(1937-10-28) Secrets
Details for Secrets
Summary: Edwarlinda and Cassius reveal their dark secrets to one another. But when Sloan arrives, things get tense.
Date: October 28, 1937
Location: Elegant Townhouse
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Despite temptations to go out after work and drown herself until things don't seem quite so bad again, Eddie resists the call of booze. Her stomach is still beyond unhappy with her over last night, and today, as is. So, as soon as she could get out of the ministry today, she did. She's now home, in her biggest old fluffy robe possible, make up charms off and hair down out of it's pins. She's cooked herself some sort of dinner, but is eating it straight out of the pot that rests on her coffee table — or what was her coffee table, and is now a piece of wood instead of the glass on top of the wrought iron frame work. In fact, all the glass in her living room is gone. All the little faux animals, the bits of china she had accumuluated, the frames on several pieces of art. At least one of her lamps. All of her vases, glass and china, it's all missing. Maybe she's just redecorating, but closely looking eyes might notice the nicks in the wall where things were thrown. There's a bit of blood near her window on the carpeting as well, where feet were cut by walking on glass. As the ringing comes at the door, she half growls in it's direction. "Come in, it's open…" But she's put down her cigarette in favour for her wand in her left hand. Just in case it's not a friendly coming in the front door.

In through the door steps about as friendly a visitor as she could hope for. Her brother, Cassius, smiles warmly when he sees her. But then his eyes start to take in the room. Cassius is an attentive sort of fellow; almost obsessively so. First, it is that vague sensation that something is wrong, then he begins to notice the oddities in the room, and his smile falters. He shuts the door behind him, taking off his cape to hang up. "Lin…you've redecorated." His arched eyebrow speaks to the facetiousness in his voice.

Seeing who it is, Eddie's mind momentarily goes into panic mode. He was not supposed to see her like this. She abruptly sits up, leaving her cigarette to burn itself out in the ash tray, her wand settling down next to it and hand abruptly combing through her hair. "Shit, Cass! I didn't know you were… coming… Why didn't you owl? Shit… Sorry… this… I'm not…" She wasn't expecting guests. Clearly. She stands up abruptly from the couch, only wavering a bit as she catches herself on the arm. "Let me go get dressed. Just five minutes. And yes, sit down… there was a minor… Fire Saturday night. It's out now." That is also truth, just not the whole truth. But it explains the new upholstery on her couch.

Cassius lifts a hand to try to calm her. "Lin, please. You don't need to impress me. But…you told me to come in. Who were you expecting?" Indeed, who would Edwarlinda find it acceptable to see her (and her home) in this state? He moves a bit further into the room, attempting to urge her back to her seat with gently motions of his hands.

The question of who she might be expecting makes her blink. A slight heat comes up Eddie's cheeks, especially as she realizes she's still eating out of the very pot she cooked in. While she puts on a great show for guests, her home life isn't exactly all that fancy. Especially when she's feeling ill. Well, it's all too little, too late, so she sinks back onto the couch and scoops up her cigarette again. "…Sorry. I… Sloan was coming over at some point tonight. That's all."

Cassius settles on the couch beside her, turned slightly to face her. He keeps his expression neutral at the mention of Sloan. He promised to give the man another chance, and no matter how little chance the man might have, he'll keep that promise. "So…a fire. That's dreadful, Lin. How did a fire start? It must have been very…selective in it's destruction." His eyes move very deliberately toward voids left by the pieces of missing glass.

"Someone tossed a flaming jar in through the window. I think it's one of those arsonists that I'd been tailing before vacation. Thought I wrapped them up when I put away the other case, but apparently not… It's fine. It's handled." Eddie mutters quietly, a touch of dark protectiveness crossing her features as she remembers the misery of that night. She shakes it off and takes another breath of her cigarette, sinking deeper back into the couch's grasp. "Then… I destroyed a few things it didn't last night. I was just pissed. I needed to redecorate anyway."

Cassius frowns sympathetically at her, reaching to give her shoulder a comforting rub. "Lin, you are working too hard. Destroying your own possessions? You need another vacation. This time among those that love you. Please come stay at Berylwood for awhile. Take some time to recuperate, away from everything. Your every need and desire will be tended to."

"I'd go completely barmy in two days if I was just laying around the house doing nothing. You know that, Cass. I'm fine. It's… it was a bad week. Things are fine." The last comment really doesn't gain her eyes, not caring for him to read the lie behind it. She takes another breath of her smoke instead and stands up once again, "Do you want… a drink? I can open a bottle of wine. I've got a few in the kitchen."

Cassius waves off the drink. "No, thank you. I'm fine." For a moment, he is tempted to encourage her to start drinking to loosen her lips. But much like his avoidance of Legilimency with her, his need for that trust in her trumps his desire for the unfiltered truth. "But you are not fine. 'Things' are not fine. Someone threw a bottle of fire through your window. Lin, I insist. Let me do this for you. I swear, I shall bring in whatever entertainments are necessary to keep you occupied. We'll have a party every night. Just please, let me look after you for once."

"I cannot take time off work, Cass. Yes, someone threw a bottle if fire in through my window. Someone also tried to murder my lover with a poisoned dagger. A dark wizard also apparated into the wireless studios last well and almost murdered one of the hosts while decrying your whole platform. This world is… getting insane. It's insane compared to what it was ten years ago. Hell, to what it was a YEAR ago. I'm not taking time off because I'm having a bad week, alright? The office needs me. It's bad enough I just took off on one vacation already. I don't know what I was thinking. So, I…I'm sorry, Cass, it's sweet of you, but I can't." Eddie's words are more than a bit short with him, the stress clear in her voice. Instead of going for wine, she just starts pacing the floor quietly now, chain smoking at this point as she lights a new cigarette off her old one.

Cassius frowns, clearly still not entirely swayed. "You aren't yourself. You can't be of use to your office like this. You need to recuperate to be one-hundred percent again. Then you can sweep in and help them make the world a safer place." He rises now, moving to intercept her pacing with gentle hands on her arms. "Trust me. You keep telling me that I'm working myself to the bone. Now I'm telling you the same. I can see plainly that you're not well."

"I'll have you know I went into work today and things went perfectly fine. I am… well enough. Nothing is changing, I can handle this. So… just… Just drop it, Cassius, please? What in hell brought you over here in the first place? Family business?" Eddie asks, her voice a touch too sharp, biting at him in the worst of ways, though it's probably in defense of herself, not out of true anger. She tries to pull back from his touch again.

Cassius shakes his head in that tut-tut manner of his. "Only family business between us. I heard about your…celebrations, the last couple of evenings. Quite spirited, I'm told." He arches an eyebrow at her, letting her fill in the blanks.

Another long drag of her cigarette, though her eyes go a bit wide as he admits to her celebrations. Just a touch of shame muddies through Eddie's normally pretty, but currently rather tired features. "I… I told you. It was a long week. I needed to drink and forget it all. I'm sorry if it sullied your campaign at all, I will be quieter about my relaxations in the future."

Cassius sighs, even rolling his eyes. "Lin, please. This isn't about the campaign. It's about you. My sister. I'm worried about you. No matter how much you protest, you are obviously not as 'perfectly fine' as you claim. I don't like being shut out like this. I thought we were going to trust each other."

"I… God, Cassius, I love you. I totally love you… I don't want to shut you out, and… I promise you I'm not lying. Physically? I am just fine, I am not dying… I'm not sick, no one is threatening my life. At least, not directly. I'm a bit pissed about the couch, but, you know…" Eddie offers that last bit with a half smile and just a little laugh to back it up. See? Everything is alright. Even if her hand slightly shakes as she moves to ash her most recent cigarette. "I do trust you. This is just… I don't even know if it's a thing yet. I just got overwhelmed. It's fine."

That last stumble in her choice of words arches Cassius' eyebrow. "I'm sorry. You don't know if what is a thing yet? Lin, talk to me. Let me help you." His face pinches in worry, pleading with her to let him in.

Once more, Eddie's eyes don't even meet his. As if she was frightened he could read it right out of her eyes. She paces away from him, moving to one of her glass ash trays she keeps on the small wet bar, when she realizes it was one of the things she destroyed last night. She curses gently and paces back to the coffee table, leaning over to ash there instead. "It's nothing that you can help with… Nothing, Cass.. my own mess and I'll clean it up. Trust me on that?"

Cassius's frown deepens, and he permits a touch of hurt to show in his eyes. "You're still shutting me out. You're a wreck, Lin. I'm sorry to put it so bluntly. But you don't seem to be aware of how obvious it is. I can't sit idly by and watch you fall apart. For Merlin's sake, I'm your brother. If you can't trust me, who can you trust?"

"Fine. Fuck it. You want to know? I'm pregnant, Cass… I'm fucking pregnant." Eddie states, as direct and bluntly as anything she's ever done in her life, staring straight into his eyes with the mix of burning fury, shame and confusion that has been the whole mess of this from the start. She doesn't smoke her cigarette, she doesn't cry out, or throw anything else, or even move. She just stares at him, waiting for the reaction she dreads is coming.

Cassius stares in stunned silence, disbelieving. Pregnant? Pregnant. His sister, pregnant. He takes a long, deep breath, nodding slowly. "The father?" is all he asks. At least he didn't assume it was Sloan. She assured him they were not intimate, and it's too soon for it to be the half-blood's, even if things had changed.

The question draws a slow shake of her head, gray eyes finally dropping away from him, not wanting to face the undoubted shame on his features as the next response comes. "I… I don't know. I don't even remember sleeping with anyone. I went on vacation. I… I must have gotten more drunk than I recall. I… I'm usually so… damned good about the potions. About being careful. I'm always so… Damn good. I don't know how this fucking happened. I don't remember it. But it did." Eddie mutters quietly, dropping her cigarette down into the ash tray that she's hovering over and now just tightly crossing her arms over her lower torso. Almost hugging herself.

Cassius blinks in confusion now, and the crinkling of his brow is full of concern. "You don't remember?" He knows how careful she is. How could she not be, having been without child after so many years of enjoying the company of men? Cassius has no illusions about his sister's leisure-time activities. It is the privilege of a Malfoy to have jaded and luxurious tastes. But the loss of memory bothers him. "Not a thing? Surely, there must be some…flash or shadow in your mind?"

The questions just draw a slow shake of her head, though she still can't bring herself to meet his eyes. Eddie just looks sick now. Sick and ashamed. Her arms don't move. Hell, she barely sways on that single spot where she ahd been standing. She just takes a slow breath and responds. "Not… not a thing… it's been a stressful…few months. I must have drank… far too much. I don't know. I'm a… fucking idiot. After all this time for… for it to happen like this."

Cassius places a hand on her arm, testing her. "Edwarlinda…do not despair. Nothing is unsolvable." If she allows it, he'll wrap his arms around her. "I wish to tell you something. But you must swear to me that it will remain an absolute secret. You must never repeat what I will tell you."

The touch doesn't get him hit, or anything, but he can feel the stiffness through her entire body. Eddie is on the very edge of shattering, and it's taking everything she has just to hold herself together. As if her arms were physically holding all of her insides in place. So, he doesn't get a fight when he pulls her into being hugged, but she doesn't actually relax and hug back yet. She just stands there, wrapped up in both of their arms. "…Of…of course, Cass… you know my worst, now."

"Shhhh," he tries to comfort her, even petting her hair. "I have a secret that could mean a great deal of trouble for me. You see, I am a Legilimens." Unto itself, the news might not be so surprising, except that Leglimens' are required to register with the Ministry. "I have never used this on you, and I never will without your permission. I am telling you this now because I am offering it to you. I may be able to search out the memories you have forgotten."

That news does shock her more than a bit. Eddie pulls back enough that she can stare up into his eyes, the strange innocence that often comes with her law abiding nature is there behind her gaze again. "…Have… have you registered with the ministry, Cass? That… that's illegal. They could jail you for it. God, you… you have to be careful! Why don't you just register?" Eddie asks him, not affirming that she'd want him to go digging in her skull yet, or denying it. She's clearly still more worried for his safety.

"Think about it," he says calmly. "I always knew that one day I would have enemies within the Ministry. If they knew I possessed this power, they would use it against to stir up fear among the populace. Then we would have witch-hunts on our hands within the wizarding world, as the fearful persecuted Legilimens for their abilities. No, it has always been better to keep it quiet."

His explanation makes full sense, even if Eddie doesn't look thoroughly comfortable with it. She takes a deep breath, her arms loosening just enough she can rest her fingertips upon his waist instead of hugging herself as tightly as she was before. "You… you're right, Cass… I know. But… I worry, is all. If they find out you lied to them, it would even be worse. Just… be careful, please. Be… be so careful." She squeezes his sides, the fear and worry deep in her gray gaze. It's all out of love for him, that much is clear.

Cassius leans his head atop hers, hugging her tightly. "Of course, Lin. I'm always careful." He lets a few moments of silence pass, letting her grow accustomed to the idea before pursuing his offer again. "Will you permit me to seek out what you have lost?"

The offer sends her still and quiet again for a few heartbeats. Eddie looks down to her feet, breathing out slowly and trying to process the possibilities. "…I… I don't know, Cass… Fuck, I don't know. So… you look, and we find out it's nothing? Then what? We just know that I'm some drunken whore who can't keep herself sober enough to… to take her fucking potions? Or, even worse, we look and we find out someone did something… Foul. Then I realize I was… Taken advantage of. Or worse… And that feels even worse. God, I don't know if I want to know…"

Cassius slides his hand to cheek to tilt her face up to his gaze. "Listen to me. Knowledge is power. Without it, you are a victim of your own uncertainty. It may come at a price, but it is no worse than what you are suffering now. With knowledge comes the ability to act. We don't have to do it now. I'd rather take you back to Berylwood for it. I have a place well suited for this sort of intense exercise. But let me do this. I have the power to give back control of your life."

A deep, slow breath is taken to steady herself and relax into the motion. Eddie's head tilts into the touch of his hand, not pulling back from his palm on her cheek but actually seeming to take trust in it. She's clammy to the couch, clearly not herself even now that the worst of the news is in the open. Finally, she just nods, a weak smile tugging at her lips, though it doesn't reach her eyes. "…If… If you think it best. I do trust you. I love you."

Cassius nods solemnly, and leans in to place a soft kiss on her forehead. "I love you," he echoes. "Remember. Not a word to anyone. Not even Sloan." For a time, he just holds her, rocking her in his arms to offer what comfort he can in her time of difficulty. His worries that the child in her womb might not be pure-blooded are buried deep. Time enough to deal with that later.

"I… I thought of just… taking care of it, you know? There are… potions. I could find them, no doubt. I have enough money." Eddie whispers softly, not escaping his arms for the moment, but slightly relaxing into the touch. Since he hasn't lost his head or looked at her like she's some ridiculous whore. It's actually helped. "And not a word, I promise… though if you find something, we… we'll have to figure out how to explain what. But we'll cross that matter when we come to it."

Cassius nods. "Trust me, explanations are the easy part." It's what politicians do, after all. "Just focus on your health for. There will be time enough for decisions later."

It's fairly well into the night. Probably between ten and 11. Eddie and Cassius are standing in her still fairly bare living room, though she's got a pot of something on the table, a cigarette dead in an ashtray, and the pair of Malfoys are wrapped up in a tight hug together in the middle of her room. She's loosened from him just enough she can look into her brother's eyes, a weak smile dancing across her lips. "I…I'm fine. Healthy as a horse, always have been."

Sloan's been out wandering. clearing his mind. not drinking…it's been a hell of a day really. Having walked to the edge of the City and back, he stands in the doorway now. absently rolling a cigarette in his left hand as he leans on the doorjamb, not wanting to interrupt.

Cassius smiles adoringly at Edwarlinda, but shakes his head. "So you keep saying. My offer remains for you to come home with me. Just for a few days. I promise, I'll even keep the rest of the family away. I'll tell them we have an infestation of snarklings or something." He chuckles, then sobers quickly. It's that sudden feeling of being watched, and his attention snaps toward the door. He allows one arm to drop in order to face Sloan, but keeps the other around Eddie in a show of unity and affection. "Mr. MacDubsithe. I didn't hear you knock."

Of course, the first thing that should have cued Eddie into the fact that Cassius wasn't Sloan is that fact that Cassius DID knock. Sloan normally doesn't. Not these days. Eddie shakes her head to Cass, "No, no… back to work in the morning. If I really feel like I need it, Cass, I'll come. I promise." She kisses his cheek, but then they are fully being interrupted. She lets her brother turn, but remains on his arm even as a wide and warm smile catches at her lips nervously. It's clear she's happy that Sloan is home, but a bit frightened about what it will bring. "…I've told Sloan to treat my house as a second home, Cass. He doesn't need to knock."

Watching Cassius for a moment, Sloan places the cigarette between his lips, reaches up and slowly raps on the door jamb twice with swollen and split knuckles. Sparking a match head with the nail of his other thumb, he lights the cigarette before replying in a quiet tone. "Apologies Master Mal-foy. mind was elsewhere, aye?" Looking at Eddie, he watches her for a moment. his face impassive.

"Indeed," Cassius only looks displeased for a moment, quickly adopting a friendly smile. "Entirely forgivable. I think we've all been rather distracted of late." He looks at his sister and sweeps his arm toward Sloan in a 'go-to-him' gesture. Though it's less enthusiastic, and more 'you're going to anyhow, so I may as well look gracious.'

Oddly, the warmth and happiness between Sloan and Eddie doesn't seem perfectly natural and immediate. Even if the blonde is smiling wide at seeing him, and something in her has relaxed hopefully, there is a whole other bit of tension there. Whether it's because he knows or he doesn't know, it's not clear, but chances are it has to do with that. She squeezes her brother's waist one last time and then lets go, moving over to Sloan and offering him a hand. "Come in, Sloan… relax. There's… some food left. Cassius was just checking to see how I am. Are you sure you don't want a glass of wine, or firewhiskey, Cass? We should all have a drink. Relax." The slight laugh that escapes Eddie's lips with that is far from relaxed.

Features softening slightly, Sloan shakes his head as he takes Eddie's hand. "Nae. I ate Eddie, but thank ye." after a moment, he adds. "I'm more in th'mood tae hear a story. though it can keep for another time, aye?"

Cassius observes Sloan curiously, and there is temptation, such temptation to delve into that mind and learn about the real man. But now Edwarlinda knows his own secret, and would likely realize if he gave even a hint of using Legilimency on her dear half-blood. No, such things would have to wait until absolutely necessary. "Actually, I think I'd like that wine now, Lin."

Eddie's head tilts a bit as Sloan explains what he'd like to hear. She narrows her eyes in a bit of worry, "Sloan, dear… this is my brother. You… You can ask me anything in front of him… Anything. I… I trust him with my life. He…. He knows." Eddie finally admits, at least calling attention to the elephant in the room they both know about but are pretending to ignore. She brings Sloan's scarred, calloused hand up to her fingertips and kisses the side of it. "But… I'll get us all some wine."

Nodding slightly, Sloan takes another drag of the cigarette before he replies "I want tae hear a story about who, and how. Aye? nae more. nae less." Looking back to Cassius for a moment, he takes another drag of his cigarette and lets the smoke roll from his nostrils

Cassius remains standing, hands clasped behind his back as he waits. He meets Sloan's glance, but his attention also remains primarily on Edwarlinda. "I could explain, if you'd rather not go into it again, Lin."

Edwarlinda shakes her head almost immediately, moving over to the wet bar and picking through a bottle of wine that is still in decent condition. She sets about opening it with practiced ease, the motions giving her hands something else to do other than shake as she considers the issues of the past few days, few weeks. "No, no… It's.. not much to tell, really, I've got it, Cass." She does go about pouring his wine, though. She'll be a good hostess as she quietly bares her now ragged, worn heart. Gray eyes finally look back up to Sloan, so he can see the honesty in her words. "I…I do not know. I don't recall sleeping with anyone, Sloan… but I went on vacation. I… I drink. I drink heavily, I admit this. I may have blacked out… I may have… forgotten a potion, or maybe it didn't work. But I… I do not recall laying hands on a single man other than you in the last two months. And… that…that's that."

Considering this information for a long moment, Sloan finishes his cigarette watching Eddie without a word, finally he says. "So ye dinnae know who the father be and ye've no idea on where tae start lookin' tha' be th' long and short of it then?"

Cassius looks between the two, nodding quietly. "That seems to be the case, thus far." He moves toward the bar to help with the wine, so she isn't left carrying three glasses.

Cassius is passed his glass, and then apparently Sloan is getting a glass of wine whether he wants one or not, and she takes one for herself. She now ceases to reach out to touch either of them, that shamed discomfort returning as she has told them both the truth. She wraps her free arm across her torso, tucking her hand beneath her elbow as she stares at both of them, "…Yes. That's… the long and short of it. I don't know that I'll ever know him. Or care to."

Staring at the cieling for a moment, Sloan absently rolls another cigarette. left hand working deftly to roll the paper around the tobacco, he finally says. "That could be th'ruin of ye Eddie, aye?"

Cassius keeps his eyes on his wine as he takes a sip, frowning thoughtfully. Again he lapses into silence, allowing the two…lovers?…to talk things through.

"The… ruin of me? It's a baby, not a… a dark wizard. You're saying I should just… get rid of it?" Eddie asks him, straight out, though she doesn't sound disgusted by him, the idea does seem to put her off. Her eyes flicker then over to Cassius… brows pinching a bit at the thought. "…You… you would have to disown me… I suppose. For your reputation."

Making a face, Sloan Grunts. "Feck noi Eddie I'd nae tell ye tae get rid of it. There's bein' disgraced in the eyes of society, an there's bein' disgraced in the eyes of God." Lighting another cigarette, Sloan growls. "I must 'ave been 'it in th 'ead 'arder'n I thought 'cause I'm thinkin about this at all." Another drag is taken before he grunts. "'s far as th' word at large is considered, if ye keeps it. Th' Baby is mine. Aye?" Looking at Cassius. he adds. "Assuming tha' be th's lesser of 2 evils for yer family." the words still directed at Eddie.

Cassius frowns at Edwarlinda when she suggests disowning her. But when Sloan opens his mouth about God, the frown turns to an outright scowl, which only deepens as he goes on. "Mr. MacDubsithe is being rather rash. There is no need to suggest to anyone that the child is his. Frankly, I'd be appalled at bestowing that honour on a man that would use Muggle superstition to try to shame you." Ah yes, the gloves are off now. "But obviously, the choice is yours, Lin. You know my feeling on the matter." He takes another heavy sip of the wine, moving to set it on the bar. But before he storms out of a second meeting between the three of them, he looks to Sloan, awaiting retort.

None of this is, at all, what Eddie expected. Her gray eyes widen, staring across at Sloan with a sudden softness and sick relief as he mentions saying the baby is his. "Oh god… Sloan, that… that's not fair to you… I… It'd be… lovely. God, I wish it were…" She doesn't care if her brother hears. He should know, after all. "But… but it's not fair to you…" And then she falls quiet as her brother has an entirely different reaction to this. She blinks, staring over at him, her expression darkening a touch more. "Cassius… he's not shaming me, he…he's being frank."

Raising an eyebrow, Sloan stands slowly and walks calmly to Cassius. Brushing a speck of lint off of his lapels, Sloan speaks softly. "I'd no' shame yer sister Mal-foy. I loves her an' there be nothing I'd no do tae protect her in word and deed. Aye? Know this, and know me intentions." There was more to say. the insult of being not fit to claim a bastard child being enough to make Sloan want blood. he keeps his peace for the moment.

Cassius curls a lip in disgust. "Frank? Nonsense. He wields the Muggle God like a cudgel, as if the opinions of this imaginary man in the sky have some sort of bearing upon you and your decisions. It's insulting, and you should never stand for it." He turns his venom on Sloan now, giving him a taunting smirk. "You have been nothing but dead weight on my sister's ankle since your Hogwarts days. You are unworthy of her attention, let alone her love. I'll walk barefoot across razor blades before I condone you claiming her child."

As Sloan speaks, Eddie is just moving closer and closer to him. Fingertips reach out to take his hand, wrapping her palm tightly around his, squeezing lovingly. Her eyes turn to him for a few heartbeats so he can see the relief in her gaze. The love and thankfulness. She reaches his calloused palm up to her lips to press a kiss to his knuckles as he's finished speaking. Apparently, she's quite happy with those intentions. Until Cassius starts lecturing. Her features pale a touch, half smile slipping back away. She still doesn't let go of Sloan's hand, though. If anything, her fingers tighten. "Cassius. Be kind. He is not wielding any muggle god anyway. I… I do not think I could bring myself to destroy an innocent life. Unborn or not. This is not a matter of god, it is a matter of morality. And he has done nothing but protect and care for me. Defend me. He is the one who saved this whole damn house from burning on Saturday. He might not be of proper blood, but I love him. And we are all going to get through this mess together."

Sighing, Sloan reaches into his pockets quietly removing his brass knuckles, he sets them gently on the table, followed by the scalpel he carries. a boot knife and finally a length of cheese wire are set on the table with the utmost care not to scratch the surface. Looking at Cassius, He removes his wand slowly and sets that on the table as well. "I'm afraid, Master Malfoy. Ye've overstepped yer bounds." There wasn't anger in his voice now. Sloan had passed through that already. speaking quietly, he adds. "Tae make things fair, ye can keep yer wand tae defend yerself."

Cassius smiles broadly, and spreads his arms wide, almost crucifix-like. "Ah, time to see the real monster underneath, is it? I am at your mercy, MacDubsithe. By all means, show my sister exactly what you really are." He glares through his smile, an open challenge.

The blonde genuinely has no clue how this took such a bad and immediate turn for the worse. Eddie's eyes shoot wide, glass of wine abruptly set down as she releases Sloan's hand to physically interpose herself between both of the men. She reaches out, one hand to Sloan's chest and the other towards Cassius'. "Stop it. Stop it NOW. Both of you. This has been a hell of a few days and everyone is on edge. Sloan, you are better than this. Keep control. Cassius? Stop being a stuck up prude. I love you… And I love this man too. Nothing is going to change this. So just fucking apologize and… and we can be done with it! Fuck."

Growling softly, Sloan looks from Eddie To Cassius as he speaks softly. "Ye speak of monsters Cassius. Ye who would rather have yer sister's name dragged through the mud for a mile tae save her from having her hem dirtied by bein' associated wit' a lowly born half-blood. And now ye call fer war an' play the martyr. congrats. ye're pure of blood an' less then a shadow of a man."

Cassius shakes his head. "No, Lin. This has gone well beyond apologies, I'm afraid. I'm saddened that you cannot see this primitive for the brute he is, even after this. He threatens violence when things don't go his way, and invents lies to deceive you about my intentions. I would never drag your name through the mud, and I'm sure you know it. But you've been blinded by this infatuation of yours. I suggest you open your eyes before somebody really does get hurt."

Confusion deeply swims across Eddie's features, and that familiar nausea on the edge of things. Maybe she should not have eaten dinner tonight. She takes a deep, slow breath, trying to clear her head a bit more and squeezing Sloan's hand before she lets it go. "I…I do not actually think he intended violence, Cassius… and Sloan, this is my brother. I love him. I love my brother. You… you have to understand that we come from a different world than you… he has different ideas…" Eddie drags one hand across her face and then finally just sinks into the couch, knees weak and stomach weaker. "…I'm sorry… Cassius, Sloan. I… fuck, I did not want this to.. turn out like this."

Still watching Cassius, Sloan grunts. "Aye. A vicious brute and a monster that went out of his way tae watch his friends little brother's worthless arse in school. Who stood in th' shadows makin' sure the older kids didnae pick on him or try tae cause problems. Aye. I be a monster Cassius. Biotaille. Is wha' they called me in school. the lurker in shadows. An Ye know what? When the blood flows and the world has gone tae Shite because of the choices ye pure bloods make fer the good of us all. It'll be me an mine that'll be bleedin, and dyin' and then ye'll be lookin fer the brute and th' monster in th' shadows tae protect ye. And Lucky you, because of yer sister Cassius. I'll be there when ye look." Turning to look at Eddie as she sinks to the couch, he kneels beside her, taking a deep breath, he murmurs. "Jest breathe Dove. It's done now. Nae more talk from me. aye?"

Cassius blatantly disregards Sloan as he were invisible, and moves to his sister's side, all else forgotten as concern overcomes him. "Shhh…be still," he says softly. "All of this stress is taking it's toll. I really must reiterate my suggestion. You need relief, not work. I know, I know, it will madden you. But you are not well. Just consider it."

Another time, Eddie would be in heaven. Two men she loves dearly, kneeling before her as if she was some goddess, both of them ready to get whatever she might need, to tend to her very whim. Right now, it takes a moment for Eddie to ensure she's not going to puke on either of their shoes. She takes in a deep, slow breath through her nose, swallowing back that bit of bile and steadying herself. "I am not well because the two men I love more than anything in the world are ready to go at each other's throats." Eddie states simply, through slightly gritted teeth. Another deep breath and she feels steadier. "I…I'm fine. This is normal, or so Niamh says. It's fine. Forget it."

Standing quietly, Sloan turns and heads to the kitchen. Retrieving a glass of Ice water, he comes back and hands it to Eddie over the back of the couch.

Cassius gives a slight shake of his head. "Your friend Niamh is not a healer. You should be examined by a proper midwife. If you are concerned about discretion, I can have someone brought to you. I will assure absolute privacy on the matter."

The water is accepted thankfully, swallowing it back and washing away that miserable, sour taste. Wine doesn't taste nearly so good on the second visit. She takes another sip and just sinks a bit deeper into the couch, running her free hand across her face. "It's fine. It's passed. I… I'll see a midwife when there is time, and when I… I ultimately know what I am doing, Cassius. I can handle this on my own. And Niamh is among the best at what she does. I trust her with my life."

For the moment Sloan falls silent. leaning on the back of the couch, knuckles cracking one by one as he flexes and relaxes his hands absently.

Cassius nods, "Of course, of course. I'm sure she's a spectacular apothecary. But she is still not a healer, and not a midwife." He stands then, brushing a wrinkle out of the knee of his slacks. "I should take my leave. I suspect my presence is still causing you undue stress." He gives her a sad smile. "I should like to hear from you tomorrow, Lin."

Tired gray eyes flicker up to Cassius, part of her wanting to protest that he's not causing stress, but he's a little bit right. She nods quietly to him and sets her glass of water down, so she can push herself back into standing without looking unsteady. She leans over to pull him into a tight, close hug. Her lips to his cheek, the strength in her arms says she does love him. Angry or not. "…I love you, Cass. Go home. Get some rest. We… we'll talk tomorrow." She murmurs against his cheek before pulling back. Returning to Sloan's side…

Watching Cassius quietly, Sloan remains quiet. Eyes still smoldering as he watches the other man, he nods as politely as possible to the man. He'd tried being friendly. It couldn't be said that he hadn't tried.

Cassius returns the kiss to Edwarlinda's cheek. "I love you. Be strong." As he goes to leave, his fingertips drift over the various items on the table: brass knuckles, scalpel, cheese wire, and wand. He glances pointedly up at Sloan and Eddie with an angelic mask of pure innocence. "Didn't intend violence? Interesting." He gives Sloan a final look of pure, cold, emotionless menace. Then he is heading to the door, taking his cape from its hook and draping it over one arm.

The comment to be strong draws a single nod to Cassius. Eddie is being her strongest. She then lets him go, though her body tenses as he gets in the one last remark in reference to the fact that Sloan divested himself of all his fighting tools. If violence had been intended, it would have been with his knuckles, but Eddie knows what he can do with those. "Good night, Cassius." She calls after him, then lets him fully go. She'll be holding her breath until the repaired door shuts behind him, when she bonelessly sinks back down into the couch.

Shaking his head, Sloan grunts "They're on th' table, not in me hand Cassius." He Didn't want to kill the man after all. That would have been uncouth. Once Cassius leaves, Sloan places his hands on Eddie's shoulders and murmurs. "I fully expect yer family tae try an have me killed after this, aye?" There was a slight chuckle in his tone though. Mostly he was joking…mostly.

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