(1937-11-01) Christmas Confessional
Details for Christmas Confessional
Summary: Gabby pulls Chris away from the dance to share, well, everything (not that!).
Date: Nov 1, 1937
Location: Empty Classroom

Gabrielle will sigh when she gets into the empty classroom."Just let me tell you everything , ok. You can be mad, or hate me, but let me tell you, please?" She'll wait till she gets a nod and then will start.

Christmas releases her hand and cocks an eyebrow. "Ok?"

"When I was three ….my house burned down….I lost/everything/. the only things that made it out where me…and my mother’rs wand. That's why I live with my aunts….we're still trying to pay bills from it. It's…..we're poor."She'll swallow. "It's important to know that."

Gabrielle keeps going, "So, when I came here, it just made sense to use my mother’s wand. We couldn't afford a new one, and it was my mother’s.I didn't know at the time….but it was…damaged in the fire. It's not …right. But it was a slow realization, and once I knew, it was too late to tell. I asked, everyone said wands that…..did what it did….were snapped. And I just/couldn't/ lose her wand. It's all I have of them."

Christmas cocks an eyebrow at that information but just nods.

She'll slowly start taking the left glove off, "So, I planned on how to fix it…all these grand plans, that thinking on them now, would never work. But, I was 12 when I started, what did I know?"Left glove is off. She'll hesitate and start with her right one. Once it starts coming off, he'd notice a weird wrap around her forearm, almost like a bandage, "It's bad…I know…and I get that it's scary, but what could I do?We couldn't afford a new one…and I couldn’t have them snap Mother's wand."

"Ripley found out. And he…" She'll take a deep breath, "He was very kind. He bought me a new wand…and so…I got confused. And , I didn't really know you…" She'll glance up to try to read his face, "After the Gareth thing started, I confronted him, and he tried to kiss me….and I knew it wasn't right. " She'll look down at the group, "I kneed him…"she doesn't sound proud.

Christmas hmmms softly and asks, "And is that it?"

She'll inhale shakily, "Ria knows somethings wrong with my wrist…when I punched her, she…grabbed me and felt it.I think she though I was suicidal. And that's why she didn't tell about the fight. But….if anyone finds out, they'll snap my mothers wand…" She looks mortified by the idea.

Christmas nods slowly, "I'm not mad at you." He walks over to take her hand gently, "Your secret is safe with me. But I have to ask…I feel obligated to ask. Are you suicidal?"

Gabrielle will actually blink in surprise, "What?! No! Merlin." She'll give a small laugh, "If I was I'd be way smarter than this at it," she'll raise up her right arm slightly. The wrap is actually cloth and it's got a coord around it.

Christmas nods and says, "And what is that?"

Gabby lets out a sigh and will nod, almost to herself, "It's better. Almost healed, and after another week, I bet I won't even need the wrap." She'll start to unwrap the cord. She seems rather adept of doing that one handed. As she pulls the cloth back Chris can see , basically from wrist to elbow she's cover in burn marks, disfigured, one may say. Some look old , others are pink and new. She has two rather large scabbed over burns as well. The scabs have some kind of salve on them. She'll look up to try to gage his reaction.

The skin all looks very tight and uncomfortable on the scars.

Christmas frowns slightly and says, "Looks like it hurts. I am sorry this happened to you. However, I am not sure what to think about all these boys fawning over you. You won't let me defend you. You won't let me fawn over you. It is kind of hard to be…I have one of…" He becomes flustered and says, "I need to think some. I will talk to you after my duel to Lucian. It will give me some time to think about what…all of this." He turns and begins to walk towards the exit.

Gabrielle frowns, "I…ok. " She'll just look to the ground upset and pull her right arm close.

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