is a set of lofty glass-fronted shelves, short at the ends and tall in the middle. They draw attention to the center of the room and lend the desk an altar-like focus.

Wolfgang pauses at the bench like sofa love seats to drop Cooper off there so to speak and then he moves to sit down behind his desk. "So how might I be able to help you Ms. Cooper? It's very good to see you looking so fine. I've been hoping that we could get more time to get to know one another. We seem to have many friends in common."

Cooper does indeed take a quick seat once she's in the room and takes a sip of her gin and tonic. "It would seem so," she says crossing her legs and taking a cigarette out of her pocket. Only, she pauses before she lights it to ask, "May I?" She always asks before she smokes in personal spaces. "I preferred to get in touch with Miss Taylor first, but apparently she and Healer Winterthorne are off on vacation. So I figured its best to talk with you directly. You've been a rather busy man as of late, Mr. Montague. I'd usually say it's good since idle hands are the devil's tools, but well…" She gives Wolfgang a knowing glance. "Anyhow, it seems that for some reason or another, I've fallen under your protection somewhat. May I ask why?"

Wolfgang answers her by standing up, taking the desk cigarette lighter that is a silver snake coiled up and when a scale on the back of the head is pressed the mouth opens and fire ignites at the end of it's tongue and he holds it steady for Cooper's use. "A mutual friend asked for such. I'm terribly sorry if this consternate you Ms. Cooper. If you ask me though, it's a very good thing that she did."

Cooper leans forward to place the end of her cigarette into the small flame. A puff rises to the air as it burns into life and nods, "Thank you." Leaning leisurely back into the seat she nods understandingly. "Yes, your singer, Miss Taylor I presume?" she exhales. Cooper's done her homework. "She's a dear woman isn't she? I'm sure she had my best interests in mind when she asked you protect Healer Winterthorne and I." There's a friendly enough smile to her face. One that only Hufflepuffs can produce. "As much as I appreciate both of your concern for me, I must politely ask you to withdraw your protective hedges around me. Trust me when I say, Magnus Troy is no danger to me."

Wolfgang shrugs his shoulders, "It's completely up to you if you wish to submit yourself. Less work for me." He gives her a charming smile, though it is in his eyes that he's… disappointed. Not in the act, but more in any sort of regard he vaguely held for Cooper in the couple of times they met. "She is a dear woman, and she did. I'm sorry to hear that you don't have your own best interests in mind as she does. But then again, as I said, that's completely your choice." He settles down in his chair once again and pours himself a short glass of his favorite Italian Liquor. "Was that all Ms. Cooper?"

"It wouldn't be good for my career, you see. To be under the protective wing of Mr. Montague. Even worse if it's in secret," Cooper smiles assuringly at his disappointment. Another sip is taken casually from her drink as her toes bop to the music just outside the door. "So in reality, this is truly fits better in my interests. Though it's good to know you hold them in high regard," she offers with a plume of smoke. But she does rise up back to her feet, brushing off her slacks as she does so. Her blue eyes scan the room, taking in every detail she can in this brief moment. "Anyhow, yes that was all I wanted to bring up. I very much appreciate your compliance," she holds a hand out for Wolfgang to shake, and to amicably end this little agreement.

Wolfgang smiles and shakes the hand. "If it's your career you're worried about. You should distance yourself from Mr. Troy. It won't look at all good that an Auror was protecting and aiding a rapist. That would be quite the blow to your career, indeed. Much much worse than you being friends with a Musician, club owner and realtor. Do be careful Ms. Cooper. It's awfully difficult for a woman of your tastes to make friends when you're known to take the side of a rapist over the woman in question. All just friendly advice. Do have a wonderful rest of your night."

Cooper takes a drag and waves her hand around while shaking her head, "Mmm, no please don't misunderstand. I'm neither protecting nor aiding Mr. Troy. And believe me when I say I will keep him a far, far distance away from Ranjali. I simply want to be left out of this equation. What you do with Mr. Troy is really none of my business." She nods assuringly, before gracing her lips with that wonderful drink again. "And out of my jurisdiction as a professional. I hope it stays that way," she adds brightly, giving him somewhat of a warning look at that last sentence. It's not threatening by any means though. "Thank you again. And I will. Have a wonderful evening." And with that, the blonde little Auror shuffles her way back out of the office.

Wolfgang smiles and stands up, to walk around the desk and be a gentleman and walk her out. "Now that, I am very glad to hear. If you two are not an item, could I perhaps interest you in a dance on your way out?"

Cooper satisfied to simply drink, smoke and socialize the rest of the night away, she's already had her mind set on the bar. However, at the offer her face brightens and nods. "You certainly can," she nods taking more gulps of the drink to get sufficiently buzzed enough to put her dancing shoes on. Boy is she rather excited about this. Wolfgang is certainly one fine piece of work that she's always checked out. And walking in stride with him, she leaves to rejoin the lively crowd.

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