(1937-10-27) Sharp Swords, Sharper Tongues
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Summary: Kaiden confronts Gabrielle about her alleged row with Ria.
Date: October 27, 1937
Location: Club Room

It's another nice day after class. Short bursts of a loud, whistling sound can be heard emanating from the Club Room. Upon closer inspection, one would find Kaiden Sykes, rapier in hand, shuffling across the floor quickly and whipping the sword around.

Gabrielle walks in and stops as she seems Kaiden doing whatever that is with a sword…She has on a rather old loose fitting blouse and her robe is in her arms. She's carrying a rather new and expensive looking sketchbook. "Oh!…sorry!" Seriously, when did the club room become so popular? "I'll come back later!" she'll start to try to hurry out.

Kaiden looks up from his routine at the retreating Gabby and lets loose a sharp, loud whistle following it up with, "Gabrielle, where are you off to in such a hurry?" If she turns around, she'll spot him with one hand on his hip and the other holding the sword with its tip pressed into the floor.

Gabrielle will eye the sword for a moment, "You're using the room, I didn't want to distract you." her hair is already falling out of the braid she has it in, so she looks a little wind blown in her haste. she'll try to reposition the sketchbook and robes in her arms, obviously a little uncomfortable.

Kaiden gestures her over to him and says, "I heard that you gave my sister a black eye, Evans." He crosses his legs and rests his weight on the sword, still looking incredibly solid and stable. He tilts his head at her and says, "Whatever did you do that for?"

Gabrielle will still in her fussing, and then look up, "Really? Is that what she told you?" She doesn't panicky, like one would expect, more….expecting. Her face is kinda blank.

Kaiden shakes his head at Gabby and says, "No, no, no. I haven't talked to her about it. It's just something I picked up from the rumor mill. I want to know what really happened." He begins a controlled sway from side to side, the blade of the sword buckling and straightening out again and again.

Gabrielle will look down at the sword buckling and smile slightly, "Fine." She'll go over and set her arm load down on the nearest table and turn back towards Kaiden. She's tense, but it's that accepting tense, like she knows what's coming and is ready for it. "Ria says awful things. She said one to many.I told her to leave me alone, she didn't." She'll shallow, but stand straight. Her eyes do flicker towards the sword once though.

Kaiden straightens up and clanks the tip of the sword against the floor once more, saying, "Aye, go on." He'll start strolling towards her, waving the sword back and forth slowly before twirling it quickly in his hand, causing a loud whistle to be heard.

Gabrielle closes her eyes for a moment, trying to fight down the urge to just run. There's a voice in her head that's repeating eyes nose, throat, privates, but she's trying /not/ listen. She'll open them up, "Do you really need a sword? I'm pretty sure you could knock me flat without it." She'll tilt her chin up some, knowing that it doesn't really matter what she says here. His mind is already made up.

Kaiden steps a bit closer and says, "I'm just trying to figure out all of the facts. What did you do to my sister?" The blade of the sword is dragging along the ground, most likely on purpose, as it is a quite threatening sound.

Gabrielle's jaw tightens, "then /ask her/." Gabby doesn't move, but her heartbeat is definitely elevated. This was a bad idea. There's a tremble that goes through her body that she can't quite hide when the screeching sound starts.

Kaiden twirls the sword around his hand once more and is now close enough to swing down into the table that she's standing next to, where it lands with a resound *thump*, of course blocking her path to the door. He tilts his head at her once more and says, with an all too cheery smile, "But she's Merlin knows where and you're conveniently situated right here."

Finally, there's a flash in Gabby's eyes, "Back off ,Sykes." Her breathing is shallow and it's obvious she's a little scared, but there's something else too. "I'm not going to talk to you if you're threatening me. If you want to hit me, fine. Do it, but I'm not going to stand here and have you do this to me."

Kaiden smirks at her and says, "Ooo, look at this. A Ravenclaw who can actually stand up for herself. What a rare sight." There's a sinful little sparkle in his eyes as he wedges the sword out of the table, turning to go pick up his sheathe from across the room, "Well, if you're not going to answer me, you are of no use. Run along, little birdy."

Gabrielle suppresses a snarl, "So, you only want to know what happened if you can be a man and intimidate out of me. Funny that you mention me being a Ravenclaw who stands up for herself, when I /never/ thought a Hufflepuff would do this." She'll turn to gather her items, fully expecting to get stabbed or clocked in the back of the head.

Kaiden chuckles and slides the rapier into its scabbard, turning to face Gabrielle, "Gabby, you don't know a thing about me, do you? I'm a lovely guy to be around. Honestly. But if you touch any part of my family again, I will rain down on you and scorch the earth you walk on. There won't be any pretty scenery left in your life to paint."

Gabrielle turns around to look at Kaiden and does snarl, "I know enough about you. Especially now. I didn't think you were a bully. Ria and I had an issue. It's done and over. Do you /really/ think she'll approve of you doing this? You /think/ you can destroy my life more? You /think/ you have that kind of power? If you want to try to destroy my life, you're welcome to it.But you better bring a bigger sword."

Kaiden smirks at her and says, "Fair enough, Gabby. This is your warning, though. Blow it off as bullying if you want, but you shan't receive another one." He offers another one of the far too cheery smiles and starts heading for the door.

Gabrielle will watch him leave, and then lean against the table, trembling. She /really/ can't win this week.

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