(1937-10-26) The Baby Blues
Details for The Baby Blues
Summary: After a week of denial, Eddie finally goes to Niamh to confirm her sinking suspicions — she's pregnant. Now, if only she knew how. Or who the father was.
Date: October 26, 1937
Location: MacDiarmarda Apothecary
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After work Thursday, well after work, Eddie hopes Niamh's shop has closed for the day, though she's loudly knocking at the downstairs door so she can see if the girl is home. She's nervous. Despite looking her normally casual, elegant self, still dressed in her Aurors' robes and a deep cherry suit beneath, there's a new tension in the air around her. Eyes flicker behind her, confirming there is no one else who recognizes her, as she mutters. "Dammit, Niamh…be home…"

Thursday night.. Niamh keeps the lights on a little longer now, and turns them down at the last moment, knowing her Wizard in shining armour will eventually come home. If not, well.. it usually means a case.. or two. Or three, even. She's upstairs now, settled in her dressing gown, and a brush is going through her hair, not quite yet to her fifty-count on the one side.

The rapping catches her attention, and it's to the window and hisses, "C'mon up.." and Nia's down the stairs to unlock the door for her best friend. "Are ye okay?" It's not a normal thing for her friend to do, by any stretch, unless there's problems. "It's not Keen, is it? Or Sloan?"

"No…no… not Keen or Sloan. I don't think, at least. As if this afternoon they were both in one piece." Eddie gives Nia a ghost of a smile as she admits that much, stepping through the door now that it's open and nodding for Niamh to lead the way back upstairs again. She didn't come for shopping this evening, it seems. She also hasn't responded about the question of she being okay personally. She takes in a nervous breath and heads up the stairs.

Niamh locks the door behind her, gives her friend a tight, relieved hug, and begins to head up the stairs. Upstairs, the door's been left open in her haste, and once they're both inside, she closes that.. but doesn't bother locking it. "Sit down, ye look a fright. I'll get ye some tea. Take your shoes off.. an' get comfortable." Disappearing into the kitchen, she pours a couple of cups and returns, placing the two onto the coffee table. Sliding onto the couch, she settles on her legs and looks concernedly at the woman who is close enough to be her sister. "Tell me, then.. what's wrong, Lindy? Cass, then?"

The hug is happily returned, clinging Niamh tight and holding her close for a heartbeat or two longer than normal. There is relief in the motion, and a bit of fear, and a whole slew of other emotions Eddie is doing her best to just mostly ignore. Once it's released, she does head upstairs and slips out of her high heels, at least doing her best to look comfortable. "…Sorry… Just came from work. Maybe I should have mirrored but… I… It's…" Eddie's words then fail her. She just sits down on the edge of the couch, trying to look comfortable when she's clearly not. When Niamh returns with the tea, she gives a half smile and slips fingertips around the mug, but she doesn't yet drink. She breathes in slowly. "It's not Cass… I… I need a… favour…..and you can't tell any of the boys, please, Niamh… You can't tell anyone

"I put a bit of relaxing herbs in there for ye.. nothing that'll put ye out, or down. Just somethin' to sooth frayed nerves." Nia's an honest apothecary. If she slips anything into a drink, she'll tell you upfront and why! "Make sure ye drink.." she offers softly, her hand reaching momentarily for Eddie's arm for that soft, comforting contact. Her eyes widen a bit at the need for secrecy, and for a long moment, she doesn't look as if she really wants to make the promise. But, it's for her 'sister', and taking up the mug, she nods slowly, "Geallaim." I promise. "What did the boys do, Lindy?"

"No, no, the boys didn't do anything… " Eddie can't even meet Niamh's eyes, a strange mix of terror and shame in her expression as she stares down into the mug of relaxing tea that she's still not drank from. She forces herself to take in a slow breath and then she picks up the cup, sipping at it tentatively, but her nose wrinkles at the scent of herbs alone. Scents are not her favourite thing right now. She then sets the cup down, so she doesn't accidentally spill it if her fingertips shake. "I… I'm late, Niamh… really late. Like… almost two weeks now. And I've been sick… smells are getting to me. I…I could sleep all day, but maybe it's nothing..it's been a long few weeks…"

Niamh listens, watching Lindy's every movement, her expression growing more concerned as her friend becomes more agitated. Her eyes follow Lindy's hands as the tea is put down, and she exhales softly, putting her own down and retrieving the specially brewed one. Then, she dips her head, canting it so she can look at her friend, "Lindy," she almost whispers, "Look at me.. 't'is me you're talkin' to." Her lilt is gentle, "So.. you're late," she begins again.. "An' the signs are such.." and she stops, her lips pressing together. She puts the tea down again to lean forward to give Lindy another hug. "Ye've not been yourself the last few, dearest, an' I've been worried 'bout ye." She doesn't want to let go of her friend, instead talking to her in the embrace. "Can ye speak about it? An'.. remember, it's me.. n'anyone else. Not in this world."

The blonde is suddenly quite happy she put her tea down, but there is a small part of her that is relieved as she's fairly certain she would have dropped it by now. Eddie sinks into Niamh's hug, but most of her body remains stiff and distant, keeping as much of her emotional self sewn together and dealing with this horror instead of just falling apart. It might happen, but it's not happening now… She takes in a ragged breath. "I… I don't know, Niamh… fuck, I don't know. I haven't… I don't remember…. being with anyone… not in months. I was drunk some nights, wild, but… This… I always take my potions. Always, Niamh…I'm so damn careful…"

"Then it's not.." Sloan's? "Potions can be counteracted, Lindy," Niamh begins again. "Not easily, but it's not always a sure thing. Could've been slipped in anywhere. I'd not ever do aught like that, but some might." She shakes her head, and lets her friend go, noticing the stiffness. There's a distance there, and she's not through it. "You've got no recollection of aught? What about during your vacation? Ye said that ye didn't remember much of it, a whirlwind. Could ye have been swept off yer feet an' ye not recall? Or could ye have the timing off.. an' if ye'd been with Sloan.." and she's not passing any judgement there, considering… " But, ye do have choices now, an' they're not easy.. but they've got t'be made in the next couple of days."

"Sloan and I haven't… yet… " Eddie's eyes close, that probably explaining the shame that pollutes her features. The reason she can't even bring herself to look Niamh in the eye, "…we… were waiting. To make it special, you know… " She admits, her fingertips, now lacking the mug of tea, knotting tightly in her lap. White knuckled and nervous, that familiar creeping nausea draws up into her stomach and chest just at this conversation alone. "…It… it could have… probably did… on vacation. I… drank so damn much. I…I don't even remember if… If there was a man, but their… probably was. I'm such… such a bloody idiot, Niamh… Fuck." Eddie hisses out, her head dropping a bit. Throat tightening against the sudden threat of tears.

They haven't yet? Niamh blushes a little at the assumption, and a little more at the fact that, well.. she is. Has.. even if the 'l' word hasn't been used. Taking a deep breath, she exhales softly and nods, "Aye, I know," she whispers, "An' Lindy, ye haven't been yourself. If it happened while on vacation, an' ye have no memory of it at all…" There comes a pause before she takes another breath, and tries again, "I won't turn m'back on ye, darlin'.. an' we can handle this. Ye need t'tell me what it is ye want me to do." Which, if one direction, may very well go against all her religious upbringing.. and consign her to a special place in hell. Ducking her head, she reaches out to lift Lindy's chin, "I love ye as if ye were my own blood.. an' ye know what that means. I'd do aught for ye that I wouldn't do for most.."

It's probably lucky for Niamh that Eddie's doing her best to keep her own emotional self together, or she might have caught that guilt in the younger girl's eyes that SHE has slept with her man. Long before Eddie and Sloan did. But right now, Eddie is caught up and more than a bit distracted. She takes in a deep, shaky sort of breath as she reopens her eyes and finally looks over to Niamh, "I…I just need to know if… I am. Or not. I… I was hoping there's some sort of potion, or tea… something I can mix with blood, or… I can drink and I'll turn blue, or… Something. I just need to fucking know. Then… then we'll deal with it." She doesn't even mention the vacation again, not certain if she wants to think that she was possibly drugged, or that she was drunk and a whore. Either is horrible.

It's a moment that is relieved by the comment about turning blue, and Niamh chuckles, shaking her head, "I could do that to ye, but it'd be worse than the Scarlet Letter." Turning blue is a great deal worse than wearing an 'A'. "Aye," she begins slowly, "I have something for ye to test with." Something she now keeps… just incase? Unwrapping herself from the couch, she rises and moves into the WC, closing the door behind her. It's not a couple of moments after that the door opens again, and she's got a small cup with a powder in the bottom. "Here.. an' ye have t'.. relieve yourself. If'n ye can. If it's clear, we'll think of 'what next'. If it's blue, then there's naught to worry."

Slowly, Eddie seems to clue into the fact that Niamh has that powder right on hand, like it might be something she could NEED at any off hand moment. Not downstairs in the shop, but in her own WC. Eddie arches a brow, taking the cup but staring into Niamh's eyes for a moment with an overly protective, grumpy elder sister look in her eyes. "Should I ask why you have this in your own bathroom, Niamh? I hope you and Gideon are…. are being safe and proper. Truly, do as I say, not as the idiot in the back of my brain has done… Alright? This… You… You don't want to be going through this. You don't." Eddie states with just a touch more severity to her tone. She then takes a breath and stands, grabbing the cup a bit awkwardly. "…I…I'll be… Back." She bites her lower lip, uncomfortable and uncertain. But another breath steals her courage and she heads for the WC.

Niamh at least has the courtesy to blush, and she looks down and away before taking a deep breath.. there are bits of Gideon that can be seen around the flat.. spare shoes, umbrella; little things. (In the bathroom, a shaving kit..) "If ye ask, I'd have t'tell ye the truth, an' I'll not say it out loud," comes back as a whisper. "He's a good man.. an' one with a great deal of .." Passion. ".. feeling."

Nodding her head, Niamh gives her friend an encouraging smile. "Aye.. an' we'll face whatever t'gether.."

"Potions, Niamh… gods, potions. There are these things muggles use called Condoms, too, little plastic things… I shall have to give you some." Better to help fix Niamh's life, it seems, than to completely lose her head over her own. With that little bit of warning, the door to thw WC shuts and a quiet sort of uncomfortable silence comes across the apartment. It's a good almost five minutes before Eddie opens the door again, her voice sounding just a bit sick. "How… how long will it take to turn blue?" It's supposed to be blue…

"We're being careful," Niamh calls back. "An' using skin would be a bit too much.." She's Catholic! And Irish. "He'd not slip me somethin' that'd counteract my potions." And she's pretty sure of that! "I know he'd not want kids 'afore .. he'd want 'em." He's a good man!

To hear the question, however, Niamh comes closer to the WC door, and lays her head on the door's frame, resting it there for a moment, her hand raised and serving as something of a cushion. "It should do when it hits the water?" Beat. "Give it a moment or two longer," but she sounds dubious. She knows her mixtures! "I've tested the batch with ladies at Mungos, so I know it's right."

"It's…it's been… many…. many moments. It's not turning blue." Eddie affirms, that sick sound behind her voice just deepening. As much as there is something in the back of her brain that is quite ready to lecture Niamh about being careful, but most of it just slips away as the reality of her own situation hits. She sinks down into sitting on the edge of the tub, suddenly not really trusting her knees to keep her upright. Her arms wrap tightly across her waist. She breathes slowly through her mouth a few moments, doing her best not to get abruptly sick in front of Niamh, or pass out on her floor.

There's a soft exhale on the other side of the door, and Niamh rolls her head forward, not saying anything for the moment. It takes a few more heartbeats before, "Lindy? Ye will be okay.. I swear it." Her eyes close, her mouth moving quickly as she begins to try and recall the potions.. what can be done. "Take the moments before ye come out. It's the coolest place in the flat. Then, ye need to drink something to calm your nerves," but hers are starting simply because of her friend's position! "When you're ready, darlin'.. an' ye can stay here the night. I don't want ye alone t'night." And she'll have to mirror Gideon to tell him not to come home.. well, to her flat anyway. Lindy will be in his spot in her bed! "Okay?"

"N-no… no… Sloan'll worry if… I don't come home…" Eddie whispers, still not looking up at Niamh, just staring at that little cup on the sink. Then, very abruptly, she stands up and dumps the thing down the toilet, beginning to rather quickly and severely wash it out as if she could wash away the fact this ever happened. At least she's standing again and not on the verge of passing out. "…stupid… So fucking… stupid…" She growls to herself, scrubbing soap away at the little cup, hard enough her fingertips might be half raw at the end.

"Tell him you're here. Ye aren't married.." Yet. Nor are they sleeping together! "It's not an oddity that you're with me. We have stayovers. Tell him.. I needed ye. That somethin' happened t'day an' I needed ye to stay with me the night." Niamh practically begs now, "Ye can't go home like that.." and stepping forward, she reaches to pull the cup from her friend's hands. "Lindy.. Lindy.. look at me. Stay here.. just tonight. Give ye a chance t' sleep without starin' at Sloan like you're full of guilt an' remorse. You an' me, we'll get through this.. an' the boys will ne'er know. If ye go like this, they'll know somethin's up, an' they won't let it go until it's out.. an' in full."

"I… I should just get rid of it, then no one would know… I… I shouldn't have brought this to you. Could have just… gone somewhere in knock turn. Had it done with…" Eddie still can't look at Niamh's eyes, but she doesn't fight the woman's fingertips as she takes the soaked and soapy cup. Eddie just leans there, quiet and stiff, staring down into the sink and reminding herself to breathe again. Breathe. "I'm… fine… stupid… my own stupid… fault… drunk and stupid."

Niamh takes the cup and puts it to the side before she turns fully to her sister in the throes of a meltdown. "Lissen t'me, Lindy. If ye want t'get rid of it, ye tell me. Then, get yourself in tha' bed," she points to her room, "an' ye will be with me. Someone who loves ye an' wouldn't do aught t'see ye come to harm." It's easy to see how Niamh's getting more excited in that her accent comes out a great deal more. A lilt with something much more behind it. "Someone in Knockturn'd turn ye in for a price.." She shakes her head, "But, if'n ye keep it, we can do tha' too.. an' then work on how an' when the secret comes out. Or, we send ye to America where Keen said he'd found some MacDiarmarda relatives. In Boston. They're mum's folk.. an' purebloods, Keen said."

Eddie possibly wouldn't call it a break down. She's completely calm. Standing there, stiff and straight, no tears or screaming. No clawing at things, no dramatic outlashes. She's just standing in the bathroom, reminding herself to breathe every exhale, and staring at the sink. The comment about knock turn makes her wince, just a bit, but the woman is right. Eddie did the only thing she really could safely do, which was come to Niamh. Shaking fingertips come down, grabbing at the pocket of her suit, searching for her cigarettes. "No, no… I… I can't leave work. Not now. The ministry needs every… Every Auror they have. I'm staying here… Fuck… Sloan is going to hate me… drunken… alcoholic… whore that I am…" Now a bit of growling anger overtakes Eddie's words, the smallest reflection of the bubbling rage in her.

Looking at her best friend, there's a moment when Niamh's afraid for Lindy's sanity as she stands there, gathering herself.. the calm, too calm that masks stormy seas within. "Aye," she begins. "Then that's out.." She's trying to remain calm as well, and she dips her head as they go to the next, she goes to the next. "Aye, okay.. ye will stay here.. now, did ye want me to mix you a potion? Ye'll be out for a coupl'a days, but under my watchful eye." She shakes her head, finishing, "An' they'll not know a thing." A deep breath is taken, and she reaches out to touch her friend's arm, "Ye aren't .. any o'that. An' Sloan.. is Sloan. There's honest no tellin' what the man says or'll do in any situation."

Worrying for Eddie's sanity is probably a sane thing right now, considering often the more noise, dramatics and craziness that Eddie explodes with, the less of an actual problem a situation is. Eddie will cry to the heavens over a paper cut, but barely say a word when she's half bleeding out. It seems with more emotionally difficult situations, this is no different. She slowly pulls out one of her cigarettes, slipping the filter between her lips and trying to steady her hand enough that she can strike a match and get the cherry on the cigarette going. A few slow, forceful breaths are drawn in, but at least the thin, minty thing is starting to smoke. She's still barely moved from the counter. "…I…I don't know, Nia… I don't know… fuck… I… should. It'd be easy… easier… smarter. Should just… kill it…" But a twisted sickness catches at her voice even as she says that word.

Not a problem having a conversation in the WC of her flat. Niamh's at the door, leaning there, watching her friend, concerned. "Come t'the couch, then, an' have some of the tea. It'll soothe ye." She smiles at the other woman, gentle, warm. "If ye wanted t'carry it, I could take it an' raise it.. or give it to mum t'raise." She'll take the blame on her shoulders for her friend. "There's charms t'hide such things. Or.. if ye wanted to.." Kill it. ".. do that other thing, aye.. but ye'd be here for a couple of days so I could keep my eye on ye."

No response comes for a few moments before Eddie rather quickly turns and is abruptly sick in poor Niamh's toilet. That is not what the younger woman needed to see, but Eddie's body is completely rebelling against the too cool, calm collection of her mind. It doesn't last long, something just had to break and, apparently, that was it. Eddie flushes, cigarette going the way of her lunch as well, and she shakily straightens again to wash hands and clean out her mouth, looking still a bit ashen around the edges but not as if something was going to explode. Once the mess is finished, she takes another slow breath and just nods. "Couch…" Better late than never, she follows the brunette out to the front room and sinks shakily down into the grasp of her friend's furniture. She doesn't reach for her tea or another cigarette. Not yet. "I…I'm sorry, Niamh…I'm… so damn sorry…"

The moment Eddie turns around to deposit the contents of her stomach into the loo, Nia's there to take her hair so it doesn't bother her. Now that's friendship, and damned near love! "Shh.. it's okay, darlin'.. I'm here, an' we'll do this t'gether.." she whispers in the lilt of her isle. With one hand, she takes a shaving towel from the rack and wets it, putting in the back of her friend's neck, "It'll be alright.. ye an' me.." When she's finally done, and straightens up shakily, Nia's right there with the towel, and keeps her hair set aside. "Aye.. couch.. c'mon. I'll make ye somethin' for your stomach. Some bread an' honey butter." She tsks softly, "There's naught t'apologize with me, Lindy."

"You… you didn't need to deal with this. No… I am sorry… I should handle this… it's my issue. Not yours." Eddie murmurs, her voice not quite so icy distant as it was before, but more rasping now. On the edge of a whole mess of emotions she really doesn't want to let go. She sinks down onto the couch with Nia, faintly unbuttoning her jacket and tucking into the corner of the comfortable furniture even depeer than before.

"If'n one more person says tha', I'll scream, an' I mean it," Niamh warns, though it's good natured enough. "I'm past 30 an' not a wee lass anymore. If anything, I'm worse than I was before.." Once she makes sure Lindy's on the couch, she kisses her friend on the forehead and goes to get a blanket, a cold compress from the ice box, and a crust of bread with honey butter. It's not long she's gone, however, and settles back, helping with the unbuttoning of the jacket and getting her more comfortable. "There's naught wrong with friends helpin' ye."

It's rare that Eddie actually lets someone take full care of her, down to tucking her around with a blanket and that kiss on the forehead. She's so fiercely independent, her ego stings at every bit, but she needs it today. She doesn't push Niamh away. She just settles under that blanket, taking another slow breath, hoping one of those will clear her head enough to see sanely about this. "I…I don't know how this happened, Niamh….I'm so… damn careful. I've been so careful for… so long… this… it's not right…"

Niamh's at the edge of the couch, and she strokes her friend's hair, moving wisps out of the way. She's not babying.. not mothering. She's.. taking care of. Calming. And there'll be nothing said of it later, no time will it come up in argument, in heated words. It simply.. is. "I know, Lindy. You're the one who's got all worked out. An' now this. If'n we ever knew how 'this' e'en happened. I mean, ye know what I mean." She falls silent again, then, "Is there a way t'get memories back? I can do clarity potions, but they don't bring back memories unless ye remember 'em t'begin with."

"I…I don't know. I honestly… don't remember. I was drunk, relaxing… Just being… bloody stupid, I guess. But… I've never forgotten… something like this." Of course, how would Eddie know if she HAD forgotten? This is just the first time it's back fired on her, maybe? She sinks her head forward, into Niamh's touch. It does seem to help thoroughly, her eyes slightly lidding and breath evening out just a bit more.

"Ye had scratches on your back, Linds.." Niamh gently reminds. "Where was it ye went again?" Maybe that'll serve as a clue? "I won't tell a soul, but I need t'look for myself.. for ye." Now, however, she really wishes she could tell someone, but this.. this is so very, very personal. Much moreso than a poison dagger. "Ye'd not have forgotten it if ye were yourself?" she whispers, and her hand doesn't stop the soft, gentle minstrations. "Ye have a mind like a steel trap, an' for an Auror to miss this? There'd have to be potions or wizarding things afoot."

Slowly, Eddie's body sinks down into the couch and resting her head fully in Niamh's lap. It's a start. She hasn't cried yet, or gotten sick again. It's all progress. She takes in another of those slow, circular breaths as her fingertips trail lazily against her friend's knee. "…The French Riviera. The muggle beach, and bars… and everything out there. I went all around. I just needed to get away, you know? And… I must have just fallen down drunk. The scratches…it happens when you're drinking, you know?" While things seem a bit suspicious, Eddie doesn't seem willing to leap to conclusions of foul play.

It is progress! First.. calm down. Breathe. Relax.. and little by little, the mind clears and things can be seen easier. "Okay.. French Riviera.. muggle beach an' bars. Someone'll remember ye. Ye are gorgeous." Niamh continues running her hands over her hair, comforting as only a close sibling can. "I know.. an' do ye remember most things there? Which hotel? Do ye have match boxes from the places ye went?" It's only normal.. everyone does it! "An', I don't know if those scratches'd be 'fall down' ones. But if ye find yourself in such position, ye could make argument that it was got.. during."

"Matchboxes? Probably… somewhere? I probably used them, love. I smoke like a chimney, if you didn't notice. And I'd remember the hotel if I saw it, but… I'm not going to waste your time or mine by treating this like a crime when….when I was probably just drunk and stupid, you know? We… I can't make a deal out of this. The office can't know. I'd be… My name would be destroyed. Especially if it turns out I just got drunk and shagged a guy. This… There's nothing to be done about it now. It happened… I either take care of things, or I suck it up and handle… this… and it'll be fine." Eddie grumbles out quietly, though her body is going stiff again, a fresh wave of tension as she tries to figureo ut how she'd tell this to the office.

"I know.. I know.." It was a try, though. Niamh exhales in a sigh. She continues to stroke her friend's hair, and shhhhushes again. "We don't know what happened yet, so.. we won't speak o'that again. But, you're right. Now t' work on what's before us.. an' we still have two choices laid bare. The Office won't know aught until that decision is made. If one way, then ne'er. If the other, then we worry 'bout that. Aye?"

"It'd… be easier to just take care of things… no one else would know… it'd be like it never happened…" Eddie whispers, but the guilt and sickness behind her voice at just the thought is enough to say she's probably not going to have the courage to do that. "I… I… kill… Dark wizards, Niamh… people who would destroy others. I… I don't know if… fuck… If I can." The mix of shame and fear in her voice as she speaks her thoughts aloud is all too clear. She's never thought of herself as a killer, but that seems to be what she's contemplating.

Niamh watches the argument rage within her friend's eyes, and can't do a thing to ease this part. She's.. well, believes in the sanctity of life, in any form.. and if she ever fell.. with child, there'd be another O'Shea in the world. Regardless of the slings and arrows. "I understand, Lindy.. I do.." is whispered. "This is the part I can't tell ye what t'do. It's yours, then ye live with what ye've decided.."

Silence lingers for a good long while, Eddie's head tucks tightly against Niamh's leg, as if she could bury herself in her friend's warmth. She breathes shakily, some moisture finally beginning to prickle at her eyes. Her fingertips tighten on Niamh's leg. "…I…I don't know…Dammit… I don't know…" Her voice crackles a bit as she whispers such things. And then she's rolling off Niamh's lap, sitting up straight again and leaning over, elbows on her knees, breathing a bit more shallowly. Trying not to be sick again. "…this is ridiculous." Eddie groans out.

Niamh knows the hardship. Why are women the ones to bear such things? "Ye only have a little more time.. each day, the babe grows," there, she called it a 'babe'. "After a bit, it'll be too big for safety for ye." There is a time clock on this! She reaches to hold her friend at the movement, but realizes what's going on, and she rises to her feet to get a pot for Lindy to be sick in. "An' this is your life for the next three months if ye keep to it."

"It…it's not normally this bad… I think I'm just… It's just stress." Eddie mutters, her body apparently completely rebelling against the shock of this all. She's not actually getting sick again, breathing past that nausea and trying to swallow it back, but her stomach keeps threatening. Her hand reaches up, rubbing across clammy face and trying to shake this feeling off. "God, Niamh… how can I… destroy a baby? It'd be so much damned easier…"

Returning with the pot, Niamh sits down again and begins to rub Lindy's back. "I don't know if ye can, Lindy.. it's not the kind'a thing ye do lightly.. e'er. But, ye gotta make the decision.. one way o't'other." She holds out the cold compress, "An'.. aye. Next three months. It's the worst. Mum had the worst time with Sorcha." Her youngest sister who is now about 19. "Tha' an' heartburn.. burpin' fire every day."

A weak laugh escapes Eddie's lips as Niamh describes the less than pleasant parts of pregnancy, "Surely there are potions for all that? The nausea potion you gave me the other week helped enough… You…you can just fix it all, can't you?" Edddie asks in earnest, used to fixing every bit of everything that ales you with a potion.

"Did it?" Niamh smiles and nods, her hand going to her friend's back again. "I can give ye what ye need, when ye ask me. If.." and she lowers her voice, as if anyone can hear them? ".. ye decide to end the difficulty, I can get ye something for it.. an' ye'd be on your feet in a day. If ye wanted t'go through, I'd help ye as much as ye can.. Nausea potions, things t'make sure ye eat, sleep.. an' can face the day."

"It… it did help. I don't think I have enough money or you enough potions to use one every bloody day but… when I really need it, I'll keep some on hand." Eddie breathes out quietly. She gives Niamh's hand a tender squeeze then, a weak smile crossing her lips. "I… I need to go home. Think about this… on my own. It'll be fine, Nia… I'll tell you want I decide but… I… I need to walk. Think. Get out of… being inside. This told me what… I needed to know. I just..figure it out from here." With that, Eddie slowly stands. Stir craziness threatening on top of all the other emotions that she can't get out in front of someone else. She probably needs to go destroy some china all alone in her own house.

"I'll have one for every day of your life if that's what ye need, Lindy." She rises at the same time Eddie does, and goes to give her friend a tight hug. "Come down with me, an' I'll pull some off the shelf for ye.. the nausea ones. An' I've got a couple potions that should give ye some energy for the day, but ye better be sure ye sleep at night. Okay?" Reaching for her friend's hand to lead her down the stairs, she'll begin to pull the potions in question, marking them.. and making sure she understands which is when. "Any time ye need, ye come in."

The hug is tightly returned, letting it linger for a few heartbeats before Eddie lets go and moves over to slip her shoes on and pull back on her Aurors' robes. She nods to the woman once they're down stairs, accepting a few of the potions but, by far, not clearing out Niamh's stock. "This…this is more than enough, love… to get me through when I really, really need." She kisses Niamh's cheek again. "Be…be well. Thank you, again…I'm sorry for… for this. All this." One last squeeze of her fingertips, and the blonde ducks into the night, to go quietly insane somewhere no one else can see.

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