(1937-10-28) Apologies Gone Awry
Details for Apologies Gone Awry
Summary: Kaiden tries to apologize to Gabrielle. Things don't really go as planned.
Date: 28 October 1937
Location: Divinations Classroom
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Divinations is not a popular class, so it's no surprise Gabrielle is the only person in the room after class. She's sitting at a round table, hair in a loose braid, with a deck of Tarot cards spread out in front of her.

Kaiden steps into the class and has a look around. Crap, he found her…now what does he do? He takes in a deep breath and walks over to her, saying, "Hey, Evans. I think we need to talk about stuff."

Gabrielle 's head will snap up from the cards, with a slightly panicked look on her face. She'll quickly glance around seeing no one else in the room. She'll stand, knowing that's a better defense than sitting and try to keep the table between the two of them."What do you want?" She'll try to pick up her cards quickly.

Kaiden scratches at the back of his head and says, "I uh…I wanted to apologize. I let myself get too angry the other day." He hangs his head and sighs, "Is there anything that I can do to make it up to you?"

Gabrielle will quickly pull he belongings into her arms, it's hard to tell if she;'s shaking or just moving jerky. "What you said…how you said it.You enjoyed scaring me. That's not something you can apologize for." She'll take her eyes away from him for a moment to the door, like she's calculating the distance. "You choose to say those things…that wasn't anger….anger isn't controlled…"

Kaiden says, "Look, I'm being serious. I feel terrible about what I did and I want to make it up to you." His voice is trembling in its sincerity and he slides his hands into his pockets and hangs his head, "I'm really sorry, Gabby. I swear it."

"You're serious? You were serious in the Club Room too." Gabby's voice is starting to shake, "You were very clear on what you wanted from me. And what you'd do. And how…."She'll swallow and grip her belongings harder. "You can't make up for saying things like that." Again her eyes dart to the door, she's obviously scared.

Kaiden watches her as she eyes the door, "Gabby, stop. I didn't mean those things. I just get overprotective of my sister sometimes…I'm sure that whatever caused you to hit her in the face was justified." He sighs again and says, "Just…let me redeem myself."

Gabrielle says, "Overprotective? that was psychotic." she's still keeping the table between the two of you, but her arms are sagging slightly. "I don't know if you can. I don't know if I can even be around you." She'll take a deep breathe trying to calm down."

Kaiden sighs and hangs his head, "Yeah, I know. I'll just…I'll just give you some space, then." He turns and begins walking towards the door, looking more than just a little deafeated. "I am sorry, though."

Gabrielle doesn't say anything, but tears are starting to fall.

Kaiden turns back and looks at Gabby, spotting her tears. Dammit…what's with all the girls crying around Kaiden all the time. He sighs and walks over to her, stopping in front of her and saying, "Gabby, stop crying. Please. It's okay."

Gabrielle immediately moves to keep the table between them. She'll laugh a bit humorously though the tears, "You know the worst part?…I always wanted to be your friend. Not like Ophelia thought, just a friend. "she'll shake her head causing a lock of hair to fall into her face. "It is alright though. Because I'm still here. And strong, and nothing you can say or do can truly hurt me. I don't need you, or any any else." she'll tilt her chin up , almost in defiance. The look would work,if it wasn't for the tears.

Kaiden tilts his head at her and says, "You don't have to push people away, Gabby. A solitary life isn't a life worth living." He shrugs and says, "I don't really know what to do, Evans. I've come here, I've apologized, I've offered to make it up for you in any way possible, but you won't have it. I'm not just coming here because I enjoy getting in arguments in divinations classrooms; I'm here because it's what my heart told me to do."

There's a flash in Gabby's eyes, the same one when she finally started fighting back in the Club Room. "You don't get to turn this on me….I didn't do this. You did." Her voice starts trembling again, "You can't come corner me, again, and expect everything to be ok."

Kaiden tilts his head to her and says, "I'm not cornering anybody. I'm apologizing." He just shakes his head, wishing he could understand Gabrielle's thoughts. Does she think? He runs his hand back through his hair and says, "Look, I'm sorry. I'm just going to leave you alone. If you ever need anything, just ask, okay?"

Gabrielle's confused right now. How can he think words and some favor will fix this? She'll nod to indicate she's heard him and will glance down to her arms.

Kaiden begins walking towards the door and stops in the frame of it, turning back to her and saying, "I mean it, Gabrielle. Anything. You want a lock of mermaids hair? I'll get it. You want me to talk to Christmas for you? I'll do it." He smiles warmly and humbly before ducking off down the hallway.

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