(1937-10-29) Rolls Fired
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Summary: In which befuddled brains cause pumpkin juice stained shirts, chivalry sparks a new-born enimity, and an apology is extended but not exactly accepted.
Date: 1937-10-29
Location: Great Hall
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Braziers that hang by chains from the beaks of griffin gargoyles that line the walls where they meet the high vaulted enchanted ceiling offer warm illuminating blazes. Four long tables are evenly spaced with the heads of the table at the north and south of the room. Each table has a cloth runner down the center and a plush rug underneath of the different House colors indicating to which house the table belongs.
The most westerly table is the Slytherin table. Beside them is the Ravenclaw table. The Gryffindor table is then between the Ravenclaw table to the west and the Hufflepuff table which is the most easterly table. One other table along the northern wall up on a dais for the Professors to sit at and look over all four of the other tables. Also on the dais is one lectern gilded in gold with an owl spreading it's wings at the top of the lectern. Candles line the tops of the owl's wings to illuminate anyone speaking at the lectern. A stool like protrusion comes out of the lectern as well as that's where the first years sit when they are sorted.
There are three sets of doors in the Great Hall. The main exit and entrance that leads to the Entry Hall is a large set of double wooden doors carved with vines and flanked by high stone pedestals each set with a small brazier above the stony 'H' carved in the pedestal. On the eastern wall is a much smaller door just next to the dais that's attached to the antechamber the first years come up from the lake through. Lastly one other door is set into the northwest corner behind the High Table.
As always high above within the obscured stone and wood cathedral like buttresses and crockets the outside weather is reflected in an illusion with all the sound and visuals of the weather, just without the actual effects of it.

Colton comes dashing in elbowing and pushing at Dale, trying to stomp his foot in past the threshold first. "Haaa! Yer puddin is mine Shaakr!" Plucking at his shirt front in that victorious sort of way he smirks at Dale all very smug like. The Ravenclaw and Gryffindor Qunnland Boys only separate as far as to sit back to back at the two different tables.

It's dinnertime (or lunch, for the slangy) at Hogwarts, a brief respite from the day's affairs. Students are flooding into the Great Hall in chattering clumps, dispensing for their House tables. The tables bear their usual groaning spread, suited to ravenous teenage appetites.

Lois comes in from the Entry Hall with a small gaggle of Gryffindor First Years under her eye. She's less vigilant than usual, mostly because she's accompanied by her cousin Mabel, and is mid-conversation. "- even I thought that Charms lesson was hard," she's complaining, dark eyes screwed up in a wince. "I don't know what Mopsy was thinking."

Gabrielle sneaks in behind some first years and will sit as far away from the front of the room as possible, while still sitting at the Ravenclaw table. She has her hair in a loose braid, and a few book clutched to her chest.

Dale mutters some colorful expletives, but unless anyone speaks Shelta like the two boys do, they'll happily slip right over everyone's heads. "Ya had t' trip me on th' stairs t' do it, boyo. How can ya live wif' yaself?" But, it's a standing rule, and Dalaigh will surrender his puddin' to his cousin without further remark at the finish of the meal. He looks around as the pair move in tandem, giving out nods, hellos and the like very liberally.

Gabriel trots into the Great Hall. Usually he's carrying a large stack of books but today he only had a notepad and one slim volume. With a grin he plops himself on the bench in front of the Raveclaw table, right next to Gabrielle, since's she's decided to take his usual spot.

Railan was there at the Gryffindor table. sitting on his knees because they make these tables so bloody high. Humming softly to himself, the young Welsh boy is quietly going through the pages of a book on creatures found in the lake.

Just like a Ravenclaw to bring books to the mid-day meal. Eibhlin is murmuring in a distracted manner with one of her housemates, who soon gives up getting a clear answer from her and goes to sit with someone else. The teen doesn't even seem to notice. It's only a couple books and a notebook, thankfully, so she's not taking up too much room — not that her housemates would likely mind — when she finally settles into a seat at the Ravenclaw tables. An errant strand of red hair is pushed back behind her ear and she starts gathering her plate of food.

Mabel comes along, amid Lois's frequent gaggle of Gryffindor firsties, cradling and saying over to her cousin, carrying the same Charms text as well as a crisply-jacketed novel, a Mugglish one, by the way the illustration of a sailing ship's deck full of crew isn't moving at all… She considers a bit of it, with that slightly-fraught look she sometimes gets when puzzling hard over something, but ventures, "Oh, well, I imagine it's about something of theory that'll make sense later. We'll work it out." Mabel not be the quickest study at some things, but tends to get there soon enough. Smiles a bit, as though finding the bright side. "Something a bit mysterious to keep it entertaining, yes?"

Gabrielle jumps a little as Gabriel sits down next to her. She'll throw him a soft smile, "Hey Doc." She'll look back down to her empty plate and sigh before reaching up and grabbing a little food.

Over at the Slytherin table, a long haired girl sits with a group of her housemates, not quite seeming a part of their group although she's clearly with them. The girls huddle together, giggling and sneakily pointing to different boys throughout the dining hall. But while Nicki looks at each one pointed out, she doesn't seem to have much to add to their whispers.

"I don't like it," Lois tells Mabel, darkly. "If I get anything but an O this year, I'll - hm?" It's only now that the antics of Dale and Colton filter into her awareness. Her usually smiling face grows only darker as she turns a vigilant eye towards the Gryffindor half of the pair, obviously watching for TROUBLE.

Flopping down into a seat at the Ravenclaw table, Dale doesn't exactly face the table properly. Because if he did, how would he and Colton be able to keep up their chatter? "Well, ya might say that, but I think it's bollocks," he remarks to something. It's a continuation of a conversation, but from minutes ago or days ago? Doesn't matter to the boys. He does note his tablemates, "Oi, Ravvies."

Est is at the Hufflepuff table, a plate filled with half eaten food. He's left off eating to tell a story. No doubt a very exciting one, for there is much waving of arms and wild gesturing. Est seems to find it very amusing, given the way he periodically breaks off in a fit of giggling, but his audience does not seem to be paying much attention. Most Hufflepuffs just try to tune him out.

Gabriel looks at Gabby as he settles down, putting his book in front of his plate and his notepad next to it so he can eat, read, and take notes at the same time. After things are organized he leans down to his head is almost on the table and turned sideways so he can look up at Gabby,"You look sad. But I won't ask because there's too many people around to talk about things that make you sad." See, he learns. He's a Ravenclaw afterall.

Eibhlin happens to be not too far from Dalaigh when he flops down onto the bench. She casts a side-long gaze at him and those blue eyes glimmer a bit. Likely this is a familiar thing for her- being in the same year and house, after all. He receives something akin to a grunt in return from the girl before she's arranging her meal and books to be able to access both without too much difficulty. Notebook is opened and quill retrieved from between the pages as she starts writing.

Gabrielle will smile sadly to Gabriel, "We'll talk later, ok?…Hows your costume going?" she'll be picky and not put much on her plate. She'll take a deep breathe, like she's forcing her self, then start eating.

A long arm snakes out, casually stealing a bit of something off Eibhlin's plate. "Alright, Evie?" Dale asks just as casually, popping his ill gotten gains into his mouth. "It's time fer food, not study." Sure, he's a Ravenclaw, but he has his priorities straight when it comes to meals. Always food first. And a lot of it.

Mabel ahs, a bit airily, with a sideways smile, "If you manage to not do so, you mean, you'll end up all absorbed in making it up next term, and that won't be as much fun, yes," she 'agrees.' "Couldn't have that."

Reaching out and snagging a piece of bread off the table, Railan leans forward to see the top of the new page he's on. Considering something for a moment, he makes a face, bottom jaw jutting out to create a massive underbite, he stuffs some of the bread in there and makes a confused look before quietly chewing the bread and saying. "Well no wonder they went extinct."

Gabriel is not picky at all. He piles his plate high with food and is about then starts to pour himself a glass of pumpkin juice. And he keeps pouring and pouring and pouring… That glass is getting dangerously full and Gabriel is still distracted by something at the Slytherin table.

There's a loud laugh from the Slytherin table, speaking of it, and it sounds rather nasty in nature. Most everyone knows that kind of laughter, and it's source more often than not. While the girls with Nicki seem downright on the verge of hysterics over something, Nicki herself just frowns slightly, looking away from them. She sees a friend at the Ravenclaw table, and smiles, offering a wave across the room to Gabriel.

"Mabel," Lois says, finally sliding into her seat at the Gryffindor table and reaching for the pitcher of pumpkin juice, "have I ever gotten anything but an O in Charms? An E would break my heart." That Charms scores below 'E' even exist is an impossibility in her universe. "Pumpkin juice?" she offers, while her hand is still on the pitcher. And speaking of… her eyes flick towards the Ravenclaw table - it's full of people reading, there's a shock - and Gabriel's increasingly full glass catches her attention. She's a little too far away to intervene, so the next best option is… "Bet you a knut Ward spills juice all over that table."

"Gabriel? Gabriel? Gab!" And Gabby will make a made dash to grab the juice before it covers everything.

Unfortunately for Eibhlin, the only thing in her arsenal to combat food theft is a quill. So she swats ineffectually at Dale's hand with the writing instrument. "Hundred stone of food on the table and ye got to take mine?!" She mutters for a moment setting down the quill to pick up a roll that she tears into. Likely to prove her point, in some awkward fashion. "I'm fine, just… caught up in this report I've been working on." When isn't she? She takes the simplest of reports and essays and turns them into vast affairs. The hollers of nearly-spilled juice go up and she's scrambling to move the books out of the way, lest it /does/ spill over.

Dalaigh chuckles at Eibhlin's light chastisement, apparently not unused to this sort of thing. "But it's so much betta' comin' off yer plate," he chides back. And then he reaches over to help her pick up a book or two as she scrambles, glancing back at the table and toward Gabe and Gabby. "Tryin' t' start a panic there?" The question comes with a typical grin, and a wink toward Gabby.

And Lois looses her money only thanks to Gabrielle's timely intervention. And Gabby's intervention is even more fortuitous than anyone could have thought as Gabriel decides to use the hand he was pouring juice with to return Nicki's wave in a decidedly dazed kind of way, dropping the jug on juice into Gabrielle's reaching hands…

Gabrielle yelps slightly as the juice is dropped in to her hand, and it sloshes back all over her arm and front of her shirt. she'll sit there, glaring at Gabriel as he waves in his daze.

Mabel nods to Lois, as she settles in, regarding the offer of pumpkin juice, but half-tears her eyes away from a kidney pie that's caught her eye, and follows Lois' glance before the usual pleasantries of table-manners. "Oh, no wager there," she says as she does so, just on assumption. She does, however, watch the ensuing slapstick with a touch of mirth at the corner of her lips. "Were we ever quite that madcap?"

Dale's first reaction to Gabby's mishap? A kick to Colton's rear to get his attention, and a jerk of his head toward the girl. He's not one to keep a wet shirt sighting to himself if Colton is in the area. But, he's not a total dog, just a teen-aged boy, and he asks politely, "Need a dryin' charm, Gabby?"

Apparently, Dale's comment is just -so- ridiculous that Eibhlin doesn't even have a response. She murmurs appreciation for the assistance in moving the books. Better safe than sorry, but Gabrielle does receive a sympathetic glance at the fallout from the splashing juice. The teen settles back in, smoothing back her hair as she reaches for a spoon to tuck into her meal proper. Her concentration, alas, has been broken.

Looking up from his book, Railan winces as he hears the yelling. eyes wide as Gabriel drops the pitcher, he actually breaks into applause as Gabrielle catches it.

"I have always been the epitome of dignity," Lois tells Mabel, solemnly. Though a grin threatens to break through her solemn expression. Also, what she just said is an enormous lie. "You, on the other hand…" Railen's applause catches her attention, and she turns a motherly smile to her younger Housemate. "Quite a performance, isn't it?"

Nicki frowns slightly as a bit of a commotion seems to happen at the Ravenclaw table as Gabe returns her wave. Her eyes linger as she tries to see what's happened, and her attention only shifts when a boy at her table reaches out and tugs a lock of her hair. "Ow!" she barks, turning on him quickly. "Stop it, Grubble!"

Mabel claps silently as well, now that Railan's given her the idea, sharing a wink toward Lois and adding, "Brava, Gabrielle."

Gabriel's snaps out of it as Gabby gets sploshed with juice. An expression of dismay takes over his features and he starts to apologize but all that lasts only a moment. As soon as Nicki says "Ow!" Gabe's hand flashes out and grabs the closest thing at hand, which turns out to be a buttered roll, as flings it at the Slytherin boy that has perpetrated the crime. But his aim is off and instead of hitting his intended target the roll bounces off the back of the girl sitting across the table from Nicki instead.

Gabrielle 's face turns red as she realizes that it's not just her sleeve that's wet. She'll turn, trying to pull the wet shirt off her front to say yes to Dale, but freezes when Gabriel slings the roll at some slythern girl.

Looking to Lois, Railan grins and nods. "Oh yes. put me in mind of Vasilly and Anatole Von Durmstrang. They're Russian acrobats and Comedians. They did something like that with a bowling ball…I didn't understand the whole thing, but I gather they were supposed to be in a glassware shop of some….sort…" attention turning back to the dinner show, Railan clears his throat, closing up his book, he says. "Why do you suppose he did that?"

"Oh my sweet Merlin's beard." Lois, a hand lifted to her mouth to muffle the LAUGHTER, exchanges glances with Mabel. Did you see that. But since none of the Ravenclaw prefects seem to be present, it falls to her to stand up, raise two fingers to her mouth, and give an ear-piercing whistle for attention. "WARD. WHAT WAS THAT."

Colton sort of goes into a zone when he eats, it's that sort of jailhouse or boarding school or in his case one of many kids in a family was at the dinner table. A thick slab of red and juicy prime rib is plopped on his plate with two turkey drumsticks and a whole plate of mash under it all. Not a speck of green or veg beyond the mash to be found. But once his plate only has about a third of its contents left does he look up and huhs? Trying to catch up on all that he missed.

Mabel sighs a little as things seem prone to escalate between the Slytherin and Ravenclaw tables, doles herself out one of those little kidney pies, then offers one to Lois' plate. "It's finger food for a midday battle royal, isn't it?" There's of course an etiquette about these things. Salad fork first, then a free hand for Shield charms.

Dalaigh is well aware of Colton's eating habits, so the Gryffindor gets another quick kick to the keyster before he has to use a drying charm on Gabby. Luckily for Colton, Dale stops as well, as Gabriel lets loose with a Buttered Roll Of Doom (tm). His eyes roll, and another muttered expletive drops from his lips.

Meanwhile, the girl hit with the roll screams as if she'd been pelted with a cannonball instead of a roll. Nicki just happened to see the fling, and the flinger, and she hisses across to the girl, "Merlin's beard, Jane, it was bread! Don't be so dramatic!"

Of course, several of the Slytherin boys also jump to their feet, looking for the perpetrator of this vile crime to bring swift justice down on him. It's only a glare from their Head of House that sits them back down, mutter darkly and looking at the Ravenclaw table.

Gape-mouthed, Eibhlin has had little to say about the proceedings. Well, nothing to say, but she does cast a glare at Gabriel. Since others seem to be all jumping on it, she doesn't add her own voice just yet. There are professors pleasant to handle any chiding or points that need to occur. She adds a few more things to her plate instead and sets to eating… perhaps a bit swifter now, since there seems to be a risk of getting covered in food today.

Colton cranes his head around to view at what Dale's pointing at. He snickers immaturely and grins at his cousin. The things start to get lobbed about and there's commotion and he puts on his innocent face. He's so often blamed for things, it's come to matter little if he's actually done anything.

After a bit of quiet consultation at the High Table Slughorn and Mopsus both call out, "Five points deducted." Dumbledore even clears his throat and gives Lois a softer, "Don't meddle Miss Pym. Look instead to your supper…before Mr. Higgins eats the whole table." Colton just gives his Head of House a big grin with both cheeks pooched out as he takes up another turkey leg from the plate in front of Lois.

Gabrielle will grab Gabriel by the arm and yank him back down into his seat, "What are you /doing?!?!" She seems to have forgotten that her shirt is soak, and is looking at Gab like he's lost his mind.

Another groan almost starts from the Slytherin students, but it's quickly quashed by a glare from Professor Slughorn. Nicki turns to Grubble with a fierce glare, but she holds her tongue. Her glare clearly says 'YOU started this'.The large, oafish 5th year just sneers at her, lips moving as he says something quietly to the dark haired girl. This makes her look even more angry, and her face goes a shade of red, but she still says nothing.

Gabriel lets himself get pulled down, cheeks, ears, heck, his /whole/ face beet red as he slumps down to use the rest of his Housemates as shields from prying eyes. Looking straight down at his plate he starts to stuff his face ala Colton and through his food mumbles an answer to Gabrielle. "He pulled hair. Mean. Deserved it!"

"Sorry, sir." Lois stands down (literally), looking a bit abashed. Meddling instincts… thwarted! Colton, as prompted, is given a look of disapproval, even as Lois reaches out to spear a bit of that turkey herself. "Chew," the prefect scolds. "You'll give yourself indigestion, stuffing your face like that."

While Dale's attention has been divided between Gabby's wetly clinging shirt and the fracas, when it seems to get quickly sorted he finally brings his wand out. A quick flick and a mutter, however reluctantly, dry his housemate's shirt tidily. And he flashes an apologetic look to Colton, but he was still taught to be a gentleman.

"If ye'd stared much longer, I'd've wondered if ye were under a curse," Eibhlin mutters at Dalaigh. "My ma warned me how boys would be this year and she was right." She finishes her own glass of pumpkin juice and shifts to pour more.

Gabrielle just growls back, "But you didn't hit him! You hit some poor girl!" She'll start to scold Gabriel some more then realizes her shirt is being dried. She'll look over to Dale and throw him a smile, oblivious to the idea that it was anything but a wet shirt.

Colton chews and smooches the air towards Lois pointing to his chewing like he's a good boy! Then he looks back over to Dale when he hears him casting the drying spell. He bats his eyelashes at his cousin. "<How very domestic.>" He affectionately mocks in Shelta. In other words girly magic!

Gabriel slumps even further down in his seat in reaction to Gabrielle's scolding. THe funny thing is his reaction comes when she reaches the part about missing him, not before. And its followed by more muttering,"Well! I'm otta practice. An' I was angry." and distracted, but that's not worth mentioning.

Mabel glances up the table. Crisis averted, she adds a bit of the potato dish, and just sort of passes Lois a comforting look about her thwarted meddling. "Oh, it's not as if Ward isn't always about with our young housemates as it is. …Oh, Spinnet, could you pass the salt?" she says to one of her classmates, and thinks, a moment, "Nearly Halloween, now, I suppose after *this* start of term, it'll do us well to vent off some steam. All ready for it, I presume Lois?"

Dale gives a look of wide-eyed innocence to Evie, "I can't be blamed for bein' human!" Well, he could, but seriously. And he'd stare at her just the same, had it been her shirt that got wet. Wouldn't that be reassuring? His blue eyes slip to Colton, and he replies in kind. "<See if I give you the heads up next time, brother.>" It's a toothless threat, of course he will.

Lois merely gestures with two fingers between her eyes and Colton's, expression dramatically grim. She's watching you. And then, drawing her dignity about her, the teenager reaches for a bowl of peas and turns her attention back to Mabel. "Almost. I'll be ready in time for the Feast, at least." The rhyme may be intentional; at least, she smiles a bit at making it. "And you?"

Nicki's attention has turned from her rage at Grubble to leaning across to talk to Jane. Low words don't carry, but she does glance over to the Ravenclaw table often. And there's something of an apologetic look to her face for anyone there that notices.

Looking around the tables once more, Railan shrugs, grabs a large piece of ham, rolls it up meticulously and begins to chew on it at he thumbs through his book once more, humming to himself under his breath after a few moments.

Gabrielle will look down to her wet plate and sigh. She wasn't really hungry anyway.

Colton in response to being watched by Lois has him putting an elbow up on the table and putting his cheek against his fist and just watching her back with a wistful sigh. His other hand reaches up to cover over his heart as if it might beat out of his chest at the thought that none other than Lois Pym is going to be watching him. "I think she likes me Shaakr." He calls over his shoulder to Dale.

"Only barely," Eibhlin quips in response to Dale's comment on being human. She must like her comeback because she can't contain the twitching of her lips into a smirk. So instead, the teen tries to hide them with pulling her books back to her to get back to whatever she's studying on today.

Gabriel starts scooching a bit to the side. The Ravenclaw boy sitting across from him is blocking his view of the Slytherin table. As soon as he has a clear view he starts glaring daggers at Grubble. Until there's movement next to him. At that point the roll in his hands pays the price when Gabriel gets stuck in the tearing stage of eating it. He tears a little piece off, then another, then another until his plate is nothing but a mound of tiny little roll pieces.

Daliagh looks back over to Colton, looks to Lois, smiles, and looks back to Colton. "An' who could blame her, aye? It's the Quinnland blood." His good humor fully back up, and leans and nudges Eibhlin lightly. "Yer words say one t'ing, but yer eyes…. dey tell t' truth." His brows waggle comically at the pretty redhead.

Mabel ohs, to Lois, "Oh, all's just about in readiness. Might like your help being sure Gabby's costume fits just right; I'm lending her a dress, you see, " she says. Adds even more quietly, "I'm just hoping I haven't encouraged MacCaille overly, you know boys." A fair bit better than Mabel does, in these sorts of ways, actually.

Lois merely sniffs disapprovingly at Colton, though her poker face threatens to dissolve in amusement. "I'd like you to focus on your meal," the prefect says. "Eat like a gentleman, with no shenanigans." They're Gryffindors, after all, not Ravenclaws! After an agreeable, "I'd be happy to help with Gabrielle's costume, if she wants it," she refocuses on her meal, making few comments for the remainder of dinnertime.

Kaiden walks into the Great Hall, a textbook held out in front of him. He doesn't even take the time to look around as he walks over to have a seat at the Hufflepuff table, choosing to read instead of eat for the moment.

Gabrielle sits quietly for a few minutes and fidgets with her right sleeve. Eventually she'll start to gather her stuff, not saying anything to the angry 1st year next to her.

Colton leans over to offer a hand to Eibhlin, "Only barely, och, I'm so proud!" He praises her quip. "Soon enough you'll be able to keep up with the Quinnlands. We might just have to steal ye away." Seems Dale's not the only Quinnland that fancies a pretty ginger girl. "Oi, Shaakr, pass yer puddin'." Since the platters that empty vanish are replaced with dessert. Then to Lois once he's got another chewed mouthful down. "How bout ye come feed me an' show me 'ow it's done Pidge? Aye…I'll be glad to help with Gabrielle's costume too…I'm sure Dale can teach me a few of his spells from Domestics Club." Snicker snicker.

The Gryffindor Prefect's words drift to Dalaigh, and he waits for her to get absorbed back into the food before he mutters to Colton in Shelta again. "<Oh yeah, she's into you, lad.>" His reminder of their arrival contest makes him sigh, but he dutifully turns to pick up whatever dessert is closest to hand and offers it over to Colton without argument. "Ya jus' got yer knickers in a twist because I thought of usin' it t'meet the birds first, Colt," he says mildly.

Mabel comes to Lois's defense there, quipping at Colton with a raised eyebrow, "Perhaps you'll be in need of some of those spells, if you're expecting to ever have a witch to the washing-up after you, Higgins."

At the very least, Eibhlin is amused enough with herself that she doesn't spurn Colton immediately. She rolls her eyes a bit, but the good-natured smirk remains. "Ye'd have to keep up with me first, Quinnland." As the desserts appear, she's content to put aside her books again. Sure, she may not eat as voraciously as some of those around her, but she's still just a girl: sweets are /tops/. "Ought not say things 'bout the Domestics Club… Us gals like a lad that knows his charms."

OK, there are some things that are a constant. No long haired girl is going to distract Gabriel completely from his dessert. As soon as those start appearing on the table Gabriel reaches for the closest chocolate pudding the goes back to watching the Slytherin table. Unfortunately he fails to realize when his pudding cup is empty and keeps putting his spoon in, scrapping the empty bottom, and eating the now none existent pudding, empty spoonful by empty spoonful.

Kaiden reaches up to pull his hair back into a ponytail, and has a look around. He spots Gabrielle off in this distance and sighs a bit, turning his attention back to attempting to do his studies. He does pick up a roll and munch on it idly as he reads.

At the Slytherin table, Nicki stands up for a moment, stretching her arms out, letting her eyes drift to the Ravenclaw table. Her gaze seems to stop on nothing in particular, and she lets it flow randomly around the room as she sits again. Then she reaches out to snag something off the table, stuffing it hastily into her bookbag, and she stands to get ready to leave with the housemates she'd been more or less talking to all through the meal. She's hanging a bit back from the group as they go, but she closes up ranks as Grubble rises and makes to take his leave as well, and she disappears out with the pack.

After a moment of consideration, Gabby grabs a roll before they all disappear and will put it on top of her sketchbook as she starts to stand, "I'll talk to you later Gab." She's not really expecting a response. After another tug at her sleeve, she glance to Dale to give him another thankful smile and turn to leave.

Colton pats the air like a rock star trying to sooth his public, "Ladies…ladies. If you want to spend more time with me - all you had to do is ask. I would be happy to come with Dale to Domestics Club next meeting. Happily be a taste tester and the such." He looks rather as far back with the head tilting as he can to offer Gabby a big dopey grin in farewell. "Take care dove."

Kaiden watches Gabby as she goes to leave and picks something up off of the table that he brought with him. He stands to walk off after her, saying, "Hey, Gabby! C'mere for a second."

Dale looks up as Gabrielle stands to take her leave, giving her a nod and another wink. The Quinnland boys are very protective of family, and while at school, their housemates serve a lot of that purpose. Not so protective that he'll miss a good chance to stare at a wet shirt. But still. Colton gets a mock glare, and a gruff, "Find yer own birds, boyo." Cheated out of his dessert, he'll not take another, it's the way the game is played, but he'll wait for Colton to be done so the pair can take their leave together eventually.

Gabrielle actually gets a waves with the now shiny, shiny spoon in Gabriel's hand. A few moments later Gabriel's leg sticks out, apparently out of its own volition if one were to judge by the boys expression. Uncanny how it does that right as Grubble walks by the end of the Ravenclaw table thought.

Mabel teases Colton, in her turn, "And here I was thinking you were already full of something," she says, with a bit more good humor, this time… Then, a forkful of pie stops partway to her mouth when she hears *that* particular voice call out *that* particular name. She just slowly turns her head that way, to keep an eye on what transpires, and catch Gabby's eye to let her know of that, if possible.

Gabrielle will rolls her eyes at Dale and Colton and actually smile a bit. the smile falls as soon as Kaiden speaks to her. Her body posture quickly becomes closed off and she'll glance at Mabel before taking a deep breath and walking over to the Hufflepuffs table.

Kaiden approaches Gabrielle and says, "Hey, um…I was thinking that…well, I don't really have that much time to draw anymore because of my NEWT studies, so…I was wondering if you might want my pencils." He pulls a small, black, leather case from behind his back and clicks it open, revealing seven different drawing pencils of varying thicknesses. "I bet you could get more use out of them than I ever will."

Eibhlin fills up on pudding. Why not? No one's forcing her to eat well. Sometimes you just have to be terrible and indulge yourself. Since everyone else is filtering out, so the teen decides to gather up her things and head out.

Mabel hrms, seeming to relax a little, enough to continue on with her meal, at least, when she sees it's likely some manner of peace offering from Kaiden to Gabby. Does keep her eye on things, though, despite nodding to herself, in the manner of someone finding an expectation played out, perhaps.

Gabrielle clutches at the sketchbook in her hands and will shakily say "I would never take another artist's tools. That's not right." she'll glance around the room, "I…I need to go.I have juice all over me." Her shirt, while dry is looking rather …stiff.

Gabriel's attempt to trip Grubble is aborted as one of his Housemates catches him at it and stomp on his foot before he can get his leg all the way in out. "ward! You already lost us 5 points. What's the problem with you? Are you /trying/ to start a brawl with the Slytherin? When did you become suicidal?" The whole thing is hissed at him low enough so as not to draw the attention of the faculty at the head table but Grubble does hear and turns his head to smirk at Gabriel and mime tugging someone's hair. But its hard to go after someone when your foot is pinned to the floor so Gabriel is limited to glaring again.

Kaiden quirks his lip and says, "Alright, then. I'll go buy some more next time I'm in Hogsmeade." He sets the small case atop her books and turns to go retake his seat at the Hufflepuff table where he once again starts reading over his books.

Eibhlin is a few paces behind Gabriel when he's stopped. Her lips purse a moment, but she finally reaches out to put a hand on his shoulder if he allows. "Just leave it be… yer givin' him what he wants. Attention. He's got it all planned out so /ye/ look the bad one."

Gabrielle stops breathing for a moment when Kaiden places the case on her books. She'll watch him retreat to his seat and the she'll turn as well and move towards the door….at the same time as the Sylthern group is leaving.

Mabel continues keeping a good eye on things with Gabby, while, eating with her usual casual gentility, adding over Colton's way, adding, "You really ought to learn the difference between showing off for the other boys and actually putting a good foot forward with witches, you know, Higgins." Sighs a bit as she sees Kaiden's likely gotten a bit too insistent with said peace offering.

Kaiden has now returned to his seat and is busy munching away at rolls and conversing with some of the younger students about what that whole thing was about. One of the fourth years then asks if Briar is single now after hearing them having it out in the common room the night before. Kaiden just cuts his eyes at the younger student and starts flipping through his book again.

Gabrielle leaves the room at the same time as the Slythern group. One of the boys behind her pulling at the front of his shirt in a mocking way.

Gabriel gets up now, with a glass of pumpkin juice in his hands. In a bit of a rush to get out of the Great Hall he catches up to the Slytherin group and right as he's about to pass them he trips and, coincidence of coincidences, spills his whole glass on the boy that was making fun of Gabby,"Ooops! So so sorry!"

Mabel hrms, then, setting down her fork and napkin, and slipping out of her seat to make her way around to the Hufflepuff table, and address Kaiden, after a bit of a pause standing there to gain his attention before leaning in and speaking, quietly, "I trust that was by way of apology to the young lady, for, …things said rashly?" There's the slight hint that that there might have been a bit of difficulty otherwise, but she says, "Well-enough done, but I suggest giving it some time from here. Miss Evans has been somewhat over-wrought of late, you see."

Eibhlin watches Gabriel run off to do the exact things she was warning him /not/ to do. There's a mutter for useless firsties and she heads out finally.

Kaiden looks up at Mabel and says, "Yeah, it was. I don't think she believes me when I say how bad I feel about it." He shrugs and takes a bite of his roll, saying, "The apology is out there, whether she accepts it or not is up to her." He sighs a bit and flips a page in his textbook.

Gabrielle tenses as she hear the commotion behind her. The gaggle of Slythern all back away from the drenched boy and Gabriel. Gabby turns just in time to not be knocked over, "/Oi/ Watch it!" Her sketchbook is to her chest as she peers over to Gabriel, "you ok?" She obviously has no idea what the Slythern boy was doing.

Mabel nods, slightly. "She has a rather sensitive disposition, as is often the case of those in the company of the Muses, …I think it'll come right when she finds her feet again. I'm sure it'll help to have one fewer matter to be frightened about, the while."

Kaiden nods to Mabel and says, "Yep. Worry doth drive a man insane." He closes his book and stands up, picking another roll up out of the basket and saying, "I think I'm gonna head out now." With that he's walking towards the door.

Gabriel turn to look at Gabby,"Yep. All good." At the moment he looks like the cat that just ate the canary.

Although she left with a group of housemates some bit ago, Nicki reappears in the doorway to the Great Hall, stopping short when she sees Gabriel near a pumpkin juice splattered Slytherin boy, with a group more snakes standing nearby. Well, Gabe obviously has a cup in his hand, so there's not a lot of mystery here. She frowns lightly, waiting to see what exactly is going on.

Mabel hrms, considering a moment before heading back to the Gryffindor table to collect her things, at least, staying clear, the moment, from the fuss about Slytherins in the doorway. Just keeping a weather eye out for real trouble, just now.

Gabrielle will raise an eyebrow and shake her head, she has too much to worry about to add this to the list. She says to Gab, "We'll talk /later/." That's not a request, more of an order.
You paged Gabrielle with 'Fair warning, you're about to be called my girlfriend by a NPC in front of everyone. ;)'

The pumpkin splattered boy walks right up to Gabriel, geting in his face and glowering,"You did that on purpose." Gabriel opens his eyes really wide, the picture of innocence. Well, really the caricature of innocence as he says,"What? Me? I just tripped. It was an accident, yeah, just an accident." The Slytherin give his shoulder a push, "Riiight… You trip and spill juice all over me right after I was making fun of your giiirlfriend there. And it was an accident?"

Kaiden spots the commotion that's forming and stands beside Gabriel, glowering at the younger Slytherin. The sixth year Hufflepuff has garnered quite a reputation for not pulling punches when it comes to Slytherin students. And while he'd never actually attack a kid…well, the juice-drenched kid doesn't exactly know that. Kaiden speaks up and says, "Crawl away, snake."

Mabel folds her hands, there, just standing there and folding her hands. She might presently be enjoying a freshly-shown reputation as a duelist, but, as she comments to one of her classmates, who glances up from the bench, "Ah, well, the little chap's got spirit, but he's just got to learn a thing or two about tail-pulling, don't you know."

Nicki steps up, seeing things start to escalate. She's not really one to speak up like she's about to, so it gets the attention of her housemates. "Alright, that's enough," she says, her voice low and stern, clearly to not draw attention of the professors. "You'll all just lose more points for everyone so stop being gits." She steps in front of her pumpkin juice splattered housemate and hisses at him, "He was throwing that bread at me before. He's mine to deal with." Her eyes are hard as she turns and reaches toward Gabriel, giving him a look as she says, "You and I are going to have a conversation." Her intent is to pull him away from the rest, stop the situation, and have a word with Gabriel, of course.

Gabrielle opens her mouth to step in, but then everyone else does. She'll stand there, watching the Slythern….no, more studying them. She won't make eye contact with Kaiden , but does with Gabriel.

Gabriel seemed to be about to go another round with the Slytherin. Then Kaiden steps in, then Gabrielle shoots him a look, then Nicki interrupts everything an now Gabriel's not here anymore. As soon as Nicki steps in front of him the fire just goes out of him and he nods at her,"Ok…" Distractions, distractions…

The juice be-splattered Slytherin backs up a little bit as Kaiden confronts him, then looks over at Nicki as she introduces logic into the equation. He just grumbles and gather his cronies up to walk off. Kaiden smirks at the retreat and nods to everyone at the doorway, heading off somewhere more quiet to study.

Gabrielle will shake her head and turn and leave in whatever direction Kaiden did not go.

Nicki flashes a grateful look to the Hufflepuff boy as her hand wraps lightly around Gabriel's wrist. She draws him with her as she moves, getting as far as she can from the now vacant doorway. When she stops she releases him, her frown easing into a smile. She starts without preamble, "I saw what you did earlier, when Grubble pulled my hair. Thank you." Looking down, she fishes around with one hand in her bag, and pulls something out. A pudding cup is offered to the Ravenclaw firstie. "Here."

Mabel hrmphs, getting a little smile about her face, regardless, as she gathers just a little something to snack upon in a bit.

Gabriel follows Nicki like a little lamb, all nice and quiet. Once she gets him in a corner and smiles at him its like someone hit him over the head with a Beater's bat. He just smiles a little bit in return and after a bit manages to say,"I missed." before taking the pudding cup and just looking at it with that silly smile still plastered all over his face.

Nicki shrugs, "Doesn't matter that you missed. It was nice of you to do. And I'm sorry you lost house points because of Grubble. He's really not worth it." She sighs and just shakes her head lightly, "So not worth it." Turning to look around again, she sees the lunch crowd is pretty well thinned out. Her eyes light on an older Gryffindor girl, and Nicki smiles. She's seen Mabel around, but they've never really spoken. Not unusual for the typically quiet Slytherin girl. Just close enough to make a greeting civilized and not a shout, Nicki offers, "Afternoon." A glance back to Gabriel, and then her eyes shift and hold. He's smiling weird. Is Claire around again? "Alright, Gabriel?"

Gabriel jerks a little bit as if he'd been complete engrossed in examining the pudding cup in his hands. Looking up at Nicki, his eyes going all round and glittery, he nods slowly,"Yes. I'm OK. Feeling a little strange. Maybe we should sit down. I don't think Hawker will mind the company…" Hawker? /Hawker/? This might be the first time anyone has heard Gabriel use someone's last name, excepting faculty and staff, of course.

Mabel gives a quiet little nod and wink to the Slytherin firstie. Ah, Hawker's the name, then, which might actually have been mentioned just lately, after the latest round of the dueling tournament. Nikki might connect it now to the Gryffindor who occasionally seems to exchange brief conversations with the Slytherins so inclined, civilly-enough, though it might be hard for Nikki to be sure just on what basis of acquaintance they may be. She says, "Well, then, I imagine it's about time you felt so, Ward. Steady, then?"

Nicki steps over toward Mabel along with Gabriel, eyeing him with a bit of concern until he sits. Again, her smile flashes at Mabel, "I'm Nicki." Unlike popular assumption, not every Slytherin is surly and dense, as Mabel surely knows, and Nicki is one of the more guileless of their house. "Some days it's almost not worth coming in for lunch," she says, trying to joke lightly about the tensions today.

Gabriel sits down next to Nicki and across from Mabel. Without a word he grabs a roll that hasn't been whisked away by the House Elves yet and absentmindedly starts ripping little pieces off of it and dropping them on the table. "But lunch is yummy." Words, progress. And then Mabel's comment he sinks in and Gabriel's brow frowns a tiny little bit in confusion,"Huh?"

Mabel gives a little smile. "Oh, well, sometimes it proves entertaining, …sometimes just a bit of a bore, after a while, food flying about, points deducted, people stepping in, and such…" A pause, and she introduces. "Oh. Mabel Hawker." She smirks, mirthfully: despite a certain aristocratic manner that's not *precisely* after the manner associated with pure-bloods, she's got that Gryffindor appreciation for a bit of foolery that so often annoys senior members of Nikki's own house. She looks to Gabriel, "I mean to say, quite all right, Ward?"

It's something of a curious look that goes to Mabel for a moment as the older girl speaks, but then she addresses Gabriel again, and Nicki's eyes shift to the boy as well. "If you're feeling alright, Gabriel, I should get going. I have to finish writing a paper for herbology." A wry smile comes with this, showing that perhaps writing papers about plants isn't one of her top 10 things to do with her time.

Gabriel looks at Nicki as she speaks to him and the look turns into a gaze and that goofy smile comes back but he at least manages to get out,"Alright. Yes. Herbology… Ok, I have a wireless to build…" Well, so much for secret plans but at least he's being slightly coherent.

Mabel nods. "Ah, carrying on with that, then. Very good." Of course, Mabel was sitting there when the Ravenclaws hatched the idea in the first place, so it's no terrible breach of secrecy in her case, as it is. She just gives Nicki a thin, uneven smile, and settling her books on her arm, makes her own way out.

Nicki starts to stand to follow Mabel out, but she pauses, "Oh, and you're going to come to the barnyard with me soon, yes? So I can show you the puffskeins. I'll see when the best time would be and let you know." With that she's up again, turning with a flip of long hair over her shoulder as she hefts her bookbag up to be carried to the library to finish her paper. Moving away, she glances back, calling, "Bye Gabriel!" before disappearing out the doors.

Gabriel watches Nicki leave, responding only with a nod and wave. A wave that keeps going well after the younger Slytherin girl has left the room. The he finally remembers the book and notpad he brought to the Hall in the first place. Scramblich off the bench he runs over to the Ravenclaw table and finds the book unharmed bu the notepad soaked in pumpkin juice. "*groan* 10 hours of work, down the drain…"

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