(1937-10-26) NMitH 1937: Week 2 - Eamon vs. Seamus
Details for No Magic in the Halls 1937: Week 2 - Eamon vs. Seamus
Summary: Eamon and Seamus perform their duel as part of No Magic in the Halls Week 2.
Date: October 26,1937
Location: Great Hall
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Arriving just a bit before his match was scheduled to take place, Seamus removes his robes and folds them neatly before placing them upon a chair at his House's table. The silver haired lad doesn't seem particularly anxious about the match, well any more than he usually is about anything. His dark blue eyes glance towards the stage, before he takes a deep breath inward.

A tiny little witch, standing about 4 and a half feet tall walks in through the doors to the Great Hall, her magenta robes swishing around her." Hello dearies. I am Magister Romesmerta and I will be your host for today. Now which of you will be having all the fun this afternoon?" Her steps are crisp and animated as she makes her way to the dueling stage.

Eamon is lounging casually, waiting for the dueling official to show up. He looks completely at ease, though anyone who knows him well know he is very nervous. He's already got his wand out, and when the little witch appears, he lifts his hand. "That'll be me and Cavanaugh."

Getting his wand out, Seamus is the opposite, seeming rather nervous once the witch calls them up. The young Prefect advances towards the stage trying to calm himself down a bit,"Yes ma'am." He says as he climbs on to the stage still looking nervous.

"Call me Madam Rose, I know my name's not the easiest." She makes her way to the middle of the dueling strips and points to the two ends,"Then if you please deary take the right side of the stage. And you can take the left." She motions to Eamon and Seamus respectively,"Once you're in your places it would be marvelous if you could bring your wands up to me one at a time, so I can be sure they're in good condition before we start."

Eamon rises to his feet, bouncing on his toes and shaking himself out and then giving the much smaller Seamus a particularly wolfish grin. "Prefect to Prefect, eh?" he says cheerfully. "It's like we're battling for the glory and honor of our houses, eh Cavanaugh?" No pressure. The tall teenager nods and heads right, leaving the left side to Seamus. "Ye got it, Madame Rose it is."

Taking the left side of platform, Seamus blinks a little bit,"I guess." He says in a nervous little voice, before he offers his wand to Madame Rose,"Here you go Madame Rose." He says in that same little voice, a sign of his nervousness.

Madame Rose takes Seamus' wand, flexes it a little in her hands, looks it over while spining it then swishes it in the air and lets out a sharp little "Orchideus!" making a bouquet of orchids appear from the tip. Grabbing one of the orchids he puts it in her hair and makes the rest of them disappear,"Quite acceptable, nice job keeping your wand well taken care of." She then returns the wand to Seamus and holds her hand out for Eamon's wand.

Eamon steps forward obediently at that gesture, laying his wand in her hand and smiling cheekily at her. "Lovely job with the flowers," he compliments her.

Accepting his wand back, Seamus reaction to the flowers is that it is as things should be. He doesn't stand too much taller than lil Madame Rose. He moves back to the end of his side of the platform and begins to slowly breathe in and out.

Madame Rose takes Eamon's wand and goes through the same routine as she did with Seamus' except this time she holds her hand out and says summons a ball of bright blue flames into her hand. After extinguishing them with another wave of the wand she returns the wand to its owner,"Very well maintained. Please take your places, execute the appropriate salutes, and don't begin until I give the signal."

Eamon nods his head as he accepts the maple wand back and returns to his spot with his jaunty grin. He salutes smartly with his wand and then moves into a dueling stance, waiting for Madame Rose to give the command to begin.

Giving a nice and proper salute, Seamus' eyes focus on Eamon as he prepares himself for the duel. He does seem to be calming down a bit though, as he waits for the signal to begin.

The little witch looks first to one side, then to the other, making sure both duelists are ready to begin. Once's she's sure everything is good to go she whips her own wand in the air, making it shoot multicolored sparks,"Begin. and have fun!"

While Seamus seemed nervous a moment ago, he seems utterly calm now. He calmly moves his wand for the shield charm as he says,"Protego!" And he doesn't even squeak as he does it! It's pretty obvious he's done this charm a lot and it's pretty nicely executed.

Eamon has this thing, you know…it usually works out pretty well for him. As soon as the witch gives the signal, his wand whips down and he casts, "Stupify!" quite confidently. However, Seamus' protego is quicker and his spell rebounds. Rather than get stunned by his own spell, he bends backwards, narrowly escaping the nasty spell.

Some might consider Seamus a weak little boy, but apparently when it comes to dueling, the boy is fully capable of attacking in a ruthless manner. His wand moves very quickly as he says,"STUPEFY!" A streak of light flying out from the tip of his wand heading straight for Eamon.

"Impedimen—" That went well. Hit with his own spell. Eamon is going to pout for a week… after he's done fainting, that is. For now, the tall blond lad simply crumples. Bound to happen eventually…but dammit, why'd he have to lose to the midget?

As soon as Eamon is hit with the bolt of light that Seamus tossed his way Madame Romesmerta whips her wand in his direction calling out,"Spongify!". By the time Eamon hits the ground the stage underneath him is as soft as a good mattress and Madam Rose's crisp little steps are rapidly approaching,"Poor thing! Let me fix this for you. Rennervate!" Leaning down to make sure that Eamon is OK she turns her head to smile at Seamus,"Well done, darling, well done."

"Thank you Madame Rosemerta. I normally would have waited a little longer before attacking but I got the feeling he'd rather me go all out rather than staying on the defensive with him until I got used to his movements." Seamus says blushing a little bit and keeping his voice quite soft. He puts his wand away as he looks at the downed Prefect. "I wonder how many bet against me." He says in a distracted voice as he hops down from the stage and heads to get back into his robes.

Madame Rose's face isn't exactly what Eamon had in mind for things to see first off. "Bloody hell," he groans, sitting up and rubbing his chest where the spell hit. "Remind me to apologize again to Leander." He nods to Seamus. "Good duel, Cavanaugh," he says, full of good sportsmanship, and then hauls himself to his feet.

Madame Rose grins all around and claps her hands girlishly,"Good show darlings, good show. Now, if no one else needs me I'll be going." But she does wait to make sure she's not needed anymore.

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