(1937-10-26) Permission and Confrontation
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Summary: Elspeth and Ophelia meet up with professor Beery in the greenhouses to discuss their idea for their annual project. They invite Maeve, who has come to play her harp, to help just as Gabrielle is coming in to do some extra work of her own. And that's when the assumptions Ophelia made at her last encounter with Gabrielle come out, and things go horribly wrong between the two, with poor Maeve stuck in the middle…
Date: 26 October, 1937
Location: Greenhouses
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Green Houses , Hogwarts
Fri Oct 26, 1937

On the side of the castle are the greenhouses where the Herbology classes are taught. Set all in a row the three greenhouses have statues of long, serpentine dragons running along the peaked roofs and are made entirely out of glass. They are home to many exotic and magical plants including some that are extremely rare, difficult to cultivate and maintain, or even dangerous. Greenhouse One is used specifically to teach first year Herbology and because of this it contains no dangerous plants of any kind. Greenhouse two is a multipurpose greenhouse. At times it is used for classes but mostly it's used by the faculty and staff to grow ingredients necessary for classes other than Herbology or even herbs and spices for the kitchens. Greenhouse three on the other hand is used for advanced Herbology classes and houses dangerous and hard to cultivate plants like Venemous Tentaculas, fully grown Mandrakes, and Devil's Snares.


It's late morning, just after Herbology, on a cold, drizzly Friday morning. Maeve, taking advantage of an early dismissal of class by Professor Beery and a short break before lunch, has put away her books, and gotten out her harp. She's both singing and playing, her soft soprano melding with the strings.

Professor Beery himself hums a little song to himself as he leans over a pot of Devil's Snare with a pair of clippers, trimming excessive growth. As the plant's tendrils curl about his wrist, he gives the plant an admonishing "Tut-tut," and picks up his wand, casting a ray of light toward the vegetation, which retracts immediately.

Ophelia glances back behind her as she enters the Green Houses, as though looking for pursuers. She steps in quietly, only belatedly noticing Maeve and her harp. When she does, she goes still, trying to scoot over to a table without bothering the other girl. Of course, this means she's not actually paying attention to her surroundings, and thus bumps right into a table corner, dropping her books with a large crash to the floor, "Ow!"

Her expression thoughtful and mildly withdrawn, Elspeth has decided to take her lunch break in the Greenhouses, since she has that class after lunch. She stopped in the Great Hall on the way, and made herself a sandwich, which she is finishing as she enters. Finding a clear space to set her book bag, she perches on a stool to finish, and watches Professor Beery quietly.

Maeve jumps, and her fingers run over her strings in a discordant jangle as she suddenly hears Ophelia's ouch. "Oh! Are ye all right, Ophelia?" She settles her harp on the floor next to her, and stands up, smiling to Professor Beery. "Um, I hope ye dinnae mind me practicin in here, Professor."
Beery looks up in concern at Ophelia's clumsy entrance. "Careful there, Miss Summerbee. That's a Venomous Veridillium you nearly knocked over." He gives Maeve a broad smile, "Of course, Miss O'Brian. Many of the plants enjoy music a great deal, as do I."

"Yes, sorry… " Ophelia kneels to pick up the books, wincing at her horrible clumsiness. "I was trying not to- " She breaks off with a squeak, stepping quickly away from the table and grabbing up her books in a hurry. "Sorry."

Elspeth smiles at the question Maeve asks, and almost seems to know the answer Prof Beery is going to give. She freezes when Ophelia runs into the table, and almost holds her breath until the redhead is safely away from the venemous plant. Relaxing, she finally pipes up, "Ophelia, have you heard anything about the sapling, yet?"

Maeve smiles at Professor Beery, then turns and finishes moving over to Ophelia, and helping her with her books. She smiles at Elspeth as well, not knowing the girl, but always willing to make new friends. "Here ye go, Summerbee.

Herbert Beery approaches the girls, and picks up the poisonous plant, shifting it away from them. "Not to worry. The Veridillium's barbs only come out when it senses insects nearby. Still, one can't be too careful. Now, what's this about a sapling?" His eyes light up behind his spectacles. Plants and the arts, his two favourite subjects, and here is a trio of students showing interest in both!

Ophelia offers Maeve a small but grateful smile, "Thank you." Once the books are collected and safely tucked back under her arm, she carefully steps towards Elspeth, "No, I… well, um. You see, professor. Elspeth has agreed to be my partner for your annual project." Its obvious, in her tone, that she thinks Elspeth is quite brave for having done so. "And, ah, we had sort of an… unusual idea."

Elspeth nods as Ophelia gets collected. "Her father is being able to maybe get us a wand tree sapling for us to take care of," she explains. "I was thinking it would be better than taking care of a normal tree, because you also have to be taking care of a bowtruckle, since they need a bowtruckle to be guarding it. And you need to make sure it is being kept well enough that the bow truckle is not leaving. If the bow truckle leaves, it is not being good enough for wand making anymore."

Maeve doesn't say anything, just listening. This is all new to the muggle-born girl, and she's absolutely fascinated with the conversation, even if she doesn't understand everything being said…

Beery's brow lifts in surprise. "A wandwood tree? Goodness, that is a bold endeavor." His excited tone would seem to suggest that bold is good. "But no need to risk the poor sapling having it shipped here. Why, there is a wandwood copse not far from here at all."

Ophelia blinks, "Y-you mean… we can use one?" She glances from Elspeth to Mave, her smile growing a little along with her hope. 'I haven't heard back from my father yet, he had to speak with my grandparents about it. B-but I can write to him… if its really alright?"

Elspeth's eyes round a little as well. "You are meaning one that isn't in the Forbidden Forest that we can be visiting?" she asks. She almost bounces on her toes once, but her heels barely lift from the ground. "What kinds of trees? Holly? Chestnut? Maple?"

Beery makes a dramatic, sweeping gesture with his arms. "All kinds, my dear! It's truly a spectacular set of specimens. Rare, indeed. But teeming with bowtruckles, and they are quite protective of the weald. So when we go, we'll have to be prepared to treat with them." His mind backtracks a moment, "Oh, and I am referring to the Forbidden Forest, of course. But never fear, I'll be with you." He is beaming excitedly at the prospect of this adventure!

Ophelia listens, staring up at Professor Beery with wide eyes. The bit about the Forbidden Forest doesn't even seem to phase her, she's so much in awe just picturing the possibility of getting to go to such a place. "Oh… wow."

"You will be taking us into the Forbidden Forest?" she asks. "Gage will being so jealous," is murmured before her brows pull together. "But, sir, what about when we need to be caring for the tree ourselves," she asks. "How will we be able to it?"

Maeve finishes packing up her harp. "Um… I guess I'll be headin' back up t' th' castle then. I'm nae sure that I've any reason t' go into th' forest, and I'm definitely nae part o' this project…

Gabrielle walks in and glances around the Greenhouse. Her face falls some when a certain Huffle Puff isn't there, but she'll nod to Prof Beery as they have a working agreement. Gabby weeds/Gabby gets clippings. Gabby will not make eye contact with any of the students and walk over an d start gathering tools to weed.

"Oh, well, I suppose I can lend a hand tending to it," Beery offers. "It will need a special place, likely not in the green house itself. I imagine the bowtruckle will want nice, fresh air. We'll plant it near some other trees on the grounds and arrange some wards to keep it safe." As Maeve rises, he nods in understanding. "Miss O'Brian, you playing is lovely. I do hope to see you coming by the Arts Club soon. We would adore your presence." Finally, when Gabrielle enters, she gets a bright smile from the enthusiastic professor. "Just in time, Miss Evans. Mind the Devil's Snare. She's especially feisty today."

Ophelia is looking to Maeve, feeling horrible suddenly for making the girl feel so left out, when she sees Gabrielle enter. And that's when the smile falls completely from her face. "Th-thank you, professor. Do you… um, when will we be going?" She starts edging for the door even before she has her answer, glancing after Maeve as though she wants very much to go along with the girl.

Elspeth looks over to Maeve as she collects her harp. "Maybe you can be helping us, too," she offers. "I am sure the tree will be liking to hear you singing. Hullo, Gabrie-" she trails off as the other Ravenclaw heads straight to work without saying anything, and then Ophelia is actually not smiling. Clasping her hands together, she turns back to Professor Beery. "When will we be going?" the question comes out almost simultaneously with Ophelia's as it seems to be the only safe topic to pursue at the moment.

Maeve's face brightens at Elspeth's suggestion. "I'd like that, if ye want me t'…" She doesn't seem in all that much of a hurry to leave, and in fact simply leaves the harp, now in it's case, where it is, as she goes over to Ophelia. "H'lo, Evans. How are ye today?" She doesn't wait for an answer, and instead whispers something to Ophelia.

Gabrielle will holler over her shoulder, "Yes Mam!" And grab her basket and gloves and junk. She'll glance to try to figure out what everyone is doing. She'll go to answer Maeve, but trails off when she's not being listened to, "I"m weed-" She'll sigh and put on a fake smile as she walks over towards the Devil's Snare.

"I'll let you know when I have time schedules for the outing," Beery explains. "Until then, your assignment is this. Study up on bowtruckles. As I said, we'll need to cozy up to one before we try try to harvest a sapling. You don't want an angry bowtruckle on our hands."

Ophelia just clutches her books, despite the dirt from their earlier fall, to her chest. She shakes her head in answer to Maeve's whisper, answering the professor first. "Yes, sir. I'll get started right away." She is unable to help one more glance at Gabrielle before answering Maeve in a low murmur.

Elspeth decides now is a good time to beat a hasty retreat with all the looks and whispering going on. "I will be going to the Library to be doing some more studying on bowtruckles, then. I will be coming back for class," she promises. Giving an uncertain smile to her house mates, and a more genuine one to Maeve, she ducks out of the greenhouses.

Gabrielle will throw a soft smile back to Elspeth. At least she got some acknowledgment from someone. The Devils Snare is already trying to reach out towards her….this is going to be a rough one…

Maeve smiles back to Elspeth, still not knoing the other girl's name, and making a mental note to introduce herself sometime. She nods at Oph's whisper, then turns back to Gabrielle. "I'm glad ye're doin' all right….Look out!" This last as she sees the Devil's Snare going for Gabby!

Ophelia turns, looking to see what Maeve is so worried about. She notes the Devil's Snare with a worried frown, and takes a step back toward Gabrielelle… then stops. "She'll be fine." She says to Maeve, softly, "I doubt she needs our help."

Gabrielle turns to look at Maeve, slightly confused as to why the girl assumes she's doing alright. she'll jump at the yell, and quickly do a "Luminos" to get the creeping vine to go back. She'll turn back to give Ophelia a slightly hurt look, "Why are you so mad at me?"

Maeve frowns, and steps back at the exchange. "Maybe I should be goin' back t' th' castle after all. It looks like th' two of ye need t' work some things out…"

Ophelia sighs, her shoulders slumping. "I'm not angry, Gabrielle. And no, we don't. I have work to do. This wouldn't have happened in the first place if I hadn't gotten so distracted from my studies."

"What wouldn't have happened?" Gabby sounds honestly confused.

Maeve quickly gathers up her harp and books again, fully intending to give both of her friends the time and solitude they need to work out whatever's going on between them at the moment.

Ophelia clutches her books even tighter, her knuckles now showing. "You wouldn't have thought I wasn't good enough to help you." This is spoken nearly at a whisper, accompanied by a sniff, and followed by the ginger nearly tripping over herself in her desire to get away now that she's said it out loud.

Gabby will take a step closer to the girls, and away from the Devil's snare, "What are you /talking/ about Ophelia?" She'll look to Maeve to see if she knows what.

Maeve has no idea what's going on, and shakes her head as Gabby looks towards her…

Ophelia shakes her head, pausing by the door. "You don't remember me offering to help with your wand? But you wouldn't even let me /look/ at it. And now you've gone off and gotten another." Another sniffle, "You didn't even think I was good enough just to /hear/ whatever it was that was wrong. You /stil/ won't tell me. I could have helped you!"

Something flashes in Gabby's eyes. She's lost /so/ mush this past week….and now this?"Maeve, would you excuse us? Ophelia, come back her." It's more an order than a request.Gabby's voice is calm….maybe too calm.

Maeve nods, and starts to head out without another word, making her way slowly towards the door.

Ophelia flinches at the tone. She watches Maeve, pleading with her eyes for the girl not to go but knowing at the same time that she probably doesn't want to be a part of what's to come. She doesn't do as Gabrielle asked. But she doesn't leave, either. She just steps aside to let Maeve go if she wishes, then keeps as still as she can.

Gabrielle will watch both girls, and note that Maeve hasn't left yet, "Ophelia, I'm not talking to you if you're going to cower by the door."

"I'm not cowering." Opelia insists, scowling at the ground. "And why do you even want to talk about it? You never want to talk about it. You just talk about boys all the time, but you never want to talk about what's wrong with your wand or why you keep handkerchiefs in your sleeves when you aren't even sick." The floodgates have opened, it seems, and Ophelia can't keep the words from spilling out. "Do you know who I want to be like more than anyone in the world? I want to be like Mr. Ollivander. But I've only gotten to see it once. How he helps the wands find their wizards. I would have given /anything/ to have seen it again… "

Maeve frowns as she sees Ophelia's pleading look, and, once more sets down her harp and book satchel. The tiny Gryffindor sighs, and stands by the older girl. She doesn't know what's going on, other than two of her friends are not getting along, and she doesn't like it. She says nothing, but does stay.

Gabrielle will look between the two, "You want to know? Maeve leaves." Her face is calm, but her eyes are still flashing.

"No." Ophelia's jaw sets. "No more secrets. You want to tell me, you can tell my friends as well. And don't even think about tellimg me just because you're mad that I was avoiding you or something. I don't want your pity. If you had trusted me with this, you would have told me already. But you don't. I wanted to be the person my friends could come to for help with this kind of thing. But I'm not. So I have work to do."

Maeve looks up at Ophelia. "Are ye sure? I dinna want th' two of ye fightin. I consider ye both friends." She looks down, frowning, not liking being caught in the middle, but as of yet makes no move to leave.

Gabby starts to tear up,and her voice warbles as she talks, "You selfish spoiled brat. Did you even think this wasn't /about/ you? That I was terrified, and didn't tell /anyone/? We've been friends for what? half a semester? This has been going on for four years. I'm sorry that our friendship doesn't trump my entire school career….You're more upset because I went and saw Olivander than I didn't tell you. Did you ever think may that's why? You're /so/ obsessed with this, you can't even see the people for their wands half the time. So, you're right. I guess I /don't/ need to tell you." she's shaking visible near the end of her rant.

Ophelia, tears of her own springing up and spilling over in responce, stares at Gabrielle. She tries, a few times, to say something. But she can't. So she turns and flees, running for the castle or the lake or just /anywhere/ else but the greenhouses.

Maeve looks at Gabrielle, her expression a mixture of condemnation, apology, and shame, then gathers up her things, and runs after Ophelia, sighing. "Ophelia. Wait…"

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