(1937-10-28) Broom Closet Confessional
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Summary: Broom Closet Confessional
Date: Oct 28,1937
Location: Broom Closet

The brooms and mops are arranged neatly on hooks against the wall, with buckets on the floor below. Shelves lined with cleaners and sponges and other tricks of the cleaning trade cramp the already tiny closet even more. There's just about enough room for two people to stand really close in here, but other than that, something will have to be removed. Interesting, the fact that there is room for two people, no matter how old or what their size.

Gabrielle will look down to the ground for a moment collecting her thoughts, "When i was three, my house burned down." She'll swallow and her voice trembles slightly, "The only things that made it out of the hosue, were me…and my mother's wand." She'll pull out a wand, looks to be made of vine, and it's rather short. It's been Gabby's wand since the start of her first year.

Mabel nods, understandingly, and has a glance at the wand, curiously. "I see. So sorry to hear that, though… I'd rather surmised something of the sort. Hence, though, the burn. Something passed down, then."

Gabrielle half smiles, but it's not reaching her eyes, "Something like that." She'll take a deep breath. "The fire cost us everything, my aunts are /still/ paying on bills that I don't understand. We're….broke.Poor. So, when it came time for me to come here, it just made sense that I'd take her wand. It's the only think I have left…of either of them. So i was proud to have her wand."

"My first year…I thought I was just bad, ya know? I kept dropping my wand, couldn't do things right.It felt weird. Second year, when I cast. It hurt. It…burned. My arm would turn red, like I had stuck in under too hot water" She'll shutter slightly, "I was SO confused, and afraid.I asked in a round about way about wands doing damage to the caster, and everyone told me they'd snap the wand and get a new one…..I couldn't DO that. It's all I had left of them….and my Aunts couldn't afford one…they have a hard enough time getting me new clothes!"

"So…I planned. One day, I'd fix it…I just needed to get there.To a place and time where i could. Where others couldn't make that decision for me. I just had to make it to 16, then I could leave, and wait till i had enough $ to fix her wand. But…" And she'll start rolling up her sleeve. Underneath is a weird wrap around her arm. She'll start unwrapping that as well, " 3rd and 4th year, it got worse. There were burns…." And then her arm is uncovered. Basically from wrist to elbow, she's scarred horrible. The criss cross each other, some old, some new enough to still have scabs. It appears she has a salve of some kind on it.

Mabel tilts her head a bit about the matter of wands. "So, the burn's not from that fire, then. I hadn't realized it was something still being hurt." She thinks hard for a few moments. Puts her hand on Gabby's shoulder again. "I don't know about snapping it, but I think it's clear you oughtn't to be using that wand yourself, it's either exceptionally-loyal to your mother, very incompatible with you, or perhaps there's just too much of loss for you about it for that to work so well. It's small wonder if magic and pain are so closely linked as that. I'm sure your mother would want you to come into your own, see?"

Gabrielle shakes her head, "It's not like…it's hurt. I just need to fix it, is all." She'll swallow, "But it doesn't matter, "She'll pull out a longer wand, looks rather newish, "Someone found out…and paid for Olivanders to meet me at Hogsmeades.I have a new wand, so, this, "and she'll motion to he forearm," is all over and done. I've already been able to do more magic than I /ever/ have" Gabby will smile, a true smile. "I get it now. I never did before. I was just going to stop, and pretend to be a Muggle, but…it's amazing."

Mabel smiles, there. "I'm sure that'd be a waste of a fine talent, if you'd done that. I gather your aunts were too proud to accept scholarships from here, then? It's noble of you to try and shield them, but I think you'll find you can help best by making the most of this chance. She winks. "Besides, you'll need that when if you decide to go into moving art. "

Gabrielle nods, "I know. I'm staying, I don't want to leave…I never did." She'll look down, "Everything would be great….but Ria knows something's not right. I'm afraid she'll tell, and then they'll take her wand away from me! She…when I…"She'll sigh, “She grabbed my wrists and felt the bandage…I think she thinks I tried to kill myself. It's why she didn't tell on me."

Mabel ohs. "Well, whyever would they do that? I just think you shouldn't try using your Mum's for the time being. As much as it means to you, as far as the school's concerned, it's just a case of a mismatched wand, and already sorted. It's something you can still treasure, even if you don't do magic with it." She pauses. "Besides, Ria Sykes may be a number of things, but she's no snitch. I wouldn't put the expected Slytherin schemings past her, of course, but surely nothing so gauche as trying to get you expelled."

You say, "Because /teachers/ said the wand would be broke!Merlin!" She'll start to wrap her arm, it's obvious she's practiced at doing git one handed, "I'm not using it, but after all this? I'm not about to jeopardize losing it…."She'll look to the wrapping, "I don't think Ria's going to tell on purpose, I think she'll slip, because she's worried. Like today with the going to the nurse comment….I hate that we're fighting. I /do/ actually like her." She'll start to roll up her sleeve and then shudder slightly closing her eyes, "And then, last night…"Her lip actually tembles, "Kaiden cornered me in the Club Room.He'd heard the rumor….and was not pleased….""

Mabel nods. "Well, your arm's on the mend, then. I suppose it might be safest if you can bear to send your Mum's away for safekeeping. Did Mr. Ollivander give you his opinion on the matter? He's supposed to be one of the most talented wandmakers, even of his own family's long history." She pauses. "As for the Sykses, I have the sense that Ria'll be having a talk with her brother, and not to conspire against you, I'm sure. Quite possibly the contrary: for one, they seem to be quarreling over Kaiden's choice of paramours. All that fal-de-rol about blood purity and the rest. Not that Crocker being a Yank helps in that regard, either."

Gabrielle shakes her head, "I wasn't sure how much I could ask him with out raising suspicions. I just have to wait till I’m 16…then I can really start to fix it….I can see about sending it home…or leaving it home during Yule break…" Gabby will nod, but she doesn't seem to be comforted by the Sykes talk, "He…He stabbed the table next to me with a sword….I didn't know what to do…He threatened….He threatened to burn.."She'll shallow again, and is trying to not cry, "He threatened to burn down everything in my life….he used the word scorch and …." and then the tears start falling….

Mabel nods, there, but looks stunned, and even a little angry, by the firmness of her lips when she hears what Kaiden did, and just gathers Gabby up in a hug. "The brute. Not to worry, not to worry, if he wants to play with swords, he'll find you have friends who can tilt with steel as well."

Gabrielle will cry for a bit, obviously there's been a lot bottled up, "and then….and then Ophelia's mad at me …..Because I didn't take her with….it was ….She doesn't even care that I got a new wand…..just mad….If she's mad….my whole house….and …. Ria….and Kiefer….and… and Chris….and Ripley….and I…." Mabel can only get pieces of what's being said , as Gabby is pretty much clinging to her sobbing.

Mabel just rocks Gabby slightly, while she lets it out, "Oh, dear, dear. Sounds like quite a bit. You've just been distraught, it seems. We'll sort it out…"

Eventually Gabby will calm down, but it takes awhile. She'll just whisper, "Please don't tell anyone. Please?"

Mabel nods. smiles a little sadly, "I didn't even catch much of that last bit, but of course I won't. But, let me know if there's something that we can do. It seems what's been going on with you has run afoul of some of other people who seem to be going through dramatics of various kinds. You shouldn't think you're alone in all this, don't you know." She pauses. "Oh, Ophelia would have wanted to see your wand fitting, that's it?

Gabrielle will pull back some, and wipe her face. she's still sniffling some but the tears have stopped. She'll nod, "Ophelia knew something wasn't right…but she's /so/ obsessed with wands, i was afraid to tell her….she could have run and asked too many questions." She'll take a deep breathe, "And then…I didn't even /think/ about taking her to Ovivander's…I was so excited and I just wanted to…"She'll stop for a moment, "I tried to tell her two days ago…but she was so mad, and wouldn't listen to me. And then said if I told her, I had to tell some first year and…"she'll shake her head, "Somehow , I've ended up with you and two first year boys as friends…and that's it. I've lost everyone else." She's not crying again, but looks close to it.

Mabel doesn't quite seem to make sense of the logic, or story, there. "Well, honestly, I think when that particular circle of social connections has done with going absolutely quackers, there'll have to be reconciliations all round. It changes so fast, I wouldn't count them all out just yet, eh?"

Gabrielle nods, although it doesn't reach her eyes, "Thank you….I'm sorry I cried on your uniform…." she'll sniffle a bit again and give Mabel a small smile.

Mabel nods. "Oh, notatall." She holds Gabrielle by the shoulders. "What I think is, once you've got yourself sorted, you'll find it's not so hard to tell people, as appropriate, that something's been troubling you, and that you needn't say what for them to understand that. Believe it or not, I've got the feeling Ria realizes she pushed a distraught person too far: she might well rather forget the whole matter, there. She's hardly one who'd want to admit she got herself belayed by a 'Miss Artie Ravenclaw,' is she? She was a good sport about our duel, at least."

Gabrielle will laugh a little, shoulder shaking slightly, "Do you really think she'd listen? I mean…I punched her….in the eye!" She'll laugh again, "Miss Artie Ravenclaw? Oh merlin…." And while her eyes are red, and her face splotchy, she seems to be in more control.

Mabel ohs, "I don't know if it means she wants to *listen,* but I think she'd rather see the matter dropped. I've some intimation she's been in trouble of some sort as it is, and she isn't wearing that Prefect badge just now. I suggest, just try and be gracious. I suspect she might rather that the matter with Kaiden be resolved within her family, as well. I'll see if I can get an idea about that without giving anything away."

Gabrielle face drops some, but she still looks relieved, "I expected him to yell….the sword thing was….I didn't expect that. Or the threatening." she'll give a small smirk, "I told him he needed a bigger sword if he was gonna try." She'll give a small nervous giggle, and then put her hand over her mouth.

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