(1937-11-01) New Furry Friends
Details for New Furry Friends
Summary: Gilbert and Kaylee go shopping for ferrets.
Date: 1937-11-01
Location: Magical Menagerie
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The Magical Menagerie is of the larger shops in Diagon Alley but it still manages to be very cramped and noisy with every inch of wall and most of the floor space covered by cages of varying sizes. It sells all kinds of animals - poisonous orange snails, a giant jewel-encrusted tortoise, sleek rats of all colors that are very intelligent. The store also sells a vast array of owls, ravens, puffskiens, and cats of every colour. A cage set in a place of honor at the middle of the store a big, fluffy white rabbit will transform into a black silk top hat for people it likes then transform back and look at them expectantly as if waiting for a treat.

Gilbert takes his hand of Kaylee's lower back as the couple walks into the Menagerie. Walking up to the attendant of the store he smiles,"Hello my good man, I would like to see what you have to offer in the way of ferrets please." Per his request their led to a large crate that has been outfitted to serve as a temporary home for a multitude of ferrets.

Kaylee walks along next to Gilbert, leaning a bit close during the trip and not seeming to mind the touch of his hand. A soft smile and nod is offered to the attendant whom she knows. "Thank ye." Is offered once they are at the crate and she is peering into it at the ferrets found. She chuckles softly. "Their cute." A hand leans down to softly ruffle the fur of a silvery white one which looks up at her and chitters softly.

Gilbert simply watches the ferrets gambol about for a while. The good thing about the time they've chosen to come look at them is that dusk and early evening is one of the time when ferrets are most active. After watching them for a few minutes he points out a few of them, among them the silvery one Kaylee pointed at and another one that seems to have had its colors reversed, since its completely black except for two white smudges about the eyes and a white muzzle,"I like these. But i really want a smart one. Any idea how to figure out how smart they are?"

Kaylee picks up the silvery ferret and lets him cuddle up to her, which he seems to rather enjoy as the little fella curls up with a soft churr like sound escaping him. "A smart one hum?" This questioned while she looks to the one he has pointed out. "Ask the clerk for a few treats? I have an idea."

Far be it for Gilbert to disobey the orders of his lady. Turning around with a smile he walks to the attendant and asks for the required treats. After a few moment of rummaging behind the sales counter the attendant hands him a handful of treats,"Try not to give them all to the same one please." and Gilbert walks back to Kaylee,"Here we go M'Lady. What did you have in mind?"

Kaylee offers a warm smile to Gilbert and takes hold of a few of the treats. "Just watch. I'll show ye what I have in mind." She leans over the crate watching the ferret that Gilbert was interested in. A soft tiktik like noise is heard from her to get the ferret's attention while she holds the treat out. Once the ferret is there she lets it sniff and nibble at the treat and then holds it up over the little animals head. The ferret goes about trying to get the treat but Kaylee refuses to give it watching to see what happens. After a few moments the ferret finally sits and is looking at her. "Very good!" An the treat is freely given to the ferret whom eats the treat happily.

Gilbert chuckles at the show then takes a few treats of his own and starts trying the same trick with pretty much every ferret in the crate, one by one. Then he asks Kaylee,"OK, lets try these five, see which one cottons on to the fact that sitting still will get them the treat faster."

Kaylee chuckles as she watches and nods. "Sure." This said while she lets the silver ferret perch upon her shoulder, after giving him a few treats that is. She watches the five that Gilbert has well picked and holds the treats out to see what happens.

Gilbert grins as the black is one of the ones to catch on the fastest,"Well, maybe I should change professions, seems I have good instincts. This fellow seems to be quite the smarty pants." Looking at Kaylee's new friend his smile gets a little bigger,"And you seem to have a new scarf there."

Kaylee chuckles and nods to Gilbert while she glances to him. "Oh they are smart little buggers. If'nn ye have a treat they like ye can train 'em up rather well." She nods while looking to the black one. "He does seem to be a smart one." At the comment to the silver, whom is clearly eyeing the treat giving hands, and well sitting still she chuckles once more and gives the little silvery one a treat. "So it seems, and he is somewhat on the bright side as well."

Gilbert makes his decision and goes back to the attendant,"If you could please prepare the silver ferret on my companions shoulders and the almost pure black one for transport please. And I also want to purchase everything necessary to house them properly and some food." Then he comes back to Kaylee with a big smile,"There, now you will have an excuse to visit my flat from time to time. You can not let your little silver friend there, which you get to name by the way, miss you too terribly much. It would be cruel of you to do so."

Kaylee glances to Gilbert as she hears him. "Gilbert… Ye don't have ta do that." She blushes slightly while glancing to the silver ferret whom seems to have taken a liking to her. "Well of course, names now hum? An I would have came to visit yer flat without need to check on the ferrets." This said while she winks at him.

Gilbert laughs at her reaction clearly quite pleased with it. "Call it extra incentive then." Then he notices the attendant grabbing a medium sized cage and shakes his head a bit,"I can take one of the biggest ones my good man. They will have a full room to themselves after all… And now that I think of it, could those please be delivered tomorrow morning?"

Kaylee shakes her head and gives the silver one a soft little head rub and smiles to him. "Go on back with the others. I'll see ye soon." This is said with a soft murmur. The ferret chirrups but does hop down into the crate with the others. "Of course. I suppose I can handle that." She says with a soft chuckle and she looks back to Gilbert.

The attendant nods at Gilbert, marks the things that will need to be delivered and puts some food, food dishes, and some leashes and harnesses Gilbert selects at the last moment into bags. The he pulls the selected ferrets out of the big enclosure and puts them into a travel cage for easy transport. Gilbert pays for his purchases, starts to grab everything then realizes he doesn't have enough hands. Looking at Kaylee apologetically he says,"This is most ungentlemanly of me but… I find myself in the need of a hand. Would you mind carrying the furballs themselves, please?"

Kaylee chuckles and hums before nodding. "Of course, I don't have a problem with that." She offers while she moves to pick up the travel cage for the little ferrets. A soft smile is offered to the clerk and then looks to Gilbert. "Ready when ye are."

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